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The Writer's Tongue


"Uhhhhhhh!! Uhhhhhhhh!!" Every word that manifested in Katie's mind escaped her quivering lips as nothing more than a grunt. His head was buried between her legs and his tongue was prodding lower and lower with each passing second. Her body contorted in mysterious ways; it twisted and steeped and her back and neck cracked occasionally. The tongue assault never stopped though. He would flick her clit then move lower and tongue fuck her pussy. It would send her over the edge just far enough for her to gasp, but he wouldn't skip a beat as he would go deeper still and lick at her most intimate of areas before repeating the same process in reverse order.

Katie grabbed at his brown hair and ran her fingers through it scratching at his scalp and neck. He hadn't lifted his head this entire time. He remained firmly planted between her inner thighs and his mouth had suctioned on to her pussy like a vacuum on carpet. She loved every slippery second, every wet whip around, every oral ovation, but she started to worry that he couldn't breathe. He had not taken a break in what felt like hours. It was like he was writing a novel with his tongue. Surely, he had to be tired by now, Katie thought.

As another orgasm raced through her body with his tongue deeper in her ass than it had ever been, she figured it was time to return the favor. She moved her hand down between her legs to grab his chin and pull him up, but he resisted. His head remained firmly planted, his tongue continued to write sentence after sentence. She fought the pleasure and tried again, still no luck. Then it hit her. She had never seen him look up, she had no idea who was eating her pussy. Amidst the already apparent sensations of lust, pleasure, and pure sex crept a new one; nervousness. Katie had to know who was making her feel so amazing, who owned the brown hair, the suction cup mouth and the writer's tongue.

She propped herself up on her elbows, straying for the first time from the laying position she had been enjoying, and used both hands to lift her lover's face. After some mild resistance, she finally got him to stop and look at her. Their eyes met for the first time.

* * *

"Tristan!!" Katie yelled as she shot up in bed. She was panting hard and anxiously looked around her bedroom. She was alone, but a bevy of sounds hit her ears all at once. Layla was barking, the TV had been left on, her radio alarm was going off and there was an indistinct shout from downstairs.

"Katie!! Get ready, people are going to be coming in an hour!!" Justine shouted at her older sister from down on the second level.

Katie couldn't even answer. She was so flustered, so confused, and so turned on. She grabbed her phone and tried to clumsily find her last texts with her co-worker. 'So what time tomorrow?' his last one read. 'Umm...around noon? But you can come whenever you want obviously.' Her response had been. Katie looked over at the clock and the time read 10:57AM. Her mind was coming down from her hysteria, but her pussy remained soaked and unfortunately, realistically unattended to, but she knew there was no time. She had to get ready. In a little over an hour, the perpetrator behind her most recent sex dream would be at her house; half naked in a bathing suit no less.

* * *

Forty-five minutes later, Katie stepped downstairs in a black bikini covered by a burgundy red slip dress. She scanned the room, which was already bustling despite it not being noon yet, for her late-night licker, but could not find him.

Getting ready had been a series of struggles. At first, she grappled with her decision to not turn on her vibrator and shove it inside her and recount the juicy memories from her dream. She knew she would be late to her own family's party if she did. Then once she somewhat managed to quell those wants, the desire to text him became forefront in her mind. She texted him all the time, but this was different. He had no idea what had transpired, but every letter she typed to him would be like a finger prodding further into her pussy. She had to text him to tell him noon was still good and to remind him of her address, but she could not bring herself to do it. Now she surveyed the room with her eyes, zeroing in on each face making sure it was not the one that stared back at her all so lustful in her dream.

The party was already growing beyond the living room and spilling out onto the back deck. Katie moved through the crowd saying hi to family and friends. She made her way out the sliding glass doors onto the back deck her dad had built that overlooked the backyard's crowning achievement; the brand new in-ground pool. With brick inlay wrapped around its oval shape, it looked like a sparkling sapphire set into stone. The curves of the pool hugged the dimensions of the patio that surrounded it with permanent lounging chairs and temporary tables set up just for this event, this christening as Katie's parents called it.

