tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Wonderful Adventures of Miss K Ch. 2

The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K Ch. 2


Welcome to the next installment of my wonderful adventures. I hope you enjoy reading this one as much as I enjoy writing it. I reserve all non- electronic and commercial rights to this work. If it is illegal in your jurisdiction to read this work, please do not read this story.

* * * * *

Miss K brushed a strain of hair out of her face as she backed her SUV out of her parking space. For the last time for what she planned on being a long time, she was going to leave her apartment. All she had was a couple suitcases of her clothes, her makeup and some jackets and coats in her SUV. The rest had either been put into storage or was going to be stored in the next couple of days. She checked to see if the address was still sitting in her lap, then began to wind her way out of the garage, ready to start her road trip.

She decided against going glam for the start of her trip, leaving her face bare of makeup. Her long hair was pushed back, hanging over her shoulders down her back, and tucked under a yellow Yankees cap with the "NY" in black and turned to the back. She wore a Yellow M&M's racing jacket, and an opaque white nylon top, her breasts topped with cold-hardened chocolate nipples and large areolas showing through. She completed her outfit with a baggy pair of jeans, going without underwear for easy access, and a simple white pair of sneakers. After double checking the address, she headed up to The Bronx to pick up Tracy.

After making the drive uptown and over the Macombs Dam bridge, Miss K pulled up to Tracy's department, Wu- Tang's latest pumping out of her factory installed system. When she came to a stop in front of the tenement, she saw Tracy standing on the curb, suitcases standing up next to her, and shivering in her blue bubble jacket. She waved at Miss K as she stepped out of her SUV, her flesh jiggling in her skin-tight jeans and her hair bouncing around restrained only by a headband as she jumped into Miss K's arms. Tracy dug her feet into her friend's ass as she planted a bunch of kisses on her cheek.

"I take it you're happy to be going on this trip, huh?" Miss K said as she put Tracy back down.

"Sure! I can't wait to leave this city!" Tracy replied, spinning around on her feet with joy.

"Chill out, li'l girl. You need help loading your stuff into the car?"

"Oh, um, sure" Tracy said, handing Miss K a suitcase before picking up another.

The two loaded up the SUV quickly before climbing into the front seats of the car. After she got in the car, Tracy rolled down the window and screamed goodbye up to her now-former roommates. In turn, two young White girls, seemingly too fresh-faced to be living in this neighborhood screamed goodbye back down to Tracy.

"Hey who's that?" Miss K asked, puzzled that someone like that would be living in a neighborhood like this.

"Oh, just a couple of girls from work," Tracy replied in a whisper. "They like the cheap rent, plus like the ghetto ambience, if you can call it that."

"Yeah, I feel ya. I spent enough time dealing with that in Bed-Stuy." Pulling off from the curb, Miss K asked Tracy, "any place you wanna go first in particular?"

"Hmm…how about going West?"

"West it is, my traveling buddy," Miss K said with a smile as she followed the signs to the George Washington Bridge.

Tracy checked out Miss K, looking at her outfit and noticing how bland her clothes were. "So you aren't glammed out today, I see. Interesting."

"Nah," the busty transsexual replied as she turned to face her friend, her jacket opening up to reveal her sheer top. "Just wanted to relax for the beginning of my trip. After all, I'll have plenty of time to be glam later."

Tracy looked at Miss K's revealed chest and licked her lips, looking at the delicious globes under her chest. "Nice top there."


"I take it you aren't wearing a bra," Tracy said with a nervous giggle, her hands shaking a bit. "Mind if I cop a feel?"

"Sure, love."

Tracy reached across the seat and hefted one of Miss K's breasts in her hand, flicking her thumb over the nipple to make it hard. Miss K sucked in a breath sharply and squeezed the steering wheel as Tracy tugged on the nipple through the shirt, and she bit her lip when her friend did the same thing to the other nipple. Tracy ducked under and through her friend's arms and planted a kiss on the now-hard nipples, then sat back in her seat.

"Not bad. I like playing with your tits, and trust me, I will take the opportunity to do it more often. You're not gonna have me half-comatose like you did last night all the time," Tracy said.

"Oh really? Now that's a challenge!" Miss K bragged as the car weaved its way through heavy traffic on the highway. "Now, do you wanna find out what kind of underwear I'm wearing?"

"Hmm…tell me."


"How am I supposed to find out then?"

"Well, you could check for yourself," Miss K said with a smile, nodding her head self-assuredly.

