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The Workout


Just for the grin.

GA - Ranong, Thailand - 16th March 2014

SAMANTHA BONNER is at the gym. She's in the trainers' office, post-workout, kneeling on a yoga mat. Samantha is on her knees, the palms of her hands flat on the mat while she supports herself on straight arms, her hips thrust back and up, her round buttocks raised. Samantha is a very attractive blonde, she's twenty-six years old, and at the moment she's looking back over one shoulder while a muscular, toned man fucks his cock into her.

Samantha's big breasts are swinging back and forth, swaying under the loose wife-beater vest she wears to the gym. It was the sight of those large tits that spurred her personal trainer to make a move on her, Samantha's breasts and the way she gave the well-endowed black man the glad-eye was all the encouragement he needed.

The glittering engagement ring hadn't meant a thing to the trainer. He'd seen Samantha and wanted her. That she was eager to bend over and open her legs was the icing on the cake.

They had played a little flirting game at first, the man dropping innuendo while Samantha had made it blatantly obvious she didn't mind where he put his hands during the demonstration and practice moves on some of the exercises. The preliminary fencing had excited Samantha, her pussy had oiled and her nipples had tightened and grown, the twin points a clear signal to the trainer that the hot blonde was up for it.

The trainer had invited Samantha to the office under the pretext of signing a monthly contract, but both of them knew, even as Samantha followed the man, her eyes on his shorts moulded to taut buttocks, her appraisal going from his backside to the powerful arms and wide shoulders, that as soon as they were alone it would begin.

So there she is, on her knees, offering her pussy.

"Oh, God," Samantha groans. Her mouth falls open as she stares back at her lover. He's so thick, the girth stretching her while the length of him splits her open. "That's a big dick in my little pussy, she whines."

The man smirks at that. He holds Samantha's waist, his fingers almost spanning the girl's body. "It's a tight pussy, too, Miss Bonner," he says, easing his length out of that liquid embrace. He looks down at the shaft coming back out of Samantha, sees it glistening with her desire. "And wet," he adds. "You're really turned on, aren't you?"

Samantha gasps and mewls. Her head lolls forward and blonde hair sweeps across the yoga mat. "I've been thinking about fucking your big cock since we started the induction," she mumbles. "My pussy's been getting wetter and wetter." Samantha moans again and thrusts back, desperate to feel the man deep. "I'm so fucking horny," she mutters as the flesh of her hips ripples with the force of her driving back onto her lover's probing cock. Her skin slaps against the man's thighs, Samantha's grunts of pleasure synchronising with the meaty thwacks.

The trainer gasps and shifts his grip from Samantha's waist to her hips. His fingers dig into her as he pulls the blonde onto his dick.

"I'm doing a good job on you, aren't I Miss Bonner?" the man says. He slaps a bare buttock, grinning when Samantha yelps. "Tell me," he urges, his dominant personality coming to the fore. "Tell me how good it feels to get fucked by this big cock. You like it, Miss Bonner?" he asks, spitting the question through gritted teeth. "Is it big enough for you?"

Samantha groans and slips down to rest on her elbows, her head going onto a forearm while her hair spreads in a pool across the mat.

"It's fucking gorgeous," the blonde mumbles. Her rump is higher now, her derriere presented to the trainer as she submits to his tempo. "I love it. I just love fucking this big dick."

The man looks down Samantha, the shape of her body sending a hot flash of lust through him. He slides the flat of one hand from the woman's coccyx up over her spine. His wrist pushes the wife-beater vest up Samantha's back, the garment rumpling when his hand moves under the hem, ruching it up to Samantha's armpits. He grabs the bunched rope of the vest and forces it over her head, the woman coming up onto straight arms again.

"Yeah," the trainer moans when he sees the sweep and curves revealed. "That's one hot body, Miss Bonner." He slaps the blonde's backside again -Twice, two stinging smacks that immediately glow pink. "You're one of those pampered bitches, aren't you, Miss Bonner."

It's a statement, not a question.

"You're one of those bored rich bitches with nothing to do except spoil yourself in a spa and think up ways to get your pussy fucked."

