tagRomanceThe Wonderful Adventures Of Miss K: Luck Be A Lady

The Wonderful Adventures Of Miss K: Luck Be A Lady


Hello, ladies and gents, and welcome to yet another tale that is guaranteed to make you wish for an onanastic release…or at least get you more intimate with your spouse. ;-) However, if you are not of legal age in your jurisdiction, or otherwise prohibited from reading such material, please do not read this story. I reserve all commercial and non- electronic rights to this work, so if you steal, I will catch up with you and exercise my copyright. If you want to catch up on this series, or read anything else I have to offer, please visit my website linked in my profile. I also must remind you that the name 'Brett Lynn' is a pen name, and I am not connected in any form with anyone with the above name. Now, with the legalese out of the way, let's get on with the show.


Miss K shook the sweat out of her hair as she stepped out of the elevator. After running a good three miles on the treadmill, she was drenched in sweat to the point that her Black sports bra was soaked. Wiping the sweat off of her brow, she made the short walk to her hotel room, then knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" Tracy called out.

"It's the rat pack arisen from the grave," Miss K deadpanned. "It's me, Trace. Open up!"

"Alright, alright," Tracy said as she opened the door. "I don't know why you felt the need to workout as soon as we got here. A normal person would have hit the tables right after hitting Vegas."

"I know, I know," Miss K said, enjoying the bright lights of the strip from her $1,000 a night hotel room. "Then again, there's a reason I made out with my dot-com cash and most didn't…I don't gamble."

"Well, most people would consider radical cosmetic surgery a gamble!"

"Hush," Miss K said, putting a finger over her lips to enunciate the point. "Now let me get in the shower. I feel like putting down a little bit of money tonight."

"OK," Tracy said as Miss K began stripping off her sports bra, then covering her breasts to maintain her modesty.

"Oooh," Tracy said as she plopped down on a couch and watched her friend. "Why the modesty now?"

"Well, I can be modest whenever I want, BIIIATCH!" Miss K said as she was almost doubled over in laughter. Listening to Tracy fall out laughing and brushing the sweaty hair out of her eyes, she stumbled her way into the bathroom. Stripping off her jogging shorts, and the spandex shorts she wore underneath, she reached into the shower to get the water going. She gave herself a shiver as the terry cloth washcloth brushed her nipples, then steeled herself as she carried it, the soap and the shampoo into the shower. Wanting to wait for a bit of a release, she washed gingerly across her body, scrubbing her flesh clean before carefully cleaning off her genitals.

She stepped out the shower, then dried off her body with a towel and had her auburn tresses blow-dried. Stepping out of the shower, she walked into the bedroom, complete with fine art on the walls and plush burgundy carpet. After noticing the mints left on the pillow, she opened up her drawers and selected a red thong and a matching lacy push-up bra. She slid the thong up her legs, then pulled her limp dick between her legs before pulling it up into place. Then she pulled on her bra, cupping them a bit in her hands and letting her palms linger over them until her nipples began to harden. She pulled open the closet and pulled out the plaid Burberry suit she had been saving for a night just like this. The jacket was cut to hug her waist and show off the massive cleavage she had, while the skirt hugged her hips and stopped just short of her crotch. Then she pulled out the matching 3 inch clogs and slid them on her feet. She dug the room key and wallet out of her jogging gear, then slid her into the suit pockets. Once she put on a coat of burgundy lipstick and combed out her hair, she walked out onto the marble hallway towards the living room.

Tracy heard the click of the heels before she saw her friend. When she got up on her knees on the couch and turned around, all she saw was Miss K's jiggling flesh, shaken to perfection by the strut on her heels. The plaid tightly tailored round Miss K's breasts made her mouth and pussy water, a dull itch beginning between her thighs as she so wanted to pull opened that jacket and nurse on those silicone mammaries. She finally looked up to Miss K faced just as she got within a few steps of her, those dark red lips just begging to be kissed, which is just what Tracy did as she wrapped one arm around Miss K's strong back, her free hand mauling her friend's big tit.

"God, you can be a sexy woman at times!" Tracy said as she reached into her track pants and rubber her pussy, writhing her hips as she rubbed her clit. "You're making me so wet!"

"Oh really?" Miss K said as she reached into Tracy's pants and ran her fingers along her vulva. "That's how I love my women."