Tracy looked back in confusion, then hummed to herself as she reached over to Miss K's jeans. She unzipped the fly of the jeans and stuck her hand inside, mentally prepared for silk. When the only thing she felt was the silky skin of her friend's dick, she looked up into Miss K's eyes, her eyes bulged out in surprise. Sent off with a nod of her friend's head, Tracy stroked her hand up the shaft, letting her thumb tease the tip of Miss K's dick. Miss K groaned pushed her hips into Tracy's hand as she felt her rub the tip on the rough fabric of her jeans, driving her wid. Tracy then started pumping Miss K's dick, enjoying the way the warm flesh felt as it grew in her hands.

"Stop, Tracy!"

"OK, OK," Tracy said, jerking her hand away from her friend like she was a hot stove. "I thought you liked that."

"I do, definitely," Miss K said. "But there's plenty of time for that. Besides, you've given me an idea."


"Just wait till we get into Jersey a bit. Then I'll show ya."


The couple drove across the George Washington bridge, heading over into New Jersey for the first leg o their trip. The trip on the interstate went along in a dull way initially, with random banter piercing through the reined-in factory system playing Nas' latest CD. It seems that Tracy was fresh out of high school, just turning 19 and trying to find herself in the world. She found out about the stripping job from one of her looser friends, but didn't mind the spot one she found out how nice the place was. Also, she was very single, dumping her old high school beau after he got picked up for being a friendly neighborhood street pharmaceutical rep.

Meanwhile, there were more than a few sets of eyes looking into the car while Tracy was telling Miss K her life story. She felt the eyes of the truckers looking into the SUV, wanting to see what was under her jacket. As they sped into the countryside, Miss K looked up and saw a truck hanging close to her on her left. She saw the driver look into his side view mirror, looking at the skin and cleavage peeking out from between her jacket. Miss K looked a bit closer at the reflection for a second, then noticed the lecherous grin of the grizzled trucker. Miss K stepped on the gas for a second, blasting past the truck, then rolled down her window to stick out her hand and give the trucker the finger.

"Fucking asshole! Why the fuck does he think I want him?"

"Yeesh. Relax there, Kayla. It ain't like you aren't showing anything."

"But I don't like guys, and even if I did, I wouldn't be messing with one of them."

"OK, OK. So what's this plan of yours, anyway?" Tracy asked, puzzled as to what's going on.

Just on cue, another SUV with 2 sets of skis on the ski rack pulled up on Miss K's side. Riding in the SUV were 2 White chicks, about college age, blasting Blink 182 through the sides of the SUV. As Miss K pulled slightly ahead of the two, she was better able to check them out. The girl in the passenger side looked like a stereotype of a corn-fed farm girl, with her white-blond hair tied pack in a ponytail and her sweater bulging with flesh. The driver looked a lot smaller in build, and wearing that baby tee in the warm of the car made her look smaller. However, she had a cute face, her shoulder length brown hair framing a pretty face lightly made up. Right then, Miss K made her decision.

"Tracy, take control of the steering."

"Why?" Tracy said, bewildered at the sudden request.

"Trust me on this one. Just take the wheel."


Tracy unbuckled her seatbelt, then reached over to grab the steering wheel. Miss K, in turn, unbuckled her seatbelt and turned to the window. She pulled open her jacket, baring her nominally covered breasts and pressed them to the window. Instantly, the eyes of the two young women were glued to her cleavage. Miss K then made a seductive lick at the window glass before, pulling her top over her boobs and pressing them to the glass. Pulling her breasts off of the window and pulling her top back down after a few seconds, she smiled and winked at the two girls, waiting for their reaction.

The girls in the SUV smiled back, giggling at Miss K's playful exhibition. The blonde in the passenger seat smiled at Miss K, making eye contact before lifting her sweater up and showing off her own bulging breasts, hanging high on her chest without benefit of a bra. She playfully licked her lips before breaking out in laughter and then pulling her sweater back down. While Miss K retook the wheel from Tracy, the blonde leaned back over to her friend, who pulled up her own shirt before the blonde pulling a breast out of one of the brunette's bra cups and tongued the areolas in a circle. The two then sat back up the car giggling, flashing a wink back over to Miss K.

"You like that show, Tracy?"

"Sure! Those girl look cute in an innocent way."

"I got an idea Tracy. Why don't you give these people a show and suck on my dick."

Tracy looked back at Miss K with more than a bit of reticence. "What the hell? Do you want to be the Black Matt Shepard out here or something?"

Miss K winked back at the girls in the SUV cruising next to hers, then mouthed to them 'Watch this.' Then, Miss K turned back to Tracy and said, "Look. You trust me enough to drop everything and come along on a trip with a sexual 'non-traditionalist' that you met yesterday. A blowjob isn't too much to ask."

