tagGroup SexTheir Perfect Getaway Ch. 02

Their Perfect Getaway Ch. 02


"Oh lord, take me deeper, yes, baby," Tim moaned as he felt his orgasm brewing somewhere deep in his balls. He thrust hard into his wife, making her generous boobs jiggle. Sylvia was holding her own breasts, teasing her nipples, descending from her own thunderous orgasm. Tim had never heard her scream as loudly as she did here, at their Mexican resort getaway. She had was juicy, nearly squirting him when she came while riding his thick cock.

"Come inside me, baby," she coaxed him, bringing her pebble-hard nipple into his waiting mouth, "suck my tits... oh, Tim, yes, fuck my juicy pussy, harder."

She had also never been so vocal during sex, and never so dirty. Along with the feel of her boobs in his mouth and her pussy massaging his shaft, her moaned obscenities, forced a jet of cum out of his balls, though his hard cock and splashed her cunt walls.

"Yes, fuck me, cum more for me," she urged him, never stopping her thrusting movements.

Tim was amazed at how hard he came, this being his second orgasm for the afternoon. His first had been between the lips of sweet Ana, the Mexican bath attendant with the sweetest pussy ever. Tim felt himself throb once just thinking of her hairy cunt as he withdrew his dripping pecker from his wife's shaved pussy.

Sylvia ran her tongue down his sweaty body, leaving a trail of saliva, until she reached his spent cock and took it in her mouth. Tim gasped as her tongue ran around his sensitive head. He watched in amazement as she took every last drop of dribbling cum from his dick.

"Mmmm...I love your sweet taste," she said, sticking her ass high in the air, "come shower with me," she grabbed his flaccid cock between her fingers and led him to the hotel bathroom. She wanted him hard again. Although she had been fucked twice today, and had cum three times, she wanted more. She felt like such a slut and she wanted a cock deep inside her.

Tim stared at his wife's ample ass as he sat on the toilet peeing. Her creamy cheeks were round and inviting as she bent over the tub to set the shower water temperature. He felt the usual shock as his urine flowed up his urethra after a satisfying orgasm. He stood up and grabbed his wife's hips, pulling her toward him, so that his hardening cock was clasped between her soft buttocks.

"Hmmm...looks like someone needs a little attention," she cooed, turning around and holding his dick in her tender hands. She climbed into the shower and took him with her.

They took turns soaping each other with the gently perfumed gel. Tim ran his hands around Sylvia's welcoming tits, enjoying the sensation of her hardening nipples. He then let his hands roam around her underarms and neck, back over her boobs to her soft, slightly rounded belly. Finally, he went on his knees and soaped her legs, her thighs, and her feet. He caught the strong odor of her cunt over the soapy perfume. It was more potent than her usual aroma, and Tim figured it was simply the smell of his cum mingled with her pussy secretions.

Sylvia looked down as Tim licked her shaved pussy. He was a skilled pussy eater, and she liked the way he took his time sucking her labia before dipping in for more the deep cunt juice. She wondered if he could taste Miguel's cum inside her. While Tim has been fucking Ana, Sylvia had been having her own Latin experience enhanced by Miguel how had first massaged her, then fucked her silly. She wondered if her husband's fucking had dislodged her Mexican masseur's tasty cum from inside her womb.

Tim licked deep inside her, intrigued by his wife's new Mexican flavors. He was so engrossed in plumbing her depths, that he did not notice her grabbing his head and holding it in position. She draped her legs around him so that he was supporting her on his broad shoulders.

"Yes baby, lick my pussy," again, her new foul tongue, drove Tim on, "suck my juices out of cunt, ooooh," her voice trailed away into a moan as he stuck a soapy finger up her ass. He removed his tongue from her cunt and licked around her clit until she grabbed his head and hissed, "suck it, now, suck my clit until I cum...until I cum on your face!"

Never had she made clear her desires like this, and never had Tim been so turned on by his gorgeous, blonde, busty wife. He looked up and saw her play with her own tits as he brought he held on to her firm ass. He felt her pussy swell, like a large wave building up inside her, and then he felt the release as she screamed out.

"Fuck yesssss, don't stop, oh Tim, yes suck my pussy..." as he stuck his finger deeper inside her asshole and felt her cunt muscles contract around it. The contractions were squeezing out juices, and he tasted his own semen mixed with her own delicious brew.

