tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Wonderful Adventures of Miss K: Tracy's Turn

The Wonderful Adventures of Miss K: Tracy's Turn


Hello, fair fans, and welcome to more of my wild, unbridled sex romps. If you want to read more of my stuff after reading this, please visit my profile. I reserve all commercial and all non-electronic rights to this work. If you are not permitted to read this work in your legal jurisdiction, please don't read it. I am also stating that the name "Brett Lynn" is a pen name I use. Any persons who have this name as their birth name has no connection whatsoever with this story, nor any other works under the name Brett Lynn. Please be advised. So, without further ado, let's get on with the show.

The Wonderful Adventures Of Miss K: Tracy's Turn

Miss K ran her head, fumbling her motel room key in her hand as she jogged down the scorching Houston road. Though the heat and humidity told her to stay in the sanctuary of her air-conditioned room, habit and the confinement of the long drive down from New Orleans got her running through this heat. She managed to run in the smallest amount of clothing she could war without body parts flying out: a simple bra sports bra, a pair of spandex shorts with a pair of black running shorts over them. Her sweaty blonde hair was pulled back behind her in a pony tail as she managed to make the final turn for the motel on the highway. Kicking it up a notch, she bounced from step to step on the roadside, dodging cars in the parking lot before bounding up the stairs back to her room. As she opened up the door, she felt the air conditioning in the room hit her with a blast of relief.

"Hey there Miss K!" Tracy said as was sitting up on the bed watching TV. "How's it going?"

"OK," she said as she pulled the rubber band out of her hair, letting it loose. "The heat would like to kill me though. So whatcha watching?"

"Oh, Married with Children. Bud is doing this college calendar for a class project…"

"…And the star turns out to be a former guy," Miss K said as she pulled her sports bra over her head, then jiggled her breasts a bit to loosen up some sticky skin. "I know this series by heart. Ironic show for this trip, huh?" Miss K said as she pulled both pair of shorts down in one motion, then stepped out of them.

"Yeah, that is true…and thanks for ruining the show for me!" Tracy said with a chuckle.

Tracy turned her gaze at Miss K when she heard her flop down on the bed. She let her eyes linger over every inch of her body, from the tight, bulging muscles of her arms, over to her quivering tits, then down that washboard stomach to that pulsing piece of meat between those athletic thighs and long legs. She licked her lips, thinking about how delicious her friend's sweat-glistened body looked right now, wanting to suck and touch and lick every inch of that skin.

"Yeah, I think I'm about to jump…" Miss K trailed off as she felt Tracy's eyes running over her body. "What's up, Trace?"

Tracy quietly stared at Miss K, letting the laugh track from the TV fill the room as she gently caressed her pussy through her panties. Then, she breathlessly commanded, "Put your right foot on the bed, facing towards the TV, then lean back on your arms. I wanna see something."

Miss K did ask her friend asked, feeling Tracy's gaze trace all over her huge, swollen tits and tight belly. She looked into her friend's eyes and saw them clouded with lust, her dick starting to stir as she thought about what she wanted to do with her. She saw that Tracy's nipples were all nice and hard, peeking out of her thin wifebeater, and she licked her lips thinking about sucking them into her mouth.

"I want you to do something for me," Tracy said, pawing at her nipples through her shirt. "Gimme a show. Play with yourself for me."

Miss K looked into Tracy's eyes and cupped her breasts, rolling them around in her hands. She then lifted up one of her nipples to her lips, sucking on it as tugged on the other one. Switching one for the other in her mouth, she hummed on her nipple, buzzing her nerves right through her hardening cock. She made a show of lifting of her breasts to her mouth, batting each nipple with her tongue and swirling the areolas with her spit. Finally, she let go of one of her heavy tits, letting her hand trail it down as she milked the other with her hand. She brushed her hard belly with her fingertips, shaking as the cool skin made its way down between her legs to touch her semi- hard dick.

She grabbed her dick in her hand and slowly pulled down on it, slightly stretching out the shaft as she licked her lips, her free hand toying with her nipple. She rubbed her thumb over her tip, feeling it fill with blood under her touch as her head was overwhelmed with the sensations. As she felt her dick get fully hard, she squeezed some pre-cum out of her pee slit and rubbed it around her tip before sliding her hand back down her cock. Licking her lips, she pinched her nipple as she stroked her dick back and forth on her shaft, loving the way her skin tugged on her tip. She let her other hand drop down to her balls, holding on tight to them as she stroked her shaft harder in her hands. Panting in lust, Miss K looked over at Tracy in clouded eyes.

