tagLesbian SexThe Young Widow Ch. 03

The Young Widow Ch. 03


(This is the third part of the story of Anne and her babysitter Jen. Thanks again for all the kind comments.)


Anne and Jen kissed lovingly while they embraced. Jen scooted down so that her face was even with Anne's breasts. She kissed them softly as she nuzzled her head between them. Anne stroked her hair gently thinking of how wonderful and loving this felt. Jen closed her eyes feeling so satisfied and peaceful listening to Anne's heart beat. Soon both women were asleep.

Anne felt the small hand touching her face and the familiar voice of Johnny calling her, "Mommy, are you awake yet?"

Anne turned and smiled at the boy and reached up kissing him. "Good morning sweetheart, how did you sleep?" Anne asked.

"Good Mommy," said Johnny. "Is that Ms. Jen in your bed?" asked the boy with an inquisitive look on his face.

"Yes it is, sweetie. She had to stay the night because of the bad weather last night," answered Anne.

"Oh, like a sleep over," the boy said with a smile.

"Yeah, something like that," answered Anne matching his smile.

"Why don't you go downstairs and I will be there in few minutes. How would you like some chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast?" asked Anne.

"Yeah!" yelled the boy as he ran out of the room.

Anne got up and picked up the robe that she had laid out the night before on the large arm chair. She walked into the bathroom and took care of her morning routine. When she came out she went into the closet and pulled out another warm robe and laid it on the bed in the place she just vacated. Jen stirred and opened her eyes smiling at Anne. Anne leaned down and kissed her on the head.

"The kids are up. You can stay here and sleep in as long as you want. I'm going to head downstairs and fix some breakfast for them," Anne said softly. Jen smiled and curled up in the covers.

Anne headed downstairs where the kids were watching TV. Gracie got up as soon as she saw her mother and ran to her. Anne caught her and held her in her arms.

"Good morning princess," said Anne planting kisses all over the three-year-old's face. "Did you sleep well?" Anne asked.

"Yes Mommy," responded Gracie.

"You want to help mommy make some pancakes?" asked Anne.

"Sure," responded Gracie excitedly. Anne pulled out the pancake mix, eggs, and chocolate chips. Gracie helped where she could.

Jen stirred in bed for a few minutes but she knew she wasn't going to go back to sleep. She got up and put on the robe and headed to the bathroom. A few minutes later she made her way downstairs.

Anne caught a glimpse of her as she walked into the family room and the kids jumped on her. Jen had that innocent, girl-next-door look about her. She was pretty, Anne thought, but she had not grown into the features of the woman she would someday become. From all indications, she was going to be knockout when that day came.

Anne felt a little queasy at that thought. A sense of guilt made its way to her mind as she thought about what had transpired the night before. Jen looked young for her age and that made matters worse. Her demeanor and personality were so precious and innocent. Anne wondered if she had taken that from the younger girl in a moment of weakness and passion that now she was regretting. Anne figured that at Jen's age most girls probably already had boyfriends and would be sexually active. She herself had lost her virginity at 18. But somehow this was different. This was her babysitter that she had known since she was about 11. She had watched Jen grow up and had always been impressed with her character and personality. That's why when she and Jim were in need of someone to watch Johnny three years ago Jen was the first person that came to mind. And she had proven to be the right choice. The kids loved her, no they adored her.

"Good morning Anne," Jen said cheerfully breaking the somber mood Anne was experiencing.

"Good morning Jen. Hope you slept well," replied Anne.

"Mmmm, the best night ever," Jen replied still smiling.

"Would you like some pancakes?" asked Anne. "They are Johnny's favorite, chocolate chip."

"Sounds great, I'll take one," said Jen leaning across the counter. Anne served her a pancake and put the syrup on the counter in front of her. As Jen ate she looked at Anne as Anne looked down at the cup of tea in front of her as if lost in thought.

"Is everything ok Anne?" asked Jen in caring tone. Anne looked up and gave her a half smile.

"You are not having any regrets about last night?" asked Jen as she reached out and caught Anne's hand.

"Maybe a little. I don't know." Anne replied with a little tremble in her voice.

"Well don't!" exclaimed Jen, "Because I sure don't regret any of it."

Anne smiled at her, "That's easy for you to say now but I'm almost old enough to be your mother and I really should not have let things go as far as they did." Anne was now tearing up.

Jen reached out and held both of Anne's in hers and lovingly replied, "Anne what happened last was the most beautiful thing that I have ever experienced. I know that I will remember last night for the rest of my life and will never regret that it happened. Most of the girls in my class have been having sex for years now. I'm just not into having sex for the sake of saying I had sex. The boyfriends that I have had did not interest me enough to get physically involved them. And if you think that last night turned me into a lesbian or something, well, I still like boys and would like someday to know what it feels like to make love to man. Last night was not about the sex, as much as it was about you. I don't know why and I really don't need an explanation for what happened. If it makes you feel better we can chalk it all up to two horny girls that haven't had sex in long time -- in my case never -- and got lost in the heat of passion."