Tracy thought about what Miss K said, then a look of realization passed over her face, and a smile went across her lips. "Alright, my new found friend. Let's have some fun."

As Miss K placed her hands high on the steering wheel, Tracy licked her bottom lip before ducking under her friend's arms and unzipping her fly. She pulled out Miss K's limp dick out of her fly and stroked it lightly before squeezing on Miss K's nipple to get her attention. One she saw Miss K was looking down, she smiled and took her friend's tip into her mouth, slowly sliding the shaft between her lips. Miss K looked straight ahead, taking her left hand off the steering wheel to allow the girls driving along side of her to watch and enjoying the feel of those soft lips on her shaft. Just as she hit a curve in the road, she felt Tracy swirl her tongue around her swelling tip, making her shake as she struggled to keep her eyes on the road. She looked down to see Tracy's hair hiding her lip, her eyes closed as she nursed slowly on her shaft while she tweaked a nipple through her top. Then, realizing who this show was for, she looked to her left and saw the girls transfixed. Their eyes were bulged out in surprise of the sight of Tracy bobbing her head in Miss K's lap, and they were trying to figure out what was going on.

Miss K rolled down the window, then motioned for the girl on the passenger side to do the same.

"Hey girls! Wanna see what's going on here?"

"Well, uh, I guess so? What gives?" said the blonde, half-curious and half-confused at the question.

"Come on, man," the driver said. "I'm curious about what our big titted flasher has to show us!" The driver then beckoned the passenger to her and whispered something in her ear. The blonde sat back up and stuck her head out the window.

"Sure! Where do you wanna go?"

"Well…follow me to the next highway rest stop, and we'll go from there."


Miss K sped off down the interstate, and the girls followed suit, tailing her at high speed. She politely tapped Tracy's head, and Tracy looked up to see what was up.

"What are you doing?" Tracy asked.

"You know those girls I just flashed a few minutes back?"


"Well, they're going to finish the job you started. Would you do me a favor and tuck me back into my jeans?"

"Sure," Tracy replied as she stuffed the semi-hard shaft back into Miss K's jeans. "Oh, can I ask a favor?"

"Go ahead. Be my guest. In fact, you are," Miss K chuckled to herself.

"If those girls suck your dick, can I play with your tits?"

"With pleasure, hun. Now gimme a kiss."

Tracy gave the kiss on Miss K's cheek as asked, and just as Tracy sat back down in her seat, she saw a sign for a rest area a mile ahead. Miss K checked to see if the girls were still following her, then pulled over to the right lane. Not too much later, Miss K pulled off the highway to the rest stop and pulled into a space in the almost empty parking lot. Then she looked to her left and saw the two girls pull in a couple spaces away. Miss K jumped out the SUV, and the rest of the girls followed suit, nervously gathering and looking at each other, waiting for someone to make the first move.

"So, what are your names?"

"Well, I'm Cindy, and my friend's name is Karen," the blonde spoke out.

"I'm Kayla, and my traveling companion here is Tracy," Miss K replied, gesturing to her friend. "So do you wanna see what I was trying to show you?"

"I guess," Cindy said with a shrug.

Miss K unbuckled her belt and unbuttoned her jeans, then nonchalantly pulled them down to reveal her limp dick. As it was starting to twitch in response to the cold, Cindy and Karen looked in shock, wondering what was going on.

"You're one of those, um, whachamacallits, um…"

"She's a boy!" Karen screamed out in shock. "And if she's a boy, that other so-called girl is too!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, let's stop the show here. First of all, the word's transsexual, or what some call a shemale. Second of all, I only dig chicks. Besides, with all these truckers on the highway, if I really wanted a dude, wouldn't you think I'd have one by now?"

The two girls looked at each other, then at Miss K's limp dick, with Cindy licking her lips in lust. Karen, half curious as to what Tracy's ass looked like, pulled her eyes away from Miss K's dick and looked into Tracy's eyes.

"Well, if you aren't a guy, Tracy, show us your pussy," Karen ordered.

"Yeah, show us," Cindy chimed in, trying to regard her composure and squeezing her thighs together in lust. "I'm curious now."

Tracy looked up into Miss K's eyes for approval, then smiled, turned around and pulled down her skin-tight jeans to the middle of her thigh. She playfully wiggled around her ass, then pulled aside her thong, showing off her shaved pussy. Miss K smiled on the sight of Tracy's pussy and slowly stroked her cock with her hand, looking back in Cindy and Karen's direction to find them fixated on what was in her hand.

