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Thank you for reading my tale 'The Woodsman'. I am blessed with an incredible editor ShyGirlWhore on Literotica. With her skills I am able to present this chapter of 'The Woodsman' in a readable form. As always, please rate and comments are always appreciated. There is some sex between adults over 18 in this chapter. Enjoy.


Arlene woke up to the sound of wind whispering through the pine trees outside her south facing window. There was the morning light coming through the open curtains but no sun to blind her. She was in the softest bed she could remember and couldn't help but snuggle into the down filled comforter. She was wearing a set of pajamas, a matching top and bottom. She briefly wondered who had undressed her.

She recollected the previous day. She had been awakened early and told to pack her few belongings. She was only told that she wasn't coming back to the clinic, nothing else. With trepidation she obeyed. She mistakenly thought that her servitude was about to begin so she was very nervous. She and her few belongings were loaded into some type of jeep thing and then driven to a waiting gulfstream jet sitting on an airstrip in the middle of the jungle.

After takeoff she was given a light breakfast and told to rest because it would be a long flight. Arlene ran several scenarios through her mind as to her future. Who would want a 35 year old whore from Vermont? Would she be just another cheap whore or worse in some third world country? A sexual plaything for some Far East prince? A call girl for the rich? No one would tell her anything until she was met at her destination.

This man Robert McCoy then told her he was her benefactor but he didn't have any of the trappings of wealth. No limos. No mansion in the city. His home, although large, seemed to be in the middle of a forest with only a small town nearby.

When she entered Rob's home she had encountered her daughter Vivian and that was when her world went black.

Arlene could hear a man and woman's voice coming from somewhere outside her open window but she couldn't understand the conversation. She assumed that it was her daughter and the man Rob she had met yesterday. Suddenly she heard the sounds of an ax chopping wood. Curiosity made her leave her comfortable bed and it was then that she noticed her surroundings. She was in a large bedroom. There was a dresser with a mirror a few chairs and not much else. She opened a closet door and saw it had women's clothes in it. The dresser was filled with women's lingerie and nightwear. On top of the dresser was the normal assortment of women's makeup and perfume. This could be any woman's room but something was wrong. The clothes all looked new. Arlene even saw some price tags. She spied the door to the ensuite bathroom and realised that she needed to pee really bad so she took care of her needs. While sitting on the toilet she noticed the tooth brush, mouth wash and soap dispenser, all were new or unused. Were all of these things for her? Was this to be her room?

Vivian and Rob were conversing in hushed tones near his woodpile.

"Robbie isn't my mom pretty? I forgot how pretty she was. I hope she likes all the clothes and things we bought for her. Will it be a problem if she stays here for a while? I know we haven't talked much about what will happen once she moves here with us but I think it's time, don't you?"

Rob felt a bit overwhelmed by how his life had changed in the last six months and that he had two women living with him now. One was his young lover and the other was her equally beautiful mother. He never in his most wild imaginings had thought that things would come to this. The fact that he at forty five was bedding this young teen girl while her mother was also living with him.

He had seen pictures of Arlene but he wasn't prepared for the real thing. The three months in the rehab clinic had worked wonders for her. She was literally the older version of her daughter. If he was truly being honest, she looked like an older sister now. Her body although more mature than Viv's was equally spectacular. When he had carried Arlene to her bedroom the night before they had stripped her then dressed her in her pajamas. He couldn't help but notice how her body so closely mimicked his Viv. Actually it was the other way around. Arlene had the same shape and hair color. Even her breasts looked the same although a bit larger he was sure. With Vivian helping they had stripped Arlene to just her panties and then dressed her in the two piece pajamas. Lovingly Vivian then covered her unconscious mother and kissed her forehead. They quietly left the bedroom and went to bed themselves.

Vivian seemed unnaturally quiet as they lay next to each other. As sleep came Vivian whispered, "Thank you Robbie."

Rob wanted to keep Vivian as happy as possible but if he was being honest with himself, he still wasn't entirely comfortable bedding the teen. He still felt like a dirty pervert sometimes. After all he was almost thirty years older than she was. He had to admit that the wildly energetic sexual creature that was his Vivian Peterson, now McCoy, had done wonders for him. His libedo made him feel like he was twenty again. The pleasure of teaching her everything he knew about sex gave his ego a boost every time she screamed in orgasm by his ministrations. But with the age difference Rob was still somehow unsure of her love for him. How could he get Vivian to understand?

He had decided almost six years before that he would never let himself be hurt as his ex wife had hurt him. Rob had known for years that Joyce would occasionally have a brief affair and although he hated it he knew that almost everyone they knew had those dalliances. The social circle that they were familiar with looked at monogamy as old fashion and Victorian. Rob had been so into making his empire bigger that for awhile he lost touch with his wife. They each lived in their own separate world and by the time he decided to do something about his marriage it was too late. Joyce had gotten friendly with a circle of people that were nothing more than leeches. Their parties, always financed by her unlimited budget, were nothing more than drug infused orgies fueled by his wife's riches. The parties lasted sometimes for days. Finally the last report he received had broken his will to continue his marriage. He contacted his attorney and the rest was history.

