tagRomanceThe Wood Nymph

The Wood Nymph


It was a warm fall day, and I took the day off to spend some time communing with nature. I wasn't sure just what was bothering me, but I felt the need to get my head together, and I thought a little time alone in the woods might do the job. I had been hiking along the mountain stream for about an hour and stopped at one of my favorite places. Deep in the woods the stream slows and forms a quiet pool ... more a secluded grotto. It's a place I've always found peaceful, and a place where I let my mind wander to days past and what the future might bring.

Suddenly my solitude was interrupted with the faint sound of water splashing in the normally quite water. Thinking I was alone, I rose to investigate where these unfamiliar sounds were coming form. And then I saw her! She was young, full of life, and wading in the peaceful water. The sun streaming down through the trees illuminated her slender body and brilliant red hair. I knew that I should respect her privacy, but I was enchanted with her innocent beauty. My mind quickly went back to my first love ... a woman much like this young girl. She obviously wanted to fully enjoy the warm, still pool, and I just couldn't turn away as she started to slowly remove her clothes. As her firm breasts came into view, I realized that as much as I wished to watch, I was an uninvited voyeur. As I turned to walk away, I stepped on a dry branch, and the crack announced by presence.

She looked up with a start and covered her breasts, but as our eyes met a slight smile came to her face. All I could manage say was "I'm sorry. I wasn't really trying to spy. I only came to look because I heard a sound, but your beauty reminded me someone very special from my past, and I couldn't help but watch for a moment. Please forgive my intrusion. I'll leave."

"Goodness, that's something new. I'm not accustom to guys who turn away. Usually they're trying to grab me or get me to take my clothes off. Not that they get what they want. That's why I sometimes come here to be alone," replied my wood nymph. "So who is this woman from your past?"

"My first love. She had beautiful red hair like you, but there's also something about the way you move. It just brought the memories back."

"Your first love? I suppose you saw her naked, too? Did you make love to her?" she asked appearing curiously interested.

"Yes, the first time was in a place much like this. We both took off our clothes and swam together, and then after a while ... well, more happened ... much more happened. It was the first time for us, and it was magical."

"That sounds incredibly romantic. She was very lucky. I've often dreamed about ......." Her words trailed off and I could see a pensive look come to her face and a decision being made, but her next words still came as a surprise. "Maybe it could happen again."

As those word spilled quickly and nervously out, her hands dropped bearing her breasts and she stood watching my reaction. With a slight look of mischief mixed with excitement, her hands moved to her shorts. Neither of us spoke as those shorts slide down her slender legs. As she stood in only her small white panties, I started unbuttoning my shirt.

I hung my shirt on the branch beside me, and when I looked back at my nymph, she was completely naked. I couldn't believe that this young girl could be so bold and relaxed as she watched my eyes drink in every inch of her lithe body. All she wore was an enigmatic smile as she turned slowly and walked into the water. I felt like I was watching a scene play out that I had seen before. It seemed so natural and so familiar.

"What are you waiting for?" came her sweet voice, and with a tease she added, "are you afraid to get naked with me. I thought guys always liked to skinny dip ... especially with a girl."

"Yes, of course. Especially with a sexy young girl," I said in a daze and quickly removed the rest of my clothes. I stepped into the water, and it felt usually warm and sensual. Soon we were swimming and splashing. She had a playful giggle that I hadn't heard in some while. As I chased her through the water, the inevitable happened. She let me catch her. The play then turned to an embrace, and the embrace turned into passion. Her soft lips came up to mine, and we kissed. I felt my mind spinning with memories and desire, and I broke the kiss with, "This isn't right. You're so young. I just can't."

"Is it the girl you told me about. Are you still together?"

"Only in my mind and memories. She's gone from this world, and we never even had a chance to say goodbye."

"I'm sorry. I can see you still love her, but maybe she wouldn't mind. Maybe she'd want you to love again and be happy."

I started to try to reply, "I just don't ...", but my words were stopped by her tender lips, and this time I couldn't resist. The kiss became deep. I felt things I hadn't felt for longer than I could remember. Her body molded to mine ... skin against soft skin ... passion quickly rising with yearning and need. We caressed and touched, and finally her legs wrapped around me, and as we stood in the water, we became one. I carried her to the shore, and laid together on a bed of leaves. Still inside her, I began to move slowly. Her moves reflected mine in perfect unison, and together they built slowly in speed and depth. I could feel her passion build with mine. We climbed higher and higher together, closer and closer to the edge, and as I heard familiar words "yes, oh yes my love" we both climaxed holding each other tight and outwardly motionless.

We lay together as I listened to our breathing and heart beats slow. It was so perfect holding her ... so relaxing that I found myself slipping into a soothing sleep. Lying there in that twilight between sleep and consciousness I'm sure I heard a soft voice saying "I'll always love you, Johnny. I never meant to leave you without telling you that one more time."

When I woke the sun was setting, and there was a peaceful calm in the woods. Somehow I knew she'd be gone, but I still turned to look. Was it all a dream? Was she ever really here? I wasn't sure, but then I realize it didn't matter because there was a peace inside me as well. As I gathered my things to leave, I understood that everything can't be said with words. Some things we know in our hearts, and that has to be enough.

But then I saw a single red hair on my shoulder ... and I smiled.

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