tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Young Don's Whores Ch. 02

The Young Don's Whores Ch. 02


Paul Tierney, the "Young Don of the North" had consolidated his position as the head of organized crime in the North East of England. He had done this in a very short period, thanks to the organization he had built inside his late father's crime syndicate. Upon Frank Tierney's death, he seized immediate control, of not only the organisation but he made his thirty-eight year old stepmother, Anne Carter, his personal sex slave. He kept owners of the stores in his "Insurance" empire in line by making occasional examples of them. George and Barbara Weston had been his latest victims. When word got around, sheer fear prevented anybody from standing up against them. They all had families and feared for their safety.

Part 1 Anne Carter Is "Punished"

Anne did not see Paul for several days. He was away on "business" in London. Her fear of punishment following her spying diminished with time. Indeed, she hoped he had forgotten about it. When Paul arrived back on Thursday, she was surprised when he presented her with a beautiful blue cocktail dress. He instructed her to wear it at a dinner he was hosting here at the mansion for nine of his friends. He also said it would please him if she wore a garter belt and stockings. Anne was so taken by Paul's "kindness" that it never occurred to her that this was simply a plan to punish her for her previous indiscretion.

The dinner was a strange affair for Anne. The first thing she observed was the fact she was the only female. The other thing was she felt she was being undressed by all of them. It made her uneasy. There was just general chatter at the meal, nothing out of the ordinary. When they were done, Paul suggested retiring to the library. Anne turned to head for her room when Paul stopped her.

"No. You come too," and they both entered the library together.

"Gee, boss. She's looking better than ever," laughed Teddy Gorman, Paul's head of security.

"She's even better underneath," came Paul's reply.

They all laughed.

Anne blushed in humiliation.

"I thank you all for your loyal service and as I promised I intend to reward you all." He turned to Anne, "Strip."


"Get your fucking clothes off and show them your body."

They all laughed.

So that was it. That's why she was here. She knew by now she couldn't defy him. Anne reluctantly put her hands to her back, unzipped her dress and let it slide down, revealing the low cut red lace bra and matching garter belt and thong.

"Wow. You're a lucky man boss," said George Henderson, one of his chief henchmen.

"Yes, I am, but tonight you're all going to share in that luck."

Grabbing Anne by her hair, he yelled venomously, "You'll learn never to spy on me again, you bitch," and forced her to her knees."Now get down there and suck each one of their cocks, and remember, swallow every last drop."

The first was Frank Henderson. He drove his hardened rod deep inside her mouth and holding her head, systematically bobbed her in and out. At the same time, two others forced her to give hand jobs. They, however, withdrew, not wishing to cum, except in her mouth. Anne sucked and sucked. Each one suck seemed longer than the previous one. Finally, she could feel Frank was on the verge of cumming. The eruption of cum was such that not only did it fill her mouth but she couldn't help but to spill some. Her head was arched back, making her swallow it all.

Because she had hand jobbed the rest, they were not long in cumming, but she was forced to swallow everything and she felt sick. She was lying on the floor, tired, sore and weak hoping her ordeal was over. However she was carried to the long table and placed on her back. Her stocking covered legs were forced apart and Anne felt a huge cock enter her pussy. It was Paul and he began to pound her mercilessly. To make things worse he drove on in sync with the others shouting and clapping "More, more, more," each one appeared to be louder than the next. Eventually, Paul's cum exploded inside Anne and he yelled "Aaargh." , in deep satisfaction.

"Wow boss. That was brilliant."

"It sure was," he replied breathlessly.

He turned to his exhausted stepmother."Now get the fuck out of here and let this be a lesson to you."

Anne got up and fled to her room. As she did so, she could hear the laughter from them all. Once again the humiliated woman wept bitterly on her bed.

Part 2 The New "Recruit"

Twenty-seven year old Jenny Arnold was locking the door of her jewellery shop. Her mind was million miles away. It had been six months since both her parents had been killed in a horrific car accident. It was only after her father's death that the fact that he had borrowed heavily from Paul Tierney to help her set up her business came to light. It was only then she became aware of the debt her father had left behind. Now she was forced to pay an enormous sum every month. She had fallen behind in the payments because like most other shops in the town, her own was going through a slump. It was only a matter of time before she would receive a visit from Tierney's mob. It never occurred to her it would happen the way it did or that she would be subjected to the humiliation that followed.