He slaps Samantha again. The girl moans and begs him to fuck her harder, deeper, faster.

"Am I right, Miss Bonner?" he asks as he leans forward, his cock wedged inside the blonde.

Samantha gasps when his hands close around her swaying breasts.

His voice sounds close to her ear. His breath is hot across her throat when he whispers, "Tell me, bitch, tell me just how it is for you."

"Oh," Samantha mewls. "Please," she gasps, "fuck me. Please fuck me. Squeeze my tits and don't stop fucking that thing into me."

Her head swivels as she turns to face him. Her eyes are glazed, her expression one of tortured desire.

"Kiss me," she mumbles, the request coming out slurred, a glutinous plea as Samantha's need bubbles inside her.

Then he's thrusting into her, his torso low over her back, his feet flat on the floor while the big muscles in his thighs take the strain. The two of them are kissing, slurping and slobbering, breath panting out of them while Samantha grunts and gasps and he mauls at her breasts. It's an awkward, uncomfortable position, but neither one cares, they're both too hungry for one another to be bothered.

"Fuck," gasps Samantha when they break apart. "I'm going to come," she mutters, twisting at the waist when the trainer eases back onto his knees, his hands going around the girl's body again. She splays her buttocks with one hand, her body angled so she can look back at the man behind her. "You're right," she hisses through clenched teeth. "I'm a spoiled slut who loves to fuck." Her eyes spark, a flash of emotion that could be mistaken for hatred, but which, in actual fact, is a simple yet intense desire for her lover to fuck into her body. "I'm a hot-arsed bitch with an itchy cunt," she mumbles.

"I can help you with that, Miss Bonner," the trainer replies, his thrusts slowing. Then he's easing in and out, teasing the blonde with his length as she continues to stare at him, her eyes feline. "Any time you need to exercise this pussy..." He glances down to where Samantha's body is accommodating his cock. "...You let me know." The man grins and winks and pulls his whole length out, slapping the keel of it against the cheeks of Samantha's backside.

"Is that me on your cock?" the girl gasps, referring to the gooey smears on the man's shaft. "It's all slippery and glistening." She pushes a hand between her legs, and her fingers find the dangling flaps and the molten centre of her sodden vulva. "I don't know when I've been this wet before," the girl gasps, her eyes wide as she examines her smeared fingers, holding a hand in front of her face. She turns again, her gaze glassy and heavy-lidded, the words coming out of her thick and treacly. "Put it back in," mumbles Samantha. "Please, put it back in and fuck me."

The man holds one round buttock and nudges his cock-head at Samantha. There's the slightest resistance as his girth meets the sodden opening, the size of him forcing a gasp from Samantha when the dome pops into her body.

Then he's moving, a slow glide in until he hits the wall, the length of him easing out, most of the shaft visible until it's just the tip left inside. He slides in again and Samantha purrs with pleasure. "You're amazing," she moans as she tosses her head, hair flicking over her back. "Fuck it in nice and slow, baby. Stretch that pussy. I fucking love it."

Just as Samantha spits out the emphatic, I ... fucking ... love... it!, her mobile phone rings.

"Shit," the woman snarls.

"Leave it," the trainer responds.

"I can't," replies Samantha. "It's my fiancé. If I don't answer he gets all jealous and angry and demands to know what I was doing. He knows I'm here. He expects me to answer."

"Then do it," the trainer says, grinning. "Answer it ... But I'm gonna keep my dick inside you, Miss Bonner. While you're on the phone. I'm gonna keep fucking your pussy."

By then, with the man holding her hips to keep his length inside her, Samantha is upright, her hand scrabbling for her handbag on the desk. Her fingers reach the strap and she pulls the bag to her, knocking papers off the desk, leaves fluttering.

"Shit," Samantha mutters over and over. "Shit-shit-shit."

Then the phone falls silent.

"He'll call back in a second," she says.

And then Samantha moans when the man's cock slips out of her and his fingers spread her open. "Oh fuck," she mumbles. "That's so bloody dirty..."