They stayed in that position for a few moments, allowing all Sylvia's thick juices to flow into Tim's adoring mouth. He had never realized how much he loved the taste of his wife and kept licking her. She stretched lazily upward, and finally stood up, bringing her husband up to his feet. His massive erection poked her belly as they kissed. She tasted the mixed flavors on his mouth, and was sure she could detect just a hint of Miguel's cock cream as well.

"My turn to soap you," she said grabbing his erection and running her hands up and down the shaft, feeling the large vein throb under her fingers.

"I haven't soaped your back yet," he countered, turning her around and sticking his pole between her butt cheeks again. As Tim soaped her neck, her shoulders and her back, Sylvia, grabbed his cock from between her legs and aimed it into her waiting pussy.

"Ooooh, yes,baby...you are so hot," Tim moaned as he found his sensitive cock once again surrounded by her wet, warm walls. He reached over and grabbed her swaying boobs, pinching her large nipples. He knew he would not last long and felt his cock throb into a small, but intense orgasm. His whole body shook as he held onto her boobs. Inside her cunt, Sylvia felt him shudder, a minor tremor, that she felt in her clit, in her depths, on her tits and her ass as he pressed his body hard against her.

They both collapsed against the shower walls, before drying each other off and walking to the bedroom. They fell asleep in each other's arms inhaling the ripe odors of their earlier fuck.

A few hours later they walked into the hotel bar, still flush from their afternoon of uninhibited sex. Sylvia still felt a little sore between her legs from Tim and Miguel, while Tim was not sure if he would be able to fuck again tonight after having cum twice with Sylvia and once with the lovely Ana.

The dance floor was packed with couples gyrating against each other to the latest Latin beat. Sylvia and Tim immediately found themselves alongside the others. Sylvia had put on her tight white dress that emphasized her generous curves. Tim had never seen his wife wear a dress so short that it struggled to cover her ass. Most men though were not looking at her ass, hypnotized as they were by her deep cleavage. Her boobs threatened to burst out every time she moved, which she was doing quite a lot as she danced sexily with Tim. She rubbed her crotch on his and moved her tits up and down his chest. Tim grabbed his wife's ass and shamelessly ran his hands around her luscious globes. She turned around and let him run his erection through his pants on her nearly exposed ass.

Sylvia reached around and grabbed his cock through his pants and rubbed it before straightening up and leaning into him. She could feel his breath ragged and hot in her ears. He licked her earlobe making her gasp.

"If we keep this up, we are going to have to go back to the room even before we even get a drink," she said, pressing her ass harder toward his crotch.

"Suits me fine," he moaned into her ear.

"Let's have one drink first," she moved away from him, "you find us a place at the bar, and I'm going to fight the crowds and pee."

Sylvia watched him walk away, admiring his firm ass. She was amazed at how well this vacation had worked out. They had wanted this trip to light their old fires, but had never expected it to work this well. They had fucked more on their first day here than they had in months. And better. She had never wanted Tim as much as she did right now seeing him look for a place at the bar, and he had never fucked her with such unbridled passion, such a need to explode deep inside her pussy. She felt herself becoming wet as she walked out of the bar and followed the signs for the toilet. She needed to be fucked now.

"Hola bonita," she heard a voice from behind her. It was Miguel, the hot masseur who had thoroughly massaged the insides of her pussy with his massive cock earlier in the day. He was wearing tight jeans and her eyes immediately moved down to his crotch. He leaned toward her to give her a friendly kiss, and pulled her toward an opening on the dance floor. She hesitated for a moment, but his earthy aroma, his firm hand on her ass and the memory of his huge cock inside her made her go along with him.

"Dance one dance with me," he pleaded, pressing her soft breasts into his muscular chest. Sylvia turned to see if Tim had noticed, but he was deep in conversation with a gorgeous Mexicana with long hair, perky tits, and a tight ass shrink-wrapped in pants she would have to peel off.

"Not Tim's type," thought Sylvia remembering how much Tim enjoyed sucking her melons, 'not unless Mexico has changed him as much as it has changed me."

She felt Miguel's large hands feel under her skirt and under her panties. She gasped, but knew no one was looking.

"You are even wetter now than when I fucked you this afternoon," he said running his index finger from her sweaty asshole to her juicy cunt, "Did your husband fuck you as well."

