The Worm


It had all began innocently enough. As Sue Lumbricus rounded a corner in the local Shop and Drop, she bumped into a tall display of tomato sauce cans. Hundreds of plump tomatoes on aluminum crashed to the floor, amidst the howl of a frightened child. Seconds later, people were running wildly and the girl's mother screamed in terror.

In the confusion, Sue hadn't realized what happened at first. It quickly became apparent that a little girl had been buried by the pile of cans! Sue joined the swelling crowd in frantically digging out cans and throwing them to the side. Gradually, bruised arms and legs emerged from the rubble, flailing wildly. A frantic man cut through the throngs of people, pulling the injured child out of the debris and placing her on a stretcher.

"I'm a paramedic...stand back!"

As Sue tried to stand up, she bumped into a large women who almost fell into the pile.

"YOU-you did that on purpose! That's my little girl and she doesn't deserve this!!"

Sue was so shocked she became completely tongue tied. The little girl's mother resembled an ugly witch with a huge nose and penetrating eyes. All she needed was a black hat and a broom to ride off into the night.

"I'm sorry.." Sue finally managed to get out. "I didn't see...."

"How could you miss a seven year old child? You were going too fast and didn't even look!! You're nothing but a worm, a lowly worm!"

Now Sue was getting upset. It was only an accident, after all.

"I am not a worm! I didn't see her!"

"Bullcrap! I know a worm when I see one! You are such a worm that you drag everyone down around you until they are nothing but worms like yourself! Hell!"

The furious woman suddenly starting coming toward her, carrying two large tomato sauce cans. With her heart pounding, Sue started to run, narrowly missing a bagboy in the process. She heard the cans crash into a display behind her as she reached the automated door. Sue was traveling so fast the door was only half open when she pushed past it and sprinted across the parking lot. Once in the car, Sue felt safe. She could see the store manager and several other people running after her in the rear view mirror as she sped out of the parking area at 80 miles an hour. Her hands shook so violently she could barely navigate the half mile ride to her home. Once inside the house, Sue collapsed on the floor and dissolved into tears.

It was all so surreal, the tumbling cans, the witch-mother, the unexpected anger. And such name calling! She certainly was not a worm, not even close to it. How dare did that bitch even suggest such a thing? Sue decided to get up and make some spaghetti and meatballs. Her husband Tom would be home soon and she needed to compose herself so that he wouldn't think she was a complete wimp.

Sue started to hum as she puttered about the kitchen, thinking of how wonderful Tom was. They had only been married six months, and were perfectly matched in every way. Tom was a handsome strapping lawyer, intelligent and witty. Their love life was intensely sensual, especially as they had recently began to explore the pleasures of oral sex.

Sue put a small batch of macaroni into a flowery bowl to test it for hardness. She bit into the first piece heartily, then quickly gagged. Something tasted and smelled like dirt, pure mud. Sue managed to swallow what was in her mouth, then looked down at the angel hair strands to figure out what was wrong. Sue felt, rather than heard the scream escape her throat. It was blood curdling, the utterance of pure horror.

In the small bowl among the remaining spaghetti was one half of the common earthworm, oozing brown guts into red tomato sauce. Sue tried to spit up but nothing came out. She had swallowed half an earthworm! Frantically, she got a large glass of water and downed it in one gulp. That got rid of the horrible aftertaste, but Sue still felt very nauseous. As she was trying to make herself throw up, Tom knocked at the door. Sue jerked her head up from the sink and wrestled open the portal so quickly it slammed into the wall.

"Tom, you're not going to believe what happened today! I tripped over some tomato cans at Stop and Drop and they injured a little girl. Then her mother got mad and started to chase me. She called me a worm and threw cans at me. Then when I got home I made spaghetti and when I tried some to see if it was done I ate half a worm!"

"You ate half a WHAT?" Sue was talking so fast Tom wasn't sure if he was hearing correctly.

"Half a worm! Look!"