"I know you wanna suck this," Miss K said to the two girls, licking her bottom lip lustily before flashing a smile at them. "I saw you staring. So how about you give this a suck? Ain't like you got anything to lose," she finished, punctuating her remark by pinching one of her nipples with her other hand.

The girls looked at each other for a moment, thinking about what they were going to do. "I dunno, Karen," Cindy noted. "I wonder if this is a good idea."

"What the fuck, Cindy," Karen said as she got on her knees next to Miss K. "What have we got to lose. Besides, it'll be a good story to tell everyone."

"That's if they believe us," Cindy said as she got on her knees.

Karen took the limp shaft in her hands and lifted it up to Cindy's lips. She rubbed Miss K's tip against her friend's coral pink lips, making Miss K coo a bit and giving her a chance to feel the dick twitch, before handing it off to Cindy and licking Miss K's balls. Cindy let the head slip into her mouth, sucking on it lightly as she stroked the veiny ebony shaft, feeling the warm, pulsing length of it. She gave Miss K a hand job as she sucked on the swelling head, struggling to cover every nerve on the tip, while Karen licked and sucked at Miss K's hairless balls. Miss K had fell back against the side of her SUV, enjoying the feel of the girl's mouths when she felt a hand roughly squeeze her right breast.

"Remember me?" Tracy said with a smile and a giggle. "You said I could play with them."

Miss K sucked in a breath as she felt Cindy run her tongue over a sensitive spot on her tip, then looked over to Tracy, noticing that she'd put her jeans back on. "OK," Miss K breathily replied, pulling open her jacket as much as possible. "Go ahead and suck my tits."

Tracy looked up into her friend's eyes as she placed her lips around Miss K's nipple and sucked on it, dripping as much saliva as she could onto her nipple. Miss K grabbed her hair in response, holding onto it as a shiver of pleasure ran through her body, making her hard dick twitch. She closed her eyes as she felt three sets of lips on her body, one running up and down her shaft, one sucking on her hard tip and another one on her breast circling her areola as a tongue stuck out to make it wet through the soaked fabric. Another hand was squeezing her other breasts, flicking her nipple with her thumb as she felt those lips on her shaft working up and down, pleasuring her with their soft feel. She felt someone lick at the base of her cock before someone called her name.

"Hey, Kayla!" Cindy called out.

"Uh, what," Miss K said as she opened her eyes.

"How big is that dick of yours? Like have you measured it?"

Just then, Tracy bit on Miss K's nipple hard as she sucked on it, buckling her knees and forcing her to hold on to Tracy's head. "Why do you care?" Miss K breathily replied. "Just keep sucking my dick."

"Come on, I'm curious. This has to be the biggest dick I've ever seen."

"Well, it's about 12 inches. Why do you ask?" Miss K said, trying to feign a composure she didn't have right now.

"Just curious," Cindy said as she stroked Miss K's shaft with her hands. "What do you think Karen?"

Karen gave Miss K's dick a hard suck before pulling off of it. "This is a nice hard dick, here, um, sir? Ma'am? Fuck it. I just wanna see how much cum is in those balls of yours," she said before giving Miss K's balls a good, firm squeeze.

"Yeah, I wanna know too," Cindy chimed in before pulling up her sweater and letting one of her nipples graze up the shaft. "This cock looks yummy."

Tracy pulled her mouth off of Miss K's breast to answer, "yeah, this chick here cums a lot. I've tried it before. Trust me, girls, it is worth the time," she said with a smile.

"Oh really," Karen said before slipping the swollen head back into her mouth, slurping as she sucked.

Miss K bit her lip, trying to keep on her feet the best she knew how, before saying, "yeah, really, if you keep sucking me like that!"

The tall transsexual braced herself against her SUV as she pushed off her hat and grabbed onto her curly blonde hair, bracing herself against the oral assault being put on her body. She felt as if someone was trying to pull the skin off of her cock, and the cum out of her balls as a set of lips bobbed up and down her shaft. She felt her balls being squeezed and caressed by yet another set of lips, and her nipples were set ablaze with warmth and sensation by someone else. She felt the mouths on her had dick and swinging balls switch back and forth, the brief exposure to the wintry air making her shiver with lust. She screamed in pleasure as her body was being overwhelmed by the feeling, her lone sign of manhood pulsing and swelling between a pair of soft lips. Soon after, she felt two tongues lick all over her tip, hitting her nerves and making her shiver, while a small pair of hands were under her top, squeezing and rubbing her huge tits.

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