tagIncest/TabooTheir Double Wedding

Their Double Wedding


It began as many such stories begin, with the women.

Valentina Simmons had been a loner since her early days. At age 7, she had few friends and her parents and family were worried. She was kind and gentle and lovely, they couldn't understand it at all. She was just as timid as a little mouse and spoke only when spoken to. In fact, the only person she seemed able to talk to was her 2 years-older brother, Jerry. He was her protector and the quiet little girl never had to worry about being teased as long as Jerry was around.

When Barbie Reed's family moved in next door, Valentina noticed the pretty little redheaded girl playing in the front yard. What Valentina noticed is that Barbie wasn't playing with stupid dolls like most girls her age. The petite girl was playing basketball and despite her diminutive stature, she was pretty good at it too! Her parents watched in amazement as Valentina marched over to the house next door and introduced herself. Within a few scant minutes, both girls were playing basketball and having a good old time like they had been friends all of their lives!

It was also good fortune for Jerry Simmons as well, for pretty Barbie had an older brother who was less than a year older than Jerry. He and Andy Reed became best friends and more days than not, their parents would see the four kids playing basketball or swimming or lots of other athletic activities. The boys never seemed to mind having the girls around and woe betide anyone who picked on the girls. A united two had become a united four.

In high school, no one was surprised when Valentina started dating Andy. The well-known quarterback was the only guy she ever let her hair down around. With Andy, Valentina started acting and dressing like a girl. What was a further shock to her parents, once out of her tomboyish mannerisms; their brunette daughter was a very lovely girl. She smiled more and let her dark hair grow long and when she put on makeup, she could have posed for magazines. Valentina was now garnering lots of attention but there was only one boy who caught her eye.

Unlike her best friend, pretty Barbie could turn on a dime. She could be a tomboy and even beat Jerry at some sports or she could be the prettiest, most adorable little girl imaginable. From the day they met, the petite redhead had Jerry Simmons wrapped around her little finger. They were dating as well and the school president did anything his blue-eyed, pretty girlfriend asked him to. More often than not, they went on double-dates with Valentina and Andy. When their parents asked them if they wouldn't perhaps like to go out alone and have their privacy, the girls asked "Whatever for?" The trio often ordered meals that they could all share and it kept expenses down. The boys didn't mind, why should they? Their parents, knowing who really ran the show, stopped objecting. Both parents knew their girls were dating quality young men who treated them like princesses. The families had no worries.

The four of them went to the prom together. Valentina was elected Prom Queen -- it was no contest -- with Barbie as her runner-up. In an odd twist, Valentina's brother Jerry had been Prom King two years earlier. Valentina's friends were always trying to get Jerry's eye, but the young collegian only had eyes for Barbie, just as his best friend kept close watch on Valentina.

It was only a few years later that both couples announced their engagements. To no one's surprise, the girls had planned a double wedding. To everyone's surprise, their young men, who were by now partners in business, announced their plans to buy a duplex together and share costs.

Their parents didn't even try to talk them out of it. By now, they all realized it was an exercise in futility. Their four children were truly inseparable.

On the day of their wedding, Valentina and Barbie asked for some quiet time together. Their moms and bridesmaids let them have it. When they were gone, Valentina was almost beside herself. "I can't believe we're really going to get away with this," she squealed, hugging her best friend. "God, I'm so nervous!"

"Want me to calm you down the way I did last night?" Barbie smiled, inching closer to her lovely best friend and putting her hand on Valentina's bare knee.

"You didn't calm me down, you heated me up," Valentina laughed as her friend kissed her warmly and then pulled away.

"I did relax you a fair bit, though," Barbie smiled and leaned in for a second kiss.

The girls laughed and Barbie hiked her friend's dress and spread her legs. As she started eating Valentina's bared pussy, for her friend had worn no panties, it seemed as if they really were "going to get away with this". Their parents had no idea the secret the two best friends had been keeping for the past several years.

The girls were lovers. Each had been the other's first. A mutual girlfriend had told them that she was a lesbian. She had shared her belief that no one knew how to eat pussy like another girl. Naturally, the two girls were curious about that particular statement. Valentina was staying over at Barbie's house one warm summer evening and they weren't sleeping.

