tagBDSMTheir First Meeting

Their First Meeting


Their first meeting began just as he had suggested. They met at a local coffee house, sitting across a small, linen covered table from one another. He was dressed in a dark gray business suit with a starched white shirt and striped tie, looking very much the distinguished businessman. She was dressed in a black satin corset, short spandex skirt, thigh-high stockings complete with garter belt, and ankle high leather boots, looking very much like a slut. The vision enchanted him.

"Are you wearing panties," he asked, with that unusual accent to his words she had come to recognize and like. "No, Sir. I never wear panties." In fact, it had been months since she had cleared out her underwear drawer, throwing away every pair of panties she owned, having come to enjoy the freedom and naughtiness of being bare-assed all of the time. What she liked most about it was that it left her constantly wet, and aroused.

"Open your legs wide," he quietly instructed, stirring a spoon in his coffee. "Very wide," he added, smiling slightly. He noticed her eyes quickly scanning the room to assess whether anyone else would notice their play. Judging the risk as low for being caught, she slid lower in her chair and spread her legs as far as she could, feeling the rush of cool air against her wet pussy, and knowing his next words before they were even spoken. "I want you to place two fingers in your pussy, dear." She hesitated. "Do it now," he commanded, and with her stomach knotting and a flush of color building on her face, she reached beneath the table, placing her right hand between her legs, and inserted the first and second fingers of her right hand into her warm and very wet pussy. "Deeper," he instructed. "As deeply as you can."

She watched him slowly raise his cup of coffee to his lips, his eyes locking with hers, enjoying both her discomfiture and her obedience. Pleasure was evident in his eyes and in his very relaxed posture. Her hand hadn't moved; she was lost in the fear that someone would notice and raise an alarm, and it made her heart thump heavily in her chest and a trembling begin at her toes that worked its way up through her entire body. And then, over the rim of the cup, he said the words again that he had said in his phone conversations each time they had spoken, "you are always safe with me."

Her fingers penetrated deeply. He knew from the softening of her eyes that she was doing as he directed, just as he knew by her high color and the way her lips parted as her breathing began to come faster and ragged, that she was enjoying his control. There was no need for him to look beneath the short tablecloth to assure himself that she was following his instructions. She might be new to this, but she had been ready for quite some time to give herself to him completely; body, soul and mind.

"Are your fingers completely wet," he asked. "Yes, Sir," she breathed quietly, wishing that she'd been able to come up with a quick and clever reply; impossible under the circumstances, and probably not such a good idea with this man, she reflected. While he had displayed an agile and quick sense of humor on many occasions in phone conversations, he was not likely to find her quips amusing here, or now. "Then remove them, Silk," he quietly commanded, "and give me your hand."

She complied, only to watch as he took her hand, the fingers covered with her own juices, and brought them to his mouth, engulfing them, sucking on them and rolling his tongue over them until he had thoroughly tasted her essence. At that moment, a chair scraped across the wooden floor and a woman in a beige business suit rose, grabbing up her purse and, throwing a shocked and disgusted look in their direction, stormed out of the coffee shop. Ignoring the quickly departing woman in the beige suit, he kept his attention on Silk and smiled that slow, knowing smile. "Delicious," he said. "I like the way you taste." He turned her hand over and placed a kiss on the inside of her wrist before releasing her. "Now finish your coffee, pet," he smiled.

It wasn't long before he was ushering her out of the shop and helping her into her car. But as he did so, he stopped her with a hand at her waist, turning her to face him, as he very slowly lowered his mouth to hers, kissing her deeply and thoroughly, unconcerned that anyone might be watching as he deliberately brought his other hand to her breast, which hardened beneath the warmth and fondling of his hand. His fingers found her erect nipple and squeezed hard, bringing a small moan of pain to her throat. It aroused him. He pulled her tighter against him, letting her feel his hardened cock beneath his trousers pressing against her belly, and shoved his tongue deeply into her mouth, possessively, demanding. Then he handed her into her car and closed the door, his eyes never breaking contact with hers.

She led the way to her house, with him following closely behind in his own car. So many thoughts were jamming the circuits of her brain, she hardly noticed the drive, except for those times when she checked her rear view mirror and realized she was getting too far ahead of him. She slowed down several times to allow him to catch up, and within minutes was unlocking the front door and leading him inside. She hadn't noticed that he had taken a canvas duffel bag from the front seat of his car and carried it with him now.

Once inside the door, he ordered her to "Strip." No beating around the bush here, she thought. Off came the corset, then the skirt, the boots, then the garter and stockings. "On your knees," he instructed. She complied quickly, knowing that if she hesitated she would freeze and have difficulty continuing. Submitting to him was what she desired, yet the act of doing so was incredibly difficult. So many inhibitions, so many fears stared her square in the face. "Spread your legs, Silk," he said, "and place your hands behind your neck." The pose left her feeling completely exposed and vulnerable. And wet. Extremely wet.

"Now tell me what you offer," he commanded.

"I surrender to you, Sir," she began. "I am yours…body, mind and soul. You have my complete submission."

