tagIncest/TabooTheir Sister's Virtue

Their Sister's Virtue


I bet you've seen people like me and my family. I bet there's a family just like mine where you live. Dad owns a couple of businesses. Mom is busy at the country club and with the charities she and other women like her run for those less fortunate. We live in a mansion in an exclusive part of town and all us kids were sent to private schools, far too important to mix with the masses.

Outward appearances are all that matter to my parents. As far as they're concerned, all everybody sees is the perfect family. The oldest son and heir, Preston, graduated from his prestigious university last year and is now being groomed to take over the family business. The middle son, Duncan, is studying engineering and dad has set aside a considerable amount of money to help him get started in business when time comes. The youngest daughter, me – my name is Madison, still dons the private school uniform every morning to attend the school where I'm making valuable friends for the future. My virtue is protected at every stage and when I graduate I'll be off to finishing school where I can learn to be like my mom. When I'm out of finishing school I'll be a virgin bride, most likely marrying a friend of my brothers and my brothers will marry my friends. That way our exclusive clique can stay exclusive and we can continue existing in our little bubble.

Well, that was the plan anyway... Girls like me stay virtuous and look forward to becoming wives and mothers. Boys like my brothers are encouraged to play a little, sow a few wild oats (in condoms of course, there won't be any scandals), before settling down with a nice little virgin. It's not like we do arranged marriages, but we might as well. Our mothers guard the girls' virginities with vigour and then they make sure that we socialise with suitable young men when we're ready to be married.

But if you scratch the surface you'll see that things aren't as perfect as they might seem. Mom and dad were going to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with a trip to Europe. I was just weeks from graduation and had a free summer ahead of me before going off to finishing school. Duncan was home for the summer and Preston wasn't very busy at work as things had slowed down for the summer.

I don't know how much you know about 18-year old virgins, but most of them are very sexually frustrated. That was certainly the case with me. My brothers took turns staying at home with me while the other one was out partying. I'd heard them talk. I knew that they hit the bars downtown where all the "easy" girls hung out. Some fancy words and a ride in their BMW convertibles was all it took for them to put out. How I envied those girls. They were free to do as they wanted, free to explore their sexuality and try their hands at being sluts before they had to settle down into a boring old marriage.

Late one evening Duncan and Preston thought that I'd gone to bed to read. They started watching a porn flick on a DVD and were both stroking their crotches when I snuck back into the living room. I couldn't believe my eyes. I'd seen plenty of porn pictures (not hard these days with the Internet) and read a lot of dirty stories, but it was a completely different thing to see it for real. On the screen was a girl wearing a school uniform, almost identical to mine. She was blonde like me, but wearing her hair in pigtails. Her blouse was torn open and her tits hanging out from her bra and her skirt was hiked up to her waist and she was being fucked by two men, dressed up as teachers. One was slamming his huge cock into her pussy and the other one was kneading her tits while she sucked and licked his cock.

My brothers were moaning with pleasure as the fucking on the screen intensified. Then the men pulled out and made the girl get on all fours on the school desk and they started fucking her from both directions, slapping her ass as they went along. Her tits bounced as the cocks slammed into her. Suddenly I heard Duncan groan and then he reached for a bunch of tissues. Soon Preston did the same.

"Damn, that bitch is hot," said Preston. "I wouldn't mind fucking her."

"Yeah," agreed Duncan. "Where were girls like her when we went to school?"

"Stuck in Maddy's all girls' school, I imagine," Preston said. "Probably with good reason."

"Yeah, those little hotties wouldn't have stood a chance with guys around," Duncan agreed.

"That little bitch looks a bit like Maddy, don't you think? The same sweet ass."

"Yeah. Same sexy curves, but I think Maddy's tits are bigger."

"Yeah, the guys love Maddy's tits. I've been fighting them off for years. She'll have plenty to choose from when she's ready to be married."

They switched off the DVD and I snuck out of the room before they noticed that I was there. I went to the toilet and ran into my brothers on my way back to bed.

