tagGroup SexTheir Hot and Exotic Fantasy Ch. 02

Their Hot and Exotic Fantasy Ch. 02


Note from the author: This part picks up right where Part 1 ended. Please read it first.


The call of blissful darkness was alluring. What a soft and plump cushion... Her body sore in all the right places, a deep feeling of satisfaction and relaxation filled Natasha. Sleep was so tempting... But this wasn't the moment for that. This evening easily claimed the top of her wildest and best fucks. Those hands! That grip! Those thrusts! Calling it a night now would be such a waste.

She groaned and took a deep breath. Time to collect herself. That man... that amazing, gifted man... Granted, she had always be in awe of Maeda's strength and beautiful mastery of their martial art. But to think her stern, self-controlled instructor had that much fire and lust in him... and that he wanted her so badly on top of it! All of her fantasies needed to be revised, fast, in the best way possible. As for his wife...

Eyes still shut, Natasha pressed again her back against Yumi's soft breasts. Round arms tightened around her. Coupled to the sensation of come dripping along her thighs, this felt like heaven. Yumi was delicious icing on an already incredible cake.

Come to think of it, this was her first round of mindless shagging with another woman since she had married Petrov. Whenever they brought someone else into their bed, it was another man. Petrov's tastes and needs always came first. Natasha had never complained -- he chose them to make sure they'd also take good care of her, and she enjoyed harsh poundings and hard dicks too much to whine about it. But what a fool she had been to wait so long! She had missed soft and sweet lips, tasty folds and supple breasts under her fingers and tongue.

"What kind of naughty thought just crossed your mind, sweetheart?" Yumi's melodious voice whispered against her skin. "Your neck turned as red as a rose, please share, whatever it was, I want in..."

Natasha grinned, and turned to face her intense and devoted lover. She traced her nose and jaw with a finger, before kissing and licking it. "Oh, you certainly will, Yumi san..."

She sighed with pleasure when their breasts pressed against each other. Yumi began to rub herself against her chest, and they both watched, fascinated and quickly aroused, as brown and pink nipples met and brushed, sending electric shocks to pussies ready for more.

"Oh, darling, you have no idea how long this has been... I missed that very much..." Yumi moaned aloud, voicing Natasha's earlier thoughts.

The Russian stared at her companion, eyes moist. "Me too, me too... it's been years... I want more, please, give me more!" She exclaimed before claiming her mouth.

With a grunt, Yumi pushed herself up and brought Natasha down on her back. Two fingers first collected some of Maeda's come and brought it to her pussy, while her thumb zeroed on her clit. Her kiss turned possessive, and her tongue mirrored her deft fingers.

Natasha whimpered and latched her legs around Yumi's hips to increase pressure and contact, while her hands grabbed and twisted rock-hard nipples. Her entire body was again aflame, rejoicing at the friction of slippery clits, soft skins hiding straining muscles, and the delicious taste of her lover's lips and mouth. Quickly, much too fast for Natasha, the two women reached their peak in perfect unison, their cries filling the warm reading room.

Panting, the Russian buried her neck in Yumi's nape, landing soft kisses on the delicate skin. A large and warm hand squeezing her hip jolted her. For an instant, she had forgotten they weren't alone.

"A part of me feels somewhat neglected, but I can't thank you enough for the look of perfect bliss on my wife's face. I could watch the two of you all night long... although I have to ask: do you want me to leave?"

Startled, Natasha disentangled herself from Yumi's embrace to face Maeda. He was serious, but didn't sound angry or upset. "Uh, no, sensei. Please, don't. I'm sorry if I overstepped --"

Maeda shook his head, and silenced her with a finger on her lips. "Never, ever apologize for the pleasure you're giving Yumi. Obviously, this is something she needs, and I'm very upset to have been oblivious to that all these years."

"Oh, Toshi san... don't be. I should have expressed myself sooner." Yumi reached over Natasha to cup her husband's square jaw. "Don't think for one second that I haven't enjoyed thoroughly what you've been giving me. And no, I don't want you to leave us either. Watching the two of you together excited me so much... I'm surprised at myself, too. You were simply breathtaking, the picture of raw lust unleashed."

Her husband gratified her with a relieved smile, before winking at Natasha. "Well, then. It seems like we both thoroughly like watching you, on top of enjoying the wonders of your body. Your sensuality is..." He preferred to show rather than tell, and grabbed a pink nipple to suckle it leisurely.

