tagLesbian SexThe Young Sisters Ch. 02

The Young Sisters Ch. 02


Ever since the incident a few days ago Becky Young had had a hard time separating herself from her older sister Jenny. Neither sister could get enough of the other. Their relationship, already close, had only become closer.

When their parents had called to tell them that they would be gone for two month’s to vacation in Europe the girls had had to put up quite a struggle to pretend they cared. Becky’s situation when she was on the phone with their mother wasn’t made any easier by the playful, tickling kisses Jenny kept placing on her neck and ears. It wasn’t an easy job to explain to their mom why exactly she found the fact that there was six hundred dollars in the cookie jar on top of the fridge funny. Luckily, mom hadn’t really cared too much. Apparently she was late for a massage treatment, so she hung up with a quick good-bye.

Immediately after hanging up the phone Jenny and Becky had made soft, sweet love in their parents large, fluffy bed. Jenny was becoming quite the pussy eater. She did magical things to Becky, things Becky hadn’t thought were possible from her older sister. Her tongue, her lips, her teeth (in short, her entire mouth) were finely attuned to making Becky scream with joyful abandon.

Jenny was an instinctive bi slut.

They had fucked for hours until Jenny fell asleep curled up in Becky’s arms. Becky wasn’t tired, so, after making sure her lovely sister was sound asleep, she went to her bedroom and slipped on a loose hippyish floral dress just in case that nosy little bastard who lived next door happened to be peeping again. Thomas was a cute kid (well, if you considered an 18 year old a kid, as some do), but he was such a pervert. Always trying to catch a peek of Becky and Jenny or one of their friends.

One of these days she’d have to do something about him….

Becky headed for the kitchen and poured herself some vodka. Their parents always had a lot of booze around the house for parties or whatever. The vodka also happened to go good with the oxycontins that Becky’s mom kept “hidden” in her medicine cabinet. Becky thanked god everyday for blessing her with a mother with a brain of heavily fermented Swiss cheese.

She crushed a couple of the pills on the counter after making sure the shades were closed and there was no backlight. With a knife, she split the powder into three good-sized lines, grabbed a straw from a drawer, and quickly snorted the bitter powder up your fine, delicate nose.

After she’d lit herself a cigarette and grabbed up her half full glass of vodka and ice she made her way to the living room to listen to some jazz and relax. Her cigarette tasted good. At least it tasted better than the drip from the pills.

The music began to get to her after a bit. She felt herself beginning to nod off. Becky thought it would be a nice idea to go lay back down with Jenny, but her thought was cast aside but the telephones annoying ring.

It was her best friend Sara speaking loudly and incoherently about something, as was her fashion. Becky had to hold the phone away from her ear for a few seconds before she was able to properly respond.

“Whoa! Whoa! Slow down, Sara,” Becky said sedately. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Are you drunk or something?” replied Sara sweetly with interest.

“Yeah or something,” laughed Becky.

“Ooooh! Got anymore?”

“Is that why you called me?”

“Well…that and I was wondering if you feeling like a little private party tonight” Sara laughed sweetly over the phone.

“Oh, so now you want my drugs and my body?” That was why Becky loved Sara. She was such a slut, and she was cute too. At twenty, Sara was the type of girl that looked perpetually sixteen. Her shoulder length blonde hair framed a beautiful, cheerleader face. Small nose, high cheekbones and full lips. She looked like she either had a damned good plastic surgeon or she was blessed by god. (Looks are always deceiving.) Tiny, cute breasts and a thin five-foot frame.

She was the prototypical angelic, suburban slut.

“Do you want to or not?” whispered Sara seductively through the phone. Becky said yes, and fifteen minutes later Sara was gently knocking on her front door to be let in so the fun could begin.

Becky let Sara in and they headed to the living were Becky had already set up the party supplies. For a small girl Sara could pack away the pills. Between them, both girls crushed and snorted three twenties then they both sat back and smoked some cigarettes until the bitter drip faded behind the numbing high.

Relaxing, they both slowly slid against the other, each using the others thin frame to support their unwanted weight.

Becky didn’t protest when Sara slipped a hand on to her thigh. Nor when that hand began to casually pull her dress up, exposing her skin to Sara’s light touch. Becky’s hand began to languidly return the favour, her fingers slowly finding their way under the black leather mini to the silk covered pussy of her best friend and Sara did the same to Becky.

