tagNonHumanThe Woods Ch. 03

The Woods Ch. 03


My encounter with A'nef left me with a deep feeling of how right it was that I was going to the woods and having the kinds of strange, scary, overwhelming experiences I was having there.

A'nef had not been human and in some ways he had been brutal with me, but he had also been tender and affectionate and had made it clear what I was submitting to. And he had brought such intense pleasure to my body and spirit that I craved something like the same experience again.

Which is why the next time I went to the woods, I felt like I was almost dizzy with arousal the whole way there. It was another overcast, muggy day and the heat and gloom of the forest felt incredibly sensual. I was dressed in a t-shirt and the shortest pair of shorts I owned -- they were actually a pair I had used in school for gym class when I was about fourteen, and although I am not large and hadn't grown all that much in the meantime, on my eighteen-year-old hips they were tight and left little to the imagination, even when (as now) I was wearing briefs under them. The tightness of my shorts made me feel deliciously wanton and as I walked through the woods, I half-hoped that I might attract some attention from actual people...perhaps some girl might see me and invite me over...

But as usual, the woods were empty of people and I was faintly disappointed as I found the spot where I always left the track. I walked on into the woods, leaving civilisation and people behind, and as before, although I couldn't put my finger on exactly why, I had the strangest sensation that I was never in the same woods twice. The first time, the ground had been overgrown and covered in vines and creepers; the second time, it had been sloping and riven with steep hills and ravines, with a river; this time, it was more like a park with a forest. The trees were well-behaved and stood discreet distances apart from each other, and the ground was flat and covered not with vines or stones but grass.

I walked on, enjoying the sensation of my body moving inside my clothes, looking around at the trees, wondering where, this time, the temptation and the pleasure would come from. Would it be plant? Animal? Would I find it frightening, or would it be something that, this time, I would welcome like a lover? I was determined to keep my self-possession and welcome whatever happened, but also to remain in control.

This time, I felt aroused before I started. This time, I wanted to be the one in command; I did not want to submit once more, to always be the one being possessed. I felt that there was something shameful in the way that first the plants and then A'nef had treated me like something to be dominated; surely I needed to learn what it was like to be the dominant one.

And as time went by, and nothing happened but I went further and further into the seemingly endless rows of trees, walking across the neat grass, it seemed less and less likely that anything was going to come and get me. Was I supposed to go and find something to take for myself? Was I to be the sexual predator this time? The idea excited me, but I couldn't see anything to prey on.

After a while I stopped, in one of the endless series of glades that punctuated my walk, and I looked around. There were no other creatures anywhere and nothing for anywhere to come from. There were just trees, as far as the eye could see, and the grass.

I walked up to one of the trees and inspected it. It looked just like a regular pine tree; the bark was rough and ridged and there was nothing unusual about it.

I looked up the tree, to see if anything was concealed in its foliage, but the branches didn't start until about fifteen feet off the ground and I could see nothing up there.

I felt a sense of disappointment. Perhaps this was the true forest, and the others had been dreams, or places on the other side of a gate or gates that no longer existed. Perhaps the true forest was just that -- a lot of trees, somewhere where nothing special happened.

I turned away from the tree, feeling glum -- and then I caught sight of something out of the corner of my eye, disappearing behind the stout trunk of the tree.

I whipped around. There was nothing. I began to circle the tree slowly, feeling the excitement of another encounter, and I heard a faint, muffled giggle. The voice sounded oddly familiar. I quickly ran around the tree and thought I saw something disappearing off between two trees on the other side of the glade.

I ran over there but there was nothing. I heard a twig snap, about twenty feet away, and ran again, just in time to see what looked like a human form disappearing behind another tree. I quickly ran over and, as I got to the tree, doubled back, giving me just enough time to see a hand touching the bark, belonging to someone on the other side. I grabbed the hand by the wrist and there was a laugh, and a voice said 'You got me.'

I froze, the downy hairs on my arms standing on end, as the figure came out from behind the tree. Because the voice that had spoken was my own. And then I saw him. I say 'him'. It's hard for me to find the right words to use, because it was myself who stepped out from behind the tree.

He was me, but subtly different. I was wearing a blue t-shirt and white shorts, he was wearing a tan t-shirt and grey shorts. He had the faintest suggestion of a tan and he moved a little differently from me, more easily, more relaxed, walking from his hips, sauntering a little, whereas I tended to carry myself stiffly and move in an inhibited way. He was smiling at me. I was smiling at me -- the other me, that is. Not me. I was not smiling.

