tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Work Trip Pt. 02: The Next Day

The Work Trip Pt. 02: The Next Day


I woke up in the kind of fog that can only be experienced when waking up in a strange place after a night of heavy drinking. For a moment I wasn't sure where I was or what I was doing there. I heard some tinkling sounds from the kitchen of someone moving dishes around and running the water.

I blinked, looked around, and things started coming together. I was in the living room, on the pullout couch, in the airbnb. And it seemed I was naked, with only the thin topsheet on the bed draped over my morning wood. Evidently I also hadn't been quite clear on where I was when I got in bed.

Of course, with that knowledge came the memories of last night. The drinks, the strip club. Myself, fully naked in front of six women (including the stripper, who was of course also naked), getting a blowjob, erupting in cum as they all watched.

Jesus. Not where I thought this trip would go. But the thoughts of it turned a normal morning erection into something much more urgent.

I resolved that I needed to take care of this. I had very little hope of it going down on its own. So I was going to bite the bullet and jerk off in the shower. I just needed to find some clothes first.

But then Frida came in, wearing a light pink tank top -- which contained her boobs even worse than last night's dress -- and yoga pants. She was carrying a cup of coffee and a small plate of eggs.

She looked at me and I could see what she saw -- the thin white sheet came up to mid-stomach, pitched in an unmistakable and unignorable tent further down. I tried to prop a knee up to hide it, but the sheet was too thin -- my hard-on still proudly poked up through the sheet.

Frida hesitated a moment, as if considering whether to go someplace else. But we both knew there was nowhere else to go, so she sat down on the other couch.

"Morning," she said, with a smirk.

"Morning," I said. I wasn't sure whether to apologize for the scene I was displaying or simply to ignore it. I opted for the latter, even though it was clear she had noticed.

"You always wake up that way?" She nodded to the tent in the sheets. Apparently she wouldn't be ignoring it.

"Sometimes," I said, blushing. "Actually, often, I guess, but not always so... insistent."

She smiled. "I guess you're used to being able to just take care of it right away."

"Yeah, I guess."

She shrugged and turned her focus to her eggs. "Well don't let me stop you," she said.

I blushed and croaked an awkward laugh. God, I wanted to take care of it. But I didn't think she could mean that. Was she joking? Of course she'd seen it all last night, but we were all drunk, and it had seemed incidental, like no one in particular had initiated it.

I felt a little trapped, and it wasn't helping that her acknowledgment of it was really turning me on.

"Do you see any shorts lying around here?" I said after a moment.

Her eyes shot back to the tent, as if she only just now realized I was naked under the sheet.

Before she had a chance to respond, Bethany came in, wearing a pink t shirt and very small shorts. She was in the middle of a yawn, and stopped short when she saw the position I was in. She looked from me to Frida. Frida smiled, and patted the spot on the couch next to her.

"Have a seat," Frida said. "Sam was just trying to find his shorts. Though I'm not sure how he was planning to fit that thing in there."

Frida's attitude seemed to put Bethany at ease, and she laughed.

I tried to think back to climbing into bed. Had I tossed my shorts aside? Left them stuffed in my jeans?

But then I remembered. Sitting at the strip club naked, covered in my own cum, more dripping from my still-hard cock, five women staring and giggling, joking about how I was going to clean myself up. Jasmine had winked and walked out of the curtained nook as if nothing had happened, leaving me sitting in my mess. Finally I resolved to wipe up with my boxers which I then tossed in the trash. Howls of laughter as I stuffed my barely-settled dick into my jeans commando.

So here I was. Naked, hard, with nothing but a thin white sheet between my nakedness and two women who seemed to be enjoying my predicament immensely.

I didn't see any other choice. I carefully stood up, pulling the sheet with me to drape it over me like a toga. I managed without a slip, and covered myself as well as could be expected -- the sheet hung loosely over me, jutting out slightly where my erection stood against it.

"Sorry," I mumbled, making my way to the hallway.

"Tease," I heard Frida mutter behind me, followed by giggles from both her and Bethany.

More giggles receded behind me as I stumbled my way to the bathroom. I almost barreled into Leslie on her way out. She gave me a quick look up and down and just laughed, continuing down the hallway. I heard muffled voices and more laughter when she reached the living room.

I struggled through a pee, turned on the shower, and was halfway to cumming by the time I had a foot in the tub. I heard the ladies walking and talking in the hallway, and I thought about each one of them watching me. Coming in, looking at my hard angry cock, gasping as I stroked myself.