The man's mouth is over her pussy, his tongue sliding into her.

Then Samantha moans again. "Oh you bad man," she says. "That feels so bloody good. It's so sexy. Yes," she hisses, hips swaying, a delighted grin splitting her face. "Lick me there, baby. It feels so good, so fucking rude. It's just wrong but I absolutely fucking love it."

The trainer's tongue is now at Samantha's anus, and that's what the girl loves. She can feel his tongue squirming all wet and wriggly against her sphincter while his thumbs hold her wide open back there, all of her vulnerable and exposed.

Samantha is moaning and gasping when her phone trills again.

"Answer it," the man instructs. "Talk to him."

"Oh no," Samantha replies, her voice a squeak when, even as she's pressing the button on the device to accept the call, the man is easing his cock into her pussy again.

"Hello, darling," Samantha says, her jaw clenched. "Sorry I missed that call. I just got to the phone when it stopped ringing. I was in the middle of exercising when you called."

There's a pause while the oblivious fiancé speaks.

Samantha winces and chews her bottom lip when the cock inside her throbs. She throws a look back over her shoulder, eyes imploring.

The trainer grins and does the trick with his cock again.

The girl gulps and her jaw falls slack, her eyes closing. She bites down on a moan and wonders what motivates her to play this game. Why is she just kneeling there with a long, thick cock inside her while her fiancé is on the phone? What is it about this perversion she finds so irresistible?

"I'm just doing some stretches," Samantha says, and then she feels the truth of those words when the trainer moves behind her, his cock stretching her open. "This trainer is really good, babe," she adds into the phone. "He's really working me hard. I'm going to be a wreck when I get home."

Samantha winces again, the groan slipping from between her lips before she can stop herself.

"No, no," mewls the blonde, and then coughs to clear her throat. "I'm all right, Andrew," she adds, covering the noise she made with a quick excuse. "It was just a spasm, a deep muscle spasm," she says, unable to resist the entendre.

The man behind her grins and nods and slowly forces more cock into Samantha's pussy.

"It'll be worth it," Samantha was saying by then. "I want to look fantastic for you on our wedding day, darling. I've only got a month to get in shape."

There's another pause that's followed by a chuckle from Samantha. "Thank you," she says. "I know you think I'm hot and sexy already, babe..." The girl swivels at the waist again, regarding her lover, the phone at her ear as she winks at him. "...but I'm doing this for me. It makes me feel really good as well as keeping me the right size for that wedding dress."

Then the trainer begins to move. He's holding Samantha's waist and looking down at where the girl's body is tight around his girth. He pulls back, the flesh around Samantha's pussy bulging as her insides clench around him.

"I'd better get back to it," Samantha is saying, barely able to hold in a squeak. She's gulping in deep draughts of air, forcing her breath silently out of her nostrils in an effort to stifle the sounds that threaten to burst out of her. "I need to finish stretching," she grunts. "Then I'm going to need a shower."

As the call ends, before Samantha can croak, "I love you, too" into the phone, in the moment before she sends the device skittering across the office floor, the trainer begins to fuck into her hard and fast.

"Just fuck me, you bastard!" the blonde yelps. "I need to come."


THE TRAINER stands up, his cock waggling thick and heavy as he helps the blonde to her feet. She's unsteady, her chest heaving, the sobs still coming out of her as her orgasm finally tapers. Then she's on the desk, her rump on the cool surface while the trainer forces her legs apart. The man hooks the blonde's legs with his arms, the backs of her knees over the crooks of his elbows while he grabs her hips and hauls her buttocks to the precipice. Samantha's training shoes dangle as she supports herself on arms that are thrust back, her forearms and palms flat on the desk.

Then the girl is looking down, chin on her chest, her jaw slack with awe as she watches the big dick, slowly, inch by glorious inch, sliding into her pussy.

"Watch that go in, baby," the trainer mutters after the big cock-head penetrates Samantha. His eyes are on the blonde's face. He's watching her expression change, seeing the delight as he fills her with cock.

