tagFirst TimeThe Young Red-Headed Girl Ch. 01

The Young Red-Headed Girl Ch. 01


The sun beat down upon Rachel, the young red-headed girl as she reclined beside her pool on a hot summer day in the middle of June. Since it had just started getting hot, she was still pale from not getting very much sun, and had decided that since she had a long summer ahead of her she had better take this first opportunity so she could look her best as soon as possible. She had just had her eighteenth birthday, and one of the gifts she had gotten was a one piece white bikini that she couldn't wait to show off, especially to one certain boy. It was actually a very skimpily cut bikini that showed off as much leg and cleavage, though she didn't have too much, as possible. She knew she looked hot as hell in it, as she had caught a few admiring glances from men that were too old to be looking at her in that way. She didn't see it as creepy though, it just made her tingly and wet, in the same way it did when she caught the boys in school starting to look at her body just this year. She couldn't help showing it off as her breasts had started to become prominent with low cut or unbuttoned shirts, and skirts as short as the school dress code would allow. The days that she had to wear her cheerleader uniform were the best of all with the slits on her hip showing even more of her flesh. She was sure half the boys that were barely concealing their erections and stares would blow their load as soon as they touched her, but honestly she thought as horny as she had been lately having a boy touch her where no one ever had before would probably make her cum instantly.

She didn't know if she was hornier than other girls, from the things she had talked about with her friends and the things she had done, the 'practice' as they had called it, Rachel thought she was about normal. She had started having strong feelings several years prior when seeing attractive men and boys and even some of her friends. Soon after she discovered masturbation while in the bath, and after a night filled with experimenting and several thrashing orgasms, coming up with one new intense fantasy after another while rubbing her clit and screaming obscentities into her pillow, she knew she could never stop and never wanted to be a 'good girl'. She wanted to be a slut. She wanted to cum as often as possible and as many ways as she could. She knew it wouldn't be hard. She was skinny and tall, and cheerleading and gymnastics made her limber and kept her in shape. Some would call her precocious, some would put her down or say she was the product of a failed society or a broken marriage but she didn't care, she was ready to get her life started and enjoy it as much as possible!

She started planning slowly over the years. She knew she wanted her virginity out of the way, but wanted to know as much as she could before she started bringing other people in. She knew it would be easy. Her parents had split up when she was young and didn't talk to each other, and she and her siblings were constantly being bribed by both sets in some sort of "I'm the better parent" game. Her oldest brother and sister were away, in the army and in college respectively, her sixteen year old sister and brother both practiced a "I won't tell on you, you don't tell on me" system, most of the time not being home or at her fathers. Her mother worked so late that if she had to sneak out or sneak someone in, it wouldn't be a worry, especially since she usually got a drink before heading home. Her dad was so wrapped around her finger that it was ridiculous. It was he that had bought this bikini in the first place, either not thinking or not wanting to think that his little girl would be seen in such a skimpy outfit. Or something more possibly disturbing or kinky, depending which fantasy she was running through; that he wanted to see it on her. A bit of a budding scientist, she thought about testing that theory one day.

So the opportunity was there. She had all summer and a mostly empty house to get up to whatever trouble she wanted to. Her status as a cheerleader gave her access to any of the most popular guys at school, many of which she kept a list of in her diary, along with a numbering system formed after much debate with her friends, some of which had started having sex already and had told her who would be best. As she lay in the sun she felt her nipples hardening and her pussy moisten as she remembered one of the slumber parties, and flipped to a page in her diary where she had detailed the night.

May 7

Dear Diary, Tonight was so awesome! I stayed with Stacey and Kristin and had lots of fun! Her parents are such lightweights and went to bed around 10 so we had the whole night to ourselves! Stacey even got into their liquor cabinet, even though I don't like whatever green stuff she got it made us even sillier than normal!

So after drinks we got down to business. Stacey had a big secret that she couldn't hold in any longer. She wasn't a virgin any longer! She told us a story about how James (soooo hot!) had walked her home from school one day, which was so surprising since he's a Senior and she's about to be one, but they do live in the same area (so do I!), so it kinda made sense even though he drives but ANYWAY...I shouldn't be telling you this cause it's her secret but diary it made so fucking wet (I love the word fucking, I know you don't mind and it really fits here!) that I was creaming in my panties! So anyway, he flirted with her, and her parents weren't home so she asked him in for a drink of water since he had to walk home still. When they were inside he kept flirting and then he asked for a kiss! OMG I would have either melted or jumped him! Of course she said yes and they started kissing, she said she wasn't sure what to do but he sure did and she sure liked what he was doing! His tounge was twisting with hers and his hands went right to her butt and pushed her into him so she could feel his dick, and she just couldn't resist, that slut! She started moaning and rubbing him and grinding against him (It was our day to wear our cheerleading outfits so he was under her skirt real easily!) She said to us that she was almost cumming just from feeling his dick against her pussy even if their clothes were still in the way, especially when he slid his hands under her panties and squeezed her ass! She just grabbed his shoulders and hung on as he lifted her up and got her to wrap her legs around him. They kissed so hard and he bit her neck, she said she squealed so loud! He walked with her giving directions to the bedroom and he kinda threw her on the bed (I couldn't stop from shuddering and squeezed my legs together at that, I'd love to be treated like that!) He stripped his shirt off and then sank on the floor and told her that he wanted to lick her pussy! I don't think she could have stopped him if she wanted to, but she wanted it just as bad, all of us were dying to get fucked!

