tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe World Pt. 04

The World Pt. 04


Bree and Anne hopped in the shower and casually washed each other off, although Anne's almost 10 inch girlcock was still hard as a rock and bumped into the other girl constantly. After the two had finished cleaning their hair and each other's bodies, Bree pushed Anne against the shower wall, feeling her up and making out with her aggressively. She put a hand on Anne's cock and positioned it between her thighs, and bounced back and forth a little as she listened to Anne's quiet moans.

"Breeeee... I'm not supposed to cum yet!!" Anne insisted, knowing she would be late for school on only the second day.

"Oh, but nobody said I couldn't, right?" Bree responded as she backed up a little and started rubbing Anne's cock head against her clit. The precum, water, and Bree's own wetness made the sensation feel amazing for both of the girls. "Jane and Mom always shower together and I never get to cum in the mornings!" She explained as she ran her hand down Anne's shaft a couple of times.

"Mmmhhhh you always know how to make it feel so good," Anne moaned to her friend. "Well it's not just me," Bree responded. "I want you to fuck someone else at school today!" She added with a naughty smile.

"B-but..." Before Anne could finish her thought, Bree interrupted her by shoving her tongue in the futa's mouth. "Come on, I'll help you. You can pick out whoever you want and I'll be there the whole time," Bree reassured her as she picked up the pace, frantically rubbing Anne's dick against herself.

"M-maybe..." Anne said as she gasped, overwhelmed by the pleasure. The two made out a little more as Bree came less than 30 seconds after Anne gave her the OK. As agreed upon, she didn't let Anne cum, and she exited the shower leaving the futa behind, hard as could be from the whole experience.

Elsewhere in the house, Jane stepped out of her shower alone. Usually she and her mom showered together, but Lydia showered early as she knew she'd be wearing a fat load on her face all day. For her attire, Jane threw on another tee which showed off her ample cleavage and grabbed some short, tight booty shorts. Before she could try to squeeze them on, however, her mom pulled her close and grabbed her ass.

"I meant to tell you that I got you a present yesterday, but with Bree bringing a futa home, I guess I forgot about it," Lydia told Jane as she continued digging her nails into the girl.

"What is it Mommy?" Jane asked, biting her lip and looking up at her mom. Lydia withdrew a black buttplug from behind her pillow and showed it to her daughter, whose eyes lit up. "I know that you already have a couple, but I figured I should get you a smaller one for... everyday use?" Lydia explained.

"You shouldn't have!" Jane happily exclaimed as she took it from her mom, gave it a few good licks, and pushed it into her ass. Lydia helped her squeeze into her shorts, and then put on her usual attire - a blouse and a short skirt.

"You can have one of my bras, if you want one," Bree called out to Anne as the latter girl dried herself off. "Between me and my sister, I'm sure you can find something to wear."

Anne was nervous about wearing clothes like the family had been wearing, but with a bit of help from Bree, she had picked out something she felt comfortable in. They managed to find some capris that fit her well enough and a white top that Anna liked, nothing too revealing or scandalous. Of course, there was still the matter that her boner hadn't completely cooled down, and it had a clear outline in her new pants, but the girls reassured her it would be fine.

"Come on girls! Some people in this family care about punctuality!" Lydia yelled as the three younger women hustled out the door. They all loaded up into the family car, with Jane and her mom in the front, and the two high schoolers in the back.

"We usually take buses on the way home, but we all need to be at school and work at the same time so mom normally just takes us," Jane explained as she buckled her seatbelt and pulled off her shorts. Anne was shocked to see her wriggle out of them and start rubbing her pussy through her panties as Lydia backed out of the garage. Soon after, Bree lifted up her miniskirt, revealing she was going commando that day, and joined her sister in morning masturbation. Anne was particularly surprised considering Bree just came not 20 minutes prior, but it seemed like all of these women just constantly had sex on their mind.

Lydia dropped Jane off at her work first, and then drove the girls to school. Bree had made herself cum to a rather underwhelming (compared to the last 24 hours) climax, and Anne just felt her dick staying hard the whole car ride. By the time they got to school (and after both girls shared in a sloppy goodbye kiss with Lydia), Anne's libido had yet to drop.

"Look around, babe," Bree started. "You can fuck any girl in our class that you want."

"Really? What about that one?" Anne replied as she pointed to a goth girl whose ass was hanging out of her daisy dukes.