Sue picked up the bowl of angel hair and shoved it in Tom's hands. He looked down at the disarray of macaroni within, but didn't see anything unusual.

"There's no worm in here."

Tom tried to look sympathetic, but as he was tired and hungry, only succeeded in appearing slightly annoyed.

"Yes there is, there is!"

Sue dug through the angel hair frantically, like a small child searching for a needle in a haystack. But the remaining part of the worm was gone, along with the foul smell.

"It must have crawled away."

Sue glanced at the floor expectantly, but saw nothing. Tom just stared at her strangely. "Sue, are you OK?"

"Of course I'm OK, you do believe me don't you? You have to believe me, I just ate a worm!"

"I don't feel like eating anything right now...except you!" Tom grinned at Sue like a Cheshire Cat in heat.

Sue immediately melted in his arms, sobbing quietly. It had been a tough day, and sex always relaxed her. The couple made their way to the bedroom, ignoring the bowl of fresh spaghetti on the kitchen table.

"I'll make you forget about that dumb worm!"

Tom quickly unbuttoned Sue's hot pink blouse and salivated to the sight of a matching magenta bra. She shimmied out of her pumps and skirt, revealing flowered crotchless panties. Tom, in turn practically ripped off his shirt and kicked off his loafers, socks, and dress pants. His fat 8 inch cock protruded from his blue and white striped boxer shorts like a spear. Sue took off her own bra and her ample breasts spilled out like ripe melons. Tom immediately sucked on Sue's nipples gently as he kneaded her lovely titties. In return, she worked his fat balls out of the wide fly slit of his boxers and rubbed her fingers over them exquisitely slowly. Tom went lower and lower down Sue's chest with his teeth and tongue until he reached her moist honeypot. Thrusting his tongue like an anxious hummingbird, Tom reached Sue's hard clit on the first try. She started to moan in extreme ecstasy.

"Yes! Yes! Right there! Right there!"

Sue was in neverneverland as Tom's tongue explored every quivering millemeter of her engorged clit. She tried to jack him off at the same time, but ultimately closed her eyes and lay back on the bed, unable to concentrate on anything but the extreme pleasure welling up in her loins. Tom flicked his tongue in and out of her love hole like a miniature buzz saw. She could feel the rasping of his two day old beard hairs against her labia, which only heightened the extreme sensations.

"I can't hold back." Sue's voice got higher and higher, funnier and funnier. "This is it...AAAIIIIEEEEEE!"

As Sue's intense orgasm racked her body, Tom let out a loud grunt and started spewing large gobs of cum all over the bed. The couple's orgasm lasted a good 30 seconds, after which they passed out in a delightful state of bliss into each other's arms, with thoughts of worms very far away.


Sue was the first to wake up as the first light of the new day illuminated the king size bed. Tom was still asleep, and as she ran her hands over his remarkably smooth chest, she noticed regularly spaced raised areas which created segments lined by red skin. It almost looked like Tom had gotten a bad case of poison ivy, but the outlined areas were like nothing she had ever seen before. Sue quickly looked down at her own chest. There were a couple of raised areas, but nothing as pronounced as her husband's markings. Gradually, Tom stirred and opened his eyes. He looked surprised as he took in Sue's startled expression.

"What's the matter? Have nightmares about worms?"

Tom attempted a wry smile.

"You have a weird rash."

Sue continued to run her hands across the raised welts on Tom's chest. He looked down with little emotion.

"Probably just some mosquito bites, I'll pick up some Calodryl at the drugstore today."

"I don't like the way these bites look at all...they're really spreading. Maybe you should go to the doctor."

"Uh-OK, if you insist."

Tom figured he would say he went to the doctor later just to humor her. Besides there were more important things to do. Tonight was the Annual Halloween Costume Party, to be held on the first floor of the three family Lumbricus home. Sue's older sister and her three children would be there from the second floor, along with Tom's parents that lived in an in-law apartment on the third floor. At first, Tom was going to dress up as Spider-Man, but now a new plan arranged itself in his mind. He would call Sue's sister and ask her and her children to wear worm costumes! Tom was pretty sure he could rig up some funky worm hats for himself and his parents. The only way to get Sue through this was to make light of it, and after Halloween she would then forget about the harmless worms completely.

