The X-hibitions: Forced & Liking It


"Fuck, just turn her around," whined D after she failed to get my slippery cock near enough to threaten Jeanie's anus. "That way I can stick mine into her pussy while he's being gay with her ass."

"Turn around bitch!" ordered the girl beside me. "Bend over and get hold your ass open or I'll cut your butt good."

What could we do? They pretty much had us both at their mercy. Jeanie's eyes were wide with fear as she did as she was told, turning around and bending over. Her white hands reached out and grasped the meat of her buttocks, pulling them apart and exposing her still wet vulva, and, just above it, the tiny pink rosebud of her asshole.

Fuck, that was arousing in spite of the danger we were both in. My cock grew even harder at the sight.

The girl pulled hard at my cock, drawing me towards Jeanie's twitching, exposed rear orifice. Oh damn. This wasn't good at all. Once I got in there, D would get his way with her pussy, and neither I nor Jeanie could do anything about it. Fuck, what should I do?

Good thing that Jeanie's fear made it impossible for me to stick it into her ass. She was just too tense, and her anus stayed primly shut despite the best efforts of the girl and the leader, who was pushing me from behind.

I decided I'd had enough and suddenly thrust my hips backwards, shoving the leader onto his butt on the dirty alley floor. The rest of the gang burst out in laughter.

"Dude, you just cost yourself one ball," he snarled as he scrambled back to his feet.

"I... look, this isn't working," I said, thinking quickly. "She's just too scared."

"Fuck, let's just do her," said D impatiently. "Forget about him screwing her."

"No, you stupid fuck," said the girl who liked him. "He hasn't put his spunk in her yet. So that means..."

"That means if we do anything to her, we'll be charged with rape, idiot!" finished the leader from behind me. He sounded like he had regained his composure. I heard him slapping his hands on his thighs, dusting them off. "If this fucker leaves his spunk in her, however, it would make everything a little more complicated for the police. Get it?"

"But... he's taken too long," whined D again. "I've had my fill of waiting. It's my turn now."

"Listen, she's too nervous," I chipped in. "Her muscles are clamping down so there's no way I can get in."

"OK dude, so what's your plan?" said the leader. "If you don't get off in her, we're taking off your prick, remember, so this had better be good."

"How about if she turns around to face me?" I said, the idea suddenly striking me. If Jeanie was facing me, there was no way D could get any access to her pussy. "She might relax more if she was looking at me instead of at the wall."

"Really? And how do you propose to fuck her in the ass like that?" said the girl who liked D. "We already tried that just now."

"Like this," I said, pulling Jeanie's left leg up from its position on my hip to rest it on my shoulder. Then I quickly pulled her other leg up to rest on my other shoulder as well, leaving Jeanie leaning against the alley wall. My hands clasped around her waist, supporting her.

"BEN!" Jeanie squealed. "What are you DOING?" Her arms reached out to clasp around my neck as she (and I) felt my cock sliding along the groove of her buttocks.

"I'm sorry Jeanie," I said as I looked into her panicked eyes. "I think this would work better for us... for now. Trust me."

"Hey, that might work," said the other girl, and she squatted to hold my cock in position. I felt my head butt against a a tough, resisting wall.

"Ben! I... I've never done..." Jeanie's eyes were fearful and... I thought I saw a bit of lust in them too. "Not in my asshole!"

"Trust me, Jeanie," I said to her again as the girl yanked impatiently at my prick, which bounced and made no headway against Jeanie's tight anus. "This way... at least no one can do anything to you in your pussy..."

"Oh...ok. But I... I'm not sure about this," Jeanie stammered. Her eyes showed her bewilderment and definitely, her lust as well. She was getting turned on by the idea, I was sure of it.

"Come on, come on," I heard D groan behind me. "Get going you fucker!"

"You idiot, wait your turn," I heard the leader say to him. "OK, dude, you got your way. Now go for it. We don't have all day."

"Jeanie my dear," I whispered, gazing deep into her lust-filled eyes. "May I... fuck your ass?"

Her eyes widened at the question, then closed as she breathed out slowly. "Yessss..." she sighed and I felt the tight bud in front of my cock slowly relax.

