tagNonHumanThe Young Bride of the Vampire Ch. 03

The Young Bride of the Vampire Ch. 03


Warning: Lesbian magical futa vampires.


Scarlett awakened the next morning and carefully pulled May out of her arms. She left the naked young woman in bed while she went down stairs to receive her sister who had just arrived with a naked woman carried in her arms. Scarlett's sister was the same height as a her wife June, who was only slightly taller than May. The woman was only a few years older than May and had been with Carmela since she was eighteen.

"Older sister Carmela," Scarlett said greeting her. "Thank you for coming."

"The pleasure is mine," Carmela said.

"It's nice to see you again June," Scarlett acknowledged the naked woman.

"I'm glad to meet you again, am I here to help in training your new bride like your old bride helped me?"

"Yes, that's why both of you are here," Scarlett said. "May is a sweet girl but she's inexperienced and needs help with focus. Perhaps we can start with breakfast and she can learn from watching you."

There was a smile on June's face as she heard Scarlett's words. In a sense she had wanted to show off to someone how far she had come in learning to please Carmela. Now that there was someone new she would now be the example that was set.

"You said to start with breakfast?" Carmela had her wooden penis in a small bag that was covered. "You mean she is having trouble feeding from you?"

"She's too shy," Scarlett said. "While she's perfectly fine with me touching every part of her body, she is inexperienced with doing the touching and thus she's afraid."

"I see, so you want June to show her an example of how to feed from my wooden penis," Carmela said. "I suppose you need lunch as well right? I'll take it that dinner is something you're in control of and have no worries about."

"Well, dinner is something I'm holding back on her because she lacks stamina, but breakfast and lunch she needs to see good examples, and I hope June will be able to provide that for her."

"I'll provide only the best examples," June said smiling. "Are we going to get started now?"

"Yes, come to the lounge and I'll bring May with me shortly," Scarlett said.

Carmela and June both went to the lounge where they sat on a large couch made for the large vampires. June sat on Carmela's lap facing her while the vampire Carmela fed off her breasts. Despite having been together for some years the act of breast feeding was continually enjoyed.

June giggled as Carmela's tongue tickled the nipples while the mouth sucked and nibbled. The vampire women's fangs slightly bit into June's large breasts but not at the point where skin was breaking. The result was a sensation June could enjoy with a bit of the danger that made contact with Carmela so thrilling.

Soon Carmela was done feeding and Scarlett having fed from May before coming down joined in the room on a separate couch with May sitting on her lap. The rings were once again on May's nipples. Scarlett began to lick May and wrap her tongue all over the young woman's body cleaning the sweat off of her.

"So she still needs nipple training," Carmela said. She could only smile at May's face as she was being licked.

"You like.. licking me? In front of them?" May was shy as she noticed they weren't alone.

"She's cleaning you," June said. "That's how I stay clean as well, because the tongue of a vampire can take off all dirt. I only bathe in warm water because it relaxes me on some nights."

"Cleaning?" May felt the tongue going all over her body and Scarlett's eyes had a soft gaze with her mouth wide open and the tongue doing its work before it went down to the opening of her vagina and began polishing. "Ahhh...Ahhh..."

The tongue receded then began to lick May's neck forcing her face back a little bit.

"I do enjoy a clean bride," Scarlett said. "Now the first order or business, June please show may the appropriate way to eat breakfast."

Carmela's wooden penis came out of the bag and went over to a table of food and begin to absorb. After a few moments it came back and attached itself to Carmela's crotch the same way Scarlett's wooden penis worked. May watched the naked June turn around on the Carmela's lap and began to place her hands on the now erect and flesh like penis that protruded and pulsated into the air.

"Pay attention," Scarlett said. "While you're not going to do the same thing today because you have to save your stamina for other training, June's example should be something for you to try and remember. You'll see her do it five times this week, but since their time is valuable I'm going to help you with each feeding by using my hands."

It was Scarlett's way of saying she would masturbate the white fluid out for May's consumption because she wanted her to focus on the training with June over how to please. There would be much more time later on to focus breakfast and lunch.

June sprawled herself in Carmela's lap as the penis attached itself and when it connected and turned fleshy June immediately placed it in her mouth. She then began to vigorously suck on it making loud noises. The example was something May had to watch and understand, but she felt as though it would take some time before she were fully comfortable acting the same way as June did.

Carmela's reaction was far different than Scarlett's when she had fed breakfast the morning before. Rather than simply looking down at June Carmela was panting with the movements that June continued to perform, undulating her hips and arching her back. It was a very stimulating sight and May found herself aroused despite only watching. Both women were the same size, and she began to wonder if what was holding her back from pleasing Scarlett was the fact Scarlett was so tall.

Within only a few moments Carmela climaxed screaming and June drank copious amounts of fluid with much of it spilling over the sides of her mouth.