"Since when did you get so smart and grown up," Anne replied with a smile but in reprimanding tone. "I appreciate that more than you can know. And I too think that last night was wonderful. I guess I'm still trying to make sense of all these emotions. That's the problem with being an adult, we are always analyzing everything. Please forgive me if I made it seem cheap or bad. But you have to remember that I have known you since you were 11 and I have watched you grow up. What happened last night was kind of out of the blue for me... and, well, I'm having a hard time processing it that's all."

Jen reached up and touched Anne face so that they were looking eye to eye. "Listen, there is no pressure here. At least I don't want to put any pressure on you. I really enjoyed last night. I especially enjoyed pleasing you. It was like nothing that I have felt nor even imagined I could feel. But if it makes you uncomfortable then this will be the last said about it by me."

Boy had this girl grown up Anne thought to herself as she looked into the younger girl's eyes. She had always sensed that Jen carried herself with a maturity way beyond her years. At this moment, it was definitely Jen that was acting the part of the grownup. Anne felt such a connection with this younger girl, a connection that one has with very few people through life.

"You are so sweet and thank you. Let's just play it by ear without any pressure," said Anne softly.

"Sounds great to me. We'll just enjoy the moment," chimed Jen in an upbeat tone.

"To change the subject, I guess I ought to call home and see what's happening," Jen said while reaching for her cell phone.

"Oh, your Dad called this morning and the roads are still out heading west along the river. Your house is ok, the water is still about 2 miles away from the Westside subdivision. But he can't get across unless he travels 50 miles east to Jensen and crosses there. I told him you can stay here as long you need to. It is supposed to keep raining until Monday according to the weather man. So you are stuck here with me, like or not."

"Ah, shucks!" laughed Jen, "I guess we will have to make the most of it."

"I guess we will," replied Anne. "I talked to my in-laws in Crestview and they said the roads were fine there. So, I was thinking that we could go and drop the kids there and head to the mall. What do you think?" asked Anne.

"Sounds good to me," replied Jen. "Do I have time to take a shower before we go?" asked Jen as she walked her plate to the sink.

"Of course," replied Anne, "I was thinking the same thing. You go ahead and use my shower since I don't have any idea what the guest bath looks like right now. In the closet in the master bath you will find towels and wash cloths and in the drawer near the shower you will find some hair ties if you need them." With that said Jen spun around and hopped off the swivel stool and headed up the stairs.

Anne walked into the family room where Johnny and Gracie were sitting watching cartoons. "How would you two like to go see Nana and Papa for a little bit this morning."

"Yeah!" screamed Johnny. "Can we? Can we go right now?" Both kids were excited about the idea.

"We'll go in few minutes. I need to take a shower first," replied Anne. "I'll come down in a few minutes and get you both ready to go."

"Ok, mommy," replied Johnny echoed by his little sister.

Anne went to the laundry room and pulled out Jen's jeans, bra, and panties that she had washed the night before and headed upstairs. Once there she picked out some jeans and nice sweatshirt and put them on the bed. She heard the shower running and figured that Jen was already in the shower. She walked in and Jen was standing in front of the shower door completely naked trying to figure out how the shower heads worked.

Jen looked at Anne smiled and said, "This shower is so fancy that I can't figure out how to turn it on or which ones to turn on."

Anne smiled and walked over and adjusted the shower as Jen walked in. This was the first time that Anne had actually seen Jen's body fully exposed. She couldn't believe that after all the trepidation she had sensed just a few minutes ago across the kitchen counter that she now was turned on by Jen's naked body. The young girl's skin was white but not pale. With her hair pulled up Anne noticed that she had a long, sensuous neck. Her ass was small but round and her legs appeared long with nicely formed thighs.

Anne stood there for a few minutes admiring the young girl through the clear glass of the large shower stall. She watched as Jen turned back and forth getting a full view of the younger girl's body.

Jen broke the trance with "You can join me if you want."

Anne snapped out of the trance she was in and looked at Jen through the glass and smiled. She walked over to the bathroom door, removed her robe, hung it on the hook on the back of the door, walked toward the shower and walked in. Jen let Anne get her body wet and proceed to lather a washcloth and rub it all over Anne's body. She started on Anne's neck and worked down her shoulders and back. She kneeled and washed the back of Anne's legs all the way down to her feet. She turned Anne around and washed the front of her shoulders, breasts, arms, underarms, stomach, and kneeling down the front of her legs. Then, putting soap on her hand she reached down washed Anne's mound producing a small moan from Anne's throat.

Anne then grabbed another washcloth and proceeded to do the same to Jen but instead of turning the girl around she reached from behind and washed Jen's breasts, underarms, and legs. As she kneeled to wash Jen's lower body, she planted kisses all along the way. She stopped at Jen's butt cheeks kissing them and rubbing them with her free hand. Jen leaned forward so that her hands were resting against the sides of the shower stall as if she were being frisked by a police officer. Anne reached between her legs with one hand and started to play with Jen's pussy.

