tagNovels and NovellasThe Woody Agency for Modeling Ch. 04

The Woody Agency for Modeling Ch. 04


Janna had been home for a long time before Mary arrived. It was almost 11:00 before she walked in the door, with Bobby who had a large box in his hands. Mary showed him where to put it down and introduced Janna.

“Janna, this is Bobby, he worked with me helping me with the clothes that I had to wear. Bobby, Janna, my room mate and lover.” The shook each other’s hands and exchanged pleasantries then Bobby went back through the door and into the night.

Janna stood and kissed Mary, “I missed you today, my love.”

“I missed you too, how did you assignment go today?”

Janna told her about the shoot and also told her about the meeting with Art. She told her how disgusting it was, but also a little exciting because it was so disgusting.

Mary told her about the shoot she was at today, and then said, “Damn, girl, I almost forgot.” She pulled the box over and opened it. “These are a fringe benefit I got.”

Janna couldn’t believe it, the box was full of new clothes, bikini’s different wonderful things. Mary pulled out the copper sequined bikini and said, “ I think this will look great on you.”

Janna pulled off her clothes and Mary helped her put on the bikini. “See, I told you that you would look fantastic.” She kissed her passionately and stepped back to look at her. “Janna, you are beautiful, I feel so lucky to have you.”

“I noticed that you told Bobby that we were lover’s, is that how you feel?”

“Yes, I do, don’t you?”

“I do, but I wasn’t sure you did, I love you Mary.”

“I love you too, Janna.” They room mates kissed again, then sat on the couch cuddling. “I want to take a shower, Janna and I know that you have to get up and going in the morning.”

Mary got up and went to the bathroom and stripped down and got in the shower. Janna looked through the box that Mary had brought home, trying on some of the outfits and when Mary stepped out of the shower, while she was drying, Janna said, “I’ve got a surprise for you too, and you didn’t notice when I was getting into the bikini.”

“What’s that, my love?”

Janna took off the shorts she had been trying on and put her hands on either side of her pussy. “This” Mary looked at the clean shaven pussy and giggled. “Very nice” She went to Janna and knelt down and kissed her lover’s lips. “It’s time to try this” she said as her tongue pushed between Janna’s pussy lips.

Janna’s looked down at her beautiful friend as she let her legs open for Mary to lick her pussy, she felt Mary’s tongue find her clit and she groaned as her friend ate her. Mary put her hands on the cheeks of Janna’s ass and held her close, letting her grind her pussy into her face. It only took 3 or 4 minutes and Janna legs got weak and she had an orgasm. Mary took her time and cleaned the lips of the liquid that Janna had released, then stood and they embraced and kissed.

“Want to go to bed, Mary?”

“Yes, please, I am so tired. It’s been a long day.”

“Me too, I just want to hold you, baby.”

They turned off the lights and crawled into bed together, and fell asleep in one anothers arms.

The alarms clock went off at 7:30 and Janna had to get up and go to the Lipton’s office. She was supposed to be working on the same shoot she did yesterday, but she was very tired. She took a quick shower, grabbed a pop tart and leaned down and kissed Mary as she told her she’d see her later. She went down and hailed a cab and looked out the window as she rode to the studio. She went in the door, said hello to the receptionist and told her she was there for another shoot. The receptionist nodded and Janna walked down to the makeup room.

She opened the door and she saw Bill. “Good morning, Bill. How are you this morning?”

“I’m okay, I guess, how’d it go with Art yesterday.”

“Disgusting, Bill, but I’ve got more work anyway.”

“Well, let’s get you ready for today. Same type of work as yesterday, Janna?”

“Yes, I think so Bill.”

“Then get your clothes off, baby, and let’s prepare you.”

Janna took off her tee, tennis shoes and her sweat pants, and sat down in the chair.

“Looks like you came ready to work, Janna.” He laughed because she hadn’t worn any under clothes.

He made up her face and upper body, then her legs and feet. “Spread your legs, baby, let me see how that shave is doing.” He ran his hand over her pussy and she thought that he had let his finger drag along her clit, but she didn’t say anything. “Yep, you’re okay. Smooth as a baby’s butt.”

She looked and it was almost 9:00 and she picked up a robe and went into the studio.

Jennifer was making sure the lighting was correct and Janna said hello to Jeremy on the way in. She sat in the couch neat the fireplace and Jennifer finally saw her and said, “Good morning, Janna. Great shots yesterday, I developed them and you look hot as hell.”

Janna smiled. “Thank you.”

