tagFirst TimeTheir First Toys Ch. 06

Their First Toys Ch. 06


The story continues:

Laura leaves.

Kathy and Jane look at each other, exchanging quizzical expressions. One asks:

"Do we really want to?"

"Do what she did?"


"You want to?"

"Sounded good; I guess so. Don't you?"

"Hmm? If it happened. Can't imagine her scenario."

"No. But if we found him ...."

"Some boy that knew even less than we?"

"Hm-hmm! Just had seen naked girls in Playboy."

"Hmm! He'd be disappointed with me."

"Oh, he'd be eager to see a real life nude girl."

"And how are you going to find him, the poor innocent?"

"Just a wild idea."

"You want to, though?"

"Want to try what Laura did."

"Just get in bed with one of your dates and do it."

"Said I didn't want to, like you."

"Go study and get your mind off sex!"

"You too!"

They smile wryly and do study until dinner.

They don't return to the subject, but a few days later, Jane asks Kathy:

"Know the Vietnamese boy?"

"Is there more than one?"

"Don't think so. He is in my French course, advanced placement, like me, having already taken French, but he's much better."

"And? Why did you ask?"

"He is very reticent, shy, although he is so good."


"What Laura was saying."

"Hmm?! Like that? Hmm? You want us to teach him?"

"He hardly talks to anyone, probably because most of the people in his classes are older."

"And he is Vietnamese."

"Probably for that reason too."

"And you want to 'teach' him, want us to?"

"Just an idea; he should appreciate someone talking to him."

"Hmm? 'Talking to him'? Suggesting that he wants to meet a couple of girls, and then in their beds?"

"At least, it was an idea. I'll talk to him."

"And tell him that we want him to let us do that?!"

"Of course not. Just talk to him."

"Hmm? Don't know if I want you to."

" 'Bonne chance'."

"What's that mean?"

"Good luck in French."

"Then good luck."

It's a couple of days before Jane can sit next to him, and a couple more, before he acknowledges her with a shy smile. Leaving the classroom, she remarks:

"You're Vietnamese, aren't you?"


"Learned French at home? You're so good."

"Not really, but my family can speak it, and we have relatives in Paris, who got out early."

"That's nice."

"We're boat people."

"Oh, really? Lucky then?"


"I'm impressed, that you are here."

"Very lucky."

"Hard work, learning English and then everything else to be accepted here."


"Maybe my French helped."

"What's you name?"


"Does that mean something?"

"Hmm, yes, "virile," not very appropriate, I'm afraid."

"Why not? You're no wimp."

"Just feel like one here, alone, in this and another couple of courses for sophomores."

"Yeah, older. I'm just a frosh, had French in school, but can't speak it as good as you."

"Better than some others."

"Thanks. Like to believe you."

"You can, maybe not with as good pronunciation, but more fluently."

"Thanks again. Going to lunch?"

They sit together at lunch, talking more, and after their next class together.

Kathy has been observing them and hears from Jane that he is becoming more open when talking with her, telling her about his family; that he is an only child, just a baby when his family escaped from Vietnam; that his French was so good because the family in Paris had invited him to spend a summer there.

Kathy likes what she hears, but still questions that Laura's "wild idea" could materialize. Nonetheless, she agrees that Jane invites her to join them for lunch, not immediately, but after she has mentioned that she has a roommate. She does, and then Kathy joins them for lunch. Duong greets her rather formally, but with what she has already heard about him, they have a relaxed conversation. As they are getting up, he smiles and remarks:

"Wow, sitting with two American girls. Nice."

"And nice, with you," Kathy replies.

"We don't bite," Jane adds, and they all smile.

"Till tomorrow?" he asks, the first time he suggests their meeting again.

"Yes, of course," they both reply.

That evening in bed together, while they are still just holding each other's breast, Kathy remarks:

"He is nice, but ..."

"Um-hmm, but what?"

"I can't see how this could ever work out. Okay, if we got him here and started to take off our clothes, but how would we get him here?"

"Hmm? I don't know, either. Guess we would have to tell why, beforehand. But you would want to?"

"Hmm? I guess so, but not getting him here on some pretense ..."

"Like helping me with pronunciation," Jane interjects.

"You've been thinking about that already!"

"Well, since he said it could be improved; something he could understand."

"And then we 'seduce' him?! That would be unfair; he's too nice and innocent to do that to him."

"Yeah, you're right. A guy we had been dating could probably be already thinking that might happen."

"In his dreams, but that is why we can't do it with one of them."

