tagIncest/TabooThe Wooden Box

The Wooden Box


This is an entry in the Halloween 2014 contest.

Please take a note that this story involves Incest.

I would like to thank SEXYGEEK for his help in editing my story.

All characters in this story are 18+.


Kate had been out with her friends since afternoon to celebrate the Halloween's day. Derrick, Anna, Thomas, Zoe and Peyton were her best friends. They all used to hang out together almost all the time. After graduating from high school that year, Anna, Derrick, Peyton and Zoe moved to other cities for their colleges. Kate and Thomas became a couple in their senior year of high school. When Thomas enrolled in the local college, Kate abandoned the idea to move out and got herself enrolled in the same college to stay with Thomas. Kate had urged them to spend the Halloween holiday together as she missed them a lot. Therefore, as decided they all agreed to meet at Kate's house that afternoon on Halloween's day.

"I was not expecting this visual treat!" Thomas said as he entered Kate's room. Kate just wore a skimpy red thong and no bra.

"Thomas! Can't you knock on the door before entering?" Kate said with an artificial anger in her voice.

Thomas went to Kate and held her from her waist. He kissed her passionately, while his hands roamed her back. Kate moaned in his mouth when he gave a gentle squeeze to her butt. She closed her eyes and savored the pleasure of the kiss. Thomas broke the kiss and took her to her bed. He pushed Kate onto her back on the bed. Thomas leaned and kissed her again. A knock on the door brought them back to their senses. Thomas straightened up and moved aside. Kate swiftly got up and wore her clothes. She tied her loose hair into a ponytail.

"Surprise!" Kate's friends yelled at her when she finally opened the door. They hugged Kate and went inside her room.

"Hey guys." Thomas said as they came in the room.

"Thomas!" Derrick yelled in surprise as Thomas came and hugged him.

"I think we spoiled their SPECIAL TIME, Derrick!" Peyton told Derrick as she pointed out the large bulge in Thomas's pants.

Kate and Thomas blushed while the others giggled when they saw that. Thomas hid the bulge with the pillow and sat on Kate's bed.

"So, what's the program, Derrick?" Kate asked trying to change the topic.

"I have an idea. Let us play a game. I shall dare each one of you to visit a family that annoyed us the most in our neighborhood. The dare will be to play a prank on them as nasty as you can. The one who does the best gets a special prize from me in tonight's costume party," said Derrick.

"Wait a second, Derrick. You know we are notorious in the neighborhood for our mischiefs. They would suspect us, the very moment they see us," Kate said with confused look.

"What if they catch us?" Zoe asked in an unconvinced tone.

"Don't worry. I have a solution. Let's go out and have some Trick or Treat fun! Who will recognize us when we will be dressed in the costumes?" Derrick replied with a mischievous smile on his face.

After some argument, Derrick finally convinced them. Peyton got the first dare, followed by Zoe, Thomas, Derrick and Anna. It was late in the evening when Kate's turn finally came.

"Come on, Kate. I clearly remember when you once told me that you are not scared of anything. It's time to prove it. I dare you that MANSION, Kate," said Derrick.

"No! Not that Mansion. You know the rumors about that Mansion! Don't you Derrick?" Peyton replied with fear.

"They are just RUMORS Peyton. There is nothing like that in that Mansion." Derrick said with confidence.

"My Mom says that those rumors are true, Derrick. She even saw one lady entering the Mansion yesterday in the evening," Anna said with a puzzled look.

"Kate, if you don't want to go there, it's fine. Derrick, give her any other house," said Thomas.

"No, Thomas. I can do this. Derrick, make sure the prize is worthy when I get it from you tonight!" Kate said with determination.


Kate walked down the lane that ended at the Mansion. The lane had a mystical silence. The street lights were off too! Kate stood in front of the old iron main gate of the Mansion. The chirping sound of insects created an eerie atmosphere. Kate opened the main gate which made a creaky sound. She entered the Mansion's compound and saw a statue of gargoyle on the left hand side of the porch and a statue of the Grim Reaper on the right hand side. Chills ran through her spine on seeing those statues. Suddenly her mind flashed the rumors surrounding that Mansion.

