Their First Weekend


"Give me a minute to clean up," Bill said next, "and I will see about returning the favor."

Sally told him that there wasn't time, and that he should go into the bath, take a long shower and not come out until she told him it was okay. Bill was curious, but complied with her request.

Just as Bill finished drying and combing his hair, Sally told him he could come out. Bill threw open the door and boldly stepped out, only to be greeted by a slender young woman, wearing only a frilly apron. Bill started to cover himself up, and he heard several people laughing.

"Come in," Sally beckoned. He was guided toward the main room by the young women and led to one of the sofas. Bill sat down and when he noticed Sally was on the other, leaning back across the one arm, he took a similar position. Bill looked around. There was the woman who had led him into the room, another woman, older and much curvier, wearing the same outfit. There was also a man wearing nothing but a vest.

"There are two rules," Sally explained. "First, enjoy. Second, no touching." Bill nodded his approval, and Sally clapped her hands twice. With that the curvy woman went to a serving cart in the corner of the room and brought out two bunches of grapes. She handed one to the male server, and walked over to Bill. The male server started pulling off grapes and feeding Sally, as the curvy woman served Bill.

Sally clapped again, and the other serving woman poured two glasses of wine, and handed one to Bill and the other to Sally. Then she stood there with the carafe, never allowing their glasses to be anything but full.

The leftover grapes were set on the low table in front of the couches. Then followed a cheese course, then some sausages, then raw vegetables. Leftovers of each graced the low table. Finally, the three of them served a small square of cheese cake to Bill and Sally. They set down the tray with the others, then all 3 walked over to the closet, put on long coats, and left the room.

Bill leaned back and looked over at Sally. She had a big smile on her face and looked very contented.

"How did you arrange that?" Bill asked.

"Jenny, your server, is a member of the naturist club I belong to. She does this for a living, and earns quite a good living. The other two are employees. She has 4 or 5, and they are all busy most weekends."

Bill took a sip of his wine. "Tell me about this naturist club."

Sally explained that she belonged to a group of about 20 people. Usually they got together at a member's home for dinner and some form of entertainment, usually a movie. In the summer they have a couple of members that had secluded yards where they could move outdoors. They also took a trip as a group at least once each year to one of the naturist sites that are available.

"So, you just wander around naked?" bill asked.


"And no one gets frisky?"

Sally thought for a moment. "We do have a few that try to use this as an opportunity to get laid, but they don't last long. You see how turned on you get when you walk by a 45 year-old woman who weighs 250 pounds."

"Bill was silent for a moment, then asked, "And the men don't get boners over the cuter ones?"

Sally laughed. "Sure, sometimes, and sometimes the women get moist over the hot guys. And there are always one or two who eventually hook up. But mostly it isn't about sex."

Sally thought for a moment, then asked, "How are you enjoying it?"

Bill didn't answer immediately. When Sally was about to ask him again, he finally replied, "Not bad physically. No more uncomfortable than wearing boxers. And I can feel drafts much more. I'm still not used to it psychologically, though."

"Give it time," Sally said as she stood. Then she took Bill's hand and guided him to the bed. She lay down and said, "I think you owe me something, and it is way past time for something else."

Bill needed no further encouragement. He lay down across her body and started kissing her face, hair and neck. He slowly moved down until his lips were even with her breasts, then he gently sucked on one nipple while his fingers played with the other. He caressed her breasts, squeezing then, lifting them licking them and sucking on them, always with a tender touch.

Sally squirmed under his touch, but wanted more, so she told him that they wouldn't break or burst if he put a little more pizazz in his work. Bill complied, and Sally was in heaven. But, Sally's breasts were not the ultimate target for Bill, and soon one hand was slowly stroking under her breasts, then over her stomach, then down to her pelvis. Just when Sally thought he would reach her clit, his hand moved to the side and down her thigh as far as he could reach. He gently stroked her thigh on top, and down the inside. Then his hand worked back up, over her pelvis again, and to the other thigh.

"Stopped teasing," Sally thought, but kept her mouth shut. She did attempt to move under his hand to get him to her pussy, but he kept avoiding it.

Finally, when he knew that he had her worked up just enough, Bill ran his middle finger across her clit, making Sally jump. He was more comfortable with Sally's anatomy after the session last night, so he knew much better what to do. He used two fingers to move the hood aside, and began stroking her clit in earnest. She was close to orgasm. Bill somehow managed to switch positions without stopping his rhythmic attack on her clit, and used his other hand to plunge his middle finger deep into Sally's wet pussy. As he slowly pulled his finger out, he curled his finger upward, attempting to stimulate her g-spot. He repeated this in, curl and out motion several more times, first with one finger and then 2. Finally he plunged two fingers into her as far as he could, and curled and uncurled the fingers inside of her. This was the last thing she could take, and Sally's body went stiff and shook as she had a tremendous orgasm. Bill left his fingers insider her, feeling her muscles contract around them. Just as she was coming down from her orgasm, he curled his fingers again and she had a second wave of pleasure unlike anything she had ever felt before. Just for good measure, and because he was curious about how she would taste leaned over and ran his tongue between her vaginal lips, but she pushed him away. Things were just too sensitive at the moment.

Sally couldn't speak for a long time, and Bill laid down beside her, gently playing with her breasts. Finally, Sally whispered, "Give me another minute or two, and I will be recovered," but she fell asleep shortly thereafter. Bill held her the rest of the night, and he too slept very soundly.

The next morning was filled with hugs and kisses, and unfortunately packing. As they were looking around the room to be sure they had everything, Bill took Sally into his arms and held her. "Can we do this again sometime?"

Sally kissed him on the lips and said, "Of course. When?"

"Is tonight too soon?" Bill replied.

"Hmm. Anxious to know about the orange condoms?"

"Well, yes, and anxious for the day when we can forget about condoms all together."

"Is that a proposal?" Sally inquired.

"Well, yes, I guess it is," Bill said, and kissed her for a long, long time before leaving their room.

And it wasn't very long before Bill found out about the orange condoms, and then how great Sally felt when they didn't need condoms anymore. And Bill became an active naturist, though still preferred clothes on when around the house. But all that, plus the details of their trip to the naturist camp are all stories for another day.

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