I didn't imagine I could have such a powerful orgasm so soon after the one last night, but my whole body shuddered, I squeezed the curtain with my free hand, and I exploded all over the shower. I tried to be quiet, but a moan escaped me that I was sure could be heard throughout the house. I couldn't help it. It was like last night had never ended, like I was still riding out the same hard-on, the same built-up orgasm.

And even after I cleaned up -- both myself and the shower -- and dried off, still my cock seemed ready to spring up at the slightest suggestion. It was like a switch had been flipped inside me - I'd been exposed, igniting some dormant exhibitionist fire in me, and now I couldn't be turned off.

To further complicate things, I realized I hadn't brought any clothes into the bathroom with me. I had only the sheet or a towel to choose from, to bring back to where, from the sounds of it, everyone was up and hanging out.

I opted for the towel, and slung the sheet over my shoulder.

As anticipated, everyone was gathered in the living room. Leslie had joined Frida and Bethany on the couch, and Gloria and Kendra were sharing the loveseat on the other side of the room. They were all watching me as I came in.

"Feel better?" Bethany said.

"Sounded like a good shower," said Kendra.

I looked around, wary of signs of discomfort or disapproval. Everyone was smiling. Even Gloria, though her a little more ruefully than the others.

"It was okay," I said, trying to sound casual.

I threw the sheet back on the bed and made my way to the closet, conscious of every eye in the room being on me.

"Alright," Gloria said. "Time to be adults. Let's give Sam some privacy and let him get dressed."

The ladies gave comical protests like a group of children scolded by their teacher, and they got up to file out.

"Oh, but this needs to stay in the bathroom," said Kendra, as in one quick motion she reached out, grabbed my towel, whipped it away from me, and scurried out of the room.

Howls of laughter, a couple not-so-sly glances at my nakedness, and they all left the room. I heard Gloria mutter "I'm so getting fired" from the hallway.

Even with everyone out of the room, I felt very exposed standing in the living room naked. In some ways even moreso than last night -- this was a room I shared with co-workers, sober, in the light of day.

Before I knew it, I found my cock stirring again. I was amazed at how much this was turning me on, especially so soon after relieving myself.

Before I let myself get too excited, I went to the closet, covered myself in boxers, blue mesh shorts, and a t-shirt. Then I folded up my pullout bed -- converting the room back from bedroom to living room -- and sat on the couch.

"Everybody decent?" I heard from the hallway, and Leslie poked her head around with a mischievous grin. She looked a little disappointed when I said "Yep" - whether feigned or not I couldn't tell.

She came in and sat on the other couch to my right. She was wearing a plain back t shirt and very old-looking grey sweatpants with holes up and down each leg.

"So," she said. "How you feelin' this morning?"

I smiled ruefully. "A little rough," I said.

"Last night really tapped you out, huh," she said, the mischievous smile returning.

"Didn't look like it a few minutes ago," Bethany said as she entered.

Leslie laughed. "Oh? What do you mean?"

"When I came in this morning his sheets were standing up to here," Bethany said, holding her hand up absurdly high off the couch. I blushed, even while appreciating the compliment.

"Poor guy," Leslie said.

Gloria came in and sat on the loveseat opposite Leslie's couch. She had her hair pulled into a ponytail and wore a pink sweatshirt and yoga pants.

"Why is he a poor guy?" she said. Leslie and Bethany just looked at each other, as if not sure they should continue after Gloria had tried to tamp down the perversion earlier.

"Oh," Gloria continued. "Because he had to jerk off in the shower?"

Leslie and Bethany both burst out laughing, and I blushed deeply. Just in time for and Kendra to emerge. It wasn't hard for her to surmise what everyone was laughing about.

"Given up on keeping this crowd under control?" Kendra asked. She wore a tight black t shirt and booty shorts that barely covered her ass.

"Well, I guess we should talk about that," Gloria said.

She waited until Frida came out and grabbed a seat, and then she assumed her manager face.

"So," Gloria began. "I want to talk about what happened last night."

Everyone looked pensively around the room, like students preparing for a talking-to. I shifted uncomfortably in my chair.

Gloria continued. "We all had fun, we all saw--" she snuck a glance at me "--some things."

"Hell yeah we did," Kendra said. Leslie laughed, shot Kendra a look.

Gloria laughed too, despite herself, and continued. "Part of my job here was to make sure everyone stayed professional, stayed out of trouble."

