tagMatureThe Wrong Woman

The Wrong Woman


Marilyn laid back on her bed naked except for cream hold up stockings and the cream high heels she was wearing. She also had a twin set of pearls around her neck.

Marilyn was a glamorous mature woman with a full figure, large artificial breasts, a flat stomach courtesy of several tummy tucks but with shapely long legs.

She was slowly stroking her pussy as she watched Jake get undressed. He slipped his t-shirt over his head to reveal his smooth slim chest and she smiled as he pulled down his jeans then quickly followed with his boxer shorts to reveal his rapidly growing cock.

Marilyn at fifty two years of age was exactly twice Jake's age. She really enjoyed these trysts when her husband was away working.

Jake was a good looking young man. He was naturally slim with boyish good looks but he sported a nine inch cock which he knew how to use. He also had a huge ego.

Jake climbed onto the bed and rubbed the fat head of his cock over Marilyn's wet pussy lips before flexing his hips and driving his hard throbbing cock deep into her grasping cunt. She flung her head back and groaned.

There was never any fore play with Jake, just hard fucking.

'Oh God yes. Fuck me with that big hard young cock baby. Give Mummy your cock.

Jake smiled to himself. Marilyn often liked to role play and today Jake was to be her incest plaything.

In reality, Marilyn had two daughters, one was married and the other was at university so her fantasy of fucking her little boy was a real turn on for her.

She could feel her orgasm build as he continued to pound into her. Jake raised himself up on this hands so he could watch her face as she came. He could see her tits sitting proud on her chest hardly moving as he fucked her hard.

'Oh fuck Jake I'm cumming. You're making Mummy cum!'

Marilyn screamed and her juices soaked Jake's still pistoning cock.

He pulled out of her and told her to get on top of him.

He laid back as Marilyn slipped his cock between her pussy lips and pushed down, sliding onto him.

As she began to ride him he watched her fake tits bounce up and down.

'Oh baby. Do you like Mummy fucking you? Do you like Mummy riding your big hard cock?

Jake smiled back. He knew he didn't need to answer her as she was saying it to turn herself on.

'Oh baby boy. Mummy is going to cum again. Oh yes. Oh fuck!!'

More of her juices poured over his thighs as she collapsed onto his chest.

'On your hands and knees. It's my turn to cum now!' he ordered.

Soon he was behind her pounding her sweet pussy and giving her orgasm after orgasm.

He could feel his balls churning and with one final hard stroke he came shooting his cum deep into the older woman.

As usual Jake pulled out, walked into the bathroom to get cleaned up then he dressed and left but not before picking up a white envelope with his name on it on the vanity unit.

Marilyn sighed but she knew this was how Jake worked. He didn't like to hang around after he had cum.

Jake didn't have a job or any possessions other than his motorbike and a leather jacket but he made his money servicing rich middle aged, bored housewives whose husbands preferred to make money rather than love.

Marilyn didn't realise she was one of four ladies that Jake regularly screwed for money.

He usually picked up his targets in his home town when the older ladies did their shopping at high end boutiques or up market department stores. After flirting he would buy them a drink and arrange to go round to their homes where he would fuck them so good they would want to see him again.

That's when he would hint he wouldn't be able to see them again as he didn't have any money and he would need to get a job. They would offer to compensate him for his time if he would go back again.

It was Thursday, Jake's favourite day of the week as it was Market Day and there was always more ladies in town that particular day.

On the other side of town Sandra Moore had just stepped out of the shower and had dried herself on a large white fluffy towel before padding back to her bedroom..

She dropped the towel and looked at herself in the full length mirrored doors of her wardrobe.

'Hmmm, not bad for forty six,' she thought. She looked at her flat stomach and was pleased it was still taut after all the years. It was probably because she never had children. Actually she couldn't have children but she had gotten over that many years ago.

She saw her large breasts with full nipples standing proudly on her chest and smiled. Her husband Bill admitted that was all he saw when he first set eyes on her.

Sandra was proud of her breasts that on her petite five feet three inches looked enormous.

She turned her back to the mirror to view her bottom.

'Hmmm, bigger than it once was,' she smiled to herself.

Sandra took a tube of moisturiser and squirted an amount into her hands before rubbing it into her legs then worked her way up her thighs and stomach.