She moaned as his finger dipped into her pussy, right there on the dance floor, with a hundred other bodies.

"Tell me what he did to you," he whispered in her ear, allowing his tongue to run along her ear lobe.

"We fucked in..."she moaned as he thrust another finger inside her, "we fucked twice... and in the shower."

'Did he not lick your delicious pussy first?" She loved the way he pronounced that word, "pooooseeee" with all the vowels stretched wide like her cunt right now.

"Oh yes, he made me cum with his tongue," she revealed.

"And just thinking of it makes your pussy throb, doesn't it?"

This time when she turned to find Tim, he was looking at her. The Mexican girl's hand was on his thigh. Moving toward his crotch – they were both smiling.

"Don't worry about your husband, Ana will take good care of him. Right now, we have to take care of this," he removed his fingers from her flowing, aromatic cunt and brought it up to his lips. He then grabbed her hand and led her off the dance floor and out of the club onto the beach.

She felt her feet sink into the soft sand as he led her away from the club to a row of palm trees. She admired his muscular body in the moonlight. When he felt they were far enough from the crowd, he pressed her roughly against a tree and clamped his soft lips on her mouth. The pressure of his soft lips and his hard cock combined to drive Sylvia mad – she wanted to fuck right there, on the beach, outdoors, under the stars and the moon. She felt his hands push her skirt up and with one dramatic tug, he ripped her drenched panties off.

She immediately felt the night breeze cooling her exposed, shaved pussy.

"Hmmm...yes, take me," she moaned loudly into the night.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Anything...just do it now," she replied, feeling an urgency build in her crotch as she pressed it against his massive erection, still hidden in his pants. She wrapped her legs around his hips and bounced her hips so that she could rub it with her naked pussy.

"You want that, you want my cock?"

"Mmmmm, please,"

"Say it..say you want my cock,"

"Please, give me your cock."

"Say, 'por favor, Miguel, put your cock deep in my pussy"

She put her mouth next to his ear, "Por favor, Miguel," she stuck her tongue into his ear and then bit his earlobe, "fuck me with that cock now before I explode."

The sound of her begging him in her own language was all Miguel could stand. He let her feet touch the ground as he unbuckled his pants and pulled them off in one move. She was shocked that he was wearing nothing under them. She was even more shocked by the immense length of his porn star cock.

Before she could admire his shaft length, he lifted her up and impaled her wide-open, sopping wet cunt with it. She wrapped her legs around his solid hips and threw her head back so that her massive tits thrust into his face.

She screamed in pleasure and pain as he ripped into her. She bounced up and down his entire length, her boobs slapping his chin with every thrust. He pushed the dress fabric down with his teeth and took one in his mouth and sucked her until she yelped.

"Ooooh, you are fucking me so hard, I think you might rip something," she moaned.

His only response was to bite down hard on her long nipple. But he knew he could not support her for long. He eased her body down and turned her around. He admired her shapely ass, running his hands on her lovely, smooth white skin. Her porcelain skin almost glowed in the moonlight and he noticed the glimmer added by her pussy juices that had dripped down toward her exposed asshole.

"Don't stop, Miguel, por favor, keep fucking me, I am so close," she said, her hands automatically diving down past her sparse pubic hair to tug at her erect clitoris.

Instead he shoved his finger into her open cunt, and brought her delicious juice to his mouth again. He lapped up her syrup while she reached back and took his cock in her hands and aimed it at her waiting pussy. She positioned his cock right between her outer labia, and turned around to see him lick her juices off his fingers. The taste made him throb and she felt his cock head jump at her opening.

"Por favor...Miguel, por fa..." she lost the last syllable as he thrust deep into her, spearing her womb with his massive weapon. She felt him slide it almost out of her lips, and hammer her again with his full weight. He kept this up, increasing his pace until she felt her pussy walls begin to contract.

"yes, yes...don't stop, you're making me..." she exploded, sloshing more juices on his well lubricated dick. He fucked her through her orgasm, enjoying the high-pitched sounds she made into the night sky as she thrust into her sensitive cunt.

She felt him throb inside her, a warning that he was going to blow his load inside her. This time she did not want his semen inside her.

"I want to taste you Miguel, shoot your cum in my mouth, down my throat."

The thought of this gorgeous blonde swallowing his cream was too much for Miguel to resist. He withdrew his dripping cock from her pussy, enjoying the loud, wet squelching sound.