"What are you thinking about?" Sue abruptly interrupted Tom's reverie.

"Just tonight...have you picked out your costume yet?"

"As a matter of fact, I have...a fairy princess!"

"You'll always be my princess!!"

Tom leaned over and gave Sue a long sloppy wet kiss.

"What are you going to be?"

Sue had no clue what Tom had planned to do for the party.

"You'll see." Tom grinned. "It's a surprise!"

With that, he disappeared into the shower, pausing to take in the look of bewilderment on Sue's face.

The rest of the day was uneventful as Sue worked on the gourmet meal she had planned for the costume party. After an appetizer of chicken noodle soup, the guests would be served lobster ravioli, with delicious goat cheese. Sue was having so much fun preparing the meal she completely forgot about the worm incident. When the doorbell rang at 5:00, a gossamer Fairy Princess answered the front door. Sue almost fainted when seven people in worm costumes slithered their way across the threshold.


Tom was dressed as the common brown earthworm, wearing a mask that was nothing but a gaping mouth. Her sister Claire followed in a bright blue worm costume, with her three children sporting red, orange and green segmented strips that were amazingly realistic. Tom's parents wore cute worm hats with a smiley face and actual pictures of living worms. It was all Sue could do to keep from being completely grossed out.

"We thought we would dress as worms to cheer you up!" Claire squeaked. "And we have worm jokes, too!"

Sue groaned as the motley crew sat down at the large dining room table. Alicia, Claire's eight year old was the first to pipe up.

"How do you tell one end of a worm from another?"

"How?" Tom smiled at her broadly.

"Tickle the middle and see which end laughs!"

Everyone at the table erupted in giggles except for Sue, who felt slightly sick. Betty, Claire's middle child at ten, continued the onslaught.

"Why didn't the earthworms go into Noah's Ark in an apple?"

"I don't know" Claire looked quizzically at Betty.

"Because they can only arrive in pairs!!"

More raucous laughter as Sue fought off nausea. The terrible taste of the worm was coming back to her.

June, Claire's oldest at fifteen, finally had her turn.

"What's worse than finding a worm in an apple?"

"What?" Alicia squeaked in a high pitched voice.

"Only finding half a worm!"

The groans and moans at the table were suddenly drowned out by a high pitched shout. Alicia got up from her seat and pushed her bowl of soup toward the middle of the table.

"There's a worm in my soup! It's wiggling!"

Sue was suddenly furious. "There is not, I made that soup by hand myself!"

Claire went over to Alicia's bowl of soup and fished around with a fork. A hushed collective sigh of horror could be heard around the table as she stabbed a large piece of an earthworm, still very much alive.

Betty and June in turn started screaming in abject horror. As the startled guests looked on in bewilderment, several worms pushed their way out of their half eaten lobster ravioli. At the same time, Tom's parents knocked over their wine glasses, revealing several worms swimming within. Complete pandemonium ensued, with Claire's three children running out the door like banshees. Sue's sister mumbled something about getting home early as Tom's parents hastily excused themselves. Tom quickly got Sue into the bathroom where she gagged and retched what little she had eaten. Then the tears came, like hot knives tearing into her cheeks.

"Don't cry Sue, it wasn't your fault, they must have come in from the garden."

Tom lay her gently on the bed and started to undo her princess skirt.

"It is my fault, I'm just a worm like that witch said."

"You are NOT a worm!" Tom bellowed. "And besides, I love you!"

Sue was so surprised at Tom's sudden display of affection she looked over at him lovingly. Her smile quickly changed into a concerned grimace as she tried to determine where his worm costume ended and his real flesh began. Sue was just about to ask Tom how his doctor visit went when he cut her off.

"Let me show you how much I love you."