"Bang-up job," Leslie said.

"Right. Well, I was right there with you guys..." she paused, shot me another glance, "...enjoying the show."

It was a strange feeling, hearing her speak to us as a manager, turning this into a work setting, but she was speaking about watching me stripped naked, watching me get get a blowjob, watching me cum. It was incredibly sexy. I shifted in my seat again and crossed my legs. I caught Bethany's eye, and she smiled like she had something on me.

"The way I see it," Leslie said, "is if we're all adults here—we are all adults here, yes? If we're all adults, and no one's offended, and everyone's having fun, who are we hurting?"

"Well I guess that's the question," Gloria said. "Is anyone here uncomfortable with what happened last night?"

Everyone was silent.

"Sam?" Bethany said, shooting me that same knowing smile.

I laughed awkwardly and shrugged.

"I think we all know that Sam is enjoying himself," Kendra said, eyes trailing down to my crotch where I was attempting to keep the swelling down.

Gloria laughed as her eyes followed Kendra's, which put me a little more at ease.

"I mean, we've already crossed the line, right?" said Frida, speaking up for the first time.

"I guess we have," Gloria said. "So if this gets back to the office I'm fucked already."

"It won't," said Leslie.

"We all on board with that? Not a word? To anyone?"

Mutters of assent all around. But Kendra looked hesitant.

"Kendra?" Gloria said.

After a moment Kendra looked like she'd made a decision, and she pulled her phone out.

"I should show you something," she said, "since we're all pinky-swearing and all that."

"Oh god," said Gloria. "What?"

Kendra handed Gloria her phone. Gloria went bright red.

"What is it?" said Frida.

Without a word Gloria passed the phone around. Frida shrieked and laughed and passed it to Leslie, who did more or less the same, and tossed it over to Bethany.

I leaned over to see what they were seeing. It was a text chain, where Kendra had sent a selfie. One of those live ones, where you can hold your finger on it and watch a few frames of video.

And behind Kendra in the shot were all of us, myself in the middle with a stripper between my legs, a jet of cum shooting out of my cock.

"Who did you send that to?" said Gloria. Her face was still bright red. She looked halfway between pissed off and ready to laugh.

"Just some girlfriends."


"No one at work though, right?" said Bethany.

"Hell no," said Kendra. "I'm not stupid."

"So what then? What are they gonna want to do with that?"

Kendra shot me a wicked smile. "Sam, maybe."

Everyone laughed, myself included. That seemed to defuse the tension.

And then the phone went around the room again, so everyone could get another look.

"It was a hell of a show," Leslie said.

"Amen," said Gloria.

"All in the name of show-business," I said. Everyone looked at me as if shocked to hear my voice, as if they'd forgotten I was here. Then after a moment they all burst out laughing again.

After that the conversations split off, veered to things beyond the craziness of the night before. People started milling around, getting lunch, showering, going for runs. I stretched out on the couch when there was room and grabbed a quick nap.

We ordered Chinese food for dinner, and Gloria went on a drinks run. Wine and beer started flowing again, along with jokes about where that might head this time. But we were all a little tired from getting after it on Friday, and resolved to just stay in and hang out. Even still, no one seemed to be taking it slow on drinks.

I had a few beers, got comfortable, almost even forgot that I was the sole man in a group of women.

But inevitably the conversation turned sexual as the evening wore on.

"Let's go back to Gloria not getting laid in a year," Leslie said, seemingly out of the blue. Gloria again went bright red as all attention turned to her.

"A year, fuck," send Kendra. "I'd die."

"Not quite a year," Gloria said. You could see her running the numbers in her head. "Like, eleven months. Shit. No, a year."

"How many vibrators have you gone through?" said Leslie.

"Uh, zero."

"What?" said Frida. "What do you use? Just your fingers?"

"Sometimes. But I've never really been able to do it for myself."

"Are you telling me you haven't cum in a year?" said Kendra.

"Well... more than that, really, if we're counting."

"We are. Explain."

"The guy I was with a year ago, we hooked up a few times, but he never quite..."

"Measured up?" Bethany chimed in.

"Right." Gloria shot me a glance, and blushed. The rest of them turned toward me too.

I found myself getting hard again. I felt like I was a teenager again, like the slightest suggestion could spring me up, set me off like a hair trigger. I shifted in my seat, adjusted my shorts.