Just having locked the door, the young woman was grabbed by two men.

"Just relax sweetie, Mr. Coombs just wants to have a little chat."

'Eddie Coombs, Tierney's 'muscle', thought Jenny and shuddered.

She was ushered into the back of a black car. Coombs was sitting there.

"Hallo Miss Arnold."

"Look Mr. Coombs, business is a little slack. I promise, I will make it up as soon as things pick up."

"I'm afraid that's not good enough. The boss expects his money."

"I'm working as hard as I can..."

She was cut off.

"You'll have to work harder. Get a second job maybe?"

"Work is slack everywhere. I'd do anything to pay the money."

"You're not a bad looking woman, Jenny," and began to feel her medium breasts through her white blouse.

"Please. Don't do that," she whimpered.

"I thought you said you'd do anything?"

Jenny pursed her lips as he began to unbutton her blouse, exposing her lacy black bra with a front snap. He opened the front and her breasts sprang forth and her nipples hardened instantly with the cold air. He put his mouth to her right breast and began to suck and lick with brief intervals. Jenny just closed her eyes in disgust.

Then he put his hand up her skirt, tearing her black tights and rubbing her trimmed pussy. As his rubbing became more intense, coupled with his sucking and licking of her breasts, she could not resist a moan. "Oh God, no. Please, nooo." The last word was dragged out as she exhaled. Suddenly, everything stopped.

"You'll do."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you'll do nicely for the second job I have in mind. You've got a great body and I know clients who will pay handsomely to fuck you."

"Please. Don't make me do this."

"You don't have any choice. You haven't used your best 'assets' yet," he responded with a grin.

"What do you want?" asked Jenny in a subdued tone.

"The son of one of the boss's friends is celebrating his twenty-first tomorrow night. You're the boss's present. Do it right and we'll consider this month's instalment paid. You'll be picked up after work." He opened the car door and Jenny got out. Realising she was a mess, she returned to the shop, tidied herself up and drove home to her flat, wondering just what was to come.

Part 3 Jenny Goes To Work

The following night, being Friday, Jenny locked up just after nine. As she turned round the black Mercedes pulled beside her and the door was opened. She got in and Eddie Coombs was sitting there again.

"I'm not dressed for a party."

"Believe me, you're just what the boss wanted," responded Eddie with his usual snigger.

It was a quiet trip. They arrived at the hotel on Crompton's hill, just outside the town. The party was clearly in full swing. Eddie led Jenny upstairs to a suite.

"Wait here."

Jenny sat in the room in boredom for over an hour. Finally the door was opened and a young man, clearly the man of the party and Paul Tierney entered.

"Well Billy, here she is. Just as I promised. I'll leave you to her. Have a good night," he laughed left, closing the door behind him.

'He is handsome,' thought Jenny.

The attraction ended when he growled, "Well, what are you waiting for, you stupid bitch? Get your fucking clothes off. Let's see the goods."

She just wanted to cry but didn't. Slowly she unbuttoned her blouse. It wasn't quick enough, as the young man got impatient. He walked over and simply ripped it.

"Now get it off."

Tears came to her eyes as she removed the ripped garment and fearing he would get impatient again, quickly unzipped and dropped her skirt. Finally, she stood naked before him. She covered her breasts and pussy with her hands. She had never been naked in front of anyone, even her boyfriend. The young man suddenly struck her across her face.

"Put your hands down by your side," he yelled.

Jenny reluctantly obeyed. She felt humiliated. She could see he was studying her body, particularly her firm breasts and trimmed pussy. She could see too, that he had a huge hard on.

He suddenly pushed her onto the bed and threw himself on her, kissing her lips and then cruising down her nakedness with his tongue and lips, stopping only briefly to undress, garment by garment, piling them on the floor.

He resumed his licking and sucking, concentrating on her breasts and nipples. As much as she hated this bastard ravaging her, the tingling of her breasts aroused Jenny. He continued down her body and the tongue action on her pussy made her moan.

"Oh my God," she exhaled several times. She thought she was going to cum there and then but he withdrew his tongue and for a moment there was an anti climactic feeling. Then she felt his huge dick being pushed in. The gentle, stroking movement picked up pace with every stroke and eventually her own body began to match the pace. They were both soon lost in a world of sexual lust. Jenny simply could not resist it and the young man simply didn't care.

He pounded and pounded and Jenny actually enjoyed it. They both moaned loudly. "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck," the young man yelled excitedly.