Kate had been told by her parents that the Mansion belonged to Donald Harper, a very wealthy businessman of the city. After his death, his wife Leslie Harper lived alone in the entire Mansion. People in the neighborhood talked about her that she had indulged in the practice of Black-Magic and Witchcraft. They even said that Mrs. Harper used to call spirits back from the other world and talked with them for hours. After her death two years ago, her brother Jeremy appointed a care-taker for the Mansion. But the care-taker ran away few days later citing the reason of supernatural occurrences in the Mansion. Since then the Mansion had been left as it is. People talked about some lady who, came once in a month for a day or two. No one had any clear knowledge about that lady. Few of them even believed her to be the ghost of Mrs. Harper!

Kate never believed in those rumors. She thought that those were the talks generated by the people who just wanted some tales to tell. Kate was a brave young girl who believed in science and thought of all this ghost talk as gimmicks. All such thoughts of her got vaporized from her head when she went inside that Mansion. Kate moved up the porch and stood in front of the Main door. She tried to find the bell switch but found none and so she knocked the door. No one answered. She knocked again. Still nobody answered. Out of curiosity she thought to give one last try. Kate knocked the door for the third time. To her surprise, the door opened on its own! The darkness had completely engulfed the inside of the Mansion. Kate leaned forward to get a better look inside the Mansion.

Kate asked loudly, "Hello... Is anyone there?" No one answered.

Kate went inside the Mansion. Kate shivered from the deathly chill that blew out to the doorway. She convinced herself that it had been a mere co-incidence. Unable to see anything, she thought to leave. As soon as she turned, a lady with a lantern in her hand stood right in front of her. Kate screamed her lungs out when she saw that lady.

"Ssshhh... Don't scream!" the lady said in a ruffled voice.

"I... I... I am sorry," Kate said terrified by the voice of that lady.

"Why are you here?" the lady asked in stern voice.

"Trick or Treat," was all Kate could reply.

"Ah... Halloween... Ha... Ha... Ha..." the lady said laughing out loud.

The woman's laugh echoed in the room. Her voice had shuddered Kate such that she peed a little in her panties.

"Yes... I do have a Treat for you, Miss...?" the lady inquired.

"Kate. Kate Brown," Kate replied.

"Kate... Hmmm... Lovely name. Wait here till I bring you your Treat," the lady said that and went inside the Mansion.

Due to the darkness it seemed to Kate as if she had vanished. The ideas about the pranks she had decided to perform disappeared from her mind. All she wanted was to get out of that Mansion as soon as possible.

"Here. Take it, Kate." The lady reappeared out of nowhere and handed Kate a Wooden Box. The Box was around 10 inches long; 5 to 6 inches wide and equally deep.

Kate got a chance to look at the face of that lady clearly for the first time when she handed Kate that wooden box. In the faint yellow light of that lantern, she saw the face; long pointed nose; big black eyes and long flat crippled lips.

"Thank you," Kate said as she accepted the box from the woman. "But what's inside it?"

"That is a surprise. Don't open it anywhere. Open it in your home. Home... When you are ALONE!" the lady said as she emphasized the word ALONE.

Kate shivered on hearing that. She asked that lady bluntly, "Who are you?"

"I am Betty Rogers. Leslie's sister," the lady replied.

"What are you doing here?" Kate asked, not satisfied by her answer.

Disgusted by the question, the lady replied, "Jeremy, my brother, asked me to take care of this Mansion. But I don't have time to do it regularly. I come here once in a month and check the whole Mansion."

"Why is there no electricity in the Mansion?" Kate asked as she then gained some confidence.

"I don't know. I think there must be some problem with the fuse," the lady replied angrily.

Kate noticed the change in the atmosphere of the Mansion. It turned creepier. Without saying a word, Kate left the Mansion and ran towards her home as fast as she could. When Kate reached home she saw a Jack O' Lantern made by her father, placed in the compound of her house. To her horror, she saw the face of that lady on the pumpkin instead of the carving!

Kate went to her room, sat on her bed and looked at that wooden box curiously. To her amazement, there was no opening provided on that box! She had not noticed that before. Curious, she began to think of what to do with it. Unable to come up with a solution, she went to her bathroom along with that wooden box. Kate stood in front of the mirror and looked at her reflection. She took that box in her hand and observed it carefully. She found some minute inscriptions written on the box. Strange! She didn't find them before. She read the inscription, "To open, shake it three times and recite -- 'UNLEASH'."

Kate did as had been written on that wooden box. She heard something rattle inside that box. She had expected that after reciting that word, the lights would flash or she might hear some strange noise or the box would explode open, but nothing like that happened. She shook the box again, but the rattling sound had gone. Kate found that mysterious. She turned the box to see the inscriptions, but they had been gone too!