"What are you doing up?" Duncan asked with suspicion.

"I needed the toilet. What's wrong with that?" I asked innocently.

"Nothing," Preston said quickly. "Back to bed, young lady. You have school tomorrow."

"Yes, daddy," I said in a silly voice and stuck my tongue out at him. He smacked my ass playfully and made me jump as I wasn't wearing any underwear under the oversized shirt that I slept in. I quickly kissed my brothers and couldn't resist squeezing my tits tight against them. They did after all admit to each other that I had desirable tits and I was so horny after watching that movie.

I went back to my bedroom and felt my pussy. I was soaking wet. I was so slippery that two fingers slid straight in as I started masturbating. My fingers know my pussy well by now and with one hand on my tits I managed to reach an orgasm very quickly and I bit the blanket to stop myself from moaning out loud. But I wasn't satisfied. I wanted more. I wanted cock. I wanted to be fucked like the girl that my brothers had watched. But they didn't let any boys come near me. There was only one solution. I had to get my brothers to fuck me.

The next morning I dressed for school, but I reached into my wardrobe and found last year's uniform. It was a bit too tight and short now as I'd grown a little since then. I knew that I'd be in trouble at school, but it'd be worth it. I went out into the kitchen where Preston was fixing his breakfast.

"Morning Preston," I cooed and kissed him.

"Morning Maddy," he returned my kiss and looked at me. After a quick flash of something that looked like desire, he put on his disapproving face. "What's wrong with young uniform?"

"What do you mean?" I asked all innocently.

"It's too small. You can't go to school like that."

"What do you mean? It was fine last week."

"Did you wash it at the weekend?"


"Damn it, Maddy. You must have washed it too hot and it's shrunk. Well, you have to go to school today. If they make a remark about your uniform, here's some money so that you can buy a new one. It's a bloody waste of money, but I won't have my sister walking around town looking like a slut."

Duncan was still asleep when we left and his car was blocking mine so Preston drove me to school. I did get a warning about my uniform but when I said that my mom was out of town and the uniform that fit was in the wash, my teacher let me get away with it for the day. She sent me home with step-by-step instructions for how to wash it so that I could look decent the next day. I asked my best friend Elle to drop me off at the library on her way home. There was a seedy shop one block down from there that I'd long wanted to visit. With Preston's money in my pocket I was able to. I looked around to make sure nobody I knew could see me and then I went inside.

The man in the shop nearly popped his eyeballs when he saw me. I guess he's not used to the girls from my school visiting his shop. I went straight for the sexy lingerie and picked up crotchless panties and a matching push up lace bra that had holes for the nipples. It was the sluttiest underwear I'd ever seen. I paid and stuffed my purchases into my schoolbag and hurried back to the library. I just got there to have time to get a random book out and go outside as Duncan pulled up to pick me up.

"I don't like you going to the library alone," he reprimanded me.

"Why? What's going to happen to me at the library?" I asked innocently.

"Probably nothing once you're inside the building, but this isn't a nice part of town, especially for a girl dressed in a school uniform that's a size too small. Didn't you buy a new one today like Preston told you to?"

"Yes, it's in my bag, but my teacher told me that I could wear this one today as long as I wear one the correct size tomorrow."

"Thank God that you only have female teachers at your school," Duncan sighed.

That night Duncan and Preston cooked our dinner while I busied myself with my homework. Normally they'd expect me to cook for them since I was the girl, but I was struggling with my algebra so they whipped up a quick curry from a jar. It was edible. When we were eating Preston said that he was thinking of going out.

"Awwww... Preston!" I moaned. "I just finished my homework. I was thinking that the three of us could have a movie night, just like we used to."

Preston looked at Duncan who shrugged his shoulders and it was agreed. Preston would stay home. It would be fun. A little bit of sibling bonding before the youngest one went off to finishing school couldn't hurt.