Another large dollop was squeezed and applied to her breasts. When she ran her hands over her nipples she shuddered. She began to squeezed and caress them making herself moan. Her nipples were always her Achilles heel. Whenever her husband felt randy he would stroke her breasts then play with her nipples. This turned Sandra on so much she would jump on her husband, straddle his six inch cock and fuck him hard.

She and Bill never had sex in the missionary position as Bill was afraid he would hurt her. He loved to fuck her doggy style in front of the wardrobe mirrors and watch her huge tits sway as he pounded her.

Bill was a big man. He stood six feet four inches and weighed eighteen and a half stone. He was built of solid muscle honed through hard work on building sites and not manufactured in a gym.

He had worked with his father who owned a building firm since he was fourteen years old. He moved into the company full time when he was sixteen and took it over when his Dad retired fifteen years ago. Now at the age of fifty he had made it into a very successful construction company.

Bill didn't want to hurt his gorgeous petite wife.

Once she had moisturised she put on a little make up, a bit of eye liner that augmented her big blue eyes, a little blusher and a discrete shade pf pink lipstick. After drying her short blonde hair it was time for her to get dressed.

Sandra didn't own cotton underwear. Bill had forbidden it and only allowed her to buy silk and satin undergarments so she took out a white satin bra, silk couldn't hold up her big tits, and a black silk thong to go under her well fitted black trousers that showed off her bubble butt.

She took out of her closet a silver satin blouse that she finished off with a wide shiny black belt which pulled the blouse in and showed off her breasts to their best advantage.

A red bolero jacket, a pair of red three inch heels and her red Mulberry bag completed the look.

After a quick twirl in front of the mirror she grabbed her phone and purse which she placed in her handbag and walked downstairs to find her car keys.

She parked the Mini Cooper in a car park behind the main street of shops.

The town was of a medium size but quite upmarket with a few expensive areas to live. Hence the number of boutique clothing shops that Sandra loved.

Jake spotted her as soon as she hit the High Street. He focused on her huge breasts encased in the shiny silver satin blouse and her tight black trousers. His cock throbbed at the thought of fucking her.

He watched as she disappeared into a boutique clothes shop so he waited across the road looking at the reflection of a shop window until she came out. He followed her down the High Street and saw her disappear into another clothes shop.

Again he hung around over the road from her. She emerged from the shop empty handed and headed towards a large department store.

'Yes!' thought Jake. 'This is it.'

He followed her in and saw her on the escalator heading for the ladies department. He followed at a safe distance behind her.

She was browsing through items on the sale rail as Jake moved a couple of feet away, pretending to look at the clothes for sale.

He was startled when a voice asked him if she could help him.

It was a young smiling shop assistant.

He gave out a huge sigh.

'I'm not sure. I'm not really sure why I'm doing this. Well I know why but I don't know what I'm looking for. It's my girlfriend's birthday in a few days and we've only been going out a few weeks and I'm not sure of her size or if she even would like clothes as a present.'

The assistant giggled and Sandra turned towards him and smiled sympathetically at him.

'He seems a nice boy,' she thought. Then as an afterthought, 'quite cute too.'

Jake ventured down to the ground floor to wait for Sandra to come down.

He saw she was headed towards the exit doors ans managed to arrive a split second before she did.

'After you!' he said opening the door for Sandra,

'Thank you,' she answered with a smile.

Jake ogled her breasts as she passed him.

He waited to see what direction she went then walked fast and overtook her.

As he walked ahead he managed to free his wallet from the front pocket of his jeans and let it fall onto the pavement.

'Excuse me!'

'Excuse me' she shouted louder but Jake ignored her and continued to walk up the High Street.

When he felt a tap on his shoulder her turned around with a bewildered look on his face to see Sandra holding his wallet

'You dropped this', she told him.

Jake then went into overdrive thanking her profusely and saying how much he appreciated it.

He took it from her and held her wrist with his other hand.

'Look, let me buy you a drink for being so considerate.' he said.

'No. Oh no, I couldn't', she told him.

'Oh please. I really would be grateful if you did. There's a lovely old pub around the next corner. Look. Just there. Please, just the one.'