Natasha's back arched right away under his ministration, the perfect balance between harsh pain and sweet pleasure. She seized his sturdy neck and pressed him against her, encouraging him as meaningless words stumbled from her mouth. Her fingers dug hard in his shoulder. "Ah yes, please! Don't stop! Sensei!" Calling him aloud like this added to the waves of arousal surging inside her.

"Yes... yes, just like that, she's so much in tune with your body, your demands, it's incredible," Yumi whispered, in awe, before leaning to copy her husband. Natasha gasped and whimpered, gripping Yumi's sumptuous raven hair. Her lovers didn't hold back, clearly delighted at how her body wriggled again on the floor under their joint efforts. A new climax coiled inside her, thanks to nothing else but hungry devotion for her breasts and nipples.

"Ah! It's too much! I can't! Ahhh... oh please!" Out of breath, she came hard and fell back, strengthless.

To her surprise, Maeda cradled her against him while little earthquakes still wracked her from head to toes. Natasha couldn't help it; she buried her nose against his broad but comfy chest, and purred. The feeling of his supple belly hiding abs made of steel was soothing. Not to mention his embrace, or his delicious smell: a mix of sweat, natural scent and that discreet soap she had identified during practice.

She caught herself before groaning and licking his skin. Somehow, this was too intimate, especially in front of his wife. She glanced up and for a second, puzzlement flashed on his face as they held each other so closely. He had felt the subtle shift. Inhaling deeply, she offered him a timid, apologetic smile, and pulled gently, asking for release; this was treacherous ground. Soft and sweet wasn't the way to go. Not with him. He let her go without any comment.

Natasha reached out for Yumi's hand and their fingers intertwined. "Yumi san, why don't we... enjoy each other again? If he loves watching us so much, let's get sensei all ready again as quickly as possible," she added, throwing a cocked grin and insolent eyebrow at Maeda.

The awkward moment was gone. Maeda replied with a knowing smirk, and stood up in a fluid move, removing his sweat-drenched shirt and pants while he picked up a glass and a bottle of liqueur in a cabinet. Natasha swallowed down a dreamy sigh at the sight of his robust back and thick thighs topped by a muscled ass. Life was unfair; why did men get to be so roughly handsome even at that age?

Now naked, Maeda sat on the largest sofa chair of the room, glass in hand, the picture of male contentment. "Well, let me get comfortable to enjoy that particular show. The two most beautiful women I've ever met offering me another mouth-watering spectacle. I hope you aren't too sore, Natasha san, because I intend to claim a second serving of that delicious body of yours, and make the best use possible of all my years of practice... in various fields."

The crystalline laughter of Yumi tugged at Natasha's heart. "Ohh, if I were you, I would take his words seriously. My husband's stamina and passion can be... devastating, in particular during a second round, when he is less in a hurry. I'll make sure that you are perfectly ready for him. Toshi san, any chance you could save a bit of your wonderful vigour for me?" Yumi asked mischievously.

Turning serious, her husband growled and leaned forward, gripping his knees, a dangerous glint in the eye that sent Natasha's heart galloping and made her pussy clench. "Oh, don't worry, wife. I will not forget you. I have a crystal-clear image in mind of what I plan to do later on, and your delicious pussy is featured in it."

Eyes wide, her renewed hunger spiking, Natasha licked her lips. Goodness, that man ticked all her boxes. He was a menace. Yumi's low chuckle and warm hand pressing against her cheek snapped her out of her trance.

"Yes, he is something else. Don't get too distracted now. I demand your total dedication for the time being. Will you give it to me?" There was a hint of steel in Yumi's tone that spoke to Natasha's penchant for submission.

"Of course Yumi san, my apologies," she said with a meek, subdued voice. Now was not the time to slip down a dangerous road.

The other woman gave her a long and sloppy kiss. "I won't blame you for being so excruciatingly aware of his skills, and of how good it feels to relish control to him," she whispered in Natasha's ear. "But let's not forget who we all are, and where we stand. Now... shall we?"

Natasha gulped down hard at that kind, yet firm reminder, and nodded earnestly. Time to show she could play this game, and enjoy this extraordinary chance without blowing it. Beside, the treat that awaited her was exceptional.

Yumi made her recline on her back, before laying over her in a textbook 69 position. "I hope you can see everything from where you sit, beloved. Do you need us to come closer? Or move around a little bit?"