Katie liked the new pool, but what she loved was the new hot tub. At the end of the shallow end, a tiny brick wall had been built and a foot higher up a little round tub had been built with seats running all around its inner edge with a mini slit that created a water fall into the pool when the water in the hot tub got too high. If the pool was a sapphire, the hot tub was a diamond; a single stud of foamy white that massaged and relaxed even the tensest of inhabitants.

Katie leaned over the railing admiring her dad's handiwork and already realizing that a long trip to the hot tub sooner or later was the perfect thing to curb her of the tension that existed in her own body. At that moment, Layla came running over to greet a familiar face that had somehow escaped her attention inside. Katie bent down and pet her furry friend as Layla licked at her face and wagged her tail.

'So this must be Layla!" Tristan's voice completely caught Katie off guard and she fell backwards on to her bikini-covered ass. She would have been embarrassed, but she knew she could easily blame the fall on the dog, when in actuality it was him.

"Yeah, this is my girl," Katie said standing up and regaining at least a little composure, "Layla say hi!" she called to the dog and clapped her hands. Layla got the message and spun around to greet a totally new face with the same energy she had attacked Katie. Tristan was wearing a regular pair of khaki shorts and a Bengals football shirt with a bag shoulder-strapped to his back, which presumably held his bathing suit and towel. Katie looked him up and down as he bent over to greet the dog. She had never studied him so closely before, but now she was noticing every muscle, every hair, every tooth and all in the context of her dream. She couldn't stop picturing it. She couldn't separate real life Tristan from gifted dream Tristan. She felt her bikini bottoms get a little wetter as feeling rushed to her pussy. It wasn't until Tristan stood up and looked Katie in the eyes did she realize how zoned out she must have looked.

"You okay?" he posited, "You are looking a little freaked right now."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Katie replied snapping out of it, "I just realized I never texted you with the address or anything, but clearly you made it here okay!"

"Oh! Yeah, I still had it saved in my text messages I just had to scroll back a bit. Is there anywhere I can change?" Tristan said slinging the bag he had brought off of his shoulders, "I figured I would wear shorts just in case swimming was a later-on activity, but that pool looks bangin, and your mom told me to go jump in it and I think I am gonna take her advice!"

"Oh yeah, there are like five bathrooms and they are all open. I have to go do something for my mom real quick, I will see you in the pool though!" With that Katie left her co-worker and walked back inside. She knew she had been a little short, but her dream mixed with seeing him mixed with the thought of him taking off his shirt and diving into her pool, if she had not removed herself from the situation, she was likely to collapse right there. She could not last an entire party like this. In a split second, Katie knew what she had to do.

Slipping away from the party, she moved back up to the second floor and quietly opened the trap door to her room in the attic, once in her room she grabbed the tool of her desire and made her way back down to the hall bathroom on the second floor. Closing the door, she wasted no time peeling off her red slip dress and parting her soaked bikini bottoms to reveal her glistening pussy. She turned her lelo on and the vibration was almost undetectable to the ear, but to her pussy it would feel like a barreling train.

Katie closed her eyes and touched the tip of her long, smooth toy to her tender opening. She pushed a little harder and it began to stretch her pussy while the vibration massaged her entire body. She had wanted this moment all morning. She was an idiot to think she could face Tristan without first releasing the tension and anxiety of her sex dream about him.

She worked the toy further into her stretching and accepting pussy as she remembered his beard massaging the walls of her inner thighs like thousands of little acupuncture needles. She shoved it in deeper when she remembered how he moved from her pussy to her ass and licked and tongue-fucked her tiny hole with the power and the passion of one in the throws of heat.

Sitting on the toilet leaning her head against the curtained tub, Katie was in heaven. She worked the toy in and out of herself furiously now. She reached her other hand around and gently massaged her own ass while in her mind she pretended that Tristan was controlling everything right now. Her mind wandered and trailed off. Her orgasm began to build. She moved the vibrator in concentric circles going from wide, exaggerated loops to tight and concise ones and back out again. Her finger had found her ass and prodded her tight hole. Ecstasy was at its apex. Her panting had become shallow and she could feel it about to hit.

Then the doorknob turned and Katie realized she had forgotten to lock it. Then the door opened and Tristan walked in, head down, eyes cast to the floor until he lifted it up and saw her. Katie stared at him horrified as her orgasm hit her all at once and it was all she could do to keep from falling off the toilet. She was mortified and embarrassed, but was helpless as her orgasm ripped through her body like a rollercoaster through a turn.