"Oh yeah, that's Haley. She's got a really tight pussy, I'm sure you'd love to fuck her!" Bree told her with a smile.

"You've already fucked her?" Anne asked, confused.

"I mean yeah, I've fucked most of the girls in our class. Like look at her," Bree said as she pointed to a short brunette. "That's Rachel, her sister is this futa named Janice. She likes finding other futas so they can fuck her ass and her pussy at the same time," Bree explained to Anne, whose dick was still almost bursting through her pants at this point.

"That sounds really sexy... but I can't go home with anyone tonight, and there's no way I could bring someone like that home to my mom," Anne said disappointedly.

"You don't have to go home with them, silly. Just walk up to someone and tell them to get naked," Bree explained.

"No way! You do it!" Anne responded, knowing there was no way she would have that sort of confidence.

"Fine, who should I ask?" The two girls scanned the area, checking out everyone from head to toe, before Anne finally spoke up.

"What about her?" She said as she pointed to a Hispanic girl. Her tits were almost as big as Jane's and she had a huge ass, one that made Anne think immediately about fucking it. She also noticed that the girl was wearing booty shorts too; on the left cheek, there was text that read 'ANAL' and on the right cheek it read 'SLUT.' Anne knew she would be as dirty as the three women she had the previous day.

"Ohh, Lucia? Good choice, she's had so much dick inside her that's all she can ever think about anymore." Without another word, Bree walked across the room and approached her, pointing to Anne a couple of times, and using her forearm to tell her how big her dick was. Lucia was clearly excited and ran back to meet Anne.

"Hi there, I'm Lucia," the girl said as she pulled her shirt off, revealing some black lingerie. Anne still hadn't quite gotten used to how brash everyone was, but her cock certainly appreciated it. "Don't get me wrong, I definitely want to fuck you, but let's go to one of the study hall rooms," Lucia told Anne as she grabbed her hand and pulled her down the hall, almost throwing her into the chair in the study room. Bree followed behind and had a great view of Lucia's ass the entire time.

"So are you really an anal slut?" Anne asked as she grabbed Lucia's ass, pulling her closer. "Bree's sister only ever takes it there," she added.

"I'm not as crazy as her, but I'll let any futa fuck my ass whenever they want!" Lucia exclaimed as she reached around and undid her own bra. Anne looked over and saw that Bree was already practically nude, with only her pulled up miniskirt remaining. She was starting to feel overdressed at this point, but there wasn't much she could do as Lucia was forcing her face into her cleavage, smothering her a little as she grinded against her cock.

"Let me help you out there," Bree said as she walked behind Anne, pulling off her top and undoing her bra as well. "Fuck, I just saw them half an hour ago but I never get tired of looking at her tits!" Bree exclaimed as Lucia's eyes seemed to agree. The three of them made out for a couple minutes, but Anne stopped them when she felt Lucia's wetness through both her own capris and the girl's booty shorts.

"Undo me," Anne commanded with a rare authority. The latina slut dropped to her knees and eagerly unbuttoned and pulled off Anne's pants, before her eyes went wide when the massive cock plopped out.

"Holy shit!! This really is, just like, huge!" Lucia said as she started to put her mouth on it.

"Nuh uh uh!" Anne stopped her and pushed her away. "The only place you're taking this is your ass, you slut." Bree had no idea what had gotten into her, but it made her wet hearing this level of dominance. Lucia was unfazed, as most futas would be slapping her around and choking her by now. Instead, after comparing the cock's length to her forearm a couple of times, she got up, turned around, and started to give Anne a lapdance. She rubbed her ass against Anne's dick, and finally pulled down her panties and shorts in an agonizingly slow movement. Anne watched as she took one of Bree's nipples in her mouth, feeling like she might just cum from this before she even fucked this poor girl.

At long last, Lucia dropped her shorts to her knees. She had to pull away from Anne a decent distance just to get to the end of her dick, and, along with Bree, guided it into her ass ever so slowly. Bree also drooled all over Anne's member, getting it wet enough that it would slide in easier. Lucia, meanwhile, was so wet that her juices were dripping onto the floor, and this only increased as she sat down almost all the way on Anne's cock.

"Oh my god I've never been so full in my lifeee!" Lucia exclaimed as she began to get into a rhythm with the futa. Within a couple of short minutes like this, both women knew they were close, as was Bree since she had been furiously rubbing her clit.

Without warning, the door to the study hall opened, startling all three of the girls and causing them to cease their activities.