“We’ve decided to start the pictures with the male model this morning, Art told us you had agreed to the shoot with him. He should be here in a minute or so. Is that okay with you?”

“Sure, it’s great.”

The door opened and a tall very well built man walked in. He was wearing a tee and jeans and sandals. He went over to Jennifer and kissed her, then he and Jennifer walked over to Janna. She introduced him as Jeff and he said, “I’m happy to be working with you today, Janna.”

“So am I, Jeff. I look forward to it.”

“Let’s get started.” Jennifer took reading of light near both of them then said, “Janna, I want you to start to undress Jeff, and when I tell you to stop, hold your pose. I want your eyes open in the pictures, letting the camera see how much you are enjoying the prospect of making love to your man.”

Janna began to kiss Jeff and the flash started to flood her, she helped him out of his shirt, she started to unbutton his jeans and then she unzipped them. The lights continued to flood her as she did, as she started to pull them over his hips Jennifer yelled “Hold it, I’ve got a problem with the camera. I’ll be right with you.”

Janna looked at Jeff, his body was fantastic, not any hair and very muscular. His abs were like the ones that everyone talks about getting in the commercials, they looked like an old time wash board. She asked, “How do you keep yourself in such good shape, Jeff?”

“Actually, when I’m not modeling, I am a personal trainer. How about you, Janna, you look great too.”

“I go to the gym on a regular basis. I just got into this and it’s sort of wicked.”

“I agree, there are some sick individuals in the business though, be carful.”

Janna knew he was right, Art was one of them.

“Okay, I’m ready. Go ahead Janna, you’re doing fine.”

Janna resumed what she was doing and started to pull Jeff’s jeans down.

“Go to your knees as you take his pants off Janna.”

Janna slowly went to her knees as she pulled Jeff’s jeans down, exposing his blue boxer shorts.

“Now nuzzle and kiss him Janna.”

Janna nuzzled her nose into his crotch and as she did she knew why he was the model. He must be hung as hell. She kissed the material of his boxers and she looked toward the camera.

“That’s it Janna, let the camera watch you. Now pull his boxer’s down.”

Janna pulled Jeff’s boxers down and kept her eyes on the area where she knew she would see his cock come into view. She saw him emerge, limp and hanging down. His cock must have been 8 or 9 inches soft, and his balls were a match for it, and his ball were shaven clean. He smelled very clean and she couldn’t take her eyes off him.

“Now, Janna, I want you to put your arms around his leg and I want his cock hanging next to your face and look at the camera.”

Janna put hugged Jeff’s leg and moved close to him letting his cock touch her face and she looked at the camera and smiled. The lights went off a few times and she moved closer allowing his balls to brush her cheek. The camera continued to take pictures.

“Janna kiss his cock and take your time, look at the camera and let’s see the love you have for your man.”

Janna puckered her lips and kissed Jeff’s cock. The light went off and she kissed it again, making sure that she was looking directly into the camera lens as she did. Her hands were on his thighs as she posed for the pictures, and after she had kissed the shaft she planted her next kiss squarely on the head of his cock, her eyes wide open, looking longingly into the camera.

“Lift his cock and kiss and lick his balls Janna.”

Janna did as she was asked, she lifted Jeff’s cock, for the first time feeling the weight of it and she licked the sack that housed his balls, her eyes always on the camera. She planted a kiss on the loose hanging lumps in his sack.

“Take the balls in your mouth Janna, let’s see you enjoy them girl.”

As she held his cock up so the camera could pick up the action, she opened her mouth and sucked on of his balls into it. Her cheeks were puffed out as the camera lights flashed around her. She felt her pussy begin to moisten as she ministered to Jeff’s balls.

Jeff said, “If she keep this up, I’m going to get hard, Jennifer.”

“That’s okay, Jeff, we’ll just get the other shots then.”

Janna ran her tongue over Jeff’s ball, then released it and took the other one in her mouth, eventually stuffing both of them and making her cheeks stretch to accommodate them.

“Hold it that way Janna and look into the camera. That’s a great shot.”

The camera flashed and Janna looked into the lens, wide eyes, her mouth full of Jeff’s balls.

“Let’s take a quick break, Janna have Bill fix your lipstick and be back her in about 10.”

Janna grudgingly let Jeff’s balls from her mouth. “Damn, Janna, I’m going to enjoy the rest of this, your mouth is very talented.”

Jeff went over to talk with Jennifer and Janna went into the makeup to see Bill.

“Need lipstick?” Bill laughed.

“Yeeesss, I do.” Janna laughed with him.