As the two began to kiss again, Miss K slid two fingers into Tracy's wet quim, pumping them as her thumb rubbed her friend's clit and her tongue snaked around Tracy's. As feeling her friend moan into her mouth, Miss K pulled away from the kiss, smiling at the trace of lipstick left on Tracy's lips, and pulled the hand out of her pants. She took the two fingers in her mouth and sucked on them, smacking her lips a she enjoyed the sweet taste.

"You taste delicious, Trace," Miss K said before giving her friend a peck on the lips. "Now let's see you look it."

"Alright, alright. I'll go," Tracy said as she climbed over the couch, helped down by Tracy. "Just you wait, missy!"

"I have no choice," Miss K said with a smile before climbing over the couch and relaxing. "Just don't keep me for too long, OK?"

"Alright K!" Tracy screamed as she disappeared off into the bedroom. With that, Miss K changed the channel on the TV, looking for something to watch to kill the time. Eventually, she settled in to watch "Juice", thinking about the old days in Brooklyn.

As Miss K was patiently watching the move, she felt a hand slowly slide into her jacket, then lightly tweaked the nipple through her bra.

"I see your nipple is harder than a diamond," Tracy deliberately hissed. "Now, I got something to show you a bit more valuable."

Tracy's blonde hair was set in big bouncy curls, framing her face as it drifted down to the small of her back. Her body glowed icy blue from the glittery dress she wore, and her cleavage was pushed up and perfectly framed in a neckline that reached down to her navel. She wore all ice blue makeup, making her smile seem brighter and warmer than ever, while the dress clung perfectly to Tracy's legs and hips, stopping just short of her six-inch stiletto heels.

"Wow, you look so incredible! Like a work of art," Miss K panted, feeling her thong tighten around her hardening dick.

In response, Tracy bent over her friend, letting her blonde hair cascade over her face as she reached into Miss K's suit and massaged her boobs. "We can play right now if you want."

Miss K whined a bit, then got to her feet and turned off the TV. "I'd love to right now, Trace, but I wanna go gamble. I want to give this high-rolling thing a shot."

"OK," Tracy said as she walked around the couch. "So who is going to be on whose arm?"

"Why don't I be on your arm. That should be fun."

"That's sounds like a plan to me," Tracy said as she held out her arm for Miss K to hold onto. "Let's get going!"

"You lead the way, ma."


The two ladies had made their way down to the casino floor and settled into a blackjack table in the VIP room. Surrounding them were people of money and means, their expensive clothes advertising their wealth as much as their wagers. Circulating through the room were various members of the casino staff, making sure their most valuable customers were well- taken care of, making sure they made their contribution to the casino's take.

Tracy sat next to Miss K, idly fingering their chips as she followed the action. Miss K watched as the dealer dealt out the next hand of blackjack. They were just about breaking even for the night, barely making a $200 profit on a $25,000 stash. Just as Miss K was picking up her hand, she felt a hand tapping her on her shoulder.

"How do you do, ma'am? My name is Bobby, and I'm here to inquire about any needs you may have," the casino staffer said as he offered his hand.

"Hit me," Miss K idly said before turning to Bobby and shaking his hand. "My name is Ms. Stanford, and my companion here is Ms. LaRue," Miss K said as she gestured over to Tracy, a bit surprised at her formality.

As Miss K turned back to the table to check out her cards, Bobby continued the conversation in her ear. "We here are willing to take care of any of our most valued customers' needs."

"Damn," Miss K said as she saw the dealer won with his hand. "What do you mean by that Bobby?"

"You know, food, drinks, other, shall I say, illicit recreation."

"What do you mean?" Miss K said as Tracy laid out $500 in chips for the next bet.

"Well, we can connect you to our call girl service for some after hours entertainment. Also, we can get you whatever drug you want, just say the word. Weed, coke, E…"

"E? Oh really?" Miss K said as her ears perked up, asking for another hit with the blackjack dealer. She motioned to Tracy, then whispered in her ear, "Hey, this dude here can score us some hits. Wanna party like a rat-packer and have some fun?"

"Who?" Tracy said out loud as the dealer attended to the other players. Then she collected herself and whispered in Miss K's ear, "Sure. I've tried that once. Let's do it."

As the dealer turned over the cards on the table, Miss K whispered in Bobby's ear, "Sure. We'll take a couple hits."

Bobby backed away and smiled, then stepped away from their table, presumably to get them what they asked. "You guys want some OJ too?"

"Sure," Tracy answered. "Get a couple of glasses for both of us."