"Yeah, you fucking slut!" Tracy said as she looked down at Miss K's hands stroking herself. "Keep stroking that dick for me!"

Tracy's eyes were slit, and one of her hands as quickly pounding four fingers in her pussy, her palm slapping on her clit. She had her head tossed back, her nipples as hard as diamonds and looking very suckable. Miss K matched her masturbation to be in rhythm with Tracy's, thinking about how she'd love that tight pussy to be getting her off right now.

"Mmm," Miss K said as she bit her lip. "I'd love to be fucking your pussy right now!" she hissed out, her hand a blur on her dick.

"Yeah, I know you want this pussy," Tracy said as she fucked herself harder. "Just think about my tight cunt on your cock."

"Oh yeah," Miss K panted out as she jacked her dick as hard as she could, her hand slapping on the base of it. As she stroked herself, her whole body quivered, her eyes glazed over as her torso and arms flexed with each stroke. She felt Tracy's gaze on her and sped up as she heard her moan, thinking about shooting a load deep inside her friend. As she got closed, her breath got shorter, and she sat up more, dying to relieve the itch that was climbing down from under her tip and down her shaft. She closed her eyes and was about ready to let go when she felt someone pinch hard into her nipple, the nails digging in and almost cutting her.

"Stop," Tracy said, her panting form standing over Miss K's. She then pulled Miss K's hands from between her legs and gave the hard dick a soft stroke. "I think I have a cure for that itch of yours."

"What?" Miss K said, annoyed that she was about to miss her cum.

"I want you to jerk off for me in the shower," Tracy said as she slid her hand between her legs. "I want to see that water flow over your tight, curvy body. Would you do that for me?"

"Yeah," Miss K said as she stood up on unstable legs. "Let's go."

Miss K led the way to the shower, turning it on to heat the water up. Meanwhile, Tracy shucked off her wife beater, giving each of her nipples a quick lick before pulling her dildo out of her purse, ready to fuck herself on it as she watched her friend's show.

When Tracy arrived in the bathroom, she saw Miss K get ready to step into the shower, a bottle of shampoo and a bar of soap in her hands. As she watched her friend enter the shower and set down the soap and shampoo, Tracy let out a low moan as she saw the water running down Miss K's back and shoulders down over her big, round ass, her dick looking like it was peeing with the water cascading off of it. Then she saw her run her fingers through her hair as she rinsed it off, her huge breasts popping out from the sides of her.

"Turn around," Tracy hissed out as she started rubbing her clit.

"What?" Miss K replied, her arms crossed over her breasts.

"Turn and face that way over there," Tracy said as she pointed to a way on one side of the shower. "I wanna see you shoot your cum onto that wall over there. That is what you're here for, right? Or have you forgotten?!"

"Well, I do need to get clean, Trace," Miss K said as she turned and faced the wall, picking up her soap as she was doing it.

"OK," Tracy said as she picked up her dildo and placed one of her feet on the toilet seat. "You can clean yourself up, but you gotta clean that big, black pipe between your legs," she moaned out before sucking half of her dildo into her mouth. "The thought of that makes me so horny!"

Miss K looked at Tracy as she lathered up the soap in her hands, feeling her dick re-harden as she saw Tracy touch herself. As she washed one arm, and then the other, she couldn't help but get turned on as she saw Tracy tease herself with her dildo. She then lathered her tits up, feeling her dick twitch as she pulled on each of her nipples, soaped her areolas, then let the shower rinse it off. As she got in a few extra rubs on her tits, she saw that Tracy had slid the huge dildo inside of her, screaming in half-pleasure half- pain as it invaded her.

"Yeah, your fucking tits look so hot!" Tracy screamed as she fucked herself with the dildo, the friction driving her wild. "Please touch that dick for me…please!"

Miss K then ran her soapy hands down over her washboard stomach, cleaning it off and teasingly lowering her hands ever so close to her hard dick.

"Yeah," Tracy said with slitted eyes, the dildo pumping her pussy in a flurry. "Fuck touch that cock for me!"

As Miss K slid her hands back to wash her back, she felt herself get hotter and harder as she saw Tracy explode into an orgasm, her dildo a blur inside of her as she braced herself on the toilet. Wanting to make sure she did a good enough show for her friend, she quickly lathered up her soap against and washed off her back, rinsing off her back with the shower. When Tracy came to, she saw all that water running down Miss K's ass, coating it with a shine as she stuck it out.