"You're so good," Carmela said as she looked over June who was still lapping up the fluid.

"Thank you my love," June said. "Now once May has fed too we can begin training."

"I'll do this quickly," Scarlett said. "After watching that it should be easy. Come here May."

May moved her mouth down to the penis attached to Scarlett, and Scarlett used her own hands to stimulate herself until the thick white fluid came out for May to drink. While this happened May kept thinking about how inferior she was compared to June. Was it all really just experience? Simply being naked in front of others already caused her to become fit with exhaustion over what others might think of her, yet to do everything June did with such vigor and passion.

May started to doubt herself as she drank.

"Now it's time for stamina practice," Scarlett said. "This is just the basics. Once this week is over we'll practice in a different way, for now this is the best way."

"What am I going to do?" May softly asked.

"You're going to be kissing June," Scarlett said.

"Yes, we will be kissing all day and everyday for an entire week," June said. "At the same time, Scarlett will be using the penis attached to her crotch to enter from behind. In order to increase your ability to take more vigorous sensations you'll have to learn to just focus on kissing me."

"Kissing you?" The blush on May's face became prominent. First she kissed Scarlett and now she was to kiss another woman who wasn't her wife? "Is this okay?"

"It's for your training," Scarlett said. "If I used my tongue you'll faint before you can make progress, and if I'm using the penis you won't be able to reach my mouth to kiss me at the same time because our heights are so different. The most sensitive part of your body is your birthing hole and the second are your breasts followed by your lips and mouth. Your mouth however is not an erogenous zone, and if you focus on your senses there you'll be able to distract yourself for greater pleasure. As my wife I need you to do this."

Scarlett had an affirmative smile.

"If this is the best way to please you then I shall," May said.

"Good girl," Scarlett said. "Get in position in front of me."

May did as she was told and June placed herself in front of Carmela. The fleshy penises became wooden and returned to their original size still strapped on to the waists of both the vampire women who towered above their human wives. As May stood there she waited for Scarlett.

"Now, this is going into your birthing hole," Scarlett said. "I'll put it in slowly and the same will be done to June by Carmela, once it's inside we'll move towards each other and you'll begin to kiss June, at that time I'll remove your nipple rings."

"Remove my rings?"

"Yes, you see June doesn't have them, she's trained herself to be able to hold the milk in her breast," Scarlett said.

"It only comes out when I've really made her scream," Carmela said with a smile.

"I want you to bring up your tolerance as well," Scarlett said.

The nipple rings were removed and Scarlett pushed May back into her own body, the wooden penis entered May's pussy causing May to take a deep breath. As she moved the sudden influx of sensation caused her to moan slightly and some milk dribbled out of her nipples.

"Wow you already have milk again, you produce it fast," June said. "My breasts aren't as large as yours... I'm so jealous."

"Don't be jealous," Carmela said. "Your breasts are far larger than my hands can grab. You're perfect for me just like May is perfect for Scarlett."

The long tongue reached out of Scarlett's mouth and liked May's nipples taking all the dribbled milk. The sensation from the tongue only caused her to be more aroused, and try as she may she found the milk continually flowing out.

"I think she'll need the nipple rings for today," Carmela said. "She's such a cute girl, we should just have her get used to the sensations first."

Scarlett deliberated for a moment then agreed. She placed the nipple rings back on May and then inched forward with her so that she could come into contact with June.

"Just relax," June said to May. "Focus on the tongue and concentrate the sensation towards me. Kiss me passionately, imagine I'm a smaller version of Scarlett."

"You're not going to replace me no matter how cute she is," Scarlett said.

"Oh, don't be so brash," Carmela said. "I'll let you kiss June if you let me play with May just a little before I leave."

"No," Scarlett said. "Humans can play with each other but vampires don't touch the brides of others."

"You're really no fun," Carmela said smiling.

May focused as June's soft lips came into contact with hers. As the lips met and their tongues touched May focused hard as Scarlett began to slowly increase the thrusts into her pussy. She focused on kissing as she gradually felt herself lose control of her thoughts due to the sensation. Scarlett's large strong hands with long slender fingers wrapped all the way around May's waist, and while her own fingers intertwined with June's she could still feel that Scarlett had full control over her naked body.

May moaned as she kissed June.

"Keep focusing," Scarlett said. "You're doing very well my love."

May focused despite the pounding. Scarlett gradually increased her pace as May's rhythm changed through the kisses.

"Your wife May is indeed very beautiful," Carmela said. "It looks like June is enjoying herself in this."

"Anyone would enjoy themselves in such close contact with a young beautiful girl like her," Scarlett said softly. "You can't touch her though, that I won't allow."

"Are you still upset about me stealing away your first wife?" Carmela had a smile on her face. "It wasn't my fault she prefered someone the same height as her."

"Don't bring that up anymore, that was thousands of years ago," Scarlett said.

"Fine," Carmela said.

