The Ya Ya Dildohood

byMany Feathers©

"I can see that," I said almost too quietly.

"Why don't you enjoy it with me?" she asked finally. "Come on, get rid of those jeans."

And with a sigh of relief and pleasure, I stood up unbuckled my belt, unbuttoning my fly. The invitation had been given and accepted. Now I knew what to do.

Maggie stood up reaching down, easily pulling the nightgown she was wearing up and over her head. I didn't care how old she was or wasn't, she looked beautiful. And her large, voluptuous, heavy, hanging breasts looked utterly amazing as they rested sensually against her chest, hard nipples protruding like twin beacons of pleasure signaling for someone to come and suck them. So I did.

As though in a hypnotic dream, I went over to Maggie, bending over just enough to cup each breast in my hands. I soon surrounded and swirled my tongue around the tips of each soft pliant breast, gingerly kissing, then licking and finally sucking those hard firm buds between my lips. Maggie put her hand on the back of my head, gently guiding me back and forth between her breasts. I loved how she ensured that I spent equal time on each, delivering equal pleasure to one marvelous tit before allowing me to return to the other one. Back and forth, back and forth she moved me. First pressing me against her tits when she wanted me, forcing me away when I had lingered a bit too long. I felt like I was in heaven, with soft breasts, and sensitive nipples to suck and lick as much as I wanted to. "Ahh, yes baby," she cooed in my ear. "Suck momma's tits, baby...suck momma's tits. Make momma feel real good!"

As I continued to worship her magnificent tits, I felt her hand reaching down to grasp my hardened member. Slowly she began stroking my cock, and I felt her palm the head, squeezing it gently, forcing a pearly drop of pre-come to ooze forth and supply her with natural lubrication. Which she used to lather up the head of my penis. The erotic sensations of feeling her doing this sent a river of cascading chills up and down my spine, causing me to shiver uncontrollably.

Moments later we sat back down on the couch together. Lifting one leg up and bending her knee, Maggie placed it flat on the couch next to me revealing herself so openly that it was almost obscene. I loved it! Situated as we were, I had easy access not only to her almost too wet pussy, but also to her fat soft breasts, which I immediately resumed playing with. "Suck them hard, really hard for me!" Maggie breathed softly with more than a hint of urgency behind the request. With one hand she pressed my head more tightly against her breast, and with the other, reached for my stiff, aching prick.

I'm not one to deny a lady anything, so I immediately began drawing her nipples firmly into my mouth, suckling her tits like a hungry newborn, but unlike a newborn, I also made my way carefully inside that exquisitely wet hole of hers, probing and tenderly searching out the moisture I found pooling in the recess of her surprisingly tight vaginal opening.

As I sucked and nipped harder and harder at her beautiful huge nipples, she reached over into my lap, beginning to explore and fondle my shaft with both hands. Maggie's hands had a natural, almost magical touch as she played with me, but she also knew when to grip my cock firmly, how to be delicate and gentle when she caressed and toyed with my tight firm ball-sack. One hand gripped me firmly, sliding up and down my cock, and other stroked, teasing my balls. It was the perfect combination. I found myself hoping she'd never stop.

Holding one hard nipple gently between my teeth, I pulled my head back, watching that wonderful tit stretch out. "You have the largest nipple's I have ever seen!" I told her honestly.

"Don't talk with your mouth full," Maggie quipped.

"Yes mam."

With my lips firmly wrapped around one large protruding nipple, I began to match the tempo of my tongue flicks to those of my finger fucking. The position she was sitting in could have driven any man insane all by itself. As openly displayed as she was, Maggie was perhaps the most sensual, uninhibited woman I had ever met. She not only seemed at ease with her body, all the small little flaws that come with age, but also in the way that she allowed her own needs, wants, and desires to be expressed, and more importantly, communicated without reservation or embarrassment of any kind. "Now get down and lick my clit," she instructed me.

