The Ya Ya Dildohood

byMany Feathers©

Two women were sitting on the couch, and it was very obvious that they were masturbating one another as I had the best and clearest view of the two of them. Two other women whose faces I couldn't see as they had their backs to me, one sitting on a kitchen type chair, and the other from what I guessed to be sitting on the floor next to her. Beyond that, I hadn't given myself enough time to catch any more detail than that, as again I had been stunned into moving away from the window lest someone look up and see me. It was a foolish thought, realizing that the likelihood of actually being seen was extremely remote unless someone actually got up and walked over to the window.

I couldn't help but wonder if Maggie knew the blinds hadn't been closed sufficiently to disallow my ability to see what was going on in the room. On the other hand, if she had purposely fixed them in this fashion, was she indeed teasing me with an additional naughty surprise of something that the 'girls' obviously participated in on a weekly basis?

Standing up, I approached my bedroom window a bit more cautiously. I knew that I would remain a bit more secluded at this time of day even as I stood gazing out at them. But I also wanted to ensure that no one else would be aware of my presence. It was then that I remembered the high-powered binoculars I had just barely put away, which were sitting on the shelf of my closet. Grabbing them, I quickly raised them up once I was confident that I could do so without clearly being seen. A few seconds to adjust, and suddenly it was like being in the front room with Maggie and all of her friends!

Almost immediately I found Maggie of course, still sitting in her chair and sort of looking in my direction, though even through the binoculars it was hard to tell if she was looking towards me, or the woman who was actually sitting across from her in one of the kitchen chairs, and whose head I could only see the back of.

From what I could see, and very clearly, was a number of the women appeared to be younger in age than Maggie was, though one, perhaps two were at least her age and possibly even older. It was also obvious that I had stumbled onto them just as things had begun to reach their climatic conclusion for many of them. The woman I had first seen on the floor was now sitting up and talking to Maggie. I watched as Maggie leaned over, saying something to her, and then forcibly grabbing a hold of her arm to keep her from being too obvious as she attempted to turn her head to look in my direction. Even so, she still did but was careful in the way that she did look. I was relatively sure she couldn't see me as I was standing back a slight distance from the window, allowing the binoculars to do all the close-up work. But it was a bit un-nerving never the less that she was now very obviously aware of my being there, or at least, the possibility of it as Maggie had let her in on whatever secret she was still keeping from everyone else.

Both of the women who had been on the couch had stood up shortly after that and moved away from my view. One who had been a woman that I guessed to be close to Maggie's age, if not possibly older. She had very short hair that was almost totally silver in color, but I was amazed at how well she kept herself, as she certainly didn't appear to have the body one might think a woman of her age to have. She had fairly small sized breasts, and though they certainly weren't the typical 'perky' breasts of a teenager, they weren't exactly all shriveled up and laying flat against her chest either. The woman who'd been with her on the couch, and who had obviously been mutually masturbating with her had long dark hair, was perhaps in her early forty's at the most. She had extremely large breasts by comparison, though her nipples were almost too small for the size her breasts were. That, and they were pale pinkish in color, which made them extremely difficult to see, even with the use of the binoculars.

Over the span of the next few minutes, it was clearly evident that Maggie's little Coffee club had ended for the day. Most of the women had disappeared from sight, all except for Maggie who had momentarily disappeared, only to return wearing a bathrobe. The woman I had seen sitting next to her was wearing one too, which was interesting as she hadn't changed back into her clothing like most of the women I now began to see had obviously done.

At this point I walked away from the window replacing the binoculars back up on the shelf. I quickly made my way downstairs, pulling my front room blinds so that they were mostly closed, but allowing me to see a little bit as one by one the women emerged from the house and began getting in their cars and leaving.

Although it was early yet, I walked into the kitchen, pulled down a shot glass and poured a nice stiff shot of scotch to calm my nerves. I was still a bit bewildered at what I had seen, not to mention the fact that I was now curious if the woman who had been sitting on the floor next to Maggie had been made aware of the possibility of my spying on them. I was fairly confident that Maggie had made it known to me that I could see her, and had made it possible for me to have done so this morning, but had she in fact made this known to whoever the woman was that had been sitting next to her?