He stood quietly, considering her words, weighing them in his mind. From her serious face, the direct way she looked into his eyes, he knew she was sincere and he was pleased. For some time, he had thought she was a prize worth owning, not only for her desire to submit, but also for her intelligence and humor; the way others seemed to enjoy her conversations and her respectful ways. And of course, there was that ass he wanted to fuck. "And what are your limitations, Silk? Think carefully, dear."

"Blood, urine, scat, children, animals, Sir," she began. Those were the easy things. "Those things on the activities list, Sir, that I indicate I have no interest in. Those are my limits, Sir." She felt comfortable mentioning the list, as there were few enough activities on the list that she had found offensive to her. "And, of course, Sir, I am monogamous. I would prefer not to share you with other submissives."

After a brief consideration he smiled. "You are mine, dear," he said.

"Yes Sir," she affirmed. "I am yours, Master."

From his duffel bag he pulled a crop and stood before her, his legs braced slightly apart, slapping the crop against the palm of his hand as he smiled down at her. "Have you ever felt the bite of a crop, Silk," he asked. "No, Sir," she whispered, her eyes large and fixed on his face. "You will today, pet," he smiled, wondering if she would try to object. "And how do you feel about that, my dear," he asked.

Silk had seen a crop used on a friend. She had watched as it flicked across naked nipples and a bare ass and reddened shoulders, and she knew it could pack quite a sting. She did not relish the thought of it nipping at her flesh, but it hardly seemed to matter at this point, as he was obviously looking forward to using it on her. Each time it slapped against his palm, she jumped just a bit. "If that's what you wish, Sir," she whispered, "then it's what I wish too."

"And why is that, Silk?"

"Because I want to please you, Sir."

After a moment's hesitation, he placed the tip of the crop on her left shoulder and slowly dragged it down the front of her, over her hard, erect nipple and down her belly and hip. Then to the inside of her thigh and upwards, grazing her pussy lips in an exquisite tease, down the inside of her right thigh, up over her hip, belly, breast and nipple, to rest again on her opposite shoulder. He could see her chest rising and falling heavily with excitement and, possibly, fear and felt his cock grow hard with desire for her. Placing the crop beneath her chin, he raised her face, so he could look into her eyes for a moment before he walked to the rear of her and dragged the crop over her back and buttocks in a sensuous, swirling pattern that made her skin tingle with pleasure. And when she least expected it, he brought it swiftly and suddenly against her ass where it made a loud smacking sound. She jumped and cried out in surprise, reaching behind her with a hand to rub the spot his crop had hit.

"Silk, did I give you permission to alter your position," he asked in a firm and commanding tone. "No, Sir" she replied, worried that she had already displeased him, and placed her hands behind her neck again, staring straight ahead, quick to resume her former pose. The crop began a slow gentle caress of her again, dancing over the flesh of her back and ass, and again, when she was beginning to relax, it struck, hitting her on the opposite cheek, this time with a bit more force. This time she held still, though her eyes watered and her ass stung. "Good girl," he murmured, pleased. The next contact was to her shoulder; and then her opposite shoulder, each a little harder, each bringing a surprised cry to her lips

After a few minutes, in which he more surprised than hurt her, he reached into his duffel again and brought out a flogger. He knew from their conversations that she enjoyed a flogging and was not the least surprised when her whole body appeared to go limp before him. He dragged the soft deer skin over her back and shoulders and watched as goose bumps rose along her arms and breasts. "You like the feel of a flogger, Silk?" he smiled. And before she could reply, he answered for her. "Of course you do, my little pain slut." Taking her by a hand and lifting her to her feet he bent her over the arm of the chair and bound her by her wrists and ankles. Slowly, letting her warm up to it, he flogged her ass and back, stopping periodically to stroke her skin and ease the sting, or to probe her dripping wet pussy with his fingers. Quietly and with a passion-filled voice, he told her what a perfect slut she was…his slut. And how she could look forward to doing anything he wanted her to do, because she belonged to him.

The afternoon progressed along similar lines, he giving her one sensation after another, some mild, some at the very edge of her ability to tolerate. He used his hands to arouse her, first sliding them over her ass and breasts. Then he slipped them between her thighs to push her legs further apart so that he might stroke her pussy and clit with his warm fingers, probing inside her hot, wet cunt. He squeezed and pulled on her nipples, and sank his fingers deeply into her ass, enjoying her moans of pleasure/pain, feeling the heat of her body rise as his desire for her rose along with it. He fucked her hard, going deeply into her pussy and then her tight, hot ass, until his balls were pushed hard up against her throbbing cunt and wanting to explode.

Silk had never felt so used by a man, but found herself wanting more and more; to be completely possessed and used by this man who now owned her. She knew there was nothing she wouldn't do at his command. For the first time in her life, she felt truly like a slut, eager to please her Master. Like the pet that he called her, she would respond to his demands, knowing she was safe and cared for. This is what she'd been seeking most of her life, and she marveled that she had finally found peace with the deviant side of her sexual self. And she adored this man for not only allowing her to be true to her nature, but because he had helped to expose the existence of this submissive, obedient and wanton woman.

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