Immediately, she fell to her knees, rubbed him a few times on her voluminous boobs, grabbed his balls and then sucked him into her warm mouth. She wanted to make sure all his cum went into her mouth. Not only because she wanted to taste his sweet juice, but also because she did not want Tim to see any stains on her dress when she went back to him. She did not need to take him far into her mouth, he was ready.

"Your mouth is so warm, like your pussy, aaah," he felt one of her fingers slide into his asshole. This was too much for him. He felt his nuts tighten, and then, like a freight train, his cum shot out of him and down her waiting throat. He felt her swallow immediately, which only made him cum more, in repeated jets. She let some of his white froth overflow onto her fingers. But she did not let his dick out of her mouth until she could feel it losing its hardness.

She swallowed whatever was in her mouth, "I have to go back now," she said, standing up and licking her fingers.

"You can go, but I am keeping these," only then did she notice he was still holding onto the ripped fabric of her shredded panties.

As she smiled, covered up her boobs, and walked back to the club, she could feel her fucked cunt exposed and amazingly yearning for her husband's cock.

Tim was wondering what had become of his increasingly lusty wife. But he was distracted from actually worrying about that by the young Mexican beauty breathing into his ear, and even more by her delicate hand inching its way up his thighs and measuring the length of his totally extended cock.

"I have not stopped thinking about this," here she squeezed gently, "since you made me cum in the bath," she placed her tongue on his ear lobe, and then continued, "when I saw you touching your wife's ass, it made me so horny, you are both such a sexy couple, so beautiful...oh, look here comes your wife," she removed her hand from his crotch, but left it on his thigh, "she looks like she is..., how do you say in English, she is...hot and bothered."

Sylvia did look flushed and excited. She walked up to Tim, took his drink from his hand and downed the last swallow of his margarita. Her nipples were standing up, erect under the white dress that had become increasingly transparent with her perspiration.

"Let's dance," Tim noticed a distinctive aroma on her, it smelled like their bed in the afternoon, it smelled of sex.

"No, I want your wife to dance with me," Ana said, lifting her hand off Tim's thigh and taking Sylvia's soft hands in hers, "come with me, mi alma," she cooed into Sylvia's ear.

The blonde found herself being led to the middle of the floor and dancing with her third partner for the night. Ana's swayed her body in front of Sylvia, close enough that their breasts, and occasionally hips, were touching. She could smell the sweet aroma coming off Ana's dark hair.

"He is good, isn't he?" Ana asked Sylvia as she ran one dark hand down the blushing cheek of the blonde.

"Who?" asked Sylvia, unsure if the Mexican girl was referring to Tim's sexual prowess?

"I can smell Miguel's cum on your breath, so there is no need to act so innocent with me, and if I know my stud, he fucked you hard before cumming in your mouth," she smiled at Sylvia's shyness, "he tastes as good as he fucks, verdad?"

Their faces were now separated by just millimeters, their lips almost touching, slowly Ana's hand dropped down Sylvia's neck to her shoulders and to her ample cleavage.

"Did he suck these beautiful tits?" she moved her lips to Sylvia's and whispered, "I want to," before running a wet tongue all around the other woman's earlobe.

Tim could not believe what he was watching. The Mexican woman's fingers were traveling down his wife's body, lingering on her large boobs, and weighing them with her delicate hands. His wife's eyes were open large, staring into the other woman's dark, fiery eyes with a combination of shock and surprising desire. The hands traveled lower under Sylvia's short skirt, revealing her white ass to any who were looking. Tim's erection strained painfully in his pants and he could feel a pool of wetness forming on his crotch. He could not take his eyes off the erotic scene – Sylvia was responding to Ana's touch by throwing her head back. Both women never stopped swaying sensually and Tim knew his were not the only eyes drinking in this wet dream.

He walked up to them, stood behind his wife and started dancing, most of which involved thrusting his covered shaft into her increasingly exposed butt. He noticed she wasn't wearing panties any more and momentarily wondered when she had stripped them off and where she had put them. She turned her head and kissed him, hard and deep. She tasted off pure sex and he kissed back, pushing his tongue deep into her throat as if he wanted to lick the last remnants of this unknown flavor from her sweet, warm mouth. Ana's hands never left Sylvia's ass, and now she was stroking Tim's cock as it pressed into the gap between Sylvia's rounded butt cheeks.

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