I took another trip out to the front room to glance out the window and saw that only one other car besides Maggie's that remained. I swallowed another full shot of scotch just as the phone rang nearly making me spill it instead of draining it, which I quickly did before answering.

"Hello?" I said cautiously, though almost intuitively knowing who it was even as I answered.

"Good morning Richard. Have you got a moment? I'd like you to meet someone."

"Ah sure Maggie," I said hesitantly. "When?" .

"Well, could you...come... now?" she asked. I heard a slight snicker in the background from the other woman's voice.

For a brief moment I felt my face flush, wondering if indeed Maggie had put the intended, or unintended emphasis on the word when she paused before continuing.

"Sure Maggie, just give me a couple of minutes to get dressed, and I'll be right over."

"That's really not necessary Richard, why don't you just you are, she said pausing after saying the word once again. "Shirley can only stay for a short while longer, and then she needs to get going."

"Well, ok then. I'll be right there."

Maggie didn't even bother saying goodbye. All I heard was the dial tone as I stood staring at the phone in my hand.

"Just what the hell IS she up to?" I wondered aloud.

I walked over to the kitchen counter where I had placed the half empty bottle of scotch. I didn't even bother to measure out a full shot before lifting the bottle and taking a nice pull from it. Wiping off my mouth even as the scotch burned down my throat, I quickly ran my fingers through my hair, lifted one arm to smell my pits and ensure I wasn't about to offend anyone, then headed out the kitchen door across the yard to Maggie's.

Maggie yelled at me through the screen to come in even before I'd had a chance to knock on the door. I entered into her kitchen area and saw Maggie standing near the counter pouring two cups of coffee. Her friend was still wearing her bathrobe, but sitting demurely at the kitchen table looking at me.

"Would you like a cup?" she asked, not even bothering to look up.

"Sounds good," I said, not even sure if she was actually speaking to me.

Maggie turned around to face me for the first time, handing me the hot cup of coffee. As she did, the front of her robe parted slightly showing me enough flesh to know that she was nude beneath the robe.

"Shirley? This is Richard...he's just recently moved in a few weeks ago."

"Hi Richard," Shirley said offering her hand to me from across the table, though she didn't make any effort to stand. And I am sure that had she done so, her robe would have parted open too.

"Nice to meet you."

"I've heard a lot about you," Shirley continued, smiling at me with a look that could only be described as wicked.

"Oh? Well don't believe everything you'd heard," I said trying to sound more confident and sure of myself that I really was.

"So you didn't fuck Maggie's brains out last night then?"

"Shirley! Really!" Maggie spat.

"Well that's what you said!"

I continued to stand there staring at the two women as though I had suddenly become invisible. Obviously Maggie had told Shirley a hell of a lot more than the mere fact I might be standing in the window watching them.

"Don't mind her," Maggie said sitting down at the table, though I noticed when she did, her robe parted even more than it had previously, baring all of one breast and most of the other. "She's been divorced a year now and she's obviously a little jealous of me this morning."

Shirley was eyeing me over the rim of her cup as though sizing me up before pouncing.

"Come on Richard, sit down, join us. I'll make sure Shirley doesn't bite you...not yet anyway."

I managed to pull out a chair and sit down while maintaining my composure. I wasn't sure exactly what was going on here of course, but I felt like I was about to find out. Suddenly I pictured myself the fly sitting between two spiders, Black Widows at that.

"So, you told her about last night then?" I asked with a surprised tone to my voice.

I figured the best defense in this circumstance was a good offence. By raising the question and throwing it back at Maggie, I hoped that whatever it was the two of them were up to would finally be explained to me, and we could cut through all this sexual intrigue, getting right to the heart of the matter.

Maggie however didn't answer my question, asking me one instead. "What did you think of our little get-together this morning?"

And I saw Shirley pick up her coffee cup, once again taking a drink, eyeing me over the rim of the cup expectantly. Obviously Maggie HAD told Shirley about the possibility of my spying on them. But I had no way of knowing if she was fishing, or if she was certain I had actually been watching them.