And like an eager student about to take his first oral exam, I slid off the couch down onto the floor, between her legs. I actually took up my position on my knees, face and eyes still expectantly looking up into hers, with her pussy lips only millimeters away from my lips and tongue as though waiting for her to say "You may begin." Instead, but equally effective, Maggie placed her hand on the back of my head and applied just enough force so that I was directed down to her waiting cunt. As my tongue began an almost too slow journey up the furrow of her near hairless slit, I was delighted to see Maggie reach down and begin to tenderly toy, caressing her own breasts. As I watched her pulling on, and then almost surreptitiously covering her breasts from view while still fingering one hardened nipple, I increased the tempo of my tongue as it flittered back and forth against her clit like a butterfly hovering over a flower. "Lick it, lick it, lick it!" Maggie panted in unison to my flicking tongue.

Her ass seemed to bounce up off the couch, her pussy meeting my tongue and lips in a now constant motion designed to smear her juices all over my face. And as she did so, the heat and smell of her sex permeated the tiny brain of my prick, causing it to throb and pulsate all with a mind of its own.

"Up!" Maggie stated suddenly, catching me not only by surprise, but alarming me that perhaps I had missed something, or done something wrong. "Fuck me!" she again stated simply. "Fuck me hard! Fuck me hard right now!"

I came up off the floor with an agility that Spiderman would have been proud of. Maggie slid forward on the seat of the couch with equally perfect ease and met me just as my prick charged like the Light Brigade into the recess of her fuck-tunnel. The softness of her cunt was startling. And even as I slid home into the safe haven of pleasure that awaited me there, I took a moment to allow the sensations that were overwhelming my senses to readjust, so that I didn't faint from the sudden shock to my system.

It's not like I haven't fucked a number of women, because I have. Even though counting that number still left a few fingers remaining on my hand. But unlike anyone I had ever been with, or made love to before, Maggie's pussy was the softest, smoothest, most delectably warm cunt that my cock had ever had the honor to slide into. And even more surprisingly to me, was how tight she was, something I had been totally unprepared for. Like a perfectly formed glove, she molded herself around my penis with an expertise that could have milked the essence of my manhood from it without any effort on my part at all. For that moment, all Maggie did was look at me, waiting as though already very much aware of what her cunt was doing to me. Allowing me the grace of regrouping, regaining control of myself rather than facing the immediate expulsion of my sperm deep into the depths of her hungrily waiting cunt.

When I finally did regain some sense of control, I allowed my penis the exquisite torture of withdrawal, and slowly slid back out of her honey-dewed slit. Stopping only when just the head of my prick remained trapped between her still sucking lips, I then just as slowly, and just as carefully renewed the passage back inside her, allowing the length of my shaft to once again experience the caressing flesh of her still tight, still very slippery pussy.

"Oh fuck...fuck...fuck!" I moaned unabashedly as I slid once again deep inside of her as far as I could. Even then pressing against her firmly so that not an inch of space was wasted between us. Holding it there inside of her like that, I felt her contractions as she massaged my prick, milking it, petting it as though stroking and pacifying a purring kitten. I could not believe that a woman's cunt could do such a thing to a man's cock. Involuntarily, I felt my prick lurch inside her, throbbing, pulsating with a rhythm of its own choosing. I met her with an equal passion, as Maggie's pussy surrounded my pounding prick with contractions that threatened to unleash the torrent of hot molten come-cream that was boiling deep within my balls. And yet, even with all of this, we continued to fuck. Slowly...gradually...easing into the steady pleasurable tempo of perfect harmony as our minds and bodies joined together in the most sensual and erotic dance that I had ever known. I don't know how she did it, keeping both of us fucking so easily, for so long, because had I been at the helm of this particular starship, I would have gone nova quite some time ago. Instead, I was navigated through a sea of blinding white stars that consumed me and yet propelled me to continue. In and and out, sliding inside her, and then withdrawing all over again, experiencing and sensing things I had not known were possible to feel or to withstand. Somehow Maggie's cunt had magically managed to stop time, allowing us to fuck for what seemed like an endless forever. Then somehow I realized that we had gone from a slow sensual coupling to one that was now reaching warp speed, as we crashed and came together in a fiery explosion of mutual desire. I could just barely make out a sound that seemed distant, far away, a high-pitched musical tone suddenly filling my ears. As my cock continued to pummel into Maggie, I realized with a great deal of joy and astonishment that it was her voice that was crying out in a wail of what could only be described as pure unadulterated pleasure.