“Jeff is quite a man isn’t he, Janna.”

“He sure is, Bill, but I’ve realized that it really doesn’t matter about the size.”

“A girl after my own heart. I would love to sleep with you then.”

“Maybe you will, Bill, well maybe not sleep, but at least we could have sex.” She giggled, and sat down in the chair to let him apply fresh lipstick.

Bill used tissues to dry the saliva around Janna mouth and then applied fresh fiery red lipstick to her lips. He then put a dark liner around the outside accentuating her lips even more. Finally a coating that he knew would transfer onto Jeff’s cock.

“Now don’t kiss anything before you kiss Jeff’s cock again. Jennifer loves the effect that this does.”

Janna thanked him and walked back into the studio.

“I see he put on the lipstick I needed. Janna, take you place again and I want you to hold Jeff’s cock and press your lips hard against it, then look at me, and smile. The lip print on his cock will be terrific.”

Janna resumed her position at Jeff’s feet. She took his cock in her hand and pushed her lips to it, the flash of the lights flooding her body. She stopped and pulled back to look at it. Her lip prints could be seen perfectly on his cock, she smiled and looked into the lens of the camera. Lights again flooded the set and he pussy started to get wet again.

“Okay, Janna, put the head of his cock on your tongue and remember to look into the camera.”

Janna stuck out her tongue and let Jeff’s cock rest on it. She looked towards the camera as Jennifer continued to shoot.

“Start to take him into your mouth.”

Janna let her lips open as she let the head of his cock slide over her tongue and begin to enter her mouth.

“Hold it, a sec, Janna”

She only had the beginning of the head in her mouth and she wanted to feel his cock stretch her lips open, but she waited for the camera.

“Take him into your mouth now.”

Janna moved her head forward, allowing the soft cock to enter her mouth, and she looked at the camera. Her mouth had stretched wide to let his limp cock into it, she wondered what it would be like to have his cock in her mouth when it was hard. As she looked at the camera, she ran her tongue over the head of Jeff’s cock, and she felt him shudder.

“Jennifer, this won’t work, if Janna keeps this up.”

Janna looked at him and mumbled around his cock, “What?”

“You know what you little vixen. If you get me hard, you’ll have to blow me. Maybe they want that on camera now. Do you, Jennifer?”

“If you need to we can shoot that now.”

“Then suck me off, sweetness. I will warn you though, I cum quite a bit.”

“Remember, Jeff, we want to catch it on camera. When he tells you he has to cum, Janna, look at me and leave your tongue out and your mouth wide open.”

Not necessarily the way Janna would have preferred it, but okay.

“Just one thing when he gets hard, make sure you deep throat him. I want to catch it as you take the whole thing into your mouth.”

Janna reached up and fondled Jeff’s balls as she started to suck him on her own. The light still flashed but she didn’t care, she wanted to taste this man’s sperm and she started doing it for herself rather that the camera.

She began giving him a blowjob, thinking of the taste of him exploding on her taste buds. His cock began to grow in her mouth and it didn’t leave her tongue much room to lick at his meat as she sucked him. She kept moving her eyes toward the camera as she sucked Jeff’s cock allowing Jennifer to get good pictures of her mouth filled with his massive cock.

“That’s good, Janna, suck that cock, baby. Are you ready to take it all?”

She looked up at him and nodded her head. He was looking her in the eyes as she performed fellatio.

“Get ready Jennifer, she’s ready.”

Janna slowly moved her mouth along Jeff’s cock the camera clicking as more and more of it entered her lips. She kept her eyes wide open as it hit her throat and began to slide down. She already felt so stuffed her pussy was pouring it’s juices and then she pushed a little more and fighting the urge to gag, her nose came to rest in his pubic hair and his shaved balls slapped her chin. Her eyes glanced over to look at the camera, then pulled away and started again trying to make him cum. After 2 or 3 minutes, he told her “I’m going to cum, get ready.”

Janna pulled back and sat on her legs with her mouth open and her tongue out. She looked at the camera as she waited. Jeff was stroking his cock and he reached down and positioned her head as the first shot of sperm hit the opening to her throat. The second also hit her mouth, the third shot over her mouth and streaked from her hair over her nose and finished on her chin. She swallowed to clear her mouth and as she did, the fourth and fifth squirted onto her face, covering her mouth and cheeks. Jeff held his cock and trembled and then he put it to Janna’s mouth and she opened and let him push it in. She sucked on him until he began to go soft, enjoying the flavor of his cock. He pulled out of her mouth and pushed his cum around with his cock, then putting it back in her mouth and she cleaned it again.