"And if we did, he would talk."

"Hadn't thought of that, but of course."

"But Duong wouldn't."


"Different upbringing. He wouldn't be so shy and reticent, if he had been running around 'the boys' in high school."

"Makes sense," Kathy agrees.

"Now that I said that, that is why we can't with one of our dates. Unless they thought that we were serious - just with one of us - they might brag about it."

"For sure, if we both did it with him!"

"Maybe Laura's 'wild idea' is better than we first thought."

"Still can't see it happening. Oh, I would do it with him."

"Me too."

"But how are you going to tell him that we both want to - want to use him for an experiment?"

"Can't tell him in the dining hall."

"But you would? 'Kathy and I want to do something with you, Duong. What? Just an experiment, something we can only do with male.'"

They both snicker, squeezing each other's breast. Jane snorts and replies:

"And he would ask: 'Why me?' Need to explain that too."

"Bonne chance!"

"Why me telling? We're in this together."

"I have to tell him? 'Duong, I'm still almost a virgin. Jane says with your help she can show me what to do.'"

"Hmm?! Also not likely, but if we keep talking, maybe we'll find a solution."

"You really do want to."

"Hm-hmm! Even if we didn't get to the experiment, it would be fun."

"You just want a cock. I have so little experience that I don't miss it."

"Because we know how to enjoy each other's pussy without one."

Jane's hand moves down between them. Kathy snorts and murmurs:

"I was about to suggest that we just go to sleep."

It is several minutes before Jane crawls back around again. With wet faces they kiss. Kathy rolls over, drawing Jane's hand to her breast, and murmurs:

"Why do we want to suck a cock?"

"Laura says it's so good."

"Hmm! Goodnight."


Under the shower in the morning, Kathy murmurs:

"If we do it - I doubt it - but if we do, won't he discover that we do together?"

"Hadn't thought of that. I guess so. Bothers you?"

"Not that we do, just that it could upset him."

"Hmm? Maybe. But if we do, by then he probably wouldn't mind. He'd know by then that it's just something else we do."

"Hmm? I guess so. I hope so."

"So do I."

"You want to."

"Don't you?"

"I don't know. Oh, I want to, just don't see how it can happen."

They meet Duong at lunch and have a nice conversation about courses and the college, nothing personal. As they are returning their trays, Jane suggests to him:

"Want to take a walk?"

"If you want?" he replies with surprised but pleased expression.

Kathy's expression is just surprised. They leave the building, and Jane suggests a direction away from other students. Kathy has an apprehensive expression. It is much more apprehensive, when Jane turns to him and says:

"Kathy and I want to do something with you."

He stops walking with a surprised expression, and they also stop. He glances back and forth at them and murmurs:

"What?" glancing back to Jane.

She looks embarrassed, but musters a smile and replies:

"Something we need a man for."

"Oh?! Why me?!"

He blushes, evident despite his darker teint, glancing again from one to the other, and then asks softly:

"Both of you?!"

Kathy nods. With a flustered expression, he murmurs:

"What?" then looking even more embarrassed.

Before they reply, now also with flushed cheeks, he adds:

"I don't know anything about that."

He almost stutters, admitting softly:

"I'm a virgin."

Kathy nods and replies:

"I'm almost one too."

He snorts, smiling at her admission and replies:

"Just 'almost'."

"Only twice with a boy, so that we both wouldn't go off to college with no experience."

"Hm-hmm, more than I have."

He looks more relaxed. Kathy and Jane do too. Jane says:

"That doesn't matter, but that's what we're talking about."

"And why me?"

Kathy wrinkles her nose and then replies:

"Oh, this is difficult. Hmm! At least you haven't run away."

"Not yet," he answers with a smile, repeating: "Why me?"

Jane draws a deep breath and explains:

"We want to do something we haven't - not sure we really want to."

"And with me?"

"You don't need any experience."

"Hmm?! Well, that's good. What?"

"Oh, this is embarrassing!" Kathy blurts out softly.

"Girls can do something else with a man," Jane murmurs.

"Don't you have boyfriends?"

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Kathy responds.

"Me? No. Sort of said that before. So why me?"

He glances back and forth at them again. Kathy looks at Jane, waiting for her to reply, who blushes again. After another deep breath, she says:

"We don't want to try with the boys who have dated us. They're not boyfriends."

"They could think they were," Kathy adds.

"But I'm not?"

"Not for both of us," Jane murmurs.

"Oh? But you both want to with me - whatever?"