"Open her legs more, and curve your back so that I can see your beautiful cheeks... yes, just like that," came the gruff reply. "This is a perfect picture, thank you."

"Hmm..." Natasha jolted when Yumi's warm and wet tongue gave her a long lick. "She tastes so good... almost like strawberries. A good match for her red bush... I loved it when we ate her out together. This was incredible, wasn't it?" Yumi's voice was raspy, and her teeth nibbled at Natasha's folds. The Russian gasped and hissed, before grabbing slender thighs and burying her face in the dripping pussy above her.

"It was pure heaven, and I will never forget it," Maeda grunted, sounding already strained.

"Me neither... ohh her tongue is going deep, so deep inside me! Aaah, I can also taste you inside her now... this is delicious... hmm..."

Natasha spasmed when Yumi pressed her whole face against her flowing core. While her position made it impossible to see anything beyond Yumi's pink folds and dark bush, somehow, she could feel Maeda's heated gaze on her most intimate parts, and it added an extra layer of arousal.

Despite the distracting pleasure shooting from her core, she made sure she didn't stop her sucking and licking. To her great pleasure, her lover's thighs quivered under her hands, betraying her own tension despite her desire to keep the upper hand.

"Oh Toshi san..." Yumi panted, already out of breath. "Could you please bring me that wooden box on the top shelf by the window?"

"That one? Looks new..."

"Yes, I bought it two days ago." There was barely controlled excitement in Yumi's voice. "Please open it."

A sharp intake of breath. "How interesting... that's a first..." Maeda drawled. "Do you want me to do anything?"

Natasha gasped and arched her back when two lithe fingers slid inside her pussy, and two others in her ass. "Hmm... still so reactive, lovely... No, I'll take care of that. Just sit back, relax and enjoy. She'll be all ready for you after this..." Maeda's low chuckle, full of promises, made Natasha shiver.

The next instant, Yumi's delicious pussy disappeared from her sight as she turned to face Natasha. The Russian pushed herself up, curious to see what kind of toy her lover had purchased. She gasped and her fingers flew to her mouth, as a new hot wave burned her cheeks. Yumi laughed again.

"Seeing you blush like this is so endearing. So, what do you think? Do you know how to use this?"

Natasha cleared her throat, impressed and aroused; that thing was large and long! She nodded energetically. "Oh yes, it was one of my favorite, back in the day. That's... that's perfect!"

Yumi's grin turned voracious and sparkles of something darker lit up her eyes. Biting her lip, she inserted the impressive two-sided red dildo in her pussy without any difficulty, before sliding the other side in Natasha's, going all the way until their slick nether lips met. Both women groaned aloud at the tempest of sensations shooting throughout their bodies, and a sudden frenzy seized the Russian. She grasped Yumi's neck, and pulled on her abs until their breaths mingled.

"Pleeeease, Yumi san," she urged the other woman. "Fuck me, fuck me hard with it!"

"I will... I've been fantasizing about this since you showed up at the door," Yumi grunted, moving her legs and pelvis until their clits rubbed each other easily given how wet they both were. The Russian's scream was loud and powerful, coming from deep, locked places inside her. She arched her back, seeing stars and losing control over her body once more. This! This, no man could do or offer! Pure pleasure made flesh!

Yumi reached out and Natasha caught her wrists. They began to pull and hold on at the same time, almost for dear life. Faces contorted by ecstasy, moans and cries filling the room, tears of unabashed, unleashed rapture rolling down temples, their moves quickly turned erratic. Bodies shining with sweat, straining legs and supple hips thrusted, gyrated, pushed, searching for the perfect point of friction, while pussies gushed and clenched around the large dildo they shared.

Finally, Yumi climaxed with a powerful squirt and scream, sending off Natasha to her own release. Letting Yumi go, she buried her face in her hands. The heavy sobs shaking her couldn't be helped: this amazing experience had rattled many things and deep needs inside her.

"Hmm thank you darling... How beautiful you are when you climax.... I can't tire of seeing you like this. Are you all right?" Natasha took a deep breath and nodded curtly. Sweet lips rained kisses on her breasts, shoulders and neck.

"I am... let me get back to earth... This was mind blowing, thank you so much Yumi san... I hope this was good enough to raise sensei's interest..."

Yumi smirked, and both women threw an inquisitive glance at Maeda. Natasha grinned at his saucer-wide eyes and blown-away expression, and smacked her lips at the sight of the large erection in his hand. Yes, back in shape for more.