Leisurely, their mouths met in a slow kiss as their fingers began to touch gently at each other’s sensitive folds. Tongues parted lips and began to sweetly explore as fingers did the same. Musical moans competed with the soft music that flowed from the speakers.

The music was losing much to Becky and Sara’s wicked joy. Surely, Billy Holliday would understand.

Somehow, clothes were shed and both girls were allowed to touch skin on skin.

Becky’s talented fingers worked wonders on petite friend delicate, little body. The kiss broke as Becky began to work her down to Sara’s delightful, little mounds. Small kisses on the neck, a light nip on the shoulder, until she had reached Sara’s cute tits and began to show her appreciation for her friend.

Sara’s free hand began to caress Becky’s smooth back as she enjoyed her friend’s soft attentions. Becky’s finger’s still gently probed and caressed her pussy even as her mouth bit, licked and suckled at Sara’s tits. Becky was truly one of the best lovers Sara had ever had.

“ Ooh, yeah…you know I love that, baby,” Sara whispered as Becky began to bite down gently on her aching nipples. “ Oh, fuck yeah, Becky! Bite it just like that.”

Becky laughed without taking her mouth away from Sara’s breasts. Her fingers began to probe deeper into Sara’s now slick cunt. Sara began to moan and squirm so pleasantly under Becky’s tender attentions.

Sara always was easy to get off, but it was a wonderful spectacle to behold when she did. The way her lithe, thin frame twisted and gyrated. The sweet moans and groans the emanated from her innocent looking mouth. How the sweat would bead on her forehead and her breasts. Becky just loved to make Sara cum, and as she bit down hard on Sara’s other nipple and allowed her index finger to gently tease it’s way to Sara’s asshole while her thumb massaged her friends clitoral hood Sara rewarded her with a loud, quaking orgasm, squeezing her thighs together to trap Becky’s hand between her legs and pulling Becky’s face hard to her breast.


Sara’s skin tingled and Her body went numb. Pure, ungodly bliss.

As Sara came down Becky began to make her way slowly down her friends now sweat slick body placing gentle kisses on Sara’s ribs, tasting the salt from the sweat on Sara’s tight tummy and just above the soft skin of her delicate, pink pussy.

Sara had the most beautiful pussy Becky had ever known. She loved the taste, the feel of the soft skin there. Like cocaine, Becky was drawn to devour the very essence of her friend as Sara again came alive with soft, cooing moans, squirming her thin hips in fluid dance of delicious pleasure.

“Oh, baby,” Sara cooed, “ Oh, you make me feel so good,” as Becky’s tender attentions brought her closer to another bout with bliss. Becky’s lips and tongue felt, explored, caressed every fold, every electrified nerve ending of Sara’s pussy. Occasionally placing little nips and kisses on Sara’s velvet inner thighs before returning to the prize.

She again brought her finger to intrude upon Sara’s sensitive backdoor, teasingly beginning to force entry into this most treasured spot.

Sara’s coos became louder, more groans of pleasure than anything. More intense as back began to arch, instinctively forcing her pussy against Becky’s hungry mouth. Sweat began to cut little trails down her breasts, down her forehead, tickling paths down her ribs.

Her hand again found Becky’s head, holding it to her cunt as her other hand pawed at her breasts as her body convulsed with another intensely beautiful orgasm. Stars, tiny points of purple and blue light passed before her eyes as she screamed with pure ecstasy and squeezed her thighs together around Becky’s head.

“Oh my fucking god! Oh fuck!”

Becky’s mouth continued licking, tasting the sweet flower of Sara as wave upon wave of delight hit her beloved friend. Neither girl noticed that the music had ceased. Neither girl cared.

When Sara had finally returned to the plain of the living and released her friend’s head from the death grip of her legs they both shared long, tender kiss where hands flowed freely over soft flesh, enjoying the feel of each other’s bodies. Enjoying the sharing and the pleasure it brought them.

It was now Sara’s turn to take the initiative in the wonderful game they were playing. It was now her chance to taste the sweetness of Becky’s lovely body, especially the part that lay between smooth, athletic legs.