"Oh God, come on. Come on," yelled Jenny, with equal excitement. Her love juices began to gather and she knew the young man was close to cumming. The heat of their bodies increased their excitement and eventually Jenny climaxed just as an eruption of cum in her pussy made them both gasp for air like it was their last.

Exhausted, they both fell asleep.

The brightness of the morning woke Jenny. The young man had wrapped himself around her. She gently eased him off and slipped out of the bed. She went to the bathroom and showered with extra vigour, as if trying to destroy the evidence of her ravishment. She quickly dressed and only then realised her blouse was totally ripped. She covered herself with her jacket and opening the room door stole out only to see Eddie outside.

"Well. He must have had a good time," he grinned. "We'll take you to your car."

When she got home, Jenny changed into casual clothes. She was too bewildered to go to work and sat there most of the day trying to make sense of what had occurred the previous night.

Part 4 Anne Carter Gets A "Companion"

Two weeks after her humiliation at the hands of Paul and his goons, Anne Carter made her way to the study, having being summoned by Paul. Upon entering the study she was surprised to see a young woman in her mid twenties dressed in a maid outfit.

"Ah, there you are. This is Sarah Mansfield, daughter of Lefty Mansfield. She's our new maid. She'll be company for you too. Show her around the house and instruct her as to your own wishes."

"It's not bad enough that you keep me prisoner? You have to spy on me too?"

"Just do as you're told."

"Come on then" and Sarah followed Anne out of the study, to the kitchen. There Anne instructed her on her various duties.

That night, for the first time in weeks, Anne found her stepson waiting for her in bed. She hated having to strip naked in front of him. Worst of all, she could feel the his lust by his simple stare. When she got under the sheets, Paul roughly pinned her down and without any foreplay, simply drilled his hardened penis deep inside her, pounding at will. When he finally came, Anne too climaxed, but it was not a joyous one.

"That was great," he said breathlessly and turned and slowly fell asleep. Anne in contrast, did not sleep at all and simply dreamt of somehow escaping.


Some weeks later, Paul was in London again but was expected back very soon. Anne was walking along the hall and was surprised to see the door to the study slightly open. She discreetly looked in and to her astonishment, saw Sarah going through the papers on Paul's desk. She slipped in and quietly closed the door.

"What the hell are you doing, Sarah?"

Sarah jumped."Oh, Ms. Carter. I can explain...."

At that moment Anne heard Paul and some others enter the doorway.

"My God, if he catches us in here, we're both dead. This way, quickly," and grabbed Sarah by the hand and pulled her to the door that led to the library. There, both women remained in an anxious and tense silence hoping nothing would be noticed. After a while Anne opened the door into to the hall and checked to see that the way was clear.

"Head back to the kitchen. I'll talk to you later."

Sarah did so and turned to Anne and gave a silent, "Thank you." Anne stole up the stairs to her own room.

That same day Barbara Weston was in her boutique. It had been several weeks since her rape and humiliation at the hands of Paul Tierney. She could not get it out of her head. She couldn't go to the police about it. Instead she remained tense and moody. Try as she might, Debbie Morgan, her assistant could not get her to open up about it.

That afternoon Barbara received a phone call. She recognised Eddie's voice at once.

"You'll be picked up after work on Thursday. The boss has something special planned for you."

The receiver went down and Barbara held her head in despair.

"Oh, my God," she cried.

Her thoughts were broken by the sound of Debbie's voice.

"Is everything alright, Mrs. Weston?"

"What? Oh yes, thank you Debbie."


On Tuesday evening, Paul Tierney hosted a get together for his London contacts. "Sarah" handed around the drinks and food.

"Hey Paul, Who's the new bird?" asked Jimmy Hicks, one of Paul Tierney's oldest friends.

"Oh. She's Lefty Mansfield's daughter," responded Paul.

When the party wound down, Hicks pulled Paul aside and spoke in a low voice.

"She's not Lefty's daughter. His daughter died of an overdose last year."

"Are you sure?"

"I should know. Sarah Mansfield was my Godchild."

Paul nodded to one of his men and whispered something in his ear. The man nodded positively and left.

Later that evening, Paul was in his study with two of his thugs when there was a knock at the study door.

"Come in."

The door opened and Sarah walked in.

"You wanted to see me, Mr. Tierney?"

"Yes. Who are you?"