"I think you've got your answer right there," Yumi said, with mischievous wink. "Come with me. Husband, what can we do for you?" She asked, walking on all fours to rest her head on his thigh.

It was like watching two tigers circling each other, the large male ready to assert his dominance over a female formidable in her own right. For all her strength and muscle mass, Natasha felt like a small, domesticated cat who dared play outside her league with two apex predators. She followed Yumi's lead, and joined her two companions.

Maeda caressed his wife's neck before kissing her with a barely repressed hunger. "This was amazing, the two of you made the most incredible erotic scene, and you came so violently, I've never seen you like this. It was hard to not simply come all over you. Sit on my lap, I want to be inside you, now!"

"Oh yes..." Yumi whispered, before standing to straddle her husband. He embraced her, hands roaming all over her back, and with one swift, invasive move, he was sheathed inside her. Both moaned in unison when his balls hit her crotch. Natasha shuddered, imagining the sensations shooting through Yumi.

"Come here, Natasha san," he growled without glancing at her, as his eyes were locked with his spouse's. "You will also sit on me... but on my fist." The Russian gasped and hesitated, not sure if something had been lost in translation. Did he mean to... "My apologies. Is this a problem?" Maeda finally looked at her, with a frown of concern.

She had gotten it right. Natasha shook her head without a word, and quickly positioned herself on his large hand. He barely moved, only rotating his fist upward to facilitate penetration. Head thrown back, eyes shut in concentration, she hissed and groaned as she took him in, inch by inch, at her own speed, thankful for the preparatory work of that large dildo and her high level of arousal, even after all those climaxes.

"So much dedication..." Yumi moaned in awe, as she rocked softly her hips. "Look at that: she submits to you, completely."

"Yes... I do..." Natasha groaned, rivulets of sweat breaking out again on her face, between her breasts and on her back. Despite all her preparation, his hand was huge, and while it didn't truly hurt, it wasn't yet pleasant, even less pleasurable. But she was confident it would quickly change. Besides, she knew how to find ecstasy in pain.

She shuddered when he finally was in. She moaned even louder than before and caught herself on his shoulder, her brow coming to rest on it. His muscles were so hard, her fingers barely dug in. He grunted with satisfaction.

"Good, very good. Now, ride me, both of you, ride me hard," he uttered from behind clenched teeth. "Use me to make yourselves come."

"Oh, Toshi san..." Yumi moaned with a large smile, stretching her back and quickening her rocking movement. She was obviously delighted to show the strength of her legs. "It won't be hard, trust me... but what about you?"

"Don't worry about me. Do it!"

Natasha couldn't find her voice and nodded feebly. She began to gyrate her hips, half-gone, half-delirious, reveling in all the new places he brushed, in the impossible filling sensation he created, in the sensation of total possession he projected. It didn't take long for her body to quiver, then shake. Before she realized what she was doing, she bit his shoulder hard, muffling the long, keening sounds passing her lips, until the taste of blood filled her mouth.

"Hmm... yes, continue like this, don't worry, I love that... Yumi, you're absolutely fabulous when you go wild like this... so hot, so tight! Ah! My queen, my goddess... so alluring..."

His strained, panting words lighted the ambers burning inside his wife. Her rhythm faltered, and she came again with a triumphant scream. Still trembling, she caught her husband's mouth for another passionate kiss. Natasha continued her dance, though. She was almost lost to her surroundings, focused as she was on the symbol of his domination that she rode.

"Allow me an experiment," Yumi said, voice low. "This will certainly please you, beloved." Maeda grunted his approval. From the corner of her eye, Natasha saw her lover stand up to pick up the dildo, and lick the half that had been buried deep inside the Russian. Her shaking amplified; coming to a halt, she hid her face against Maeda's broad frame, inhaling deeply, trying to calm down a little and regain her self-control.

"Natasha san..." His fingers were buried in her tangled and damp hair, and moved it away from her face covered with sweat. "You don't owe us anything. Are you scared? We can do something else if you don't feel comfortable..." The warm and soft arms of Yumi embraced her from behind. Lips landed fleeting kisses on her neck, and fingers tenderly massaged her back.

Relishing the care and attention of her partners, Natasha shook again her head, but preferred to keep her eyes closed to maintain a deeper state of relaxation. It was so hard to find the right words. "No... I'm not... I... it's fine... not... not the first time..." She licked her dry lips. "When my husband brings a lover home... we often do this together... I enjoy it a lot."

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