Jen moaned as Anne's fingers gently rubbed her clit. Then she felt this warm sensation around her hole. Anne was tongue fucking her from behind while using her fingers to play with her clit. Jen was now moaning lauder. She spread her legs as far as she could them and raised herself up on her tippy toes giving Anne as much access as possible. Anne ran her tongue in and out of Jen's hole and occasionally up the crack to Jen's ass. Jen's legs began to shake as her knees weakened. She started to dance up and down on Anne's face and fingers. When it hit her it seemed like every muscle tighten in her body. She stretched up on her toes as the climax hit throwing her head back. She moaned and whimpered as the waves hit her. When she finally calmed down, Anne moved up her body pressing her body against hers reaching up and cupping her breasts from behind while kissing her neck and shoulders.

Anne had been amazed at how good Jen tasted. She had always loved the taste of her own cum when she kissed Jim after he had eaten her. She also remembered tasting herself when she kissed Jen last night. But this was different. This was another woman's scent and taste. It was different and yet pleasant and something she could used to. Jen leaned back resting her head on Anne's shoulder and kissed her. She turned and both women kissed each other softly and passionately.

Anne broke the kiss session stating, "The kids are probably going to be looking for me in a few minutes. They are excited about going to see the grandparents. Why don't we get out and get ready to go and we can continue this later."

Jen smiled and kissed Anne, "You promise?" she asked.

"I promise," crossing her heart with her fingers. Both women laughed as they stepped out of the shower.

They dried each other before walking out to the main part of the bathroom.

"I brought your bra, panties and jeans that I washed last night for you to wear. I can lend you a warm sweatshirt to wear if you like," suggested Anne.

"That would be awesome," replied Jen. "This is the only bad thing about spending the weekend here; I got nothing to wear but the clothes on my back."

Anne looked up at her smiled, "Well, we will try to remedy that. You can wear anything of mine you like that fits."

Jen looked up surprised and excited at the same time, "Are you sure?" Jen asked.

"Of course, I would not offer it if I weren't sure," replied Anne.

Jen walked into the master bedroom and stood in front of the large mirrored dresser where last night she had found the purple nightie. She had this kinky thought of what it would feel like to wear Anne's panties. The thought excited her. "I'll be wet all day," she thought to herself.

Anne stepped out of the bathroom and went right to her panty drawer and picked out a pink, lacy thong and slipped it on. Jen looked at her from behind and could not believe how sexy it made it her look. Anne looked back at Jen with her body still wrapped in a towel.

"Do you need some help finding something?" asked Anne.

Jen smiled, "I was just admiring the view from back here."

Anne turned around and looked back over her shoulder to the reflection in the mirror and smiled. "They do look hot don't they? Jim always loved these things," said Anne while admiring her backside.

"I can see why," answered Jen, "I don't think I can pull that off with my tiny ass."

Anne smiled assuring the younger girl, "Oh, you have a cute little butt. I don't know if I have one that will fit you but let's try and you'll see."

Anne pulled a baby blue pair and held it up for Jen's inspection.

Jen shook her head and said, "I don't know, I still think my ass will look funky in one of these."

But Jen took off the towel and put her long legs through the thong and pulled up over her hips and butt. She looked at it from the front and they looked fine there. She then turned around looking over her shoulder to inspect her backside. Jen was surprised at how it made her ass look.

"See," said Anne, "Girl, you are pulling it off!"

Jen smiled as she continued to admire the look in the mirror, "Wow, that does look ok, doesn't."

"Honey, 'ok,' is not the word I would use for that. 'Hot' is the word you are looking for," responded Anne.

"It does make me look hot doesn't it?" asked Jen.

"Yes it does!" said Anne.

"Well then, I will wear it," said Jen emphatically. "This might sound silly to you, but you know what excites me more than the look?" asked Jen.

"What might that be?" asked Anne.

"I think it is hot just knowing that you wore these panties and the same fabric that once touched your skin is now touching mine. Does that sound stupid?"

Anne laughed, "No, not at all. Now that I think about it, it sounds kind of kinky." They both laughed.

They dressed and put on makeup together talking about life, school, etc. Anne gave Jen a sweatshirt that had the neck cut out so that it draped over one shoulder and left the other exposed.

Anne wore a white turtleneck and designer jeans with black high-heel boots. Jen admired the boots which made Anne about 2 inches taller.

"What size shoe do you wear?" Anne asked Jen.

"I wear a 7 in most shoes," replied Jen.

"I wear a 7-7 ½ depending on the shoe," said Anne. Anne looked in her closet at her shoe rack and found another pair of boots that were brown with about 4 inch heels on them.

"Try these on for size." Anne told Jen. Jen tried them and she walked around the bedroom and stood in front of the full length mirror and could not believe how hot she looked in her jeans, sweatshirt and boots. "Wow, I can't believe how tall these makes me look, and how it shapes my butt."

Anne laughed as she walked out of the room to get the kids ready to go. Jen admired herself a little longer in mirror and couldn't believe how good she looked. The only thing she did not like was her bra strap that was clearly visible on her exposed shoulder. She reached up under the sweatshirt and undid the bra removing it. She felt even sexier with her thong, high heels, no bra. She smiled at herself admiring the difference one day had made.

(To be continued)

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