tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe World's Greatest Stratusfaction

The World's Greatest Stratusfaction


This story is written by both Dice Casden and Kristi as part of the D&K Universe


In the locker room area of Safeco Field in Seattle, WA, where Wrestlemania 19, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, collectively known as Team Angle, are celebrating their successful WWE Tag Team title defense. Both men are dressed in red jumpsuit style warm up pants and a matching hooded jacket. "Man we handled that as easy as pie," Shelton says as he high fives Charlie.

Charlie smirks, "Of course, with what Kurt has taught us, we'll be Tag Team Champions for a long time." Both young men start to walk towards where the monitors are set up to get a good seat to watch the rest of the Wrestlemania. They watch the next few matches, making fun of the technical mistakes made by those in the ring, but when they watch the Women's title match between Jazz, Victoria and Trish Stratus, both men are amazed. "Damn... those three really worked their asses off," Shelton says.

"Yeah, especially Trish," Charlie then gets an idea, "Hey, we should go congratulate her."

"Yeah, Kurt says to praise good work when you see it..." Shelton replies. Both men leave the 'viewing area' and make their way to where they can bump into Trish, which is right outside her locker room door. They wait for several moments and soon they see Trish coming down the hall.

Trish takes a deep breath as she slides her left hand through her damp hair after an intense match between herself, Jazz and Victoria where she successfully retain the WWE Women's Championship, which rests upon her shoulder. Trish has a tired and exhausted look on her face as she walks down the hallway, making her way to the Women's Lockerroom. Trish is dressed in her black leathered wrestling pants and her black with pink lining tank top.

Shelton and Charlie step away from the locker room door and begin walking towards Trish, "Hey Trish..." Charlie calls out long before they reach her.

"Great match out there, you were awesome," Shelton says, already expressing praise for Trish's work in her match as both men stop walk when they are standing almost right in front of Trish.

Trish nods her head tiredly as she takes a breath, while sweat rolls down from her forehead and onto her pretty face. "Hey...thanks...good match too." Trish says as she walks in between Shelton and Charlie to get to the Women's Lockerroom.

Charlie and Shelton both smile at each other for a moment. "She watched our match," Charlie says with a grin.

"Yeah, she could have some interest in us..." Shelton replies.

"You're right," Charlie smirks before both men turn to follow Trish towards the locker room. "So Trish, any plans for the rest of Wrestlemania?" Charlie asks when both men catch up to her.

Trish stops in front of the locker room and takes another breath as she turns back to Charlie and Shelton "Well...I was going...to take a shower and then head out...with Lilian and Terri."

"Oh, so big celebration plans to reward yourself for winning back the Women's title?" Shelton asks with a smile as Charlie leans against the wall next to the door of the locker room to look at Trish's backside with out her notching too much.

Trish shakes her head as she presses her right hand against the locker room door to open it "Not really...just going to grab a pizza and head back to the hotel with Lilian and Terri."

"Oh, you're not the only ones, Shelton and I have no big plans either..." Charlie smiles and laughs a bit, "Which is pretty sad considering this is the biggest night of the year for all of us."

Trish smiles a little and nods "Yeah...I guess so." Trish replies as she pushes the lockerroom door open and begins to step in.

Shelton then snaps his fingers, "Hey I got an idea... how about we all celebrate... right here... a bit of a Champion's party."

Charlie looks at his tag team partner and chuckles slightly, "C'mon Shelton, Trish already has plans, I doubt she'd be for doing anything with two young athletic guys like us."

Trish turns back around holding the lockerroom door open and raises her eyebrow "A Champion's party...and how do you suggest we celebrate?" Trish asks with a somewhat smile.

Shelton and Charlie exchange looks and smiles before they look back at Trish. "Well, Charlie and I are known as the world's greatest tag team..." Shelton starts to say.

"And that does kinda go beyond the ring and applies to the bedroom a bit," Charlie adds. Both men get wide grins on their handsome faces as they watch Trish ponder what they said.

