Their Revenge


Bob was an attractive young nineteen-year-old. He attended Lane College and was a member of the main sport gang.

The lads went around as a group and generally threw their weight around. Bob was quite successful in picking up the girls who hung around the sports teams but never gave any of the women any respect.

Any girl who was different or a feminist the boys insulted or laughed at, particularly on a Saturday night after a close victory and when they were getting their drunk on.

Bob, Guy and John were playing a game where they chatted up uninterested women and then pinched the girls bottoms.

The scoring was one point for a pinch or calling her a whore and five points if she slapped you back. They were currently picking on Tania, a tall slim dark girl who had a reputation for being kooky.

As the boys teased her she revealed that she could hypnotise people.

John said, "I bet a whore like you could not hypnotise me sexy!" Then pinched her backside.

It seemed for a second as if Tania was going to hit him and Bob was annoyed as John had already got two points off her.

However she said, "Oh yes I could baby, you three sit down and let me try!"

The three boys laughed and did as she asked but before they sat down Guy pinched her bottom so hard she screamed but again she did not react.

If the boys had not been so drunk her passivity would have alarmed them but they sat as she said,

"Now look into my eyes concentrate only on me and when I count to three go to sleep!"

Bob looked into her deep black eyes and to his surprise as she counted he felt himself fall asleep.

Bob was aware of what happened as all she did was ask them for their names and address's before she counted all three awake again.

The crowd of students who watched her performance was disappointed, as they had wanted her to humiliate the three boys.

Bob was puzzled as to why she had not and resolved to avoid her in the future. He had lost interest in the macho game and after buying a round of drinks as a forfeit sat and talked sport with two of the calmer boys in the gang for the rest of the evening.

John and Guy continued annoying people eventually getting into a fight with two Art boys for calling them gay.

Bob left and went to bed and as he slept he had an extremely weird dream involving Tania and her deep black eyes. He awoke with a splitting headache and spent the whole day in bed.

The next day he was surprised to find that John and Guy had also been ill and they agreed it was something they had drunk or eaten.

As the week progressed Bob noticed that John and Guy seemed more secretive but did not think anything else about it.

The team had no game that weekend so it was the next Saturday night and they were out in force even through Guy and John had made excuses and were not present.

Without the gang as two main troublemakers the evening was passing calmly with sport rather than insulting women being the main topic of discussion.

Then Bob looked up and saw Tania. She was wearing a short sexy dress and had her long hair down.

Bob was able to admire her large breasts inside her low cut top. Tania saw him and smiled and then dipped her head so that he was able to see the tops of her naked breasts.

As Bob admired her breasts he suddenly felt dizzy and weak. Tania stroked her face and then let her hand slip on to her exposed bust and beckoned to Bob that he must go to her.

He walked towards her and she left the bar with Bob following in a daze unable to stop himself and panicking inside.

He followed her inside a residential block and then into a room he knew to be her bedroom. Again she dipped her head so he could see her breasts and then she touched her naked flesh.

Bob felt so weak that when she pushed him he fell onto her bed and he was soon lying unable to move or speak as she sat next to him and triumphantly smiled down at him.

Then she said, "Did you have a nice sleep last Saturday?"

Bob's eyes widened with horror as he realised that his dream was not a dream.

Tania laughed and said, "No dream sexy. I visited you again! Do not think I forgave you three idiots for ruining everybodys evening yet again."

"I investigated and changed your mind darling and the same with those other two idiots! Do you know what I did to them?"

Bob moaned too shocked and weak to speak as Tania became serious.

"I didn't know if I could change you three but a hypnotist can only implement what is already imbedded in the victim. I found out that John and Guy play nasty games with girls because deep down they hate women."

"Therefore I have reprogrammed them to become passive gays unable to resist giving a blowjob or taking it up the arse on demand but getting no pleasure from being used!"

"I also programmed them to seek out gay clubs and offer themselves and tonight they are out making a lot of new friends."

"I triggered them on Monday and they have been busy serving men and hating themselves for being gay! An excellent revenge! Now I am going to trigger you darling!"

