tagBDSMThe Woods

The Woods


She pulled off the dirt road and onto a one-lane roadway. She followed it as far as her car would fit. She looked around, saw the small turn around and pulled her car into it. As she got out she could hear the engine of the ATV approaching. She looked up the narrow pathway and watched as he pulled into view. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him. He pulled down next to her and handed her a helmet. She slid it over her head as he turned the 4 wheeler around, when he pulled up next to her she put her hands on his shoulders and swung her right jean clad leg over the back, mounting behind him. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, pressing her tits into his back. He carefully drove up the path, as branches grabbed at them, she was glad he had told her to wear jeans, boots, and long sleeves. As they broke over a knoll she spotted their destination.

When she had asked where they were going to go he had simply said, " Somewhere they wont hear you moaning or screaming." This morning she had been left a note with directions to the turn around and what to wear. The shack looked like it had been built for a hunting camp. It looked like it was no more then 2 to 3 rooms big. Her clit jumped in her jeans, her nipples got harder as they pulled up to the front door and stopped. She got off first, stood off to the side and waited for him to dismount. He dismounted took off his helmet, laying it across the seat, then turned and undid hers pulling off her head. As soon as her lips were visible below the helmet he began kissing her, he side tossed the helmet onto the seat and wrapped his hands in her hair.

"Its been to long," he murmured, taking her hand he led her up the steps. He pushed open the door, leading her in. They stayed in the door way long enough for their eyes to adjust and she could make out the whole room. It was a living room sort of. There was a couch off to her right, then a recliner, to the left was a small kitchenette and as a divider of rooms was a square table with 4 chairs. She noticed 2 doorways leading from the main room; one she decided must be a bathroom. He led her into the middle of the room, once more turning and wrapping his hands in her hair as they kissed, her hands in his shoulder length hair. It is always so soft; she inhales deeply through her nose as they kiss taking in all his smells. Her hands leave his hair and unbutton his shirt sliding her hands through the reddish blond hair on his chest; she broke the kiss and lowered her head to his left nipple as she pushed his shirt off his arms.

Her wet tongue flickered out licking his nipple, he moaned, pressing her mouth down to his nipple, she obeyed what his hands were telling her and sucked at his nipple. Her hands hand moved lower and were now undoing his jeans, sliding her hand in she grabbed his cock gently, teasing him.

He stopped her by grabbing her head and turning it back up towards him. " You better get me all undressed before you get to carried away, " he said. She looked around and found the chair, she led him over to it and pressed gently for him to sit. He sat in the chair, as she lowered to her knees in front of him she remembered his shirt. She crawled back over to it and picked it up arching her back high so he could see how well her tight jeans defined her nice ass. She knew she was successful when he moaned and told her, " to get that ass back here." Hopefully that would avoid the punishment she would receive for leaving his shirt in a pile on the floor. She crawled back with it and folded it neatly and laid it on the floor next to his chair.

Then she took hold of his left boot, fine black real leather that just slid on his foot, and pulled it off, she put that next to his chair then turned to the right one pulling it off, placing it next to the other. Then she pulled off both of his socks, straightening them out and folding them together placing them on top of his shirt. " I'm so glad you remembered, " he said.

She grabbed hold of the waistband of his jeans and pulled them down, he lifted his ass up to help her. She smiled as she remembered once when she tried to pull both his shorts and jeans down he rewarded her with an ass whipping that lasted for what seemed like forever. Since then she hadn't made that mistake again. She pulled his jeans off, folding them up and placing them on top of the pile. Then she turned her attention to his shorts; she could see his stiff cock poking them up into a tent. She leaned forward and gently kissed the head, then grasping the waistband with her teeth she pulled it down freeing his cock. It sprang out as she did this, she stopped momentarily knowing she would be punished but unable to resist and placed her mouth of his cock. He twisted his hands in her hair and told her, "stop it."

