tagNon-EroticThe World of Anurix

The World of Anurix


Josep nodded towards the large male as he found a small bush by the roadside and grinned.

Josep stealthily climbed a nearby tree and sat quietly as he drew his bow and nocked an arrow.

Shortly after they heard snorts and slow shuffling sounds coming from further down the road, Josep blew a stray strand of his sandy coloured hair out of his eye as he saw the first of the group of large shambling creatures known as Gronaks, each creature had dark green skin and three hook-like digits on each of their four arms, each arm seemed to hang limp but Josep knew just how dangerous those arms could be.

Josep looked down to see Blake readying his large hammer and chuckled quietly to himself at how absurd the big man looked hiding in a bush barely large enough to conceal him.

Returning to the matter at hand he looked back towards the road and carefully took aim at the creature leading the rest of the group.

He waited patiently until the creature was just a few feet from Blake before letting his arrow fly and taking the creature between the eyes instantly felling the creature.

Before the other Gronaks even had a chance to react Blake jumped up from his hiding place with a loud roar and swung his mighty hammer at the closest creature, slamming it into the creature's chest and grinning in satisfaction as he heard the unfortunate Gronak's ribs cracking from the blow, kicking the creature backwards into his allies Blake advanced swinging madly.

Josep meanwhile nocked a new arrow and sent it towards the chest of another Gronak letting another arrow fly before the first even hit causing the creature to stumble backwards clutching its chest and gasping for breath as purple blood oozed from its wounds.

Having already dispatched half of the group in seconds the others turned to flee only to spot a small female Human with fire red hair and a spear in each hand.

Seeing the small female the creatures charged her hoping to trample her, but as the first drew near she gracefully leapt into the air onto the creature's shoulders and thrust both her spears straight down, piercing the creatures neck and lungs.

The Gronaks behind the first stopped in shock as they saw the small female standing atop the shoulders of their large companion before pulling her spears free and jumping backwards with a somersault, the creature she had been standing upon collapsing onto the floor in a puddle of it's own blood.

Realising they would soon be joining their companions in the cold slumber of death the remaining two Gronaks rushed the female hoping to take her with them.

As the Gronaks approached the female readied her spears and watched as one of the Gronaks rushing her stumbled and fell to the ground, arrows imbedded in its back.

When the remaining creature was just a few strides away the female dropped to a crouch and dug her heels into the ground, thrusting her spears forward, seeing the female's stance the oncoming Gronak attempted to slow his strides but it was too late.

She watched as the Gronak impaled itself upon her spears, she pulled her spears free before swiftly rolling backwards, the Gronak falling face down onto the road never to get up again.

"Nira?! What the fel are you doing here?" Blake approached the fiery redhead with a mixture of joy and concern as he scooped her into his arms and embraced her tightly.

Nira giggled quietly at the big man's show of affection and softly kissed Blake's cheek, Josep merely shook his head and smiled as he spoke, "I asked her to join us and thankfully she accepted."

Blake turned his gaze to Josep and grumbled, "Coulda least asked me."

Nira growled in Blake's arms making Blake realise his mistake, "Not that she needs my permission o'course."

Nira smiled and chuckled as Blake blushed before squirming her way out of the big man's grasp and picked her spears up, strapping them to her back and waited as the others readied themselves to travel.

Josep looked to the east towards a large city and sighed, "The Gronaks grow bolder, every day they get closer to Li'nara." Blake grunted and patted his hammer, "They may grow bolder but they die just as easy. Anyways I need a drink... Who's coming?" Nira nodded towards Blake, walking towards him and smiling as he wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Josep you coming with me and Nira?" Seeing Josep shake his head, Blake shrugged and pulled Nira closer before walking towards the city.

Josep watched them go before returning to looking at the Gronak's bodies, he stood in silent reflection. I don't understand why they would come this close to the city.. maybe after I clean the grime off my body I will have a clearer understanding of all this. Josep quietly walked back towards the city, his shoulders hunched deep in thought.

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