Scarlett kept an eye on May as she trembled, but the young woman kept putting as much effort in focusing. She forced herself to keep kissing June and her kisses became more and more passionate. The thrusting became more intense, and soon May found herself easily able to control herself despite the penis moving quickly while kissing June.

"Looks like you're getting the hang of this," June said.

There was sweat on May's brow as she nodded but continued to force herself to kiss. The two women had their tongues intertwine and put their tongues together. With her arms around May, June hugged her so that May's large breasts pressed into her own. May was larger, but shorter and slightly thinner. Feeling the soft skin of another human was a treat that June didn't have the pleasure often enough as Carmela never removed her clothing as a vampire.

The morning session eventually ended and they paused for a rest and lunch. The entire situation boggled May's mind as she considered what she was doing and all the sensations and thoughts that were running through her head. Scarlett caressed her in her arms.

"May I'm sorry," she said.

May looked up to Scarlett. "Please don't be sorry, I need to do this or I'll feel like I couldn't be your wife."

"No, I'm sorry that we're going to increase the intensity after this rest is over," Scarlett said. "You just need to focus on not fainting."

"Are you making everything bigger?"

"No, we won't be using these items anymore," Scarlett said. She took off the wooden penis and put it away, then her tongue came out stretching several feet and licked May's neck before going back into her mouth. "Carmela and I don't prefer to use these, we prefer to use our tongues. Though we can get good sensation out of these items, our own tongues are much preferred because vampires love to taste more than anything else."

May wasn't sure how to respond. She remembered how the tongue worked on her when she first arrived two days ago and how when Scarlett pushed it deep inside her she was overcome to the point of fainting almost instantly.

"I understand..." May said.

Scarlett's tongue came out of her mouth and began to lick around both of May's nipples. The tingling sensation made her scrunch up involuntarily as it was something she wasn't used too how sensitive the tongue made her feel. It was almost as if Scarlett's tongue was built simply to pleasure her beyond any human means.

"We'll go until you faint," Scarlett said. "Try to give June a challenge, and don't stop kissing her."

June and Carmela were on the other couch covered up from May's sight with Carmela's long cape.

Scarlett again opened her mouth and made May sit in her lap while facing her, she caused may to lay down and spread both her legs revealing her pussy. Scarlett smiled as she looked down on May who seemed more comfortable now than her first day. The constant exposure and nakedness had made her less shy. Scarlett's tongue stretched down went to the outside of May's pussy and began to push in ward past the lips.

"This is that... feeling... again..." May was breathing heavily. "I..."

"It wont' be easy but you need to try and endure as much as possible while June is still here," Scarlett said.

"I will do my best," May said still breathing heavily and feeling the wetness in between her legs.

"Okay, for now watch how June feeds for lunch, then I'll feed you quickly."

May turned her attention to June who used her large breasts on Carmela's magical penis. It was a sight to behold as the penis itself was so large that it looked awkward on Carmela's crotch. It did not deter June who with a large smile stuck her tongue inside the hole in the head.

"Oh... my..." Carmela couldn't stop laughing with pleasure. "Your... tongue... you're sooooo good..."

June used her hands to rub the shaft up and smashed her breasts in as hard as she could up and down. It wasn't even a minute before Carmela climaxed and large gobs of white fluid gushed out all over June's body. June happily licked it all up sucking it with her mouth. Watch made May feel wet, and she wondered if she would ever have the bravery to do the same.

Lunch was then fed to her by Scarlett, and when May was done they prepared for the afternoon.

"Remember May, no matter what you feel me do to you, focus on kissing June. Kiss with everything you have."

The words came to May as she contemplated how difficult it was to simply stay awake. She would have to keep focusing on one thing only.

"Come here," June said. "Let's start."

June pulled May towards her and pressed her own breasts against May's. Their nipples touched with May's being larger and softer, but there was no jealousy from June. The two human women locked lips and Carmela and Scarlett's tongues both began to work extremely erratically inside the human snatches.

This time, even June started having trouble. The blush on June's face became evident as the sensation was beyond what humans could withstand even with practice. Her kissing became more passionate to May. May did all she could to stay awake, she forced herself to endure but Scarlett's tongue made her too sensitive as she gushed out fluids.

May stopped kissing June, she let out a scream in pleasure and then exhausted she fainted.

Carmela and Scarlett both stopped.

"I guess it stops here for today," Carmela said. "Let her sleep until dinner, I'll play with June and see how long she can last."

"Oh behave," June said.

Scarlett lifted May and caressed the sleeping beauty while she watched Carmela destroy June's pussy with her tongue. Despite the greater stamina and experience June had she was still knocked out within ten minutes when Carmela was really trying.

"You really show her no mercy," Scarlett said.

"She asked for it."

"Now that both our wives are asleep, would you like to play some chess before dinner?"

"Sure," Carmela said.

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