Trish laughs a bit "Ok...let me get this straight." Trish says as she places her hands on her hips "Both of you...want to have a fuck-party to celebrate our big wins?" Trish asks bluntly.

Shelton and Charlie both smile and nod their heads, "Yeah, something like that," Charlie answers.

"And we're more than qualified to handle the Women's Champion, since we are the Tag Team Champions," Shelton adds, "So you're guaranteed to have a very good time."

Trish laughs and then folds her arms "If we were to...celebrate...are you two sure you can handle the Stratusfaction I dish out?" Trish smirks a bit "I do have a certain reputation around here..."

"Yeah, we've heard about that 100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed business over on Smackdown, I think we're more the able to give you some World Greatest Tag Team Action," Shelton licks his lips.

Trish nods her and licks her lips slightly "Ok...ok..." Trish shrugs her shoulder "You talk the talk...why don't we see if you walk the walk." Trish replies with a smirk as she enters the Women's Locker room.

Shelton and Charlie hang back and high five each other, "Man this is going to be so fucking awesome..." Charlie says before he steps into the locker room.

"Yeah, I'll bet money that Trish has never seen a thirteen inch black South Carolina trouser snake," Shelton laughs as he follows into the locker room and he closes the door behind him.

Trish looks around the locker room and smiles "Great...coast is clear." Trish seats down her Women's Championship on the couch as she turns around back to Charlie and Shelton "Why don't...one of you lock the door." Trish licks her lips as she takes glances of Charlie and Shelton's bodies "...I wouldn't want anyone to interrupt us."

"I'll do it... I'm closer to the door..." Shelton sighs as he turns around to lock the locker room door.

"Good man," Charlie unzips his hooded jacket and slips it off, revealing his well conditioned upper body underneath it. Charlie looks up and down Trish's body while licking his lips. "Mmmmm mmmm... this is going to be great..."

Trish smirks as she steps towards Charlie, lifting her black tank top overhead revealing her thin laced bra. Trish lets her tank top drop to the floor as she presses her soft hands against Charlie's muscular abs "So, Mr. Haas...tell me have you ever been with a hot Canadian before?"

Charlie licks his lips as he takes a moment to stroke his chin with his right hand, "Up till now... no I haven't... there are no hot Canadians over on Smackdown." Charlie rubs the front of his warm-ups to rub his cock through them as it rises within them. Shelton unzips his jacket and takes it off as he watches Charlie and Trish for the moment.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip as she locks eyes with Charlie. Trish places her left hand against Charlie's crotch "Maybe...I should do something about that.." Trish says seductively as she lowers herself down onto her knees in front of Charlie. Trish places both of her hands at Charlie's waist and begins to tug at his warm-up pants.

Charlie gets a big smile on his face, "I hope you do..." Charlie helps Trish lower his warm-up pants by pushing them down from the sides, revealing a pair of black boxer briefs.

"Awww shit, this is going to be on like Donkey Kong..." Shelton says as he takes off his jacket and flings it on top of one of a near by circular table. Trish waits for Charlie to step out of his warm-up pants before she pulls down his black boxer briefs. Once his boxer briefs are down to his knees, Trish gently grips Charlie's shaft with her two soft hands and begins to move her hands slowly up Charlie's shaft while flicking her wet tongue against the head of his cock, which instantly brings his cock to life.

"Ohhhh fuck..." Charlie moans as he leans his head back as body shudders after feeling Trish's tongue touch the tip of his dick. Shelton licks his ebony lips as he takes off his warm-up pants and his white boxer-briefs so that he's fully nude before he slowly steps towards Charlie and Trish. Trish circles her tongue around on the head of Charlie's now stiff cock as she sees Shelton's black cock out of the corner of her eyes. Trish removes her right hand from Charlie's cock and places her hand around Shelton's shaft as she begins to stroke his black cock, while she slides her wet tongue down Charlie's shaft.