'Surprised?' he -- I -- said.

'Yes,' I said. The shock of encountering my double was making me tremble. There was something wrong, something uncanny about meeting yourself in the flesh, face to face. It's something that shouldn't happen in the universe.

'Why?' he said. 'This is the inevitable next step in your education, you know.'

'What are you?' I asked, dry-mouthed.

'I'm you, Sandy,' he said, looking at me as if I were stupid. 'I'm your nature. I'm what happens next.'

'Are you real?'

'As real as you are,' he said. 'Which maybe isn't saying much. You mean, am I some sort of metaphor?' He rolled his (my) eyes. 'Well, duh. Yes. Why? What did you think was going to happen?'

'I was wondering what would happen,' I said. He was standing in front of me, a little too close, smiling at me, and instinctively I backed away a little. 'I want this time for me to be in control.'

'You think you're ready for that?' said the other me, tilting his head on one side and looking at me with amused contempt. 'Goodness. What a big boy you are.'

'I'm ready,' I said.

'What is it that you think you're ready for?' said the other me, walking slowly towards me. His bare arms and legs and smiling face were like what I hoped I looked like -- I felt pale and weedy compared to him, but in every other respect we were identical, the same build, the same slightly narrow shoulders and hips.

'If you're me,' I said, feeling young and stupid, 'then you must know already.'

'Of course I know,' said the other me. 'I know that when you were with A'nef, you wanted to fuck him. I know that all you really want is to be with a girl. I know you think you know what to do with yourself. I know you think you know what you need, but believe me, kiddo, you know nothing.'

'I'm ready,' I said defiantly, forcing myself to look in my own smiling face.

'You're really ready?' said the other me, and stopped walking.

Still holding my gaze, he kicked off his trainers, pulled his t-shirt off his head in one motion, opened his shorts and slid them and his tight briefs down over his hips, stripping himself naked as smoothly and easily as if he were peeling a banana. His body was mine -- slim, smooth, although he had a faintly golden skin colour, except for a paler area around his hips. His cock was swollen and dangling between his legs. My other body posed for me, and then turned his back and pushed his tight round ass at me, smiling flirtily over my shoulder at me. I gulped.

'You think you're ready for this?' he said. 'Isn't this what you really want? To fuck my ass? To hold me down and bugger me until I'm screaming for mercy? To turn me into your wriggling little naked bitch? That's what you think you're ready for, isn't it?'

I could not take my eyes off the tight, beautiful buttocks that he was presenting me with. Yes, it was all true. That's what I wanted most of all. To take, like I had been taken.

'Oh god, yes,' I whispered.

The other me turned, smiling at me, and walked up to me, and slapped my face so hard that I saw stars.

'Aaahhh!' I gasped in shock and pain, and stared into my insolently smiling face.

'The only way to settle this,' said the other me, 'is with a contest. You really want to fight your nature?'

'What was that for?' I asked, feeling my eyes prick with the humiliation of being slapped by myself.

'Nature,' said the other me, 'is always one step ahead,' and with one movement he pulled my t-shirt up over my head, trapping my arms and blinding me, and he gave me a sharp punch in the stomach.

I gasped and fell over, winded. Immediately, I felt my naked body sitting on my legs and tearing off my trainers and socks. I struggled, gasping for breath, wriggling out of my t-shirt. He made to grab me but we were both equally strong physically, and I managed to shake him off.

I got up, throwing my t-shirt aside. He was naked, I was still in shorts and briefs. I had the advantage. All I had to do was trap him and I could hold him down and have my way with him. But he had landed the first two blows and I had done nothing. My stomach ached and my face still stung, burning red with humiliation.

I was determined to win, to prove to my nature that I, and not he, was the boss. It helped that I found his body so beautiful that I knew that I would stop at nothing to take my pleasure with him.

We circled each other, me breathing heavily, he grinning ferociously. We had locked gazes and I knew, from the look in his eyes, that this was not a contest that was going to end in any kind of delicious surrender and loving embrace, such as had happened with A'nef. This was a fight for dominance, and it would end in a rape. I knew I had to win. Anything less would be too shameful and bitter to contemplate. I knew I had to force him down and take him against his will, and teach my nature that I was the one in control. And I still had the edge -- I was still clothed. The other me was naked.