"Oooo…your ass looks so yummy!" Tracy said as she started fucking herself again, licking one of her nipples with her tongue. "I'd love to lick that ass!"

"Oh really," Miss K said as she soaped up her ass, practically groping herself. "I bet you want a taste, huh?" she continued as she playfully wiggled her ass in Tracy's direction.

"Oh fuck yeah!"

Miss K soaped her as really well, running her fingers through her crack before spreading her cheeks a bit and giving Tracy a flash of her asshole. She then bent over and spread her legs, her hard dick and soft body framed in between them deliciously. She picked up the soap, then lathered up her hands as she washed up one of her athletic legs.

"Mmm, I wish you could bend up and suck your fucking dick, K," Tracy breathlessly said as she kept fucking herself with that dildo of hers.

"Why?" Miss K said as she reached over to soap up the other leg.

"Well, I just love the way your dick looks and feels in my mouth," Tracy said before licking one of her nipples. "And since I know you aren't gonna suck anyone else's, I love to see your lips wrapped around your own, getting yourself off. I'd love to see the look on your face when you shoot your own cum into your mouth," Tracy said before rolling her eyes back in erotic bliss, her free hand strumming her clit as she fucked herself harder.

"Now fucking stand up and jerk yourself off!" Tracy barked as she momentarily regained her composure.

Miss K stood back up, lathering up her hands one more time, then turning so that her chest was facing Tracy while her dick and hips were facing the wall. She started stroking herself nice and slow, twisting her hand around her dick with each stroke.

"Yeah, fucking stroke that dick for me!" Tracy panted out as she pulled the dildo out of her pussy and rubbed her clit hard. "Suck on your titty for me while you make yourself cum!"

Miss K lifted up one of her breasts and sucked the nipple, feeling her dick twitch in her hands as she started to her dick harder.

"Yeah, that's it. This about me riding that dick hard while I nurse on your tits. Doesn't that get you hot?"

"Mmmhmm!" Miss K hummed around her nipples before letting it drop out of her mouth to moan, her hand now a blur on her dick as she squeezed on her nipple with her free hand.

"Yeah, pump that fucking dick! This about my hot wet cunt milking that fucking cock! Do you like hot that feels?"

"Uh-huh!" Miss K panted as the water from the shower muffled her voice.

"Yeah!" Tracy said as she jammed four fingers up her wet pussy, her hands a blur between her legs. "Look at me, K!"

Miss K looked over at Tracy's hot body, sweaty and twitching as she droves herself to another orgasm. "Cum for me, you fucking big-dicked slut!" Tracy panted out. "Cum for this hot body! You know you wanna flood me with your cum!" She closed her eyes, thinking about how hot she looked for Tracy, loving the way her hard nipples and heaving chest showed how hot she was for her. She stroked as hard as she could just below the tip, loving the way the water dripped onto her body, wanting to release for Tracy, trying to give herself one last boost by pulling on her nipple. As she felt herself cumming, she felt her groin tightening up just a bit before closing her eyes and grunting as she felt her cum being pulled from out of her.

'I'm fucking cumming!" Miss K groaned out before grunting through her orgasm, vaguely hearing her cum splatter onto the tile. As she huffed and puffed, stroking off the last bit of cum onto her hand, she nearly choked on the water that dripped into her mouth. When she finally opened her eyes, she saw Tracy kneeling down by the shower, wiping some of the cum onto her fingers, then making a show of licking it off her fingers and swallowing it.

"Man, you look hot doing that," Miss K said as she reached over and turned off the shower.

"I can see that you like it," Tracy said as she stared at Miss K's softening dick. "And I know I like the taste of your cum. A bit on the cool side, but I love the way it feels sliding down my throat."

"Thanks," Miss K said as she stepped out the shower, with Tracy pulling another glob of cum off of the tile. "By the way, where are the towels?"

Tracy turned to look at Miss K, swirling her cum around in her mouth before swallowing it again. She then smiled and said, "they're out by the sink, you big girl you!"

"OK, OK," Miss K said as she opened up the door and slid out. She picked up a towel and dried herself off, the terry cloth feeling rough her post-orgasmic sensitive skin. After quickly drying her hair, she found the remote on Tracy's bed and flopped down on her own, enjoying the way her boobs kept bouncing as she started channel surfing.

"Forget about me?" Tracy said as she slowly walked around the corner to the beds. She pawed at her pussy as she walked in front of the TV, then slithered her way onto Miss K's bed before climbing over her friend's body, her hips straddling Miss K's thighs.