"I don't know," I responded simply. "I was busy getting a few things done around the house. I knew you'd said something about meeting at your place this morning with the girls for coffee, and I did notice all the cars parked in your driveway, but I'm not sure why you'd want my opinion on that."

"Nice try," Maggie said pointedly. "I saw the glare, figured you must be using something to look down at us with. Binoculars perhaps? So, if you were, then you know perfectly well what I'm referring too."

Maggie had me by the proverbial balls as they say, so there was no sense denying I hadn't seen them any longer.

"Yes, I was looking," I admitted finally. "And since you asked, I can't help but tell you I am more than a little surprised by what I saw."

"Figured you would be," Maggie said, laughing finally, breaking the tension that had slowly been building. "And I wanted to share my little secret with Shirley here. Like I said, a few of us are single for one reason or another, and as Shirley is one of my very best and dearest friends, I was hoping, after last night that you might be interested in spending some time with the two of us."

Well you could have knocked me over with a feather! Here she was asking me if I was interested in experiencing a little threesome with her and Shirley. And not that I wasn't interested, I was. But I was also curious too, very curious.

"Maybe, but first tell me what this little club of yours is REALLY all about," I asked pointedly.

It was Shirley's turn to laugh, and as she did so setting her coffee cup down on the table, her robe parted sufficiently that one of her full firm breasts was clearly exposed. Whether she realized it or not, or simply didn't care, Shirley made no effort to recover her exposed breast and allowed it to linger openly to my view.

Maggie stood up heading over to the counter to retrieve the pot of coffee and refill our cups.

"Well, since you asked," She began. "It's a long story, so you might as well make yourself comfortable and I'll tell you how it all started. Maybe it will even get you excited a little bit and help make up your mind about our offer."

Maggie glanced over towards Shirley and winked. Shirley smiled at her in return and slid her coffee cup across the table towards her for a refill.

I settled a little further into my seat and proffered my own empty cup towards her.

"Sorry, no." Maggie said shaking her head. "Not before you get comfortable, like we are."

As if on cue, Shirley stood up and allowed her robe to completely slip off her shoulders crumpling down around the chair she had been sitting in. Likewise, Maggie took off her own bathrobe and placed it around the back of her chair.

"Now, you wouldn't want to make two older women feel uncomfortable now would you? Or would you rather not hear the rest of the story?"

Either way I was screwed. Though suddenly the sound of that was beginning to sound interesting. On the one hand I was suddenly becoming very aroused, and the thought of having an experience with two, equally attractive, and obviously very experienced 'older' women was extremely exciting to me. On the other, I was also very curious to see how on earth all these women had managed to get together as they had been, and so openly spend time masturbating in front of one another. I decided that the smart move was to take off my clothing, inhibitions and shyness be damned, and enjoy a titillating story as well as enjoy the view so to speak while I heard it. If sitting there in the buff with my cock sticking up was the price I was being asked to pay, it was a small price indeed. For the moment anyway.

Without another word being spoken, I quickly stood up and even more quickly removed the rest of my clothing. I was about to sit back down, but Maggie indicated to me that I was to remain standing.

"I promise, it's a long story, but I won't keep you standing up that long."

"I thought that was the whole idea?" Shirley questioned her friend.

Her little play on words wasn't missed by either of us, and even I had to laugh at that one. Already my prick was beginning to swell in size, so paying that higher price of allowing the two of them to look at me while my cock rose was one more little thing I would have to endure. Especially if I wanted to hear what I felt was going to be one hot fucking story from Maggie.

Smiling at both of them, I settled back against the kitchen counter for support, and stood there drinking my coffee while my prick slowly rose to full attention.

"Two years ago, another friend of mine and I had gotten together one morning for coffee and Danish. Gladys who is a couple of years older than I am had recently lost her husband and so we spent a lot of time consoling one another, and talking about the difficulties at our age in finding a man who was both still sexually active as well as attractive. I told her much to her surprise, that my libido was still very much in force, and that I had been masturbating almost on a daily basis just in order to satisfy my basic needs. Gladys was surprised to hear me telling her all this of course, especially since she hadn't masturbated for years, and hadn't done anything at all since the death of her husband."