"This is very... Stratusfying..." Charlie closes his eyes while he reaches forward with his left hand to lightly thread his fingers through Trish's beautiful blond hair.

Shelton nods his head as his hips move bit as Trish strokes his long black shaft, "Yeah, she sure knows how to hold a black cock...." Trish slowly moves her hand up Charlie's shaft and rubs the head of his cock with the palm of her left hand, massaging the head of his cock with her warm saliva. Trish moves her right hand down Shelton's black, now hard, cock as she moves her head over and gently pats her tongue against his black shaft.

"Mmmmm yeah Trish, dance that tongue over that mean ol' South Carolina Black Snake..." Shelton moans as he one of his hands on top of Trish's head to see if he can encourage her to do more then pat her tongue against his cock.

Charlie opens his eyes, "Oh god damn, it's the simple things that are so fucking hot..." Trish brings her warm tongue up Shelton's long black and hard cock as she circles her tongue around on the head of Shelton's black cock. Trish opens her mouth and allows his cock to pass through her lips. She wraps her lips tightly around Shelton's cock as she begins bob her head on his shaft. As Trish bobs her head slowly on Shelton's cock sucking him, she moves her hand quickly along Charlie's cock.

Charlie frees his throbbing dick from Trish's hand and steps behind Trish. He gets down on his knees so he can takes hold of Trish's hips to lift her ass up high enough while pulling her backward. Charlie rubs Trish's ass through her leather wrestling pants. "This is a perfect 10 ass..." Charlie grabs hold of the pants and tugs them down so he can see Trish's bare skin ass. He licks his lips and as he pulls down her thong and he then pauses to observe the elegant beauty of Trish's backside.

Shelton looks at his tag team partner with a sly smirk on his face, "How's it looking back there Charlie?"

Charlie grins, "Looks like I found the booty of this treasure hunt..." Charlie grips his shaft and teases pushing it into Trish's pussy. Trish twirls her head around on Shelton's black cock as she laps her tongue around his cock, bob her head on his black cock quicker. Trish soft lips press against Shelton's shaft as she lets inch after inch of Shelton's big cock enter her hot mouth.

After hearing Trish moan, Charlie pushes his cock into her pussy with a swift thrust and almost instantly he feels Trish's pussy clamp tightly around his dick. "Ohhhh shit she's tight!" Charlie groans as he starts to push in and out of Trish.

Shelton wipes a little sweat from his forehead, "Christ Trish... you're got such a hot mouth..." Trish moans against Shelton's cock more as she open her mouth wider taking his big black cock deep inside her warm, moist mouth. Trish shifts Shelton's cock to the right side of her hot mouth, tightening her grip gradually as she slowly laps her tongue around his cock while gently pushes herself back against Charlie's cock that's buried inside of her warm cunt.

"Hey... Charlie..." Shelton moans, "Do... you want to trade up..."

"Sure..." Charlie grunts, "I'd love to get my dick back in her mouth." Charlie pulls out of Trish's pussy just at the same moment Shelton extracts his shaft from Trish's drooling mouth. Shelton steps next to Trish and lays on his side before he takes Trish's body to pull her down next to him. He lifts one of her legs and works his cock into her pussy. Shelton groans softly as his lets his dick rest inside of Trish's pussy for a moment before he starts fucking her with long slow thrusts. "Christ Charlie, She's got a snapping pussy... so fucking tight it's unbelievable..."

"Told you so..." Charlie grins as he kneels near Trish's head, holding his cock near her lips. Trish smiles and flips her hair back out of her pretty face as she opens her mouth and accepts Charlie's cock into her mouth. She clasps her lips around his stiff cock tightly as she starts to rock her head back and forth along Charlie's cock, moaning as she sucks his cock.

Charlie slides his hand against Trish's face as he moans, "Oh yes Trish fuck... you give great head."

Shelton reaches around Trish's body and cups her breast as he pushes harder and faster into her pussy, "Shit... she's incredible..." Shelton moans as he pushes in sharply into her. Trish starts to pushes herself against Shelton's cock, grinding her warm pussy against his stiff cock as sweat begins to roll of her forehead. Trish bobs her head quicker on Charlie's cock, lapping and twirling her tongue against his shaft as twists her mouth on his cock.