"Oh, so you're gonna ride me for a few more orgasms, huh," Miss K nonchalantly said. "OK, no biggie."

"Yeah, you could say that," Tracy said before flashing a wide grin and giggling as she looked down at her friend.

"OK, OK. What's up?"

"You shall see."

Tracy lowered her crotch right onto Miss K's thigh and dragged it up, making her moan as she stimulated her clit while she left a trail of wetness behind. She lowered her body on top of her friend's, then ground her pussy back and forth on the thigh between her legs while her own thigh rubbed along Miss K's semi-hard dick. As she kept grinding herself on Miss K's thigh, she reached down and flicked her nail on the head of her dick, making her friend shiver.

"What are you doing?" Miss K said before sucking in some air.

"Well," Tracy said before brushing her head aside and giving Miss K's nipple a firm suck. "You want to be treated like a girl, despite that dick between your legs, right?"

"Yeah," Miss K panted out. "I do," she sighed as she felt Tracy rub her tip, her thigh being ridden by her friend.

"Well, I'm going to show you how us girls fuck. Wanna try?"


Tracy rocked her hips back and forth on Miss K's thigh as she bent down and took her friend's nipple into her mouth. She then reared back up and started thrusting her hips hard against Miss K's, bracing her hands of her friend's tits as she grinded her pussy.

"You like how that feels? Tracy hissed out between thrusts as she squeezed Miss K's breasts hard.


"Well, bitch," Tracy said before taking a few long, circular licks of her friend's breasts as she thrust harder, making both their bodies giggle. "I think I got something for you!"

The hot little blond bent down to kiss Miss K hard, grabbing onto her head as she thrusts her hips in a circle, making sure to trap the tip of her friend's dick underneath her. As she subtly worked over their privates with her hips, Tracy pulled her mouth up a bit so her tongue could play more with Miss K's while her hand tweaked one of Miss K's nipples.

"Oh, don't stop," Miss K breathed out as she felt how Tracy was subtly manipulating her body.

Tracy responded simply by licking her way down to the nape of Miss K's neck, working her clit back and forth of Miss K's hips as she felt her friend's dick stiffed up along her belly. She shifted her hips to place her slit right on top of that shaft and started fucking herself hard on it, letting that big tool slide between her lips and rub her clit.

"You like how my pussy's soaking your dick, huh?" Tracy moaned out before she started tonguing Miss K's ear.

"Oh yeah," Miss K whispered in return. "That feels so nice."

Rubbing her pussy against Miss K's even harder, Tracy seductively said, "do you wanna fuck me?"

"Oh yeah…OW! What was that for?"

"Wrong answer," Tracy said as she let go of Miss K's nipple. She slid her head down to suck on it, then pressed her pussy hard against Miss K's dick, using her lubrication to increase the friend.

"I'm going to cum on your clit, little girl!" Tracy said as she kept rubbing her body against Miss K's. "Are you ready?"

"Mmhmm," Miss K said, her dick twitching in anticipation of the flood of juices to come on her.

Tracy slid up Miss K's body to kiss her, their nipples rubbing against each other while her pussy rubbed up on Miss K's belly. Miss K wrapped her arms around her as she felt Tracy grinding her hips harder against her and moan into her mouth, turning her on in the process. Tracy screamed into Miss K's mouth as her tongue dueled with her friend's and her pussy slid into a hard orgasm. Suddenly, she stiffed up in Miss K's arms, her clit taxed to the limit as she felt her insides explode, her pussy juice flowing out of her body as she came hard. She held perfectly still as the orgasm racked her body, leaving her a raw-nerves mess, her cum being stretched out a bit as her nipples rubbed on Miss K's.

Finally, she steeled herself enough to pull off of Miss K's body and roll off to the side. Then, Tracy got out of Miss K's bed, walked over to hers, then jumped in.

"Hey!" Miss K said, her body a sexually frustrated mess as she pawed as her slick dick. "What gives?"

"I told you I was gonna ride you for an orgasm, silly!" Tracy said as she pulled herself under the covers. "And I did just that!"

"Come on, Trace!" Miss K whined as she touched herself and arched her back, lifting that huge chest up. "You got me all nice and horny. Don't leave me high and dry!"

"Tough!" Tracy said as she settled down in bed. "Good night!"


"And don't you dare touch yourself. I got plans for you in the morning."

Miss K sighed in resignation, then reached for the remote on the nightstand. She started channel surfing, desperate for something to get her to sleep.

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