I didn't push it, I just let her get herself ready. The girl was right, it was a good thing my cock was lubed up with Jeanie's fluids, because it made me slippery enough to enter her rear orifice with relative ease. I felt the muscular ring open up slowly to swallow the tip of my cock.

"God, it's going in," I heard the girl yell from under me. "The bitch is taking it in her ass!"

"Oooooohhhhh..." Jeanie sighed as I felt my cock slip slowly into her. It felt like a door opening slowly for my cockhead, and I slowly pressed forward, giving her ample time to get used to the sensation of her asshole being penetrated.

The girl beneath was trying hard to urge me forward, but she was a little too excited by it all. I ignored the attentions of her hands and focused instead on sweet Jeanie, whose mouth was open slightly. She was breathing loudly and her eyes remained closed, but she didn't look as if she was in pain. I really didn't want to hurt her after all.

"Fuck, the head is in," I heard the girl announce. "She's really taking it!"

I didn't need her to tell me what had happened -- I could feel Jeanie's soft springy flesh surrounding my cockhead and knew that it was her rectum that was gingerly embracing my erection. Just behind the head, I felt the tight ring twitching as it clasped my stem, as if Jeanie was accepting, yet unsure of this forbidden act.

"B...Ben... your monster, it's in... my ass!" Jeanie moaned as her eyelids fluttered. I think she was getting into it, but hadn't quite decided how she should feel about it. Several times, as I pressed forward, I felt her asshole clamp tightly onto the stem of my cock, then slowly relax. Her rectal passage was velvety soft and parted easily before the tip of my probing prick.

"Ohhhh... goddd! That... it feels... weird... Good weird..." Jeanie moaned as I slid deeper up into her opened backside. I was careful not to drive forward too forcefully, even though it seemed to me the spongy flesh around my cock was urging me on. The girl who had been holding my cock had let go, and was now just looking on from below, cooing at the sight of Jeanie's asshole swallowing up my cock.

"Ooooh, look at that," I heard her exclaim to her mates. "He's going in so easily!"

I ignored her and focused my attention on Jeanie's face. Any sign she gave of being in pain and I would stop. At least, that's what I told myself. The truth was, the feeling of her spongy rectal passage opening up before me was driving me to distraction -- I was sorely tempted to drive forward in one solid thrust until I was balls deep in Jeanie. Her anus was still clasping and relaxing, clasping and relaxing on my cock stem, and it felt like she was drawing me inwards, wanting me to probe deeper into her backside.

"God, Ben," she gasped. "You're really getting a good deal here, aren't you? First my pussy, now my ass!"

"Huh," I grunted as my cock slid completely up into her. I was balls deep in Jeanie's ass, and it felt as though my erection would burst. I wasn't really responding to her, I was more focused on what we had to do to get out of this situation unscathed. But damn. She was right. The situation wasn't ideal, but I was doing too badly right now... having sunk my cock all the way into Jeanie's butt.

"Come on, man, fuck her in the ass!" D whined again behind me, and I felt someone push me. I don't think it was the leader, the hand was too slight, so I thought it was probably the girl who had now moved behind me and was now squatting just under my ass. I ought to blow a fart on her head, I thought, and almost burst out laughing.

"He's right dude, time to go to work," warned the leader and I shrugged. Jeanie's eyes were closed and she was breathing shallowly. I wondered if the entire situation had driven her to a state of unconsciousness. Then she opened her eyes and looked straight at me.

"I think you should do what they tell you, dear," she whispered to me. "I think I can ta...ooooh!"

I drew my cock out from her ass slowly, then pushed forward again at the same even pace. I couldn't afford to come too quickly into her, because it would mean the guys would be taking their turns next, and I'd still not come up with a viable plan of action.

"Fuck, you should see her asshole, man," I heard the girl say from behind me. "It's like a huge crater in her butt when he puts it in, and sticks all the way out when he's pulling out... it's like... she doesn't wanna let go of his cock..."

Jeanie was ooh-ing and ah-ing in the meantime, in reaction to my slow fucking of her ass. I think she was getting the hang of it and beginning to enjoy it after her initial misgivings.