Tom turned off the light and finished removing Sue's remaining clothing. All her nausea quickly faded away as he dipped his tongue into her love canal. Tom found her swelled clit immediately and licked it with a ferocity that caused Sue to shriek in intense pleasure. The sensations became new and a bit strange as it felt like Tom was thrusting the entire length of his tongue into her vagina. The heightened prickles turned into slight pain and Sue didn't know how much longer she could take such intense sucking.

"Tom, that's enough... I need a break!"

Her lover thrust his tongue even harder in response, not missing a beat.

"Tom, please stop, it hurts!"

Down below, near her crotch, only a loud slurping sound could be heard. At the same time, a sickening odor filled the room.

"Damn it Tom!!"

Sue snapped on the light. Tom had changed completely into a six foot earthworm, whose gaping mouth dripped with her pussy juice.


Sue screamed and screamed as she pushed the creature off her bed. She managed to wrap a towel around herself as she headed for the second floor. Claire would save her, if only she could get there in time. Tom slithered after her as she mounted the circular stairway in the dark, tripping frequently. She finally reached the entrance to Claire's apartment and knocked against the door with such force, it opened with a loud creak.

"Claire, Tom turned into a worm! He's going to kill me!"

She looked into the brightly lit living room only to see Claire morphing into a large earthworm. The upper part of her body was completely transformed, yet her legs were still human. Tom's parents stood on either side of her, similarly transformed into a half-worm, half-man state. The trio immediately ran after her, with Tom a little ways behind. Sue began to gallop down the hallway toward a door which lead to a large wraparound deck. Her only hope was to dive into the pool from the deck and hope that the large worms would drown. As Sue raced toward the deck, she noticed she was turning into a worm as well. Her chest already had large segmented areas which were bulging out in regular rings. Sue let out a scream of dispair as she crashed through the deck door and thrust herself onto the railed balcony. She could see the pale moonlight reflected into the beckoning water. Sue tried to jump into the pool, but her left foot caught at the last minute in the balcony slats. For one horrible moment, she hung suspended over the concrete slabs circling the pool. Then her foot came loose and she fell to the pavement with a sickening thud.


All the commotion in the Lumbricus household bothered the earthworms which were still very much alive in Sue's kitchen. They took refuge in a large basket of fruit, being especially attracted to the half ripe cluster of bananas. In the distance, the siren of an ambulance pierced the calm night, followed by police cars in hot pursuit. Sue was pronounced dead at 11:59, right before Halloween faded into oblivion for another year. Curiously, Tom and Claire as well as their relatives were never seen again, although it is rumored they make frequent appearances in the Lumbricus garden, especially after gentle rains...


"It's the oddest thing!" Sergeant David Bowles gestured with his hands as he tried to relate the strange story to his partner, Sid Macassbee.

"Just before she died she kept saying "kill the worms, kill the worms!"

"What worms?" Sid was incredulous.

"That's the point, there weren't any. But right after that her husband and sister disappeared, along with his parents and her three children."

"Creepy stuff!"

Sid took a banana off the kitchen table and started to peel it. The two detectives had met in the Lumbricus household to check for fingerprints and other evidence. It had been a long and frustrating day, and they were no closer to solving what really happened to Sue Lumbricus then they were when they arrived.

"This banana tastes weird."

Sid practically spit the unevenly colored fruit out of his mouth, missing the odd brown specks that were peppered in the flesh at regular intervals.

"Maybe you could make bread out of it!"

David grinned at his long time partner.

The two men guffawed and made their way out of the Lumbricus home for the last time. As the front door swung shut, Sid practically gagged on the strange aftertaste in his mouth....

* * * * *

Safely ensconsed once more in the cement cracks surrounding the pool, the common earthworm, Lumbricus rubellus, relaxed in the cool soil. It had been a very successful Halloween. Six new members of its tribe and one hopeful. How unfortunate that one poor soul had been lost in the confusion. Usually the metamorphosis progressed without a hitch, but there were always exceptions. And of course, they could look forward to next Halloween...

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