"Do you think Vanessa was right?" Valentina asked. She was still stunned by the revelation that the pretty black girl was a lesbian. "I mean -- I've had my pussy eaten and I came like gangbusters, if a girl is better, then ..."

"Hold it, hold it!" Barbie asked, sitting up in bed. "You're telling me that someone has eaten your pussy? You've had sex?! We tell each other everything. Okay, I need to hear all about this," she demanded.

"We can talk about the details later," Valentina said, trying to swiftly change the subject. "I've had sex a few times, that's all. I've never had sex with a girl. I don't know -- it just would be awkward, I think. I wouldn't know how to approach another girl, I don't think."

"What if it was me?" Barbie swiftly spoke up. "Would it be awkward if I was the other girl?"

"What? Oh Barb, get serious!"

"I AM serious. Ever since Vanessa told us about it, it gets me all horny when I think about it. I don't know if I could approach another girl either -- word spreads, y'know -- but I think it would be okay if you and I experimented. Who'd have to know?" She told Valentina.

The pretty brunette stretched out on the bed and gave it some thought. She'd already had a few sexual experiences and those had been pretty great -- why not add to the pile? She smiled and nodded eagerly. "Okay, I guess it won't hurt if we try some stuff together. We trust each other and we can stop if we're not into it. So, who goes first?"

That question was answered the moment Barbie threw off her pink nightgown and moved to kiss her. Valentina found out one thing at that second - kissing another girl felt great! Barbie's mouth felt very nice kissing her own and her tongue seemed to have a mind of its own. She sucked on her friend's tongue and of her own accord, she reached out to fondle Barbie's breasts. Her friend let out a gentle little sigh so she leaned forward and took one of the coral-pink nipples in her mouth. Barbie bit her bottom lip to stifle the small squeal of pleasure that threatened to emerge from her mouth.

For the rest of the night, the girls played games of erotic pleasure. Valentina's lingerie really turned on Barbie, she had no idea her best friend owned things that sexy and naughty. They tumbled together on the bed, they licked each other's breasts, stroked each other's faces, kissed, sucked pussy and did anything else that entered their minds. They didn't stop until 4 AM and thank God it was a holiday, or they would have gone to school with bleary eyes. The two eighteen-year olds were now confirmed bi-sexuals.

"Okay, now that we're lovers, you have GOT to tell me who you had sex with," Barbie said as they snuggled. "It can't have been my brother, Andy is terrible at keeping secrets. Ooh, was it an older guy? One of our hunky teachers or someone really hot? I promise not to tell Andy, we're cool."


"Yes, I promise! Who was it?"

"It was ..." she steeled herself "... it was MY brother, Jerry. I've fucked him at least ten times. The first time, we had gotten a little blitzed and he wondered if the two of you were ever going to fuck. I told him if he was my boyfriend, I'd sure as hell fuck him, one thing led to another and ..." Valentina sighed "... we can't seem to stop. He's good, he's so FUCKING good and he's only getting better. He knows what I like in bed and he's got a good cock and it fills my pussy sooo nicely. You should fuck him, being a virgin is a pain."

Barbie looked at her and laughed. "I can't believe you two did that. I'm not judging you and I'm not exactly a virgin either. Guess what -- I've been fucking Andy for the past five months," she laughed.

The two girls started to laugh hysterically. When they calmed down, they hugged and discussed details. It was decided that this weekend's double date would have a much different ending than normal. Valentina took her best friend to the boutique where she bought all of her lingerie. They picked out some very nice pieces that would go along with their plan.

When their respective boyfriends wanted to take them home Saturday night, they got a little surprise. The girls informed the boys that they had rented a motel room and told them tonight would be the night to blow their minds. Jerry and Andy did a High-Five as their girlfriends went into the bathroom to change. Neither of them knew what the girls had planned, only that tonight was going to be very cool. They weren't embarrassed to be fucking in the same room, they were college guys, after all. As long as they got laid, it was all good.

The girls shared a small kiss and felt themselves heating up. "Later," Valentina promised. "We have all night to be together, but we've got two horny guys out there who need us to blow their minds -- and cocks!" She laughed. Barbie nodded, kissed her again and they exited the bathroom holding hands.