"Oooohhh... Ben... it feels like I'm... shitting again... and again... ooooh!" she moaned and the youngsters laughed.

"Get your ass moving, dude," said the leader, the menace returning to his voice. "I don't think I can hold my friend here back for much longer."

"Damn right," muttered D. "I'm ready to go right now!"

"Mmmmm..." Jeanie was moaning in my ear. "I didn't know... ass fucking was... this good..."

I ignored their commands to speed up, but Jeanie had other ideas. She slipped her hands down my shoulders to my waist and began slamming her buttocks down on my cock, increasing the tempo and intensity of the fucking.

"Jeanie... no," I whispered as she ground her hips on mine. "I... if I come in you, they'll..."

She ignored me, or perhaps, she hadn't heard me. Her eyes were shut tight and she appeared to be concentrating on the sensations in her impaled ass. I felt her anal ring grip me tightly as a series of spasms shook her insides, and her rectum seemed to be milking me like her vagina had earlier. Damn. I tried to do the same thing I'd done earlier -- focus on something else so that I wouldn't come into her, but it was a lot harder this time. Jeanie's vagina was not slack by any means, but her ass was something else altogether.

It was a seesaw battle I was having, trying to prevent myself from coming into her even as her body invited me to do so. I think I was doing a pretty OK job of it too, until I was distracted by something. That something began with a yell from behind me.

"Shit! The cops! Run!" the girl who liked touching my cock yelled.

"Good, the police are here," I panted the good news to Jeanie. I didn't stop fucking her in the ass at the news. Or rather, I wasn't allowed to. Jeanie was still shimmying her body, pressing my dick up as high as it would go into her quivering butt.

It took her a few seconds to register what I'd said. Then her eyes opened wide and she looked at me in horror."Police? Oh god, they'll see... me naked... and you fucking... in my assssss...Uhhhhhhh!!"

If the orgasm she had had the previous night had been impressive, the one she had when she realised that the policemen would see her being sodomised was absolutely devastating. I felt her anal ring clamp down so hard I couldn't move in or out of her, and her rectal walls suddenly convulse around my cock.

It caught me by surprise so that I came too. Actually, I didn't just come... I literally exploded in her ass. I felt my cock swell and my come suddenly burst out, spurting like a fire hose, coating her rectum with everything my balls had. And I do mean everything. It was literally the longest I'd ever come into anyone, and even when I was sure I had nothing left to give, my cock managed to spurt a couple more times into her squeezing, squirming hole.

When I was was finally done, I was pretty much exhausted. Jeanie appeared to be equally worn out -- her eyes remained closed even while she gasped and moaned and shuddered out the last remains of her orgasm.

I suppose we should have tried to cover ourselves up or something, but the truth was we didn't have the energy to do much anyway. Not after a gargantuan come like that. By the time the policemen separated us (my cock slipped out of her anus with an obscene 'pop' when I was pulled away from her), we were so weak we just about fell to the floor.

What followed was a quick trip to the police station, followed by about an hour's worth of interrogation by the police. I honestly can't give you all the details because my climax had been so immense I think I barely managed to make sense in my statements.

Still, we managed to make our case to the police. They had responded to a complaint of public nudity and a couple having sex in public, and had initially considered pressing charges against us for precisely that, along with an additional charge of "sex against the order of nature". Apparently, anal sex between consenting adults was taboo here. Fortunately, Jeanie and I had managed to convince them that we had been coerced into the act.

Good job that they had managed to get hold of a couple of the kids whom we'd run into too -- the knives on the girl and the leader, Jeanie's cut bra and dress sans four buttons served to prove our account to be the truth.

Anyway, we had regained much of our energy when we left the police station after the interrogation. One of the policewomen had kindly given Jeanie a pair of tights to wear under her ruined dress. I gave her my shirt so her breasts wouldn't be exposed (her bra had gone into the evidence locker), so I walked out of the station shirtless. She wasn't wearing her panties -- I carried the soiled garment in the pocket of my jeans -- and was walking funny. I would've laughed if I hadn't known it was me that had done that to her -- I thought it was because her ass was sore after that session in the alley.