We circled closer, and then we flew at each other and locked hands, struggling. He was looking at me with that contemptuous grin, sneering at me. 'You think you can win?' he said. 'You think you can win, boy?'

'Of course I can win,' I gasped. 'You're nothing but a part of me. I'm the real me.'

'You're pathetic,' he grated, and we strained against each other, the muscles in our arms bulging, before he pushed hard with his right arm, shoving my left fist into the side of my head.

I yelped with pain and we overbalanced, he landing on top of me. My vision blurred slightly and my head was throbbing. His naked body on top of mine squirmed until he was sitting astride my stomach and he reached behind me and fumbled with my shorts, opening them.

'NO!' I cried and I lifted myself off the ground with my legs. He swayed, and then kicked me in the sides of my head with his feet. I gave a cry of pain and felt my legs weakening. He turned over, and then I fell to the ground again and he was kneeling astride my head.

I thrashed my legs. He squeezed my head with his bare knees and leaned on me, his cock on my chest, and I could feel him ripping open my shorts and sliding them off me. I put my hands under his armpits and hurled him aside. He landed on the ground and rolled, but I was rolling too and I stood up, dazed, shaking my head to clear it. He was standing, grinning, holding my shorts in one hand.

'One down,' he said. Now I was in just my briefs. I knew I had to take charge. I ran at him and thudded my fists into his chest. He grunted with pain and surprise and fell over. I landed on him, and this time I was the one who managed to sit astride his chest. He stared up at me, his face red, and gasped as I moved back, holding his wrists down, and got myself between his bare legs, pinning him to the grass. I felt a trickle of blood dripping down my face and I looked down at him, parting his legs with my own.

'I'm going to destroy you,' I grated. He looked back at me and licked his lips.

'I dare you,' he sneered. I was lying between his legs, holding him down by the wrists, and I managed to get my thighs under him, pushing his legs up and exposing his most vulnerable place. My cock was stiff. I was ready to take him. All I had to do was get my cock out of my briefs, but to do that I would have to let go of one of his wrists.

The delay, in which I briefly wondered what to do, was fatal. He suddenly clamped his strong legs around my neck and squeezed. My air supply was cut off, and I let go of his wrists, making stifled gasps, trying to part his legs. He reached up, grabbed my own wrists and pulled me down, pushing my face into his groin. My face was buried in his crotch and I went 'MMMMMMFFFF!'

He rolled over, trapping my head in his crotch, his cock pushed into my face, his naked buttocks sitting on my collarbone. I thrashed and squirmed impotently. He pushed his thumbs into my eye sockets and pressed down. It hurt terribly and I gave a muffled scream of 'MMMMMMMMNNNNN!'

He leaned back, thrusting my hips down on the ground, and then flipped over and trapped my head once again between his thighs, sitting on my face. My face was engulfed by his damp, sweaty crotch and buttocks and I screamed with impotent rage, 'MMMMMFFF! MMMFFF!!!'

And now, to my horror, I could feel his hands reaching unhurriedly down to my tight white briefs, and him ever so slowly sliding them off me, sadistically stripping me naked, taking away the last of my covering, exposing my cock and balls, as his thighs gripped my head, squeezing. He lifted his ass off my face and I screamed 'Oh GOD! Oh NO! PLEASE!'

'What's the matter?' he said in a somewhat breathless voice, and he punched me in the ribs. 'AAAAUUHH!' I yelped. 'NO!' I felt the seat of my briefs sliding down over my buttocks and then they were off me, and he had done it, he'd got me naked. I reached up with my hands and scratched his torso. He gave a cry of pain and punched me in the ribs again, hard, then again. My briefs were pulled off my legs and then they had gone, and he began to punch my ribcage and legs. He had stripped me, and now he was slowly and methodically beating me up.

'UNH!' I cried as he landed another punch, and my body was aching with the assault he was inflicting on me. 'AAunnH! Oh god, stop, please! AAAUUNH!'

'You know how this ends,' he sneered. 'Don't kid yourself.'

'Please stop,' I gasped, 'ohh god...' I grabbed his legs and tried to lift him off me, and he grabbed my penis and started to pull on it. With his other hand, he reached between my legs and pushed his fingers up between my naked buttocks, touching my most intimate place, my anus. 'Oh god no PLEASE!' I squealed, 'DON'T do that! Don't touch me there! Oh PLEASE no!'