Just hearing the vulnerability of her voice as she succumbed to the sweet, sweet ecstasy of her pleasure, the guttural moans and groans of her rapture as her pussy discharged volumes and volumes of thick creamy nectar that now bathed and coated my still fucking prick, was enough to make me begin to come immediately. The force of her climax was immense, with too much female cum-cream behind that explosion to be contained, so that it began to spray in a fine misty release around all sides of my embedded prick. I was in awe, as the first faint traces of moisture seemed to float almost gently against my stomach and balls, coating my pubic hair with soft white dew. I was of course now at the apex of my own overwhelming release, feeling the first telltale surges of cream begin to scream for passage up the shaft of my still pulsating prick.

The mind-meld of Maggie's cunt and my cock somehow told her how close I was. With surprising ease, she extricated herself from beneath me, pulling me up to stand before her, my cock bouncing up and down like a fire-hose gone unattended. She didn't say a word as she dropped to the floor before me. I felt the softness of her lips surrounding me, engulfing me, and drawing me inside. As she did, she drew the eruption that had already claimed my soul. I don't think I have ever come quite so hard, or so intensely before in all my life! Though I knew my prick to be spewing rope after rope of sperm, it was as though it was one long drawn out ribbon of fluid that exploded from it. The massive volume of it was too much for Maggie to contain, as I looked down through slitted eyes, barely able to open them during the penultimate moment of my pleasure. I somehow managed to see the excess of my fluids erotically and obscenely running out of the corners of her mouth to drip in great gum-drops of white frothy sperm-balls against the upper slopes of her breasts.

I don't remember collapsing down onto the floor, but obviously I had, as that is where I was when I seemed to swim up through the fog of sensuality back into the realm of reality. Maggie was still sitting on the couch, though in not quite the same obscenely sensual way she had been earlier. Glass in hand, legs casually crossed, she was sipping her wine as though enjoying a cocktail party and waiting for one of the guests to arrive, which I then finally did.

"Wow!" Was all I could manage to say. Beads of sweat and perspiration coated my body. Rivulets of her climax still running in tiny streams that searched for avenues of escape, following the natural contours of my body to cling in tiny pools along the sides of my now much softer prick, and around and beneath the underside of my balls.

"You stink," she told me. I know surprise was etched deeply into my face at her comment. "You stink like sex. You stink...wonderfully!" I sat back on my haunches, just gazing at her, as she handed me her glass of wine to drink from. "Salty," she said smiling, looking back at me, licking her lips. "Hmm, I wonder if we should be drinking a white wine instead."

I couldn't help it. I began laughing, collapsing into a limp heap in a fit of giggles that caught me by complete and total surprise. I had not felt this giddy, this elated since I had felt my first tit way back in junior high school. Maggie waiting, sipping her wine, until I stopped laughing. Then she smiled at me, standing up reaching for my hand pulling me up next to her. "You need to leave, Richard. It's late, and the girls are coming over early tomorrow for coffee. I have a lot to do in the morning before they get here." Her hand cupped my cheek, and slid slowly down my body, drifting over my cock in a final slow caress, telling me it wasn't a dismissal, just a parting. It was late, and it was time for me to go. I didn't even bother putting on my clothing as I pulled her into my arms, kissing her, thanking her for the most incredibly sensual and erotic experience I had ever had in my entire life. I finished off my wine in one gulp, replaced the glass on the table, and walked away, turning to her at the door to blow her a kiss, which she returned. Waving good-bye, I stumbled out into the night across the yard to my house; naked as the day I was borne.

By the time I got to my room I was exhausted. The release of my long-maintained intensity finally let my body know that I had gone far beyond the limits of my endurance. Even so, I still managed to stumble to the bedroom window to look down into the yard between us and over towards the window of the room I had just left.

Maggie stood there, looking up at me smiling. And then, I knew.

Chapter Two

When I awoke the next morning I knew I'd slept like a baby. I'd even beaten the alarm, something I hadn't done in several months. The clock said it was 6:45, so I rolled over, turned it off, jumping out of bed. Normally I hit the snooze and fought for the precious ten extra minutes it allowed me. Today however, even though it was Saturday, I felt refreshed and more alive than I had felt since my divorce. And I owed a lot of that to Maggie.