The girls both nod, blushing again. After a moment, Jane murmurs:

"You can with us."

Kathy nods and murmurs:

"Anything you want," and then blushes again.

He also blushes and murmurs:

"I don't know what, how."

"We'll show you," Jane replies, looking less embarrassed.

"Really?!" he asks with a surprised expression.

The girls nod with smiles. They all suddenly begin to laugh, laughing longer than just for his remark. He catches his breath and says:

"I must have been missing something in high school."

"I did too," Kathy agrees, giving him a smile.

"Hmm! Uh, I've never even really kissed a girl."

"We can take care of that," Jane replies with a grin.

They laugh again. He suddenly reaches down over his fly. Jane grins and says:

"That's all right. Nice; you know what we're talking about."

"Hmm! Guess I do. You really mean it?!"

The girls nod again, smiling. Jane says:

"Saturday morning, after breakfast. Bring a book. If you don't, well, we'll know that you've changed your mind."

"I hope you don't," Kathy adds, giving him another smile.

"Me too," Jane agrees, also smiling.

"Hm-hmm! Me too!" he responds, smiling and wobbling his head back and forth. He snorts and remarks:

"In Asia, that's like nodding here."

"Good!" both the girls respond, nodding and then wobbling their heads like he had.

They all chuckle with grins, wobbling their heads again, and go their ways.

Kathy and Jane lock little fingers again for a moment, more giggling that chuckling. Kathy remarks:

"He really wants to!"


"Sure scared me, when you suggested taking a walk."

"Me too, but it was all or nothing."

"Just blurting out: 'Kathy and I want to do something with you.'"

"Did I say that?!"

"You did!"

"Well, it worked."

"If he doesn't forget his book."

"Hm-hm-hmm! I'll remind him in class on Friday."

"And make him blush again?"

"Hm-hmm! If I also do?"

"I hope so!"

They both snicker.

That was Wednesday. The following evenings, they discuss how it could be if he did come with them to their room. What should be their first move be; should they have their beds together, like they did when they were expecting Laura to join them? Did they want to tell her about what they hoped would happen, that her "wild idea" had been a success? But it wasn't yet!

And Jane doesn't have to remind him about his book. When he sees her in their class, he smiles and pats the book on his desk. When she tells Kathy about that, she adds:

"I think I went all moist."

"Uhmm! You would, but we're in this together. Hm-hmm! What's a Vietnamese cock like?"

"I should know? Like all the other ones. Well, maybe not circumcised, like most of the ones here."

"What's the difference?"

"The other ones, you can rub the skin up and down on it."

"You have?"

"No, just know that's the difference."

"Better, that way?"

"Don't know yet, but I hope so."

Saturday morning they make their beds with fresh sheets and go to breakfast. Duong is already there, patting his book again as he smiles at them. When they join him, they all smirk, and he pats his book again. Kathy remarks:

"Have a good breakfast, might miss lunch."

She looks a little embarrassed at her remark, even before the others nod with slight smirks, then blushes and rubs a forearm over her breasts. Jane embarrasses her again, remarking:

"Shouldn't have said that, if you didn't want them to pop out."

He snorts with a nod, smiling at Kathy and remarking:

"I didn't see them."

"You will," Jane replies with a grin.

"Stop it! And yours too," Kathy replies, rubbing her other arm over her breasts, but grinning at Duong.

He nods with a mild smile and replies:

"If you say so, better than reading Playboy."

"Not mine," Kathy replies softly.

He shakes his head with another smile. They eat their breakfast without further conversation, just exchanging smiles. When they have left the building, Jane asks:

"What's the book?"

"Something I bought in Paris."


"Something for you to practice your pronunciation on."

"Doesn't look like a classical author."


He grasps the book tighter and replies:

"Maybe let you read it later."

"Like that?"


In silence they walk to the girls' room. When the door has been closed, they look at each other, for a moment longer, then Jane murmurs:

"You know what is going to happen."

She begins to unbutton her blouse, nodding to Kathy, who then also starts to unbutton hers. He snorts with wide eyes. Their bras appear. Jane murmurs:

"You can just wait, ... or not."

"Hmm! This could be embarrassing."

"Shouldn't be."

He nods with snort and begins to unbutton his shirt. They all shuffle out of their shoes. Their skirts drop. He hums at the sight of their half nude bodies, as they shrug off their blouses. His pants fall, as they reach back and loose their bras. When they slide them down their arms, he hums again. Their nipples are aroused, and they are both blushing. Their hands involuntarily cover their breasts. He nods, shrugging off his shirt.