Standing there listening to Maggie tell the story was interesting enough as it was. But as I glanced over in Shirley's direction, I saw her absentmindedly toying with one of her hard erect nipples. Now not only did I have an interesting story to hear, which was becoming more and more so by the minute, but I also had a visual enjoyment to watch now too.

And of course Maggie continued on.

"The more we talked about it, the more she became interested in what it was I did exactly. Like I said, Gladys knew me, and she also knew that I harbored no inhibitions whatsoever. Taking her into my bedroom, I pulled open my nightstand and showed her the wide variety of toys and vibrators that I used to entertain and pleasure myself. I've never even used one of those, Gladys had said. So I took one out of the drawer that I thought she might enjoy trying.

Taking a quick peak towards Shirley, she was thumbing both nipples now with her hands as Maggie continued on with the story.

"Here, use this one," I told her.

"Here? Now?"

"Why not?"

Gladys blushed furiously, but it was also evident that she was becoming excited over the prospect of experiencing an orgasm, especially after all this time.

"You first," she shot back at me, wondering if in fact I really would.

Selecting one of my personal favorites, a nice thick flexible flesh colored toy with multiple speeds as well as a distinctly designed curve that tickled that elusive 'G' spot, I removed my clothing and lay down on the bed next to her where she could watch me."

"I can't believe we're actually doing this," she said. "I...well I haven't done anything this naughty since I was a young girl way back in grade school! Gladys then told me how she and another young girlfriend of hers had spent several afternoons in exploration of one another, eventually getting to the point where they were masturbating one another on an almost continual basis. A relationship that continued all the way and up and through the beginning of high school, were only then did they both suddenly decide that they had outgrown the need as well as the desire to continue their girl-girl relationship."

I hadn't been this horny the whole time I'd been married to my ex-wife. And standing here listening to Maggie continue on, I had absentmindedly reached down and actually began touching my cock. Shirley was obviously doing the same thing to herself at this point as the tell tale motion of her hand beneath the edge of the table was obvious.

"As Gladys watched me using the vibrator, she suddenly stood up and removed her own clothing. Within minutes we were lying on the bed, watching each other pleasure ourselves. One thing led to another of course, and pretty soon I was showing her how the toys best felt when they were used. I managed to give Gladys a very nice orgasm, that left her weeping and crying with joy. And so it was at that point that the two of us more or less took up where she and her past girlfriend had left off."

I realized I had been stroking my cock, and quickly removed my hand although it was evident that both women had been watching me anyway.

"That's ok Richard, I like watching you. Just don't cum yet, there's still a lot to the story, if you still want to hear the rest of it that is."

"Oh...I do, I do!" I said a little too enthusiastically.

"Tell him about April," Shirley urged her.

"I was just coming to that part," Maggie said, looking at her sternly for a moment, and then realizing that Shirley was still busily playing with herself too.

"It's ok if SHE cums," Maggie announced. "Shirley's one of the few of us that can have several orgasms in one evening...or day as the case may be."

I stood there nodding my head like one of those dogs on the dashboard of the car when Maggie continued and reminded me that my prick was bobbing up and down in a similar fashion, which Shirley had already taken notice of.

"Anyway, Gladys and I had been getting together over the course of several weeks and had eventually gotten comfortable enough to simply sit down in the front room together, watch videos, which Gladys eventually learned I had quite a supply of, and simply masturbated. Sometimes doing one another, but most of the time, simply doing our selves and watching one another.

One Saturday morning she and I were in the front room watching a video, and as Gladys IS a little hard of hearing, we had it turned up a little higher than I normally would have had it had I been watching it alone. As it was, the woman on the video was being fucked by a handsome young stud, and was in the throes of orgasm. Whether she really was, or wasn't, wasn't important. But her loud cries of ecstasy and pleasure were enough that Gladys began to orgasm at the same moment, and was yelling nearly as loudly as the woman on the video was.

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