With that he led Sandra towards the pub. She felt obliged and thought one drink couldn't do any harm.

It was a typical old English pub with exposed beams and thick walls. It was divided into a small bar area and an even smaller snug, Jake led her into the snug and sat her at a table near the corner on a bench seat that ran around the inner wall.

'What can I get you to drink? Sorry I don't even know your name.' he asked.

'Sandra. And I'd like a dry white wine please.'

'Great. I'm Jake' he replied before walking to the bar to get the drinks.

He ordered two dry white wines. He'd read about mirroring and remembered it made the other party feel more comfortable.

He returned with the drinks and sat to the right of Sandra, maybe a bit too close for her liking but she just smiled and thanked him for the drink.

They chatted for a while when Jake noticed Sandra had nearly finished her wine. All the time they were chatting he couldn't stop stealing glances at her tits. He found that his cock was quite hard in his jeans.

'Do you mind Sandra...' he paused. 'If I say you really are very, very attractive.'

Sandra blushed and wondered if he was hitting on her.

'Not only that you are extremely sexy too.'

He took her right hand and placed it on his cock over his jeans.

'Feel that Sandra,' he said as he forced her to squeeze his cock and run her hand over its length. 'You did that to me!'

'Oh my!' she declared as she snatched her hand back and ran towards the ladies toilet.

Inside she leaned on the sink, looking in the the mirror.

'What was that all about?' she thought. 'Surely I didn't do anything to encourage him?'

She felt obliged to wash her hands and it was only when she was drying them under the hot air machine that she remembered she had left her bag behind.

'Oh God! My purse!' she declared. She had visions of Jake running off with it. She walked back into the bar trying to look composed and was pleased to see her bag was still where she had left it.

'Thank you for the drink but I must go now,' she told him as she grabbed her handbag and turned to leave.

'See you soon Sandra,' called Jake as she exited the pub.

Unbeknown to her Jake had opened her bag, took out her phone and rang his own mobile before erasing the call from Sandra's phone and putting back.

He'd also found her purse which contained her driving licence which showed her address. So now Jake had Sandra's address and her phone number.

The next day was Friday on which Sandra normally did the house work so everything would be neat and tidy for Bill over the weekend when he didn't work.

She was surprised when her phone pinged with a text message. She had no idea who the number was so she cautiously open the message.

It read: 'Hi Sandra, it was nice to meet you yesterday. I shall be at your house at 11 am to get to know you better. Wear something nice. We wouldn't want your husband to find out would we. Jake x

Sandra panicked for a second or two. 'How...?' was the first question that jumped in her mind. 'What does he want?' was the second.

She looked at the clock and saw it was nearly half past nine. Luckily she'd showered but she wondered what she should do. 'Leave the house?' she thought. 'But what if he made up a pack of lies to Bill?'

She decided she would wait for him and tell him that he'd got it all wring and that he should leave. She certainly wasn't going to dress up for him.

She went upstairs and cursed at not having any cotton underwear. She thought her usual stuff would be better than none at all so she put on a satin bra and found the biggest pair of silk panties that she had with tight knicker elastic around the legs and waist.

She wore an old cream satin blouse that she tucked into an old blue pleated skirt that came down to her knees. She didn't put on any make up and decided not to wear heels.

At eleven o'clock the doorbell rang and a nervous Sandra went to open it. Jake just breezed in past her and saw the kitchen ahead.

'Wait!' she called after him before following him into the kitchen. He placed his motorcycle helmet on the floor and flung his leather jacket over a kitchen chair.

'Not quite what I had in mind but you still look sexy,' grinned Jake as he grabbed her and pushed her up against the kitchen table.

'Why don't we say hello properly?' as he leaned in to try to kiss her.

She moved her face as his lips found her neck and his hands her breasts.

'Oh God,' cried Sandra in shame. Jake thought it was passion so he kept on nibbling her neck then up to her ears as his hand unbuttoned her blouse and fondled her satin clad breast.

Sandra was frozen in shock, humiliation and fear.

When Jake had pulled out her left breast and started to pinch her nipple she let out a groan.

Taking that for another sign of pleasure he grasped Sandra's wrist and dragged her back to the hallway and up the stairs to the bedrooms.

He paused at the first open door and saw a large double bed with a sheet and two pillows on it.