Kate put the box aside, opened the water tap and threw some cold water on her face. When she got up, to her utter dismay, she found an image of a girl in the mirror instead of her reflection! The girl had the body similar to Kate and face covered with her messy black hair. The girl in the mirror, who wore a white long sleeved night gown, took her right hand up and pointed her index finger to Kate. Kate screamed in fear and fainted immediately after that...


Samuel "Sam" Brown had not been in a good mood since his girlfriend broke up with him few days before. His college was just a couple of hours drive away from his home which allowed him to spend his Halloween holiday at home. Sam had in mind that his friends there would help him in cheering up from his break-up, but they were too busy with their girlfriends! So all he had with him was his family.

Henry, Sam and Kate's dad, had been home in a hope to spend some family time with his children. Henry learned that afternoon about Kate's decision to go out with her friends for some Halloween fun. Moreover, Cynthia, his wife, had gone with her circle of close friends to some function and would return late in the night. That ruined Henry's plan to spend the holiday with his family. Henry thus decided to go out with his best friends; David and Walter to have some drinks that evening. When Henry was about to leave, he found Sam in the house, watching TV in the living room.

"Don't you have any plans tonight, Sam?" asked Henry.

"Nope, everyone is busy with SOMEONE or other dad!" Sam replied emphasizing the word SOMEONE.

"Ok then, why don't you join Kate?" Henry inquired.

"Kate! Never! I hate her and her idiotic friends. They are always up to some childish games. Today she and her friends have planned to play pranks on the neighboring houses! Seriously, she needs to grow up now, Dad."

"At least she is up to something. Not like you sitting here idly and watching some stupid series on television."

"What else do you expect from me? I am not 17 anymore, Dad."

"Ok, calm down. I would like you to join me and my friends but I think you might get bored!"

"No. Thanks, Dad. I think I will be fine at home."

"As you wish, son. I need to go now. Good bye."

"Good bye, Dad. Enjoy with your FRIENDS." Sam replied sarcastically.

Sam got really bored half an hour after his Dad left. The series he watched on television had finished and he had nothing else to do. Suddenly he got an idea. It had been a week since he last masturbated. That day no one was home and he had a full opportunity to pleasure him as long as he wished.

Sam went to his room. He didn't bother to lock his door. He knew no one would return home for at least next two to three hours. He got in front of his computer and connected his favorite porn site. The site had a special section where new porn videos were added every day. He browsed through the list. A specific porn video caught his attention. It was about an 18 year old girl fucked by her older brother. That was the first time an incest video had caught his attention as he had less interest in those types of videos. But that video caught his attention because the girl looked very similar to his sister Kate!

Sam saw an image of Kate in his mind. In the image, Kate wore her favorite orange figure hugging tight dress. Her face, cute and innocent and her smile so sweet that anyone would love to see that smile for whole day. The dress was tight enough to show off the curves of her body. The dress covered her breasts which were not big, but not too small, a B-cup maybe. That followed with her slim waist and gradually curving hips. Her butt cheeks were firm, round and curved out the right amount from her body. Sam found his cock rock hard just from the image of Kate in his mind. Never in his life before, had he found himself sexually attracted to his sister. He removed his jeans, released his hard cock from his underwear and played the video.

In the video the girl found her big brother masturbating in his room, using her bra and panties. At first she got angry but when she saw his hard cock her mind changed. She took his cock in her hand and started giving that boy a sensuous blowjob. Sam held his cock in his right hand and started whacking it slowly. He imagined himself in place of that boy. Sam imagined that it was Kate giving him that blowjob. Her bow-shaped, red as a rose petal lips bobbed up and down on his cock. That image was more than enough for him. It turned him on to such an extent that he came within a minute. Sperm flew from his cock and landed on his chest and stomach.

Sam withdrew from watching the porn further. He went to his bed and got lost in the thoughts of his sister. Never before in his life had he found his sister so beautiful and attractive. Just the thought itself made his cock hard again. Sam decided to stroke his cock, fantasizing naughty thoughts about his sister rather than watching that porn. He took his cock in his hand and closed his eyes. He imagined that it was Kate's hand that stroked his cock. Suddenly he heard his door open up sluggishly. Kate stood at his door in just her bra and panties. She wore a white half-cup padded underwired bra and white hipster panties. Her hair was untied and messy, falling down over her face and almost hiding it.