As I passed by my bedroom window I took a moment to glance down across the yard. I was a little surprised to see her front-room window blinds still open, though the room was dark. Obviously Maggie was still in bed, even though she had told me that the girls were all coming to her place for their weekly coffee get together.

I had already decided that it was about time I finished unpacking. Something I had put off doing for one reason or another. With little else to occupy my time, I also decided to do something about all the bare windows I had. I'd already measured, purchasing several blinds for my windows, an irony that wasn't lost on me, as I purposely hadn't installed them in my own bedroom window as yet.

As I started off with a nice hot shower, coffee already made in the kitchen below, I decided to spend the better part of the morning simply relaxing and reading the paper. After which I'd get busy and finally get my new home in some real semblance of order.

Even as I showered and lathered up my cock and balls, I couldn't help but remember the fantastic evening that I had shared and enjoyed with Maggie. The woman was a marvel; I could certainly say that much about her, and the fact she had taken me completely by surprise was an interesting turn of events.

I had no illusions that I should expect a continuation of that evening together however. I had already decided that it was more than likely a one-time experience, and I wasn't about to make Maggie feel like I was expecting more of the same every time we got together. At the same time, I certainly wouldn't turn her down either!

As I continued washing, and soaping myself up, my cock had already begun to harden with the memory of the evening past.

"Whoa boy." I told my stiffening member. "We've got things to do today, and you've had more than enough pleasure!"

Difficult as it honestly was, I finished my shower without finishing myself, stepping out of the tub drying off and getting dressed for the day. I headed downstairs to the kitchen, poured myself a morning cup of coffee, and then snagged the newspaper from off the front porch. The sun was just well up, the day fresh and crisp as I drew in a deep morning breath at the window. Although it was already promising to be another hot one, I eagerly looked forward to getting my chores done, and with a little luck later on, perhaps drop in on Maggie and see if there was anything she needed any help doing.

"After all, it's the least I can do," I told myself as I began whistling.

I'd lazy'ed my way through the better part of the morning and finished my third cup of coffee about the same time I finished reading the paper. Glancing up at the kitchen clock I saw that it was already nearing nine-thirty, realizing simultaneously that Maggie's little gossip-coffee group would already be in full swing.

Sure enough, as I passed by the window, I could see that several cars were parked in her drive and knew that Maggie's Saturday morning "girls club", as I thought of it, was probably in full swing.

I began working down stairs, putting away things in the kitchen, finally hanging the blinds I had purchased but had never gotten around to putting up. By the time I'd worked my way upstairs to my bedroom, it was nearing eleven. I had already noticed a short time ago, there was no outward sign that Maggie's little club had begun to break up as all the cars I had seen earlier that morning were still there.

I pulled out my tape measure and was about to start hanging the blinds for my bedroom window when I casually glanced down across the way into Maggie's front room. The blinds were open just enough that I was easily able to see in, though fixed as to appear closed for anyone who might happen to glance in at street level.

For a moment I had to stand there trying to allow my mind to fully register what it was I was seeing. Even then, I had to close my eyes, literally shake my head and then look once again to ensure that what I had seen was real, rather than some trick of imagination.

When I was positive that my eyes hadn't been playing tricks on me, I staggered back until I bumped into the bed and simply sat down. What I had seen had indeed been a room full of women. Each and every one of them sitting in the nude, on the couch, the chairs, even the floor. Though I hadn't exactly taken a head count, there were at least a half a dozen women there. And it wasn't the fact that they were all sitting there naked which surprised me, but the fact that I had clearly seen several, if not all of them masturbating in one way or another.

I had spotted Maggie almost immediately as she had moved one of the large oversized chairs to complete a circle which had joined the couch on one side, and another couple of chairs on the other. Maggie was sitting directly facing me when I saw her, and then my attention was immediately drawn to another woman lying prone and completely on her back with legs bent at the knee, obviously inserting some sort of toy into Maggie's pussy when I finally focused on her.

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