'This will do!' thought Jake as he dragged her inside and pushed her onto the bed.

Sandra fell onto her back, her large breast still bare with it's erect nipple, plump and hard.

Jake jumped on the bed and forced her legs open.

'I think I'll fuck her slowly at first until she gets used to me then I'll strip her and fuck her in all positions.' he thought.

Sandra stared in disbelief as Jake undid his jeans and pulled them and his underwear down to his knees. She gasped at the sight of his huge hard cock.

'Wait. No, we can't do this...'

Jake knelt between her legs and pulled the gusset of her tight white silk panties to one side before leaning over her and slipping the head of his cock into her tight silky pussy.

'No, No. Please stop. Oh my God it's too big. Please...Oh fuck!' she cried as Jake slid four inches inside her.

'Shit!' thought Jake. 'It's like fucking a tight velvet glove. I'll have to be careful not to cum too soon.'

Sandra kept begging him to stop and pull out but Jake thrust his hips and impaled himself fully inside the older woman.

'Oh God. No. Please. Oh my God!' she cried as Jake started to slowly fuck her, pulling nearly all the way out before sliding his full length back deep inside her.

After a few minutes Sandra could feel the start of her orgasm build. She hated the thought that this boy was going to make her cum against her will. She'd never been fucked in that position before either.

Jake looked down and saw Sandra with her eyes closed muttering something under her breath. Her large breast with its long hard nipple bounced as he continued to fuck her.

He couldn't resist it and leaned forward and took it in his mouth, sucking and gently biting it.

That sent an electric shock through Sandra's body.

She flung her arms around his neck trapping his face to her breast and hooked her legs around the top of his thighs.

She then started to buck under him. One, two, three, four times she fucked him back hard.

'Oh shit!' cried Jake as he felt his balls churn. He tried to pull out but she had him trapped.

With a squeal she came. Her juices spurting all over his cock as her spasming pussy tried to milk him.

'No, no...' thought Jake but then Sandra collapsed back on the bed releasing him.

Jake pulled his cock out but the tight knicker leg elastic rubbed on the exposed purple head of his dick.

'Oh fuck!' he cried as the first rope of cum splattered the inside of Sandra's thigh. The next two splashed against the tight gusset of her silky white panties that had moved back into place and the fourth jet just dribbled over the bed sheet.

'Fuck!' he thought as he looked down at Sandra with one arm over her eyes, sobbing quietly and her other hand had managed to pull her skirt back into place.

He pushed his now flacid cock back into his jeans, refastened them and then went back downstairs before grabbing his crash helmet and jacket.

'Fuck! How could I have picked the wrong woman?' he thought as he rode back to his flat.

Once back he showered and was laying on his bed when his phone rang. Thinking it was Sandra he glanced at the screen only to see it was Myra, an Indian lady he had recently been servicing.

He had met Myra in the local shopping mall a few months ago. She had been with her daughter Prisha who he had known at school. Prisha had suggested the three of them go for a coffee.

Over coffee Prisha referred to him as Python. Myra asked her daughter what she was talking about and a laughing Prisha had told her mother it was Jake's nickname in school because of his huge cock even then.

When Prisha had popped to the toilet Myra had written her number on a paper napkin and asked Jake to call her the next morning. Jake told her he never rang as it was too dangerous but he would text and she could call him if it was safe to do so.

Myra was a tall, slim and simply beautiful Indian lady who was married to a very successful barrister who spend most of the week in London.

A few days later Jake arrived at her palatial detached house on the outskirts of town and was greeted by Myra wearing a red silk sari.

She wasted no time in taking him upstairs. On the landing she asked him to take off all his clothes. Jake didn't argue and soon he was naked.

Myra marched him along to the guest bedroom where Jake was surprised to see an opulent room with a four poster bed in its centre.

Myra unwrapped her sari to reveal her stunning naked body.

'God, you are simply gorgeous,' said Jake as he moved towards her, his hard cock bouncing in front of him.

He hugged her close as he felt her large breasts pressing into his chest. He moved his head to kiss her but she pulled back.

'That is only for my husband!'

Jake let his hand wander down to her unshaven pussy. She grabbed his hand.

'That is also only for my husband!'

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