"What's with the orange juice, Trace?" Miss K asked as she turned back to the table and looked at her cards.

"Trust me on this one, K," Tracy said as she ran a hand up Miss K's arm. "You'll need it to help swallow it."

"OK," Miss K said, smiling as she saw she had blackjack on this hand, resulting in a tidy profit for herself.

In almost no time, a waitress came over with a tray with two small glasses of orange juice as well as an envelope. "Mr. Jackson said that this is for you," the waitress said as she handed the envelope to Miss K, then placed the orange juice on the railing. "If you need Mr. Jackson's services anymore, here's his card."

"Thanks," Miss K said as she slipped the card into her jacket pocket, then watched the waitress walk away.

As Miss K called for a hit on her hand, Tracy slid up next to her friend and whispered, "shall we do it?", punctuating it with a lick of her ear.

"Sure," Miss K whispered back. "After all, it's sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, right?" She then pulled Tracy into a deep tongue kiss, much to the applause of a couple of the other players. Then she put the envelope on the railing and pulled out a dull-pink pill, accidentally knocking it on the floor.

"Let's go," Miss K said at a half-whisper as Tracy picked up the envelope and pulled out her tab. As the two smiled at each other, they popped the pills into their mouth and took a sip of the orange juice ease the pill down.

"How about this, K? After three more hands, we can take a cab to the Strip. I want to be among those bright lights when it hits," Tracy blurted out.

"OK," Miss K said as she gave Tracy a peck on the cheek. "Three more hands," she said with a smile. She then looked on as the dealer flipped over the cards and announced she had blackjack. She smiled, then took the chips from the dealer for winning. Beaming with joy, she parceled out three more wagers of $250 a piece and handed them over to Tracy to place on the table.

After losing the next three hands in quick succession, the two ladies pushed away from the table, and walked arm and arm to cash in their chips. As the ladies strutted their way across the casino floor to the cashier, Miss K and Tracy felt sexy as hell feeling their clothes clinging to their curves, enjoying the power of lust they created. Miss K felt her dick and nipples get hard from the occasional gaze she got from the ladies in the casino, knowing that they all wanted to be her and hopefully wanted to fuck her hot body. After letting go of Tracy's arm, Miss K handed over her chips to the clerk, then furtively stuffed her winnings in her purse. Then the two ladies walked out the front door together, both of them feeling up each other's butts while Tracy manipulated a finger to tease Miss K's hidden tip.

Once they got in a waiting cab in front of the hotel, the two ladies sped off towards the bright lights of the strip, enjoying the neon glow of the city as they waited for the E to take effect. In a few short minutes, they were in the midst of the strip, enjoying the electric light parade of the various casinos as they passed by. Miss K was idly toying with her hair, checking out Tracy's ample cleavage in the ambient light.

"Hey, Trace!"

"Yeah, K?"

"I don't see what the big deal is with being on the Strip after taking some…"

Miss K paused in mid-sentence as she looked around her in what appeared to be a different world, or at least a brighter one. After shielding her eyes for a brief moment, she looked at the impossibly bright city around her, the Golden Palace marquee that had just came up looking almost as bright as the sun.

"Wow! I see what you mean, definitely," Miss K said as she sat back in her seat. "This can't be right," she continued as she shook her head in disbelief."

"I know what you mean," Tracy said after an unnatural pause. "Sorry for the wait. I was just thinking about something."

"Yeah, I know what you mean."

Miss K sat there letting the thoughts race in her head. Suddenly, in the rush of thoughts in her head, she turned and looked at Tracy, and her mind began to race.

"Damn, she's sexy," Miss K thought quickly to herself. "She so beautiful. I would have killed to fuck someone like her in high school. Heck, I damn near killed myself with this body and all that plastic surgery. Damn, I wanna fuck her. But I don't get why she's with me. She's rolled with me so much on this trip. She could have bounced any time she wanted. I hope I didn't threaten her. Damn, fucking size thing again. But seriously, she's rocked with me. She's done everything I've asked of her. She's put up with me and my bullshit. Maybe she gives a fuck about me. Maybe she just wants to make me happy. God, a chick that actually wants to make me happy. What a wild concept. Shit, she'd do anything to make me feel good. Now that I think it, I would too. It feels so nice to see her happy and shit, and not because of the money. Shit, she didn't have to fuck with me on this road trip thing. Plus she's so beautiful when she's happy, especially the way she glows and oh shit…"

The realization hit Miss K like a ton of bricks. She slid herself into the corner of the car and looked at Tracy, studying every inch of her body. Instead of coolly thinking of her body as a series of nerve endings to play like an instrument, she saw it as a whole, a beautiful whole that held the consciousness of someone she didn't want to see hurt, but pleasured and taken care of in ever way possible. She finally focus on her Tracy's lips, looking at how soft they looked, thinking how good they made her feel ever step of this road trip. "God, I gotta thank her properly," Miss K accidentally said out loud as she was thinking to herself.