One of his hands is spread across the blonde's taut abdomen, the long black fingers resting on Samantha's pale skin while the other hand is squeezing a large, round and very firm breast, the nipple poking between two fingers.

"It's just so hot seeing you do that to me," Samantha replies, her throat working as she swallows heavily. She looks up and sees the man staring into her face. "I won't be able to stop," she adds, mewling, "When I'm married, I won't be able to stop myself cheating. I'll keep coming to see you. Even on my wedding day." Then Samantha moans, her gaze locked on her lover's. "In the morning," she says, panting. "I'll come here and we can fuck. I want to walk down the aisle and feel my pussy all tender from being battered by your lovely cock."

"You're a bad bitch," mutters the trainer, the blonde's words causing a sudden rush of desire that makes him gasp. "That's so bad it's getting me close."

"Then fuck me," Samantha snarls, her hips working back and forth. "Really slam me. Rip my cunt apart. Punish me, you lovely bastard. I'm a dirty, cheating slut. I deserve to be punished."

So they go at it, and it's all heat and movement, snarls and spitting vehemence. The blonde is lost in her own perversion, Samantha can't help but feed the urges that overwhelm her, and even though on some soft, romantic level she actually loves her fiancé, she can't resist the thrill of fucking other men.

The trainer's hands are full of the blonde. He strokes her skin and kneads the spongy flesh of her breasts and buttocks, his fingers digging into Samantha's hips as he pulls her onto his cock, the length of that thing going deep.

The fucking is something primal. It's frantic and instinctive and without finesse. The woman and the trainer are both caught up with desire for each other, both striving for that blissful release.

They're kissing, lips and tongues and hot, urgent breath while Samantha rubs at her clitoris.

Then the blonde cries out. She can feel the rush of her climax coming at her like a train. Her orgasm is inevitable, unstoppable, the explosion coming out of her on a rush of gasps and grunts and obscenities.

"I'm gonna come too," the trainer gulps as the woman writhes and squeals, her pussy squelching, her body tensing.

Samantha's breasts are shivering, wobbling while her body spasms, her eyes flying open when she hears the man's grunted warning.

"Don't come inside me," the blonde mumbles. Then she adds, "Don't let it go in my pussy. My-"

She gasps and moans and her head lolls as she goes wall-eyed with ecstasy.

"My fiancé will want sex later," Samantha manages to grunt. "Don't come inside me or he'll know I've been fucking."

The trainer hears the words as though Samantha is at the end of a long tunnel. He gulps and snorts and somehow makes sense of what the blonde has just said. He's tugging at his cock, his fist moving along the length of the thing, and Samantha is rubbing her clitoris and babbling about her own climax when jizm splashes over her body. There's a long trail of semen glistening from her navel to the hollow at her throat, and Samantha has cried out with delight when the stuff flicked onto her skin. She's coming and sobbing and watching spurt after spurt of her lover's ejaculate as it spits out of him, the goo splashing over her before she smears it over her flesh. The girl's breasts are spattered with the stuff, there's spunk on her brisket, a thin trail of it trickling over the rack of her ribs while a pool if it glistens in her belly-button.

Then Samantha is pushing the man away from her. She's down in front of him, squatting, with jizm dripping off her onto the yoga mat. Then she's holding that cock and slurping at the big bell-end, her tongue licking semen from the tip, her lips pursing as she kisses the instrument of her pleasure.

The trainer looks down and watches while the blonde sucks at him, her lips tight around the girth of his member.

Then the woman is on her feet, her grin wide while she smears ejaculate over her body with both hands.

"I'd better get that shower," says Samantha. "I can't go home like this." She winks at the trainer and bends to collect her wife-beater vest. Semen immediately soaks through the front of the garment after the girl slips it over her head. Samantha laughs and makes a comment about laundry as she pulls her shorty-shorts up over her legs.

"What's the matter?" the trainer asks when, after retrieving her phone and glancing at the large fascia, Samantha mutters a curse.

"My phone," the blonde replies, expression aghast, her eyes wide with horror, "I didn't cancel the call."

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