tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Yellow Book Fantasies Ch. 07

The Yellow Book Fantasies Ch. 07


This story takes place in the winter of 2012. I was 21 at the time. I decided when I was on Facebook one day as kind of a spur of a moment thing to go to my friend Trina's 21st birthday party. I met Trina in high school, senior year. We didn't know each other well, but I noticed her. She, of course, noticed me. Trina was a pretty girl originally from Florida. She was short with not that many eye popping curves with a very ladylike personality. I learned a lot of things when I went to her birthday party.

At this time, I was a club going novice. I only went clubbing one other time. To be honest, the reasons why I was going was simple. I wanted to dance like an idiot. The second reason was... I wanted to have someone twerk on my dick, preferably Trina.

Soon, the night of the party came. I had no idea what to wear. In my closet was either sportswear or church clothes. No in between. I'm thinking to myself:

"Damn, I might be overdressed here."

With the help of my mother, I picked black shirt and slacks to wear, with black and white Jordans to wear. The club was downtown. I got dropped off by ten o'clock. The first thing I learned in the club was: Never arrive early to a party. The second thing I learned after arriving almost immediately was: I was at my friend's birthday party, by myself. The club is a "squad" experience. I had no "squad". I was immediately out of my element.

By eleven o'clock, they're not even here. I sat on the couch in the back. I looked right. I looked left. I looked all around observing these people in this dark atmosphere. I was overdressed. I still looked good. I began to see so many skimpy to slutty dresses that I began to check out some of them. Finally, at midnight, the dance floor opened. I was beginning to get second thoughts about my invite... When the birthday girl and her entourage arrived clearly in a stretch SUV.

"Is that a stretch Excursion? I got questions." I said, in my mind.

Her dress was slightly eroticized, not as much as the others I saw, but it did attract my attention. She wore a pink body dress which showed her figure. It was short but just short enough to be a tease, which I liked. She looked good. All things considered. However, as the party went on and alcohol came in the equation... I learned things about her that I would never forget.

While I danced, her and her entourage celebrated her birthday with two giant bottles of liquor. Before long, she had that feeling in her. I looked at her while she danced in the club with other people. Slowly but surely, my mind began to wonder. She did look kind of sexy on the dance floor. I had a weakness for girls with a little "bad" in them. I went over there where they were at.

"Chad!" She yelled with a big smile on her juicy lips.

"Trina! Happy birthday, girl." I smiled, and hugged her. She felt warm. I liked her scent when we touched briefly. "Damn, girl. You look good. Look at you, all looking good. What's been up with you?" I said, trying to be cool, but failing miserably. Trina and myself graduated with honors and would eventually go to college together for a while.

"Eh, nothing much, just work and classes. You? You look good."

"Yeah, you think? Thanks. School can be a bitch sometimes." I said to her.

After a while, she danced with me. Little by little, she became lit. Then I saw something I didn't notice before. I saw a little slit on her little form fitting pink dress. Her dress flared up a few times, teasing my eyes. Until finally I saw a little surprise... It was her secret box.

What was in said secret box? That was my obsession now as my penis twitched while dancing. She was shaking her little tight ass on me. I was in awe. She looked back at me. She turned me on. She was so ladylike when sober. Now I'm learning things that are on another level. She was so pretty.

"You like that?" She said while twerking on my groin area. Did she know I was hard? Was I that obvious? Was she that drunk? Nonetheless, I had to be truthful no matter how many questions I had in my head. I nodded. I went on dancing with her for a few more songs. I dance with more voracity and more body than I should. I didn't even know if she had a man. The friction between us became closer and closer, until my hand touched her ebony leg and she grazed my semi-hard penis. She looked back. She said nothing. I mentally said:

"Oh, shit."

Then she felt it. She said nothing. I said nothing. She licked her lips and said in my ear:

"You want to give me a birthday present?"

At this time, Beyoncé's "Drunk in Love" was blasting in the club. My penis stood at attention. She took me by the arm out of the crowded dance floor and into the restroom quickly. She started to hike her form fitting dress up, showing flesh colored panties, slightly damp.

"Fuck me. It's my birthday."

Her pussy looked so tasty inside those panties. I undid my pants, pulled her panties to the side and inserted myself in her tight treasure.

"Ah! Ah! Oh, fuck. Oh, shit!"

She dropped her panties and the straps to her dress. She released her breasts, which were bigger than I thought they were. I cupped her breasts while slowly fucking her.

"You like that?" I said in her ear, in short powerful thrusts.

"Uhhh... Yeah..."

I smacked her ass one time and sped up my thrusts.

"Look back at me. Look back at me."

My hand went down to her nether region. I felt her treasure getting wetter. I fondled her. She bit her plump, juicy bottom lip.

"Suck my finger. Suck it."

She did.

"Goddamn, that's sexy." I said, almost in a guttural voice. She smiled.

"Come get this dick." I commanded her. She bent down to suck my throbbing erection slowly, highlighting her beautiful thick lips.

"Oh, fuck..." I said. She then began to speed up a little bit. I saw a little saliva form. She stopped to lick her lips which turned me on more.

"Come here. I want to see you."

I moisturized her wet vagina, then my erection.

"Open your mouth." I said, deeply. She opened her mouth and sucked her beautiful juices. I inserted myself in her again while she was sucking. I started penetrating with vigor. She fought off moans by biting her lip. I fucked her harder in response.

"Mmm. Mmm... Fuck. Uhh..."

Her breasts, not very big, jiggled at every penetration. I looked in her face as she moaned.

"You are so pretty."

I caressed her flawless ebony colored leg for leverage and fucked her harder than I ever did before.

"Ugh! Ugh! Fuck me. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

I firmly grabbed her buttock, caressing her softness while my climax came.

"Fuck, I'm coming. I'm coming." I said.

She went on her knees and started to jerk me off.

"Ughhhhhhh... Oh my God."

I came perfectly on her beautiful face. She sucked my seed off completely and giggled. She wiped off the come from the corner of her mouth and licked it.

"Happy birthday to me, huh?" Trina said, getting herself together.

"Yeah. You don't have a man, do you?" I asked, tilting my head.

"Hell, no. I saw you looking at me from the start. I get a little horny after a little liquor. I'm not white girl wasted. It's my birthday. You normally ask after you put your third leg in them?" She said.


"Shit, felt like it to me. Damn."

I chuckled.

"Let me buy you a drink at the bar. As, you know, appreciation." I offered.

"Cool. Aww. Look at you, so gentlemanly even after a quickie fuck." She smiled.

"I try, baby girl." I smiled.

When we left the restrooms, it wasn't as discreet. Some people saw us leave together. We tried to ignore the catcalls. At this time, Usher's "Love in This Club" was playing in the club. I paid for her drink at the bar. I was about to leave when she touched me. She gave me her damp panties. It looked like that secret box was finally open. And I did the opening.

By two o'clock, I gave her one last dance. I hugged her with her slightly alcoholic scent. She kissed me on the cheek and I left the club thinking about her. But I can't help but wonder. I'm just keeping it real. When can I see what's in that secret box again?

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