Tracy broke out of her train of thought as she saw her friend's big, sturdy, curvy frame coming towards her. "I don't want to be fucked right now, K," Tracy said as she saw her friend moving towards her. "All I want right now is…"

Instead of feeling the lustful force she usually felt from Miss K, Tracy felt something different in the kiss. There was a patience and gentleness she hadn't felt before as she gently nursed on the tip of Miss K's tongue that slipped between her lips. Then, she closed her eyes and felt her friend's had slide up her arm. Strangely, it didn't feel like her nerves were being played with as usual. Even though she knew Miss K could play her body like a virtuoso, there was something different there, something more admiring as she felt Miss K's large, firm breast press down on top of hers with their weight. Finally, she felt Miss K pull away from her just enough that when she opened her eyes, she looked right into her friend's. For once, the lust simply wasn't there. It was something else, something completely new that she felt when she saw Miss K simply smile and nod her head.

"I understand," Tracy quietly said with a smile.

Miss K went back to kiss Tracy again, idly reaching her hand to pull down the strap of Tracy's dress. She kissed her way down to the nape of her neck, lingering there as she pulled one of her breasts out of the dress. Sighing as she felt Tracy reach into her jacket, she bent down and began to blindly nurse on her friend's tit. As she felt her hair being caressed, she slowly sucked on the hardening nipple in her mouth, then opened her eyes to se Tracy's eyes in pure bliss, her face framed by the passing lights of Vegas. She gasped when she felt her nipple popped from her bra, hardening instantly on Tracy's touch, before swirling her tongue over the chocolate areolas.

When she felt Tracy tug on her auburn locks, Miss K slid her lips back up Tracy's body ad sucked on her lips firmly. When she felt Tracy push on her shoulders, she simply fell back in the seat and let Tracy climb on top of her right leg. As Tracy held on to and squeezed the other tit, she felt her friend wetly kiss and suck on her nipple. While Miss K wrapped her hands around Tracy's shoulders, holding her to her bosom, Tracy unwrapped her fingers from Miss K's breasts and placed it on her knee. Slowly, Tracy's hand slid up Miss K's quivering thigh, her chest heaving as it was desperate to feed her friend her breast. Little by little, Tracy's hand slid up Miss K's thigh and under her skirt, making Miss K's flesh quiver. She gasped as she felt Tracy's hand grasp her dick in her thong, then lifted her hips into Tracy, pressing her dick into the palm of her friend's hand. She held onto Tracy's blonde curls and pressed her head tightly to her breasts, letting her nurse on the breasts while she jacked her cock through the thong.

"Driver," Miss K breathlessly said. "Get us back to the hotel now." She steeled herself just enough to pull a $50 bill out of her purse and throw it in the front seat. "Just GO! NOW!"

The cab driver, taking the hint, made a U-turn on the Strip and sped back to the hotel. The jolt from the turn roused Tracy out of her rapture and got her to slide up into Miss K's lap. As the driver hurried back to the casino, the two held each other, caressing each other's curves as they looked at each other in the low light, kissing intermittently. Just as Miss K was about to peck Tracy's nose, the car came to a sudden halt, throwing Tracy into the nape of Miss K's neck.

"Are you OK back there?" the cab driver called out.

"Sure, I'm fine. No big deal," Tracy said as she sat back up, then rolled into the seat. "Did you pay him, honey?"

"Yeah, Trace," Miss K said as she grabbed her purse. "Now let's get back to the hotel room. Don't forget about your dress."

"Right," Tracy said as she pulled the strap of her dress back up and adjusted her cleavage. She then opened the door and stepped out, with Miss K quickly following as she held her hand.

The two walked to the elevator arm-in-arm, smiling bright at anyone who just happened to pass by. Then, they got on the elevator to their floor and walked to the door of their hotel room. Miss K fished the electronic key out of her purse and opened the door, looking at the living room lit by the glow of the strip in the distance. Then, she looked into Tracy's eyes, completely lost.

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