"Ah! My dear big brother Sam is pleasuring himself in his room!" said Kate.

"I...I...I am sorry Kate. I thought you were going to return late in the night. I didn't know you were back. I should have locked the door. I was alone in the house and so..." Sam said with a horrified look on his face.

"Well, Mr. Sam Brown. Masturbating is not a crime, but it is wrong if you fantasize about your sister while pleasuring yourself," Kate replied.

Sam went numb when he heard that. How did she come to know that he fantasized about her? Was she already present the entire time? Not possible. He was damn sure that he was all alone in the house.

"I know Sam. I look very sexy in that orange tight dress. It gives my figure curves, which can make any boy fall for me," Kate said in a mischievous voice.

Sam lost all his senses. How the hell did she come to know about the dress he imagined her in? There was something wrong. Kate moved shyly towards Sam. She climbed on Sam's bed and stood over him. She gently kicked Sam with her right foot and made him fall on his back in his bed.

"It would be a waste if you only imagine and don't do anything in reality, big brother?" Kate said and squatted on top of Sam's cock. Her panty covered pussy touching his cock.

A shiver ran through Sam's body when Kate did that. He had no sense at all of what just happened. Kate took Sam's hand in hers and placed them on her back, right above her bra's hook.

"Remove it, Sam." Kate asked Sam in a low voice.

Sam did as he was asked. He unhooked her bra and pulled it off of Kate's body. The passage light was the only light available in the room. He saw Kate's boobs naked in that light. Just as he had imagined, they were a decent pair, neither too big nor too small! Her nipples were like a tiny shirt button, but slightly elongated. They were followed by a small light pink areola. Sam moved his hands on Kate's boobs and cupped them. He played with them, kneading them, pressing them, feeling their softness and tenderness in his palms. He brought his mouth up towards the right boob and put his lips on its nipple. He sucked on it hungrily. A loud moan escaped from Kate's mouth. He moved his mouth to the other nipple and did the same. He then lightly bit the flesh of her breasts, sometimes above the nipple, sometimes under the boob. He occasionally licked the nipples. He continued doing that for a few more minutes.

All of a sudden Kate stood up. She moved over his chest and kept her hands on the waistband of her panties. She pulled it down swiftly and asked Sam to pull it completely off of her body. Sam obliged. Then she moved over his face and sat over his mouth. Sam's lips were directly under Kate's pussy lips.

"Eat me, Sam. Eat me!" Kate demanded.

Sam held Kate by her hips and gently pushed her upwards so that he could see her pussy lips clearly. Her pussy was nicely trimmed. It was dark pinkish in color and leaked its internal juice. A sweet musky aroma came from her vagina. He pulled her down and lapped at it furiously. Sam ate Kate's pussy for a couple of minutes more before she got up again. Kate moved back and again squatted on Sam's crotch. She held his cock in her left hand and kept her right hand on his chest. Kate then moved down slowly. She sat on his crotch with his cock entirely inside her. She brought her hips up and then sat down again to allow his cock enter her pussy comfortably. That way she started to move her hips up and down steadily. Sam was lost in the pleasure he got from that sensation. Kate's pussy was very tight and soft. The flesh inside it gave his cock a very exotic feeling. He saw Kate move her hips up and down on his cock. Her firm and tender breasts jiggled along with her movement.

Suddenly he felt a slight pain in his penis. He looked down to his crotch and found a thin trail of blood oozing out from Kate's pussy. Was Kate a virgin? Had he just broke her hymen? If that was true, then it should be she who should have felt the pain, not him. But Kate didn't utter a word out of pain. Suddenly he found something strange. He had not seen Kate's face since she had entered his room nor had she moaned since he entered her! There was something wrong with Kate.

All of a sudden he felt immense pain in his cock. He felt as if Kate's vaginal wall had been trying to crush his cock. He experienced a suction force inside her vagina trying to suck his penis completely inside it. A strong breeze blew inside the room from the window and lifted the hair from Kate's face. Sam saw Kate's face for the first time. Her face had turned white and blood oozed out from her eyelids, nostrils and ears. Her eyes were black as a shadow. Kate's fingernail began to grow long. Sam closed his eyes on realizing what Kate had in mind, as she lifted her hand and pointed the nails directly towards his heart...

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