A low sad moan escaped Bob as he did not want to be gay but he heard Tania laugh.

"Oh no sexy, you are not a closet queen but you so desire to be dominated by women!"

Again he moaned as he knew she had found his weak spot as she continued.

"So darling I have programmed a slave spell into you! Every time you see part of a womanâs breast you will feel weak and ill."

"A strip show would probably put you in hospital! If she touches her bosom you fall under her power and cannot resist her as you feel so weak! That part works perfectly as we can see! But darling it gets better or worse for you my slave!"

Then Tania bent forward and kissed him touching his cheek with his tongue. To his horror he instantly had a massive erection.

Tania laughed, "That was part two! Now let me get you naked before I show you the rest!"

She stood up and pulled off his clothes, as Bob lay too weak to resist her probing fingers. Tania moved him around like a doll, but a doll with a massive erection.

Then her hands closed on his penis and started to expertly stroke him. As he was masturbated he was unable to move or resist and she said,

"So weak any woman can have you! But it gets better."

Bob felt he was close to coming and then her hands took him over the edge of orgasm. But instead of a pleasant orgasm nothing happened and he was left stuck on the agonising point of coming with his penis hard.

Bob eyes widened again in terror as she said,

"Oh yes toy! You have had your last orgasm ever! Every time you would have come you will be left high and dry!"

"Even when you escape from out my power your dick will still not fire! Your balls will fill with spunk but it will not come out of your dick but drain away from inside them giving you the most terrible blue balls in the world."

Bob gasped as he could already feel his balls aching from her teasing.

Tania continued, "When you are with a women you will be too weak to resist and a simple kiss with get you hard and keep you hard for many hours."

"Of course some women want more than a hard dick so the last part is...."

Then she kissed him and to his surprise his mouth responded but it seemed as if it was under her control not his.

After kissing him for sometime she broke off and said, "Yes I have enslaved your tongue, it will kiss, lick and suck as demanded but not just a womans mouth, but any part of her body. It will faithfully serve her mouth, breasts, bottom or pussy perfectly and darling you are helpless to resist!"

"And all the desire to become a woman's helpless plaything is buried inside you! All I had to do was give it life!"

"You will remain a slave of any woman until she says the code words then you leave silently and never speak of it again! I think in you darling, I will have created the perfect boy toy!"

Tania let go of his sore penis and said, "boy toy 123 soft and go!"

Bob instantly felt his dick soften and he was able to move. He still felt weak and dizzy but was able to move.

He stood but as he picked up his clothing he saw Tania staring at him and then to his horror she opened her top and let him gaze on her full firm breasts supported by a small black bra.

Instantly his weakness returned and Tania laughed as she removed her bra and then stroked her breasts smiling at him.

"You are in my power!"

She approached him and then licked his cheek and his penis hardened. Tania pushed him back onto the bed and then with a smile removed the rest of her clothing.

Bob lay too weak to move as Tania stripped and he was able to admire her trim sexy figure. Then she mounted him and her pussy dropped onto his mouth. Instantly his tongue started to lick her and soon his face was wet as her juices flooded his face.

Tania grabbed and rubbed his penis and he was soon on the impossible point of coming. Her fingers continued to tease him and her touch was agony to his sensitive skin as he felt his balls throb with spunk. Then Tania came vigorously on his tongue but she did not pull off and he continued to lick her.

For fifteen minutes he performed under her bringing her off three times before she slid down his defenceless body and engulfed his now sore penis in her wet snatch.

As she forced him in, Bob groaned and Tania laughed and said,

"Perfect! Now darling every touch of a pussy gives your dick agony! It makes love making an ordeal and every time a woman uses you baby, it will be rape! I think my revenge is exquisite two gay slaves and a helpless boy toy!"

Bob could not resist as he was ridden, every stroke of her pussy tormenting his penis and balls. For thirty minutes she used him, coming six more times on top of his defenceless body before she pulled off him and lay next to him her passion sated.

"You may speak stud!"

And Bob instantly started to beg her for mercy promising anything if she would release him.