"Girls! First period has started!" Yelled a woman in her late 20s. "Bree! You're supposed to be in my class right now!" She continued.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Lawrence but we were just trying to help my friend cum because I teased her all morning," Bree explained as she started putting her clothes back on.

"This is your friend?" Mrs. Lawrence asked, staring straight down at Anne's dick, which was now out of Lucia's ass. "Mhmm, why do you ask?" Bree replied.

"Fuck, you should have told me about her. Here, I'll help." With that, Lucia hopped off of Anne and made room for the teacher, as she got on her knees, unbuttoned her blouse a little to give Anne a better view of her tits, and rapidly jacked her off and deepthroated her. Lucia and Bree, meanwhile, were fingering each other a little, as neither of them would get the chance to cum after Anne.

"You just have the most beautiful cock I've ever seen... it's way nicer than my wife's," the teacher moaned as she continued gagging on her. "I'm getting s-so close," Anne exclaimed a minute later. "Here, don't cum on me," the older woman replied, knowing how it was traditionally not accepted for teachers to walk around with student cum all over them. Lucia, fresh off of her loud orgasm, bent down and put both of her hands on Anne's cock, replacing Mrs. Lawrence who had gotten up to walk back to her classroom. After an intense orgasm, Bree haphazardly threw the rest of her clothes on and followed her, grabbing Ms. Lawrence's tits as they walked out, leaving the two alone.

Lucia continued jacking Anne off with both hands, providing ample amounts of spit the whole time too. Anne gasped as she felt her orgasm building and yelled when it happened, and she spewed huge ropes all over the teen's tits. Lucia smiled as she pressed Anne's dick against them while the futa's orgasm subsided.

"Mmhf... now get the fuck out of here," Anne rudely commanded her as she pushed her away. Lucia bit her lip and looked at her as she quickly grabbed all of her clothing, but left her bra and panties off, carrying them in her arms. "If you ever want to fuck my ass again, just let me know," Lucia reminded her as she blew a kiss and walked out of the room.

Anne wondered how she would get through the day at this rate, let alone an entire school year.


For the rest of her classes that day, the atmosphere was clearly different for Anne than the previous one. Word had quickly gotten out that she had one of, if not the, the biggest dicks at school, and as a result she got no shortage of girls hitting on her. Her eyes would wander in class, bored by the fact that she had to re-learn pre-cal, but whenever she made contact with someone else, they would flash her, bite their lips, suck on their fingers, make blowjob motions with their mouths, the whole 9 yards. Anne couldn't believe this whole school was seemingly filled to the brim with sluts.

This constant attention kept her hard pretty much the entire day, and despite her choice of attire, it was clear everyone knew. She did want to focus on her studies, so there was no handjob between classes or any funny business like that, but Anne also wanted to take advantage of the pool of women come lunchtime. At noon, she quickly found and met up with Bree, eager to discuss the matter a bit. They shared a sloppy kiss upon finding each other.

"So, get anymore action yet?" Bree asked her friend.

"Wha- No! When was I supposed to have time?" Anne replied, shocked at the prospect.

"Are you kidding? Futas fuck between classes all of the time! They just go to the bathrooms or one of the study rooms and come up with some goofy excuse for being tardy," Bree explained. "If any teacher threatens to call them out on it, they can just fuck them later and they'll be satisfied," she went on.

"If they fuck between classrooms, surely they're fucking now, right?" Anne wondered out loud.

"Oh, totally. Like look over there," Bree pointed to a couple at a lunch table. One girl was sitting on the other's lap. The girl on top was tall and black, the girl on bottom was a tiny pale redhead. The black girl was slowly grinding her ass against the other woman, but they were both carrying on conversations with the people around them.

"The girl on top is Amber, bottom girl is Scarlett. They've been dating for a while now. I bet any minute now, they're gonna be out of here so Scarlett can fuck her brains out," Bree explained, ever-knowledgeable about all-things sex related at school.

"C-could we follow them? I wanna see something like that!" Anne asked as her eyes lit up.

"I'd love to, but I'm actually going to be fucking someone else pretty soon, so I'll have to let you handle it on your own. But I'm sure they won't mind," Bree said as she kissed Anne's cheek.

After a brief makeout session, Bree left Anne to do a bit of stalking. Just as predicted, a minute later, Scarlett whispered in Amber's ear as the latter girl got off, and the pair made their way out of the lunchroom hand in hand. Anne silently followed behind, turning down several girls pulling their tits out for her on the way.