Rob sat on a log and was deep in thought about his past when Vivian's last comment interrupted.

"Yes Viv she is very pretty. Now I understand why you are so beautiful. You are her daughter. I couldn't expect otherwise, but..."

"But what Robbie. What are you thinking?" Vivian looked concerned.

"Viv, I don't know if we have thought this through. What will your mom think when she finds out that we are intimate? What if she objects to someone my age being with someone your age? What happens if she catches us in bed? Also your mother is a fairly young woman. What will we do if she gets horny? I don't want a threesome with you two. I'm not built that way."

"I love you Vivian, but you are just beginning your adult life. We can never be man and wife. You have college to prepare for. You have to find a man more your age to start a family with. Your old life left you very needy for a father figure. Someone to give advice and guidance. I'm so sorry that you had to deal with your teen years without a father but you are incredibly strong. I love that about you. When you have a challenge to face you take on that challenge like a Pit Bull with a bone. That is why you were able to survive in the wild for two years and came to me as the strong independent woman that you are. I love that about you."

"What we share in our bedroom is beautiful too. The experience with you has helped me once again to desire, trust and appreciate another woman. You have given an old recluse the will to be interested in a relationship again if I can find someone closer to my age. You have literally given me my life back. For that I thank you, Viv."

Vivian looked at the man that she loved so much and a tear ran down her face. What he had said was the truth she knew. Rob was the misplaced father that she had lost over six years before. He had taken her into his home and, well without reservation, he just loved her. The sex education had been an incredible bonus but to be honest, the sex would not have happened without her forcing the issue. Rob would never have forced her like the old trapper. The two years alone during her trek had given her the confidence to attack the issue of her sexual naivete' as she had. She would be incredibly grateful for their time together. The things that her Robbie had taught her about her body made her panties wet every time she thought about their nights together. But Vivian knew what her Robbie had just said was the truth.

Suddenly Vivian had an epiphany. The answer was upstairs in the bedroom, maybe...

Arlene had been watching the interaction from her window between her daughter and Rob. They were too far away to hear every word but she knew that a serious conversation was taking place. She studied her benefactor and how he interacted with Vivian. They seemed close, almost intimate. Was that possible? Were they in fact intimate? Arlene knew that Vivian had been a virgin two years ago at sixteen but what had happened to her in the ensuing years?

She thought that the man Rob was older than her thirty five almost thirty six years. She estimated possibly approaching forty. That would mean that Vivian was younger, by almost twenty five years, than Rob must be. Not a huge difference in today's world but not very common. She appraised his body momentarily. He was definitely a hunk. His shoulders looked powerful and his waist slim. His face was handsome, tanned and clean shaven.

In any case the fact that her daughter was here now and seemingly safe was enough for now. She knew that their story would come out eventually.

Arlene looked for her clothes from yesterday. Not finding them she looked through the clothes in the room. The sizes were close enough to her size six so she would just borrow an outfit.

She knew that with all the good food, spa treatments and exercise of the last three months she had gained a bit of weight but she felt okay with herself and how she looked now. Her large breasts were starting to sag a bit though. They were no longer the perky little C-cups of her youth. She dug through the intimates drawer and picked a matching bra and panties set. She thought that she could be a D cup now. The bras she found, all of them 38D, fit her perfectly. Then, not wishing to wear a skirt, she found a pair of denim jeans and a short sleeved top. Her stomach had developed a midlife pouch before she had entered the clinic but was now flat. Her hips were gently rounded and her butt was firm. Further digging in the closet produced a new pair of trainers. She brushed her fire red hair before putting it in a ponytail then leaving the makeup for another day she left her room.

Leaving her bedroom, Arlene slowly walked to the steps in awe. Last night she thought that the home was big but in the morning light she saw it was huge. The other bedrooms on her floor all seemed large and homey. The hardwood floor was immaculate. At one time Arlene was a very meticulous housekeeper. Her deceased husband expected to always come home to a clean home and loving wife and she had always delivered. This home was immaculate. Everywhere she looked was dust free and sparkling. As she descended the stairs she was in awe with the huge fireplace and great room.

She wandered into the kitchen area and saw through the sliding door her Vivian still in conversation with Rob. 'She was a very beautiful woman now,' Arlene thought.

Arlene smelled coffee and poured a cup for herself. She dearly wished to reconnect with her daughter but suddenly felt out of place and hesitant. 'Did Vivian still love me, her own blood? Had her past, her whoring days, driven a wedge between herself and her daughter?' It was time to find out. She finished her coffee and stepped through the door.

Vivian and Rob had been casually discussing Arlene as she observed them from the kitchen.