When their eyes dropped down to the bulge in his shorts, he also blushes, then snorting and murmuring:

"Didn't want it to be like that already."

"We did," Jane replies.

Kathy snorts and then nods. He looks at their breasts and murmurs:


"And not just in Playboy," Jane replies, stepping closer to him. He nods. She steps closer and slides her hand around his waist, reaching out to Kathy for her to do the same. When she does, their aroused nipples brush his chest.

"This isn't real! Can't be happening to me."

"It is, for us too," Jane murmurs, drawing the three of them closer, then murmuring:

"Kiss" adding: "first," offering her mouth.

Their lips meet; Jane's tongue probes between her lips, between his, and then his responds. They both hum. After a few moments, Kathy murmurs:

"Me too."

Jane retrieves her tongue and nods. He chuckles and turns his face to Kathy. Her eager tongue is in his mouth before his can respond, but then it does. Jane chuckles and starts to shove his underpants down. He starts in surprise, now with his tongue in Kathy's mouth, and again, when Kathy's hand tries to help. They stop kissing, as the girls' hands get it down on his hips, but it hangs on his cock. His hands find the elastics of their panties. They all chuckle, and the girls' other hands find the elastic of each other's panties, helping him. They chuckle again as they slide them over each other's ass.

When the girls' fingers then follow the elastic of his shorts around passed his hips, his stomach draws in sharply as he gives a surprised "uhn!" He grunts again, as their hands pull it out to free his cock, and murmurs:

"This is embarrassing!"

"For me too," Kathy murmurs.

"Shouldn't be," Jane replies, her hand pulling his shorts further out and down, letting his cock bob free.

"It is!" he remarks, before Jane's hand slides back around him, drawing their hips together. When his cock touches her, he snorts again with a sharp "uhn!" Jane's other hand draws Kathy's hips closer. His cock twitches, touching them both. Kathy gives a surprised:


"Uhn-hnn," Jane responds, sliding her hand up his back, holding him closer and murmuring:

"Kiss again."

He does, they do. When Kathy's hand also slides up, his also does, holding them both closer, and they all embrace. After a several seconds, Kathy's hand moves on his back, also touching Jane's arm. She nods, and he does, and turns his head to kiss Kathy. When Jane loosens her embrace, the others' hips turn closer, his cock rubbing up on her stomach.

"Uhn!" she responds, thrusting her tongue in his mouth.

"Uhn-hnn," and he sucks it and holds their hips tighter together, his cock twitching between them.

Jane rubs both their asses and murmurs:

"I thought you didn't know how to kiss."

Kathy retrieves her tongue and replies:

"He does, you do," and kisses him lightly again.

"Easy to learn with two such good teachers. ... Oooh! I forgot! We're all naked!"

"Um-hmm!" the girls confirm with grins, both rubbing their hands up and down, rubbing his ass.

"Hmm!" he responds and then rubs theirs.

"Um-hmm," they agree.

"Shit! Shouldn't say that, sorry. This is too much! I haven't even seen a naked girl before, much alone kissed one - two!"

"And I haven't seen a naked man really; did it in the dark," Kathy replies.

"You haven't yet, really," Jane remarks, rubbing their hips.

Duong and Kathy snort, glancing at each other, and snort again, smiling wryly. As they all let their arms drop, he murmurs again:

"This is really going to be embarrassing."

"He didn't see me either," Kathy murmurs.

They all separate, looking at each other's faces, smirking slightly. Then their eyes drop, first to the girls' breasts and aroused nipples, and then down to his cock, that has sunk to the horizontal.

"Nice," Jane murmurs.

"Hmm! If you say so."

"Very nice," Kathy murmurs, glancing up at him with a smile.

"Very naked," he murmurs, his cock twitching.

"Um-hmm," Jane agrees.

Then she reaches out and says:

"Give me your hand."

He does. She grasps his wrist and draws his hand up to her breast. He holds it, and she nods.

"Mine too," Kathy murmurs, and his other hand doesn't hesitate to reach up and hold one of her breasts. He hums with a smile, squeezing them, and murmurs:

"Also very nice."

"Um-hmm," they both agree, returning his smile. Then Kathy looks down again and murmurs:

"I want to hold it."

"Hmm? I guess so."

Her hand reaches out, and her fingers tentatively touch his cock. It twitches up against them. She snorts and rubs her fingers on the top of his cock, making it twitch again. She glances quickly up at his face and then rubs it again. As it presses up against her fingers, his skin moves with them.

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