Tania laughed and said, "No way baby! Remember this is what you want!"

Then she turned him over and said,

"You have a cute dick and a nice arse. Some women will want to use that as well and you will be too weak to resist them!"

Her hands pinched and groped him and then he felt three of her fingers push themselves painfully into his back passage and he moaned.

Tania laughed and said, "You are very tight! I bet the other two are getting looser! Still I am sure your mistresses will stretch you out so I can get my whole hand up you!"

For several minutes she played with him before turning him back around. Then she mounted him and said,

"You do not just lick pussy baby!" And dropped her bottom onto his face.

Bob opened his mouth and started to automatically lick her back passage. He was not anal and found his enforced service extremely humiliating.

For several minutes he licked her before she pulled off him and said,

"boy toy 123 soft and go."

As she released him Bob moaned and shook with pain and humiliation but her spell meant he was unable to speak to her.

Tania said, "The final part of the spell is that every evening you will go to the bar! Without that I suspect you would just try and hide away."

"You were the most difficult one to get right but I think it was worth the effort boy toy! I will tell some of the women you have humiliated about this and I suspect that you will find many of them keen to take revenge on a macho stud like you!"

Tania laughed evilly as Bob dressed and staggered away to his own room. He was hardly able to walk his body felt weak and sick and the pain from his blue balls was tremendous.

When he got to his room he collapsed onto his bed unable to believe what had happened to him. His balls hurt so much with trapped spunk that even through his dick was sore he tried to masturbate but to his complete horror his dick would not harden and he realised that he was truly trapped.

He passed out with pain and weakness and awoke the next morning with his dick and balls still sore and a massive headache. The headache took all morning to clear but by lunchtime it had and then the true horror of his slavery hit him, as he was unable to resist going to the bar.

When he got in the bar he instantly felt better and was able to manage a strong drink. After some time he saw Guy sitting in the corner surrounded by a group of men. Bob went to approach them but recognised them as members of the local gay community and then to his horror he saw Guy and an older fatter man get up and go to the bathroom the man pawing at Guys bottom.

Guy was near to tears but obviously unable to stop himself as he was escorted into the bathroom. For twenty minutes Bob watched in fascinated horror as the men took turns to visit the bathroom until after all six had gone. Guy returned walking with difficulty and looking highly distressed and Bob was pleased that his own predicament was less serve.

That was until he heard a voice say, "Hi Bob I was told you would be here. I have been talking to Tania!"

And turned in horror. It was Tammy a plump strawberry blonde with enormous breasts and a round pink face.

One drunken evening Bob had taken advantage of her but he had afterwards boasted about her to all his friends calling her a cheap useless slut unable to suck cock.

The week after when she had approached Bob he had laughed in her face and reduced her to tears while insulting her. Bob knew he had hurt her deeply but until now he had not cared. However now he knew he was in serious trouble.

Tammy smiled, she was wearing jeans and a shirt and her enormous bosom was jutting out but covered. Tammy smiled again and then suddenly she undid the buttons on her shirt and gave Bob an eyeful of her breasts.

He felt instantly weak and when her hand touched her breast he moaned in surrender.

Tammy said, "Payback time starts now Bobbie baby! Fancy crossing a dangerous woman like Tania! She is a natural hypnotist and helped me get over the humiliation you caused me! Such a strong woman and you crossed her."

"You sad loser! She has put me in charge of ensuring that you suffer for what you did and I am going to make certain you do! I will make certain all the women you and your sick friends have humiliated get to know of this and they will make your life hell! Now follow me!"

She turned and Bob followed her out passing Guy who was again being escorted by one of the uglier and fatter men into the bathroom. The two boys looked at each other and both realised the abomination of their condition.

The helpless boy followed her back to her room and was powerless to stop her stripping him naked. When Tammy had him naked he was pushed on to the bed and lay unable to move as she laughed at him.

She groped his dick but it remained soft then she laughed and said, "Of course! It needs a tongue to come alive!"

And she bent down and licked him causing his dick to instantly become hard.

Tammy sat back and said, "You insulted my oral technique, let me see if you like it better now!"