“Look at me, Janna”

Janna looked at the camera and smiled as the lights flashed, catching on film her smiling face covered with cum. Jennifer took a few shot more and then Jeremy handed her a towel. She cleaned the cum from her face and thanked him.

“Go ahead and take a break. We’ll go again after lunch. Be back at 1:30 ready to go. Janna, Jeff make sure you are made up.”

“That was great, Janna, see you after lunch.”

Janna walked into the make up room and she saw Bill. “Messed up my make up didn’t you?”

“I’m sorry, Bill.” She threw the towel she had used to wipe up in the laundry bin next to the exam table. She sat down on the couch, her legs under here like an Indian.

“That’s okay, Janna, not like it hasn’t happened before.” He stared at her spread legs as she sat there. He’d seen many girls go through here before, but this Nubian princess was a true beauty, and he’d love to have sex with her.

Janna looked at the clock and saw it was 11:00 and she had a couple of hours before she had to be back on the set. She decided to go to lunch.

“Bill what are you doing for lunch?”

“I was planning on staying here, I brought a sandwich with me today. Why?”

“I thought you might like to go with me, or don’t you like to be seen with whores?”

“Janna, I’d be proud to have lunch with you, and you’re not at whore. You’re a beautiful young woman.”

“Thank you, I have to wash my face and do you have a toothbrush I could use? I need to get the taste of cum out of my mouth” she laughed.

“We have some new ones right over here, Janna.” He walked over to a cabinet and picked up a boxed toothbrush and handed her some toothpaste.

“Thank you. I’ll be ready in a minute.”

Bill watched as she walked to the bathroom and left it open as she brushed her teeth then she sat down and pissed, wiped herself and washed her hands. She came back and put on her sweat pants, tennis shoes and tee and said, “You ready honey?”

Bill nodded and she grabbed his arm and they went out. “Where can we go? I don’t know anything about this area.”

Bill suggested they go to a nearby restaurant and they walked down the street with Janna holding tightly to his arm.

Mary had stayed in bed until after 10:00 and when she got up she read the paper, made herself some coffee and heated a piece of bread for toast. She realized that she could still smell Janna because she hadn’t washed her face after making love to her friend. She inhaled deeply enjoying the scent of her lover. She picked up the phone and called the Agency.

“The Woody Agency for Modeling”

“Hello Sandy, this is Mary. How are you today?”

“Doing great, Mary, how about you?”

“I’m doing fantastic, thank you. Can I speak to Gerald, please.”

“Hold on, let’s see.”

Mary waited while Sandy checked on her boss. “He’s with someone right now and asked if he could call you back?”

“That would be great, I’ll see you later, Sandy.”

“Bye, Mary”

After she hung up the phone, she decided to take a bath. She had been so busy lately, a nice bath would be refreshing. She went in and tested the water and filled the tub, putting enough Vanilla bubble bath into it to make sure she had plenty of bubbles. She stood remove her night shirt and readied herself to get in the tub. She had just stepped into the hot water when the phone rang. She jumped back up and ran to the phone.


“Mary, how are you this morning? How did the job go yesterday?”

“It went great Gerald, but I’m standing her soaking wet, I had just got in the tub when you rang.”

“Go ahead and get back in the tub, why don’t you come by the office when you finish. I’d love to see you and I may have another job for you.”

“Okay, I’ll see you in about an hour.”

“Sounds great, maybe we can have lunch.”

“Yeah, that would be great. I’ll see you in a little bit.”

Mary put the phone back down and got back in the water. She soaked for twenty minutes or so, then got out, dried off and fixed her hair. She put on a very thin short skirt she got from the shoot, and a matching top. She didn’t wear a bra and she slipped on a pair of medium heels and went down to the street and grabbed a cab.

“Hello, Mary, you look great today.” Sandy was on the phone when she entered the offices and waved her hand, “He’s waiting for you. Go on ahead.”

She walked into Gerald’s office without even knocking. Roger and he were talking and when Mary appeared they looked up and Roger said, “Nice to see you again, Mary. It’s been a couple of days, and I’ve missed you.”

Mary kissed Roger on the cheek and told him “You’re so sweet.” She leaned over and kissed Gerald and as she did, his hand caressed her butt.

“That’s not fair, I get a kiss on the cheek and Gerald fondles your ass.”

Mary laughed and walked back to him. “You want to feel my ass, too?” She kissed him on the lips and his hands wandered over her butt.

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