"Shit... hey... let's... show her... some... real... tag team action..." Charlie gasps as he removes his cock from her mouth.

"How about... we Stand Tall?" Shelton licks his lips as he removes himself from within Trish and gets to his feet.

Charlie nods, "Yeah... that'll work..." Both men bend down and take one of Trish's arms to help her up to her feet.

"Hope you can handle what we're going to do," Shelton says as he wipes some sweat from his eyes.

Trish laughs a little and slides her hand through her now damp hair "And what would that be, Shelton?" Trish asks licking her teeth.

"It's easier to show you..." Charlie smirks as he stands behind Trish and wraps his arms around her sweaty body to hoist her up. Shelton grabs her legs to spread them apart so he can shove his cock back into her pussy. Charlie pushes Trish onto Shelton, who now holds her still while Charlie works his cock into her tight asshole. Once Charlie is in, both men wait for Trish to get used to the double entry.

Trish grits her teeth upon the double penetration into her pussy and tight asshole "Mmmm... fuck..." Trish moans as she slowly comes down on both Shelton and Charlie's cocks.

"Ohhhh.... yeah... this is what I'm talking about..." Shelton says as he moves his hips to thrust into Trish's pussy.

"Yeah, ahhhh damn, Trish, you got such a tight fucking ass..." Charlie grunts as he pushes his cock as hard as he can repeatedly up into Trish's ass. Trish wraps her arms around Shelton's sweaty body as she rapidly bounces on his and Charlie's hard cocks. Trish comes down harder on Charlie's cock, which causes his cock to slide deeper into her sweet asshole.

Shelton steps forward slightly, pressing his solid sweaty chest against her sweating chest. "Oh god damn Trish, I love your fucking pussy..."

"And your ass... oh fuck... I'm going to fucking fill it up..." Charlie groans as he starts to cum inside of Trish's asshole.

Trish licks her lips as she feels Charlie's warm cum surge into her tight asshole and then begins to drip out of her asshole "Mmmm...ohhh fuck" Trish groans as starts to bounce on her own momentum on Shelton's big black cock.

Charlie pulls out of Trish's asshole and stumbles back towards the couch and sits on it, totally exhausted. Shelton cups Trish's ass with his hands as he pumps his dick in and out of her pussy, "Ohhhh.... ughhhhh ahhhhhhh shit.... Christ... fuck me...." Shelton cries out as he blows his hot load of cum inside of Trish's tight pussy as his knees start to buckle. Trish slowly rocks back and forth Shelton's cock as he drops onto his knees, while Trish's pussy clenches his cock, milking every drop of his warm sticky cum.

Shelton gasps for every breath he takes as he leans forward to lay Trish on the floor, while keeping his cock still in her pussy. "Ohhhhh fuck this was great..." Shelton moans.

Trish moans as she closes eyes while she begins to cum against Shelton's cock "Ohhh...yess...it was..."

Charlie sits up on the couch, "Trish... if anyone... every doubts what you when you say... 100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed... we'll beat the crap out of them..."

Trish laughs as she sits up on her knees after Shelton pulls out of her pussy and sits down on the couch next to Charlie. Trish licks her lips slightly as she looks at Charlie and Shelton "You know...if you really want to prove that you two are The World's Greatest Tag Team..."

Shelton gets up and sits down next to Trish on the couch and puts an arm around her, "Yeah? What do you have in mind?" Shelton asks.

Shelton smiles tiredly as he looks at Trish's hot sweat body, "Yeah? What do you... have in mind?"

"Don't hold out on us..." Charlie adds as he gets a curious look on his face.

Trish smiles "Well...if you want to prove...then you'll be up for another round.." Trish then shrugs and gets up from the floor, standing in front of Charlie and Shelton "...Right about...now!"


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