The most surprising part; he didn't leave. He didn't move actually. His eyes bugged at first, but then they settled in. He settled in and watched her. Watched her tight body explode in pleasure, watched lelo going in and out of her pussy as the vibration shook her pussy lips, watched her slender index finger move in and out of her ass with ease and grace. He stood at the door as she came. Katie closed her eyes hoping this was just a dream, but taking extreme pleasure in the fact that it was real. She closed her eyes as the last sensation subsided. When she opened them again, Tristan was gone. He had re-closed the door and left Katie without saying a word. She pulled lelo from her and moved her bikini bottoms back into place. Grabbing her red slip dress, she put it back on over her head and just stood there wondering what to do next.

* * *

Katie had put the toy back in its hidden location in her room and went back downstairs to face the party and Tristan. She mingled with a few friends and got some food. Her parents were running around and her sisters had all invited friends and were either swimming or sitting by the fire pit. Alcohol, she decided, was the best way to approach seeing Tristan again. She grabbed a cup and filled it with beer from one of the kegs sitting on ice on the deck and continued to circle the party looking out for him without really searching for him. After five minutes of snaking her way through the party maze, she found him. He had obviously found another bathroom to change in because he was wearing a grey vertically striped bathing suit and eating off a paper plate while talking to some firemen. Whatever story he was telling, the firemen were clearly enjoying themselves. They were laughing so hard that they were almost doubled over. The one looked up and straight at Katie as she approached and motioned to Tristan. As Katie reached the group, the one fireman who noticed her spoke first.

"Well speak of the devil. We were just hearing some pretty interesting stories about you Katie. Never knew you were capable of such things, but I guess Tristan has a peek into a world that we just don't get to see." The fireman said with a smirk.

"Tristan, can I talk to you for a second," Katie said with a smile on her face, but a sense of dread in the pit of her stomach.

"Sure," Tristan said as he picked up his beer and followed her around to the side deck, the only area of the backyard not overflowing with party guests.

"What the hell were you telling them?" Katie said as soon as they were out of earshot.

"About the one meeting where you basically called the entire math department idiots, but somehow you said it in a way where they took it as a compliment." Tristan replied with a smirk on his face as he sipped his beer, "why? What do you think I was telling them?"

"Nothing." Katie said, staring daggers back at him and his cocky half smile.

"Nothing huh? Didn't seem like nothing. Didn't seem like you were in any hurry to stop once I entered either. Now this might be cockiness, but I think at this point in my life I can tell when a girl is getting off to me, were you getting off to me?" Tristan half asked, half told her.

"I had a dream about you last night," Katie shocked herself with her answer. "Oh my god, I can't believe I just said that, it was a sex dream. And when I saw you, I just couldn't not do it."

Katie knew it wouldn't come as too much of a surprise. After all, the co-workers had been down this road before, but never sober and never during the day. Tristan took another sip of his beer as he looked Katie dead in the eyes.

"So here is what is going to happen," he began to say, "I promise to not tell anyone here what I caught you doing in your upstairs bathroom with the door unlocked with hundreds of people downstairs, and you are going to be at my mercy for the rest of the day," he concluded with a smirk, "keep in mind, you have very little choice right now."

Katie had never gotten wet so quickly after cumming. Her pussy was on fire thinking of all the things Tristan would make her do to keep her secret safe. She could not wait for her first challenge, but the more he knew she liked it, the crazier his mind would go, she knew from experience.

"Okay, fine." Katie said less than pleased, "What do you want?"

"Three things." He had clearly thought this through already, "First, I want a blow job."

"What?!" Katie responded with a combination of nervousness and excitement in her voice, "how are we going to do that?"

"I don't know, figure it out," Tristan said, finishing off his beer.

"What are the other two things?" Katie inquired.

"What? You think I would tell you the other two challenges when you haven't even completed the first yet? Do you know me but at all?" Tristan put his empty cup on the ground and started to walk back to the party. He stopped by Katie's right ear and whispered to her, "better get moving though, number two might take you a while to figure out."