"Poor Sam," Leslie said. "Just can't keep his dick under control."

Everyone laughed, and I blushed, tried to laugh with them. But it was true, and I was embarrassed. And of course the attention just made it worse.

"Does that hurt?" said Gloria. "When you get hard with shorts on?"

"It's a little uncomfortable, yeah," I said.

"Have you ever tried taking your underwear off without taking your other shorts off?" said Bethany. Everyone laughed.

"No," I said. "Sounds hard."

"Looks hard," said Frida.

"Try it," said Gloria.

Everyone stared at me, goading me on. I shrugged, gave it a shot.

I lifted my ass off the seat and pushed both hands under my shorts. Trying to keep my mesh shorts in place, I pulled my boxers down over my cock. As if it had been waiting for its moment, my cock immediately sprung free, slapping against my stomach. Everyone shrieked and cheered. I stuffed it back into my shorts and brought my left leg up, stretching my boxers to pull over my knee and my foot. In the process I gave everyone a show through the bottom of my shorts. But I managed it, pulled my boxers off the other leg and tossed them aside, and sat back tenting proudly through my mesh shorts, sticking straight up in the air.

Everyone cheered, a couple people clapped. Then there was quiet, with every eye in the room glued to the tent in my shorts. The shorts did very little to conceal things. They wrapped tightly around the head of my cock so you could see every contour, and through the mesh my shaft was clearly visible in silhouette.

"This really turns you on, huh," Leslie said. "Being on display."

"Yeah, I guess it does," I said.

"Have you always been an exhibitionist?" Bethany said.

"Well, I've never quite been in a situation like this."

"With a room full of women staring at your cock?" said Leslie.

I laughed. "Right. But I've had a couple episodes that have turned me on."

"Do tell," said Gloria.

"Well. My friend's mom walked in on me jerking off in their guestroom when I was in high school."

"And that turned you on?" Bethany said. "I would think that'd be mortifying."

"It was both. It embarrassed the shit out of me at the time, but I've since thought about it a lot."

"What'd you do?" said Frida. "What did she do?"

"Well," I hesitated a little, looking for the right words. "She caught me at kind of a... crucial moment."
"You were cumming?" Kendra said.



"Yeah. So she kind of froze, looking right at me, and I couldn't stop."

This talk was doing nothing to settle my hard-on, and now a spot of moisture was seeping through my shorts.

"So since then you've gotten off on women watching," said Gloria.

"Yeah," I said. "Or, at least, the thought of it. I had one girlfriend a few years back who liked to watch me jerk off, but mostly it's just fantasies."

"So," Kendra said. "I bet you'd like to jerk off in front of all of us."

I looked around, waiting for laughter, but nobody laughed. They just stared at me, waiting for my reply. I suddenly got very nervous, like I was on stage and didn't know the lines.

"Yeah," I said after some hesitation. "I guess I would."

There was another moment of silence. I felt frozen in place, waiting for I didn't know what, some kind of instruction.

"So what are you waiting for?" said Gloria.

I looked around, and everyone was watching me, waiting. So I pulled off my t shirt and tossed it aside. Everyone simultaneously moved up in their seats, intent. Then I lifted my ass off the couch, and slid my shorts off, letting my hard cock spring loose once again.

"Fuck," said Kendra.

I just sat there a moment, naked, my cock hard and pulsing, with every eye glued to it. Then I wrapped my right hand around it and starting slowly stroking up and down.

Bethany let out a low moan from beside me, Gloria said "Holy shit," and Frida muttered something under her breath I didn't catch -- it might have been in Spanish.

I picked up my pace, brought my left hand in to join, and in no time at all I was ready. I moaned, sped up further, and everyone leaned in to see a geyser of cum erupt from my cock, shooting to my chest, my stomach. One shot went straight out and splashed onto the coffee table. Everyone shrieked, moaned, cheered, watching intently as more cum continued to spill onto my hands and stomach, slowing to a trickle and finally expiring.

I leaned back, in a daze, and everyone stared in silence for another moment.

Finally Leslie spoke up. "That was a pornstar cumshot," she said.

"From a pornstar cock," said Kendra.

"Amen," said Gloria.

Frida went and grabbed a towel from her bedroom and tossed it to Bethany. Bethany paused a moment, considering, and then leaned in and started wiping the cum from my chest and stomach. She gently grabbed my cock, which was slowly deflating, and gave it a squeeze, pulling out the last bead of cum and wiping it on the towel.

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