He kneeled down and grabbed her legs and she just watched as he reached under her skirt, and yanked her panties down! She was too turned on to be embarrassed, and from the way she was talking and how flushed she was I'm sure it was the same way she was right now. She said he dove right in and started licking her pussy up and down, and sucked and even nibbled on her clit. She was going crazy, spreading her legs wide to make it easier for him and moaning and screaming things she can't even remember. All she knew is that she never wanted him to stop, and then she swears she must have blacked out when the orgasm hit because she just remembers hazily watching him undress himself. God diary when she described his long beautiful dick i couldn't stand it any more, I reached down under my nightshirt and started rubbing myself, right through my panties, to try and ease the feelings. Apparently they were waiting on someone to go first because right after that they both started in with me! Between watching my hot BFF's jill themselves and hearing Stacey describe James's body I needed to cum so fucking hard. Watching them was nothing new, we've all done and would do much more!

She said he was muscular, had a six pack and had the most intense look in his sexy brown eyes she would ever see. Though she had just had the biggest cum of her life she forced herself down to his dick and without him saying anything started licking it up and down like the worlds best lollipop. She was lightly feeling his balls and sucking on the head and tasting him (Oh GOD I want to taste it!). It wasn't her first time giving head, and with all of our 'practice' I'm sure she was giving as good as she got, but apparently it was driving him too crazy cause he just grabbed her blonde hair and pulled her off of him and just said "I want to fuck you"

She remembers saying yes. She remembers climbing back on the bed and him spreading her legs and then him so sloooooowly entering her. Oh God what that must feel like, his impossibly hard cock going in her tight little pussy. She says it was so hot and intense that she can't even begin to describe it. He let her get used to his dick as soon as he was all the way in and then she just had to hold on for dear life as he started moving faster and harder, driving and pounding and pushing her down into the mattress and showing her everything she had. Her long legs wrapped around him and at that point she was so turned on just from the memory that she just took her hand and sunk it into her panties and seriously started rubbing herself real hard, moaning and shaking. Her eyes were closed and we could hear how wet she was through the movements. Of course me and Kristin had to do the same thing, watching each other (I've always had a crush on her, and I know she does of me, those sexy glasses she wears...God maybe her and James both fucking...)

...Sorry diary, I had to get off. Writing that just put me over the top and I had to cum so hard. God that was so intense though! Just the thought of me and him... I don't want to just lay there, I want to fuck him right back, I want to be his fucking whore. I want to take his cock and cum and just everything he has until we're both too bruised and worn out to walk. I've never wanted anything more in my life! Stacey is so fucking lucky!

Rachel came out of her memory and found she had subconciously moved her bikini to the side and was fingering herself. Two fingers pistoned in and out of her pussy as she lay on the reclining chair. She started to thrust against them, imagining James splitting her open with his cock, her legs on his shoulders as they fucked wildly. She needed him, she knew he would be her first, and said his name into the air as she drove her fingers against her g-spot.

"Fuck me James! Fuck my little pussy HARD!"

Her hand not busy with her pussy had started squeezing a nipple through the fabric, enhancing her feelings and sending electric shots directly to her pussy. She wished she had brought her dildo that her big sister in college had brought her over the Christmas break, but whatever, her hands would do fine. She took her hand out of her pussy to taste herself, turning her on even more with thoughts of licking Kristin's hot little cunt, and then smashing her own against hers...Maybe while James was taking her from behind forcing her mouth into Kristin so she could lick deep inside her...Maybe while Stacey was sucking on Kristin's tiny tits....

Her pussy was soaked, and she twisted and writhed against her hands as she felt a strong orgasm coming on. She closed her eyes and lost herself into fantasy, of James twisting her around taking her hard from behind, letting her feel each and every thrust deep inside of her. She imagined herself egging him on, loving how grown up and sexy she felt when she talked dirty.

"God yes! Take me! Make me your little whore! FUCK ME!"

Forgetting where she was momentarily, she screamed as she humped the air while her fingers stayed inside her, her tight pussy squeezing her digits, her other hand twisting a freed nipple. She came down gradually, and looked around as soon as she came back to reality, making sure nobody had seen her public display over the fence and the surrounding houses. Satisfied she was alone, she quickly got up and jumped into the pool, knowing she needed to cool herself off, lest she spend the rest of her day like she did so many other times, cumming and cumming and lost in fantasy. She needed her head clear though, she needed to plan. Her hands and thoughts were not enough any more. She needed James inside of her as soon as possible. She didn't care how young she was, she was ready for him.

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