Gently, but firmly, she pushed Becky onto her back and broke their kiss only to bring her attention to Becky’s neglected breasts and the taut nipples that dwelled upon them. Biting them gently. Licking them and suckling them with contented joy as Becky moaned her approval into the air that surrounded them.. Sara’s hands squeezed the small, soft mounds while Becky’s hands absentmindedly caressed the soft skin of Sara’s back, occasionally scratching the skin with fingernails leaving red trails in the delicate skin.

Sara enjoyed lavishing attention on Becky’s breasts almost as much as Becky. Reluctantly, however, she began to move on knowing she had more desirable treats awaiting her a little further down the road.

She kissed Becky’s navel and paused to lick it for a moment, kissing around and tasting the sweet flavour of Becky’s skin all while Becky squirmed and giggled softly to herself, eyes closed, lost in the gentle caresses until soft hands and lips urged her to open her thighs wide. Then Sara was right there where she ought to be eating away at Becky’s pussy.

Amongst all her friends and lovers, Sara was Becky’s absolute favourite in bed. So unselfish, so attentive with every bite, lick or gentle probe of her thin fingers. Sara made love to Becky’s pussy like it was all there was of value in this great big, dark and ugly world.

“ Oh fuck yeah, Oh come on, sweetie! Just like that! Ah, yeah, just like that!”

Becky’s moans and screams echoed off of the living room walls. Sara giggled as she kept licking away at Becky’s delicious cunt. She loved to hear Becky scream, loved to feel her body moving under her mouth and tongue as she tasted her.

“ Oh, fucking Christ! Aaaaaaah Fuuucckk!” Becky screamed as her body and mind were enveloped with a pleasure she’d felt so many times before, but which she could never imagine living without.

Sara, lovely Sara continued her beautifully tender machinations on Becky’s sex until Becky’s sweaty, writhing body calmed and she took a deep satisfied breath,

“ God, I fucking love you, Sara,” she said causing Sara to giggle as she crawl on top of her close friend to place a kiss on her sweaty forehead. They then embraced in a long, sweet kiss, holding each other close, enjoying the feel of each others skin for a good, long while.

Suddenly, Sara got up, placing a quick kiss on Becky’s nose and got up, running naked to her coat in the foyer.

“ Where are you going?’ asked Becky through heavy eyes and foggy mind.

“I’ve got a present!” Sara said giggling as she walked quickly back into the living room holding her hands behind her back as if hiding something. Becky pulled her dress back on over her head.

Sara came to a stop right in front of her, hand still behind her back and a big, stupid, bleary eyed smile on her face like some doped up little kid on Christmas morning. Becky just had to laugh.

“ Sara, what the hell do you have?’ she said, still laughing at her fucked up friend.

“ Say please,” replied Sara, goofy grin still in place.

“ Pleeeeaaassse,”

Becky knew full well that this was the only way to end this little game quickly. Satisfied, Sara pulled her hand from behind her back and dangled a little baggy full of fine white powder and gently tossed it to her now wide-eyed friend. Becky examined it closely and realized almost instantly that it was cocaine, the greatest stuff on earth. “ Who’d you blow for this?’ Becky said, smiling at the prospect that she would soon be allowed to partake in this wonderful ambrosia. “Shut up, and start breaking that shit up,” came back Sara slapping Becky’s shoulder gently for her implications.

Becky gladly did as she was told and began dumping the coke out onto the glass coffee table in front of the couch. Sara fetched a razor and straw from her purse beside the couch and hided them to Becky.

“ There most two eight balls here,” said Becky as began to chopped the hard rocks in the coke until she had a good-sized pile on the table before her.

“ Damned well better be,” came back Sara, “ I paid enough for it.”

The two girls kept talking as Becky kept cutting until she was satisfied the coke was free from grains and chunks. Sara lit them both cigarettes after she put her clothes back on. She Becky’s hers just as Becky was finishing cutting the coke into eight big lines and another pile for a bit later. Maybe Jenny would want some, if she woke up soon….

Jenny had woke up alone on her parents oversized bed covered in fluffy pillows, comforters and her mothers childish stuffed animal collection. She was horny, but still very tired. She had hoped that Becky would still be there with her when she woke.