Katie hadn't been turned on like this in years. Every part of her body tingled as she followed Tristan back to the party focused on the singular task of finding a good place to blow him. After much deliberation, she figured out the ideal locale.

Grabbing Tristan's arm, it was her turn to whisper in his ear, "Come with me," she led him through the living room and past the kitchen to a bathroom at the end of the hallway. She opened the door and left him outside, "there is another entrance through that bedroom right there, I will lock this one and leave that one open for you, then we can both slip out unnoticed afterward," with that she closed the door and waited for her partner to open the side entrance.

Tristan had followed the instructions easy enough and now both stood in a locked bathroom with one thing being thought of between them. He locked the door and turned around and Katie was on him. Her lips met his and the surprise sent him backward, knocking into the very door he had just closed. Her tongue escaped her mouth and entered his while his hands found their way to her red slip dress, grabbing and tugging at the material and the gorgeous body that lie beneath. Katie began to kiss down his body moving from his lips to his neck. She lifted his shirt up as she went down so she could kiss his exposed chest and lick and suck on his nipples. She even went so far as to nibble on them, using her teeth to elicit a reaction from her subject. All the while her hands were grabbing at his bathing suit and tugging them down trying to free the rock hard equipment that lie beneath.

Katie slid down Tristan's body with the grace and cunning of a snake, tongue darting out of her mouth, licking as she went until finally she released the object of her lust and desire. It sprung up so fast it nearly hit her in the face, but she was able to get out of its boomerang trajectory and, resting on her knees, came face to face with it. Then she devoured it. The pent up sexual frustration she had been feeling was all released in one long suck. She fit his head into her mouth and went down as far as she could go until her gag reflex took over and held it in her mouth admiring its width and length.

Tristan had to brace himself for her mouth on his cock. He grabbed at anything he could. There was a shelf next to the door he swung his hand on haphazardly and knocked some shampoo bottles from. They didn't fall off the shelf rung thankfully but it caused quite the commotion, but only seemed to spurn Katie on further. She began taking long deep sucks of his cock into her mouth. She would go down as deep as she could, hold it, then when she felt the breath leaving her body, come all the way off it and catch her breath before plunging back down again.

Tristan was breathing frantically with this angel sucking his cock. He would run his hand through her hair and place it on her shoulder for stability. She started using her hands as well grabbing at his naked ass, pushing him further into her mouth and she started a rhythm of sucking and rubbing his cock that drove him to his tiptoes. He was having trouble staying quiet, afraid that his grunts and moans would draw attention to the bathroom. He was getting closer and closer as Katie licked and sucked and rubbed his cock with the ease of a pro. Her mouth felt like silk wrapped around his dick. She lifted it up in the air rubbing as she did and began sucking his balls into her mouth, licking his sack with the same ferocity with which she had attacked his cock earlier. Katie took turns putting Tristan's balls into her mouth and when he tapped her on the shoulder she barely had enough time get her mouth back on the head of his cock before he started to cum. She frantically caught four large spurts of cum hit her tongue as she rubbed his cock to completion. When he was done, she kept it in her mouth long enough for him to know it was there then swallowed the entire thing.

Tristan didn't speak for a minute while Katie adjusted herself, got a drink of water from the sink and made sure she didn't look like she had just sucked off her co-worker. He still had his pants down when she turned and smirked to him, "so what's challenge two?"

* * *

He has gone too far, Katie thought as she walked up to the second level and pulled the trap door to her room. There was no way she was going to be able to complete challenge two, she didn't even know why she had accepted it. She should have said no and asked him to think about something else, but it was just so shocking and so hot that she wanted to see if she could do it. She climbed up to her room and looked around it. She knew exactly what she needed, but she was stalling. His voice replayed in her head, take the vibrator, the voice in her head said. She located the safe place where she kept it. Turn it on, she clicked the bottom and the low buzzing began. Put it inside of you, she took a deep breath, lifted up her slip dress, parted her bikini bottoms and put the vibrator in her up to the hilt in one try; she had been soaking wet all day so it went in easier than most times. Use your bikini to hold it in place, she moved the fabric back over the end of the vibrator and it stayed with it fully inside her and the small extension vibrating furiously against her clit. And rejoin the party for five minutes.

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