"Sarah was startled by the question.

"I'm Sarah Mansfield," she stuttered.

Paul nodded.

One of the men grabbed her arms and the other punched her in the stomach twice, leaving her gasping for air. He ripped open her blouse and buttons flew wildly in every direction. He then forced her bra apart, exposing her firm breasts. He began to lick and suck them.

Sarah closed her eyes in disgust.

He stopped and two more blows were delivered to her stomach and twice more she was struck across her face. Her nose began to bleed.

"Too bad boss. Her tits taste nice."

"Not for long," replied Paul.

Sarah opened her eyes and saw Paul brandishing red hot iron rod in front of her.

"Please. No," she begged.

"Then tell me what I want to know."

She remained silent.

Paul pressed the iron to Sarah's naked breast with sadistic relish and she screamed with extreme pain.

In the meantime Anne Carter was in her room, unaware of "Sarah's" fate. When she heard the screams, Anne jumped.

'My God. That was Sarah,' she thought.

She ran downstairs. Again she heard Sarah scream. Anne hesitated at the door, remembering the last time she entered the study. Another scream however, strengthened her resolve and she pushed the doors open.

"Oh my God, Paul. What are you doing to Sarah?"

"She's not Sarah. She's working for the police or worse and I want to know what she knows. Now get out."

"For God sake. Tell him who you're working for," yelled Anne in panic.

Sarah couldn't or wouldn't speak.

"She's working for Harry Trenton's mob."

"What? How do you know?"

"If your guards were doing their job right they would have seen her talking to one of his cronies at the gate yesterday," responded Anne.

"Yeah. You're right. Security has been very lax. We'll have to review it. Get rid of her in the usual way."

A horrified Anne screamed,"Paul, think, if you kill her, you'll have a bloodbath on your hands. You can't afford that. If you keep her alive, Trenton will think his strategy is working."

Paul stroked his chin." You're right. She's more valuable alive. You're smarter than I thought. I'll have to keep my eye on you."

Anne turned to one of the men."Bring her up to her room."

He turned to Paul and he nodded.

"Get me hot water and clean sheets," yelled Anne to the second man. He too, turned to Paul and he again nodded.

When Sarah was placed on the bed, Anne turned to the man.

"Well? What are you waiting for? Get out and let her have some dignity."

"The boss said not to let her out of my sight."

"Look at her. Does she look like she's going anywhere? Now get out."

"T,- thank you. Ms. Carter," stammered Sarah in a weak and breathless voice.

Anne placed a cool damp cloth on her forehead to try and lower her temperature.

"I've only gotten us a temporary reprieve, Sarah or whatever your name is. Paul doesn't have his father's brains but he's much more vicious and he'll stop at nothing to get what he wants."

"Yes, I know." Sarah struggled for breath.

"Please don't talk. Just rest."

"Please you've got help me."

"Help you? How?" asked Anne doubtfully.

Sarah tried to raise hand.

"Top drawer."

Anne went to the dresser and opened it. She found a folder of documents.

"Please. You've got to get them to Chief Inspector Burnham. Promise me."

"I promise," replied Anne, with tears rolling down her eyes, totally amazed at this young woman's heroism. So that's what she was. If Paul knew this, he wouldn't think twice about killing her.

The door handle turned and Anne crammed the documents inside her blouse as the man arrived with the water and towels. Anne stayed all night in Sarah's, trying to think of away to get the documents out of the house.


Chief Inspector Jack Burnham was sitting at his desk reading reports when a knock came to his office door.

"Come in."

It was Sergeant James Rawlings.

"Yes Sergeant?"

"Sir, its Constable Lombard. She hasn't been heard from for over forty eight hours now."

Oh my God. Anything at all?"

"No sir."

"Sir, we could raid the place."

"On what evidence Sergeant? Remember the last time we raided. We do any thing like that without evidence again and we'll all face a hanging. What's the name of the woman Sergeant Lyons spoke about?"

"Weston, sir. Mrs. Barbara Weston."

Chief Inspector Burnham sat alone brooding.

'Damn you, Tierney. If you've done anything to that girl it'll be your fatal error. I promise. I won't rest until I see you in jail,' he thought .


Just after Barbara locked up, the black Mercedes pulled up in front of her. The door opened and she got in. Unknown to her or the occupants of the car, they were observed by Debbie Morgan from her car, parked in the side street around the corner. She dialled her mobile.

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