And her mouth grasped his penis. Tammy roughly licked and sucked him and soon Bob was in agony as his inability to come kicked in and his balls throbbed.

Tammy continued to lick and suck him occasionally nibbling his shaft with her teeth as he groaned in pain under her. For ten minutes she teased him until finally she was bored and let his sore penis go.

She said, "Last time I did that you shot almost instantly it is much more fun when I know I can tease you and your spunk is trapped safely inside your sexy blue balls."

Now I want you to satisfy me and then Bobbie it is humiliation time! Then she stood and stripped him front of him allowing him to see again her round feminine body.

Tammy stroked her breasts and Bob groaned as a wave of weakness and pain shot through him. Tammy looked at him in surprise and then laughed and said,

"Of course sexy a naked boob weakens you! Do you know I can make myself come just by stroking them! Watch!"

Then she mounted him and lent forward so her massive breasts were directly in front of his face, the nipples virtually touching him. She proceeded to stroke and pinch them and Bob watched in helpless fascination as she masturbated.

As she got herself excited the waves of pain increased and the world swum in front of his eyes, until as Tammy came his agony was so much that he passed out with shock.

He recovered consciousness feeling a burning pain in his groin and opening his eyes he realised that Tammy's hot pussy was ravishing him.

Every movement of her vagina against his shaft grated and hurt while his balls ached with trapped spunk. He was so weak that he could not resist and drifted in and out of consciousness as she used him. For well over thirty minutes he suffered as she pleased herself six times on his lifeless body.

Then she pulled off him and applied her wet pussy to his face and he was compelled to lick her to another powerful orgasm before she lay quietly beside him.

For five minutes she lay toying with his tender penis then saying,

"I have raped your mouth and dick so darling its time your cute arse was giving a go as well!"

She turned the terrified boy over and left him alone for a minute until she returned.

She said "Suck this stud before it has you! Get it wet and slippery and it wont hurt as much!"

Bob looked and saw she was wearing a large pink strap-on. It was strange to see a gloriously feminine woman standing naked, her massive bosom free with a hideous travesty of a penis sticking out, but Bob had no choice but to co-operate.

He wetted the dildo before Tammy moved and positioned it at the entrance to his ass.

She said, "You have heard sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, now enjoy!"

Then she rammed the dildo into him and he screamed with pain. Tammy pumped his ass with the monster and Bob lay groaning as this conquering woman forced his face into the bed.

For ten minutes she raped his ass and Bob was too weak to resist her as she agonisingly reamed his backside. Finally she was sufficiently sated by his suffering to relent and pulled out of him.

She groped his abused ass pinching and slapping him, her hands roughly twisting his swollen balls as he moaned in broken agony.

Then she said, "Remember when you told me to piss off darling! I think I will now!"

And turned him over and mounted him. She forced his mouth open and then dropped down onto his mouth.

He struggled to close his mouth but his body did not obey as a stream of foul liquid poured into his mouth and he was forced to gulp it down to stop himself from drowning. When she was finished she pulled off and roughly manipulated his penis digging her nails into it as he moaned.

For five terrible minutes she assaulted him until she said,

"Well sexy I enjoyed that but I will want to make you suffer a lot more before I feel you have paid for the hurt you caused me and even then sexy, my pussy will demand pleasing!"

"Toy be in the bar at 9 p.m.! Okay boy toy 123 soft and go. Now fuck off!"

Bob jerked into life and avoiding looking at the naked Tammy, quickly dressed and rushed back to his room.

He got back and threw up into the sink before collapsing onto his bed and passing out. He awoke several hours latter. He still felt weak and his ass and dick were sore.

As for his balls they felt bruised and were full and blue. He felt full of lust but knew that his longings would never be satisfied.

Bob washed and then the compulsion to go to the bar started. He tried to fight it but found that he could not and like a zombie he washed and dressed and went out.

He got to the bar and sat with his back to the busy bar drinking. Eventually two members of the team joined and started to talk to him. To his horror they were talking about Guy and John being gay and insinuating that Bob was as well.

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