Scarlett was tiny, but she looked especially tiny compared to her girlfriend, who must have been among the tallest girls at school. Anne noticed this as Scarlett seemed more commanding and dominant, as she led the way into one of the study hall rooms that so many had fucked in. They closed the door, and Anne showed up seconds later only to knock briefly before opening it.

In that brief amount of time, Scarlett's shorts and thong were already on the floor, and her impressive 8 inch dick was being jacked off by her lover. The two were definitely startled (and probably a little confused) by Anne's sudden interest, but they had no real reason to stop their activities. Amber looked up at her short girlfriend and squeezed her own tits together, giving Amber a better view while Amber pulled her shirt off, revealing she wasn't wearing a bra to constrain her B cup boobs.

"Tell me how much you want my dick inside you, you slut," Scarlett spoke as she broke the silence. "Please Mommy, I need it, I can't live without your cock," Amber moaned in response as she undid her jean shorts. Anne was a bit confused at first with the whole "mommy" deal, but figured it was hot enough so she didn't mind.

The couple took the turns getting each other undressed as Anne unzipped her capris and pulled her dick out, rubbing it a little at the sight. When the two were finally completely nude, Scarlett sat down on the lone chair in the room and bent her girlfriend over her knee. "Beg for it, bitch," Scarlett commanded. "Please spank me Mommy, I need to be punished!" Amber moaned as Scarlett complied with her begging, slapping her girlfriend's ass unbelievably hard for a girl of her size.

"Did you fuck anyone else after our date last night?" Scarlett asked in between slaps. Anne was dumbfounded how this tiny girl was the dominant one in this relationship, but it certainly was turning her on as her dick extended to full length.

"N-no Mommy, I'm sor-,"

Scarlett stopped her by pulling her back by her hair and spanking her much harder this time around.

"You call yourself a slut and you can't even suck any dicks but mine?" Scarlett taunted, reaching her hand down and shoving a finger inside her sopping wet girlfriend.

"I'll get some tonight I p-promise I'm sorry Mommy," Amber moaned helplessly in response.

It was around this time that Scarlett noticed what was going on in the corner, as Anne was rapidly masturbating to their slutty display. Scarlett's eyes lit up as she saw how hung Anne was, and she beckoned her closer to the couple.

"Shove your cock down her throat, I'm tired of these excuses," Scarlett commanded Anne as she quickly walked over and complied. She found that she couldn't fuck Amber's throat the way that she could Lydia's, but she was still doing a good enough job at it. She only had to put up with the occasional flinching as Scarlett spanked the shit out of her sometimes, causing the poor girl to lose her rhythm.

"Do you like using my slut's throat?" Scarlett asked as she looked up at Anne. "She's not bad," Anne said with a smile. "You've had better?" Scarlett asked as she grabbed onto Amber's hair and forced her all the way down, causing her to gag hard on Anne's cock. Despite this, Scarlett kept her hand in place, holding her slut in position. "Mmmhh, she's good but not the best," Anne replied truthfully as Amber's eyes began getting even wetter than her pussy.

Finally, Scarlett yanked Amber off by her hair and let her collect herself a bit. "Lay down on the floor, maybe she can ride you a little better at least," Amber commanded once again.

Anne complied and positioned herself, her monster cock pointing high, begging to be sat on. Amber quickly got off (or rather, was thrown off) her lover and had to get on her knees to start to fit Anne's dick inside. "It's so biggggg..." Anne never got tired of hearing that.

Amber gasped as she slowly lowered herself deeper and deeper. Anne couldn't believe how wet she was; she could feel how tight this girl was but it was a perfect path down due to her juices being everywhere. Amber rode Anne like a pro for a couple of minutes as Scarlett jacked off and watched. Anne was a little disappointed that this was all there was to it, but soon Scarlett mixed things up a bit. "Stop," she yelled as she slapped Amber's face with her dick. "You need to ride us both now, understood?" She asserted. "Yes, Mommy," the submissive responded.

Scarlett crept behind the two and roughly forced her dick inside Amber's tight asshole. Forced, because Amber had barely done anything in that department, and the ever-dominant Scarlett was hardly someone to help her explore that slowly. Amber moaned in pleasure sharply as she felt herself being filled up with two large futa dicks, and before Scarlett could pull out of her again, she came instantly all over Anne.

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