We didn't say anything to each other until we got back to the suite... when the door shut behind us, she suddenly turned around and kissed me with those pouty lips of hers.

I felt a slight stirring down there and wondered at just how she managed to bring life back to my cock after such a devastating fuck. But she managed it alright -- the very scent of her, or perhaps I should say, the scent of our recent congress, the soft, velvety touch of her lips on mine contrived to make me want more.

"Fuck, Ben, that was the most awesome fuck I've ever had," she whispered.

I nodded. "Me too." What else could I say? It was the absolute truth.

She suddenly hit me on the shoulder. "Damn, Ben, you've fucked me in both holes within 24 hours! You lucky fuck! You must be pleased as hell!"

I grinned at her. "Well, it wasn't as if I didn't have any encouragement."

"Are you calling me a slut?" she shot back, smiling, then looked serious. "Seriously Ben, do you think I'm a slut? I mean, what we did..."

"Hey, stop with the guilt trip already, Jeanie," I looked right in her eyes as I said this. "A slut wants to fuck as many guys as she possibly can. Far as I can tell, you were only interested in fucking me."

"Yeah, that's true," she said thoughtfully. "Still, it was like... having other people look at me naked... having sex... was a huge turn on!"

"Yeah, it was, alright," I agreed with her. My cock did too, stirring within my briefs. Damn, she's going to kill me if she keeps this up.

"Do you think any worse of me now, Ben?" she asked suddenly. "Now that you know I... I'm that sort of girl..."

"Don't be silly," I looked into her eyes as I spoke. I meant it too. "We're just... different, that's all."

"We? You mean it was great for you too?"

"Yeah... didn't you realise I didn't come until the cops turned up?"

"Yeah, but I thought it was because you were worried..."

"Yes I was worried, but I was in control until I realised that we were caught. That the police had turned up and were probably looking at me screwing you in the ass..."

"Oooohhhh... I'll bet you liked that, you prick. You know I had to concentrate on walking all the way back here? All your stuff in my ass, sloshing about, making me so slippery back there... I was afraid I would slip and fall!"

As she said that I heard her blow a wet, liquid fart.

"See? That's your stuff coming out," she continued as the tights on her visibly sagged at the crotch. "It hasn't stopped coming out since you blasted all your stuff into my backside in the alley!"

"How come you didn't go to the toilet at the station?" I laughed as she stepped out of the ruined tights. I could see a huge clot of yellowish-white fluid staining the crotch of the garment. Some small fingers of wetness had run down the insides of the legs too. She certainly must have been more than a little uncomfortable walking back like that. I grinned as I looked at the tights and she pushed me in the chest.

"I did! There was just too much," she complained. "I sat on the toilet and let out as much as I could, but your big monster over there was just too liberal with his stuff."

"Oh, so it's big monster now, eh?" I grinned. "God, Jeanie, I didn't think I'd be able to erect for at least a week, but you're managing to get it up again so quickly. You're going to kill me if you keep doing this!"

"Really? Good! That'll be your just desserts for making my asshole so slippery and wet!"

"Hey, do you think we have time for..?" My prick was really raring to go. Jeanie certainly knew how to get me going.

"No, look, we're already late. Better change up and meet with the girls at the cafe."

"Erm... how do we explain our change of clothes?"

"They won't notice. They'll be too happy with their shopping. But if they do, just tell them we came back for a quick change because I slipped and fell or something."

"Speaking of changing... Let's go into the bathroom and wash up. Together."

"Forget it. No time." She was firm even though I pouted in mock disappointment. "Don't you worry. I'll make sure you and your monster get another workout. Soon."

She turned and slipped the dress off her shoulders as she walked to the bathroom, giving me a good look at her ass... and the streams of liquid sliding out from between the globes of her buttocks. Halfway to the door, she stopped, looked over her shoulder and smiled.

"What are you waiting for?" she smouldered. "Better get changed up!"

"Arrrrrr!" I roared as I ran after her. She squealed and ran for the bathroom door, slamming it shut behind her. I could hear her laughing as she cleaned up.

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