She did but reluctantly. She grabbed hold of his waistband again, finished pulling them off him and placed them neatly on the pile. Now he was completely naked. She moved between his legs and lowered her mouth again over his cock; her fingers massaged his balls as she took his cock deep into her throat. She stroked the underside of his balls with her right index finger, caressing it, and the thin area between his balls and ass. He moved in his chair, stretching his legs out lifting himself up out of the chair slightly, "lick my balls, little one." She obediently stopped sucking his cock and began licking his balls, and then she opened her mouth wide and sucked both balls into her mouth. He moaned very loudly and her finger rubbed gently against his asshole. It had been years but neither one of them had forgotten how to play the other. " That's the way," he moaned. She let go of his balls and licked below them, he arched his back for her and her tongue found the crack of his ass, and slithered over his asshole. He moaned very loudly now, she scootched a little lower on the floor and rolling her tongue she probed at his opening. She felt his body shiver. He suddenly grabbed her shoulders, "STOP!"

She did, but she leaned back on her knees looking at him questioningly. He told her " get undressed." She stood up kicking off her boots, pulling off her bra and shirt at the same time, then pushing her jeans off, turning around so as she bent over to get them off her ass would be towards him. She had anticipated his touch but she still jumped when she felt his hot hand on her ass. He rubbed it gently as she freed her feet and kicked her jeans off to the side. As soon as she was clear he smacked her ass, then rubbed it gently where he had smacked it. It had been so long and her pussy immediately began to get wet. Whack! Again he smacked her ass with his hand then rubbed the rosy spot. She moaned loudly. His hand left her ass and her body twitched with anticipation. WHACK! Harder this time she jumped, moaning loudly. His hand rubbed the very warm spot. Then he ran his hand underneath to her pussy lips and his fingers slid in the warm wetness of her juices. She moaned as his fingers touched her sensitive bare pussy lips. "Turn around and stand up," he said.

She obeyed him spreading her legs also knowing that was what he wanted. Anticipating each other’s needs with few words is what had made this relationship so good before. She waited even though she knew what the next instruction would be; she waited for him to tell her. It suddenly struck her that he had never seen her piercing perhaps in pictures but never in real life. She smiled as he stepped closer to her and again wrapping his left hand in her hair kissed her, as his right went down spreading her outer lips and his fingers flickered over her clit.

He stopped kissing her, their mouths still locked together, his fingers ran over the ring before, she smiled around his lips and tentatively opened her eyes to watch the expression on his face. Had he really forgotten that she had done this? Or had he thought it would be different? She didn't know, and was unsure if she'd even find out. He stuck the tip of a finger through the ring and pulled on it, she moaned and arched her back so her body could follow the tug. He turned them in the room, slowly began kissing her again, and moved her backwards. Her bare ass hit something and they stopped. He put both hands on her hips, and as much as she would love for him to toss her up onto the table she knew she was to heavy and he wouldn't be able to, and she helped by lifting herself following his direction.

The kiss broke. " Show me it," he said. She reach down between her legs and parted her lips so he could see her clit. The ring glistened with her pussy juices; the ball on it rested right on the head of her clit. She held her lips open he reach forward and slid it back n forth through the hole it made in her clit hood. He took his hand away, " play with it for me, but don't cum." She slid her index finger of her right hand down over her clit, pushing the ball lightly against her clit, slowly rubbing in a small circle. Her left index and middle finger in an upside down V held her lips apart so he could see. Then she dipped her right middle finger down into her pussy juices and brought the sticky juices up and rubbed it over her clit moving her middle finger and index finger to both sides of her clit she worked it up and down over her clit. She did this very slowly to tease both herself and him. He watched, reaching out to tweak her nipples, pulling her nipples up then letting them go her large tits bouncing down as the nipples slid out of his fingers. She worked her clit watching him watching her.

He brought his hand smacking down on her right tit, hard enough to sting but not enough to knock the wind out of her; she moaned and writhed on the table. He could see the juices from her pussy running down the crack of her ass and soon would be forming a small wet spot on the table below her. She stole a look at his cock and could see the precum glistening on the head of his cock, she licked her lips. She wanted to suck the cum from his cock. She lifted her left leg gently and curled it around him sideways pulling him closer to her. He moved just out of her range and smiled at her. Grabbing up his cock he said," Do you want this?"

Just as she was about to answer yes, the alarm clock rang and woke her from this wonderful dream. She moaned as she rolled out of bed, wishing it was all true.

Miss you Sir.

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