He rapidly and efficiently jerked me off, his slim but strong naked body pressing me down, and he pushed his genitals into my face to stifle me. 'MMFF!' I howled, uselessly. 'MMMNNFFFFFFF!' His fist on my cock had got me stiff despite myself, and I couldn't help it, his fingers working at my tender asshole were also having their effect, and to my outrage and horror I could feel it rising inside me as he forcibly masturbated me.

'Are you gonna cum, little boy?' he said, sounding delighted. 'Are you gonna cum? Really?' He lifted his crotch off my face to hear my protests once more. I was naked beneath him, squirming uselessly, unable to stop myself from being aroused.

'OH PLEASE NO!' I squealed. 'Ahhh...NO! NO! Oh FUUUCK! Oh my GOD!'

I felt it happening, his fist pistoning on my cock made the heat rise in my groin and my body flushed as I came underneath him, the warm sticky semen pumping out of me and splashing on my belly and flowing down over his hand.

'Oh GOD!' I moaned as I felt myself cum, feeling the unbearable shame of having been defeated and made to ejaculate, and then he was rubbing my warm cum over my chest and he got off me, leaving me panting on the ground, and he wiped my cum in my eyes and rolled me over. I had enough fight left to get up on all fours and start to scramble away, but he immediately got astride my hips and locked his legs around my thighs, and I crashed face down on my belly in the grass. I lay there, winded, and I turned my head and saw him walk over to his clothes and put them back on. He would be dressed for the final part. That was the ultimate humiliation. He came back, and knelt down on my legs.

'Now,' he said, 'take your fucking punishment, boy.'

My body was aching all over and I writhed to get out from under him, but he grabbed me around the waist.

'NO!' I screamed. 'Pleeeease! Please don't rape me!'

'Shut the fuck up,' he said, and I heard him spit and felt his saliva being rubbed over my asshole. 'OH GOD!' I screamed.

His left arm was around my hips and his right hand directed his cock between my buttocks, and he leaned in.


It was too late. He roughly shoved his cock hard into the tight star of my anal muscle and I felt it ripping me open. 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUNNHHHHHH!' I screamed. 'AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! AAAAAAAHHHHH!' His thick pole of muscle slid up inside my anus, and that was it. I had lost. He had won. He was raping me.

'OHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDD!' I screamed. 'NOOOOO!' He pushed himself deep inside me and settled into a steady rhythm, deep and hard and not gentle at all, pumping into me, utterly dominating me, using me.

'UUUUNNNHHHHH!' I squealed in a voice barely human, an animal shriek of pain and humiliation. I sprawled naked, face down in the grass as he sodomised me, and he leaned over me and clamped one arm around my neck and hissed into my ear 'How does it feel? Huh? How does it feel to lose to your nature? This is what you are, slut. This is what you are ready for. Take me!'

I was weeping helplessly, tears and snot falling down my bruised face, and I had no fight left in me. I just submitted to it, lying limp and beaten and naked beneath him while he viciously buggered me.

And even while I wept with defeat, to my horror I could also feel the vengeful satisfaction of his victory over me. I could feel something of the pleasure he was taking in looking down at my defeated, naked body as he raped me up my arse, and I could feel an echo of the visceral delight he took in having his cock up my rear end, my tight pale buttocks pierced by his shaft, my slim boy's body shuddering as he ruthlessly violated me. This faint sense of how much he was enjoying raping me made me whimper with humiliation.

'OOOOH!' I moaned. 'Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! Oh god! Oh god, I can feel you in me! I can feel you!'

'Tell me what you're feeling,' he said.

'You're...you're fucking me,' I sobbed. 'I can feel your cock up my bum. Oh god, you're butt-fucking me...you fought me and won, and you stripped me and beat me and now you're butt-fucking me...oh god...'

'Do you think I'm enjoying it?' came my voice.

'Yes,' I moaned. 'Ooooh...oh Jesus, it feels like you're splitting me...you're riding me, your cock is in my ass and...oh my god...you're...you're sodomising me...'

'And you didn't give your consent, did you?' said my voice in my ear, mocking me.

'Noooo,' I whimpered, 'ohhhh, ohhh, ohh fuck, you are raping me, you are raping my asshole and there's nothing I can do, nothing I can do, I am helpless, you're gonna cum inside me and you are using me like your bitch and I am naked before you and there's nothing I can do...oh pleeease, no...no...no...oh god...'

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