The bedroom was sound proofed, so she had no idea whether Becky was even home. Becky had said something about going out for smokes earlier, so there was a good chance she was gone. God damn it! She was so aroused for no reason, and she hated masturbating when there were other options about and, damn it, she didn’t want to get up!

Subconsciously her hand had already found its way to her sex, her fingers had already began to dance their little dance. Gently, she began making love to her own pussy. Sliding her fingers across her cleft as her thumb began to massage her clit.

God, it felt good, but it could feel so much better. If only she had vibrator or something soft, but firm like her old teddy she’d had when she was twelve and first discovering the joys of your pussy….

Suddenly she realized what was lying around her. Soft, furry rabbits, monkeys, dogs and bears. God, she thought desperately to herself, mom would kill me if she found out….but she’ll be gone for a month…she’ll never know…I won’t tell her.

Even as these thoughts made their way through her deviant mind her hands were already reaching out to her mothers favourite stuffed bear. Mr. Bibo, or something like that. His soft, fur covered pillow like body, designed to be hugged and cuddled by small by small children in the night swiftly found it’s way between Jenny’s equally soft thighs to serve a purpose the toy manufacturer hadn’t anticipated.

Jenny squealed when plush bears soft fur tickled her sensitive, aroused flesh. Her squeals began to subside and give way to soft moans however when, with Mr. Bibo clamped tightly between her legs and one hand firmly on ‘his’ head, she began to grind her pussy against the bears soft firmness.

“ Unnnh, mmmmmmmm…oh god…oh yeah,” she whispered sweetly to herself as the selfish pleasure slowly began to well up at her centre. Her hips gyrated in an almost circular motion as she ground hard on the fluffy, little bear. Her free hand found it’s way to her breasts, to knead the her soft mounds, to pinch and tweak at her hard nipples. Sweat began to form on her soft skin. On her breasts and forehead from her sweet exertion. As she lay on her side a drop winded it’s way down her tight, smooth belly, around her belly button, then onto the bed, tickling her in a delightful way.

“ Oh yeah…oh, fuck yeah…oh, god…oh..,” she moaned and whimpered to herself and herself alone as she felt an orgasm building inside of her. Her hips ground harder. Her thighs squeezed tight. Her fingers twisted hard around taut, pink nipple and then the pleasure rippled through her body as a high squeal escaped her tight drawn lips and clenching teeth. For a moment her thin, feminine frame went rigid as the orgasm she’d so desperately needed wound it’s way through her mind and body.

The poor, little bear would have been crushed to death if it had lived as it laid within the death grip of Jenny’s smooth, athletic thighs.

Slowly she came down from her blissful, selfish high, but the poor stuffed bear still stayed where it was as life returned to Jenny’s limbs bringing her hips back in motion against the now slightly damp plush toy. Now somewhat satisfied, her sweet gyrations were slower, more determined, more used to the feel of the soft fur.

Her soft whimpering continued, but no more words issued forth from her lips. Only soft purrs of pleasure meant only for her.

Her seconds orgasm came much quicker than the first, much more intense. Her poor nipples hurt from her unconscious tweaking and pulling. Such a sharp, sweet pain.

Her body convulsed as if with a seizure. A glorious guttural scream burst forth from enraptured young body. All sound went away. All light went black as Jenny’s cum soaked the already damp stuffed bear.

The pleasure was so great, so all consuming that poor, tired Jenny passed and fell into a deep slumber with poor Mr. Bibo still stuck between her legs…

Becky and Sara had just finished their fifth and sixth lines respectively and had started on their second pack of camels. Both girls were laughing , sitting, twitching in place. Talking about anything and nothing at all when Becky suddenly remembered poor Jenny.

“ Jenny’s here?” asked Sara, big eyed and happy. She had always had a not so secret crush on Becky’s big sister.

“ Yeah, she’s been home for a couple weeks now,” replied Becky.

“ Bullshit! I haven’t seen her at any parties,” Sara retorted, “Where as she been all the time? She hasn’t gone all goody, goody Christian on us, has she?” Becky laughed at that and said, “Do you really want to know?”

“Yeah,” said Sara indignantly, wondering why Becky was being so goddamned coy. Becky smiled and wondered to herself if she should tell her. How would Sara react to the fact that Becky and Jenny were now lovers?

How? Well, I’ll tell ya later.

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