"Robbie is it okay if my mom stays with us until she finds herself? I know she never worked before she was moved from our farm. Honestly I think the bank job was just a cover for her being a prostitute. I don't believe that that Dan Jones ever had any other plans for my mom other than just whoring her out." Vivian mused.

"I agree Viv. He had a very profitable business with your mom and all the other prostitutes that he had gathered. But in her case she could have survived without the money from Dan. In any case, yes she can stay. I don't know what her plans are or if she has any plans at all. Before we decide, let her acclimate for a while to life here. I want you to reconnect with your mother first. After all, other than the three words you spoke to each other last night, you haven't had any contact with each other in over two years. Reconnect first, tell her your story, listen to hers, then we will plan. Together." Rob finished. He noticed the door slide open as he finished with Vivian.

Arlene stepped into the morning light cautiously. She had no idea what type of reception to expect. She shouldn't have worried.

When Vivian saw her mother she squealed in joy then jumped to her feet and ran to her, almost knocking her down as she grabbed and hugged her long lost parent.

"Mom you're here finally. You are really here. God I missed you mummy." Vivian held her mother tightly as if the moment was an illusion she didn't want to end. Both women had tears of joy running down their cheeks.

"Baby oh my sweet baby I missed you too, so much." Arlene whispered into her daughter's ear.

Rob was sitting uncomfortably on one of the short logs where Vivian and he had been conversing watching the undeniable love between the woman that he loved and her mother. The two seemed unaware of him as he observed the meeting. He knew that everything would be alright then. Vivian had her mother back. Her old mother. Arlene was free of the drugs and lifestyle of her wayward days. Rob would make sure that the past was exactly that, in the past.

The two women had not moved in several minutes. Rob felt like it was a good idea to move the scene into the house. He stood up and cleared his throat.

"Excuse me ladies but I am going into the house and start breakfast. Then I think it would be a good idea for me to disappear for a while, so you two can talk. Alone. Viv? Arlene?"

Both women looked at the man that had been their savior. Vivian responded first.

"Yes of course Robbie. But I will do the honors if you don't mind. I will never be able to repay you, you know. You gave me my mom back from the hell that her life had become. You made sure that she was clean and healthy before you did that so you probably saved her life too."

Arlene spoke for the first time. "She's right you know. I was in a personal hell when you rescued me. I was selfishly living for the next fix from the drugs, the next man or woman that was paying to have sex with me. I still don't know why you chose to save me like you did but I will thank you every day for the rest of my life."

Rob looked red faced and embarrassed. "Ladies I believe we all have gained something. But if I don't eat soon I think I might die of starvation."

The two women laughed heartily as they hurried into the kitchen to prepare the meal.

Two months later


Rob let her almost finish her orgasm before he quickly scooted up so he could insert his steel hard rod into Vivian's well lubed cunny for the second time that morning. Vivian grunted at the intrusion and pushed onto the shaft that she loved so much. She immediately orgasmed again.

"That's it Robbie stick that dick in me. Cum in my pussy. Hit it baby, hit it! Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh. Fuck me baby fuck meeeeee!! Vivian's rapid fire orgasms had the desirable effect on her lover as Rob squirted his love juice into Vivian for the second time that morning.

Afterward the couple lay in contentment as Rob's dick slowly shrunk and slipped out of Vivian's well fucked pussy. He rolled over onto his back and sighed.

Vivian was first to speak. "Damn Robbie that was amazing. I love morning sex. You sure know how to show a girl a good time." she said.

"You're pretty amazing yourself Viv. The morning wake up blowjobs really get me in the mood," Rob said as Vivian sighed and cuddled on his shoulder contentedly.

"Robbie? Can I ask you for a favor? It's really important." Vivian said in her little girl voice.

"Viv you know that you can ask me for anything. If I am able, it's yours."

Vivian continued. "Well as you know I never graduated from high school. I have only a tenth grade education. I want to pull my weight around here sooooo, I was thinking. If I took my lessons online and got my GED diploma I could then qualify to go to college. I was thinking that since you have your hobby of beer making so well established. Maybe I could get a degree as a master brewer. I have been checking online and if it's okay with you I would like to study with some German brewmasters. In Germany," Vivian finished her well rehearsed sales pitch. The separation that Vivian sought would be heart rending to her but she couldn't know how it would affect her Robbie.

She knew that Rob was not comfortable having sex with her. That's not to say that he would ever say as much but she felt that Rob was pulling away from her emotionally. Vivian knew that her Robbie loved her but he was torn between loving the woman and having sex with the young girl. He had never been comfortable with their age difference and to make matters worse there was the elephant in the room. The elephant had a name. Arlene.

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I mistitled this chapter of Woodsman. It should have been Woodsman 4. You should first read Woodsman from the beginning to understand this chapter. I am so sorry for any confusion that I may have caused.more...

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