Their respective boyfriends gasped in astonishment. Valentina was wearing leopard print lingerie and high black heels, nothing else. Barbie was in pink & white lingerie with matching white stilettos. The young men knew tonight would be a game changer. Their girlfriends moved towards them and kissed them. Then, they dropped to their knees and unzipped their pants. Valentina and Barbie both fished out the cocks of their boyfriends and started to give them blowjobs. The guys thought they had died and gone to heaven, wondering how the girls had gotten so good at this? Neither of them had ever done anything with Val or Barbie before tonight. They were both astonished at how proficient their girlfriends were at this and hoped it would continue.

Both men got a shock when the girls lifted their lips and shared a passionate kiss. Neither man knew that his girlfriend liked girls! The shocks continued when the girls switched partners and each girl began blowing her own brother!

"We both know what's been going on, we only wish we'd known sooner," Valentina smiled as she throated her older brother. "We're very cool with it, in fact, we both think it's really hot!"

"VERY hot," Barbie smiled. "So tonight is on us, but we want to keep fucking you both, as well as fucking our own guys and yes boys, each other. We've discovered that having sex with another girl is really sexy. Tonight, you get to fuck the both of us and when you're pooped, we're going to have sex together."

Valentina was thrilled that their secret was out, because she loved fucking her handsome, mature brother. He knew all her secret spots and he just got off on getting her off. Even now, her pussy watered for his tongue and she couldn't wait to feel him thrusting deep inside of her. His dick went so deep and he never seemed to wear out. She believed that she would never tire of screwing him. She moved up on the bed where he was on his back and straddled his face. "Eat my horny cunt while your girlfriend and her brother fuck beside us," she grinned. Barbie and Andy had wasted little time. The petite redhead was already on all fours, braced for her brother's cock. Impishly, she leaned close to Valentina and they kissed while Andy's cock sunk deep within her.

"She's a hot piece of ass," Andy smiled at his buddy who was still eating HIS girlfriend. "Once you fuck Barbie, you know you've been fucked."

"Wait until you fuck Val," Jerry grinned as his sister got up and mounted his cock. "She is like nothing I've ever felt, she has this way of gripping your cock and she loves to act the slut in bed."

"It's true, she does," grunted Barbie as her brother fucked her.

There were sweating, rutting bodies for the next several hours. The men fucked their sisters and their girlfriends respectively. The girls, true to their word, put on a very hot lesbian show. They had brought other lingerie and even a strap-on to tease the men with. At the end of the night, they were done in -- almost. The girls were still making love tenderly while the men snored away.

"I've got a confession," Valentina sighed as her girlfriend's fingers gently moved in and out of her pussy.

"Oh? What is it?" Barbie asked as her lover's fingers brushed her nipples.

"I like fucking Andy, I do -- but I think I get off more fucking Jerry and you," Valentina said to her.

"That's funny, I find Andy and you get me off more," Barbie laughed. "What are we going to do about this?"

"Why sweat it? We go out as a foursome all the time, why not just keep doing what we were doing? I won't get jealous if you fuck Andy and I want to keep fucking Jerry. We can switch and I don't think the boys will mind if we want to keep fucking each other," Valentina laughed.

"Not if the way their eyes bugged out earlier is any indication," Barbie smiled as she and Val moved closer together and started smooching. When their men awakened, they knew they would discuss their future plans later. Right now, loving was on the menu.

The two men were fine with the idea when they got up. For the first time, each guy was treated to a double BJ. Jerry won the coin toss and got to go first, while Andy watched. Then it was his turn and then, the girls did each other again. Each man fucked his own sister and it was later drawn out they felt the same way -- screwing their own sister was just a bit better.

So, it was decided to proceed with a plan. They would buy a house, all four together. Andy and Barbie would share one floor, with Valentina and Jerry sharing another. As far as anyone knew, the arrangement was Andy & Val with Barbie and Jerry. When the men went to work, the girls would have their own time together. Not only that, both of the sisters-in-law to be had decided to invite Vanessa over for "lunch" when they returned from their honeymoon. A little extra help in bed was always fun and they thought they both "owed" her for the initial idea.

Of course, they were going on their honeymoon together. As Barbie emerged from underneath Valentina's wedding dress, her face was coated with her sister-in-law's spend. She shared the kiss with Valentina and then sat down herself. She knew that Valentina would be just as eager to do her. They had time for some fun. In fact, they had the rest of their lives to indulge their carnality.

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