I did the dishes and tidied up the kitchen and then I slipped into my bedroom to change into my new purchases. I walked into the living room with my arms crossed across my chest and sat down in the middle of the couch, between my brothers. Preston switched on the DVD and a we started watching a comedy. Nobody laughed at the jokes. I was never allowed to watch anything remotely risqué and I'd long ago outgrown the type of movies that my family was happy to let me watch. If it hadn't been for the Internet and the genius of the girls at school in purchasing contraband erotic literature, I wouldn't have known anything. As it was, I knew a lot, and it was time to bring my brothers into the 21st century.

"Fuck me, this movie sucks!" I said out loud, using language they'd never heard me utter, but that they used when they didn't think mom or me were around.

"What did you say, young lady?" Preston was outraged, but I could hear Duncan's ill concealed snort before he too put on a stern face. "That's not appropriate language for a girl."

"I'm not a girl anymore, Preston. If you don't remember, let me remind you that I turned 18 two months ago. I'm a woman now. And this movie is for kids. I want to watch something that we'll all actually enjoy."

"And what would that be, Maddy?" Duncan asked. "All our movies are like this. These are the movies that mom and dad approve of for you."

"Mom and dad aren't here," I pointed out the obvious. "And they still think I'm 12 years old. Well, I have news for you. I am a woman, with a woman's wants and needs."

"Big words for a little girl," Preston countered. "Don't pretend to be something you're not. You're lucky that your family loves you enough to protect you from everything out there. Now tell me which movie you want us to watch and we'll watch it."

"I want to watch the movie you guys were watching last night."

Preston and Duncan looked at each other with alarm.

"We didn't watch anything last night."

"Let me remind you..." I said and quickly unbuttoned my blouse and got on all four on the coffee table, yanking my skirt up along the way. "Does this ring any bells?"

Preston and Duncan stared at me in disbelief. Duncan was the first one to regain his power of speech. "That's not funny, Maddy. You shouldn't have seen that. It's our fault for bringing something into this house that wasn't suitable for you. We apologise. Now get off the coffee table."

"How stupid do you think I am? I googled how to get around the parental controls on the computer years ago. I know all about fucking. Well, as much as you can know when you don't have a chance to actually feel a real cock inside you..."

I sat down, parted my legs and fingered my clit in front of them. When they didn't speak, I continued.

"Come on, you guys. Remember when we were little and watched cowboys and Indians on TV and then went and acted it out in the garden? Why don't we watch your movie and act it out?"

"Maddy, you're our sister. We're supposed to protect your virtue," Preston sounded as though he was agonising over his decision.

"Exactly! You're my brothers. You'll make sure I'm not hurt, and if it stays between the 3 of us it won't do any damage to my reputation."

"But Maddy," Duncan added. "You won't be a virgin on your wedding night. Do you really want to destroy that?"

"Nobody will know."

"Your husband will."

"No he won't," I said with a big smile. "Remember that bike accident I had when I was 13? It ruptured my hymen. Mom made sure all the other moms heard about that. How about it boys? I know you want to. I heard you talking about my tits. Why don't you feel them?"

I pulled my blouse off completely and let my nipples go stiff in the cool air. Preston was biting his lip and Duncan was licking his.

"Please, I want to learn how to fuck and you're the only ones who can help me..."

My brothers looked at each other and then back at me.

"You want to be your brothers' little slut, Maddy?" Duncan asked. "We're not married yet so we still fuck sluts. Is that what you want to be?"

"Once we do this there's no turning back," Preston looked serious.

"Please fuck me."

"Show us what you've got, baby."

I took off my clothes and stood naked before them. They then motioned for me to sit down between them on the couch again and I did. Duncan pulled my legs up towards him and Preston placed my head on his lap. Then Duncan parted my legs wide open while Preston started kneading my tits.

"Oh, baby," Duncan sighed. "You've got a beautiful pussy."

Duncan started caressing my pussy and I felt myself go wet. He fingered my clit and slipped a finger inside my cunt. I cried out with pleasure.

"Little sis likes my finger in her cunt," he said to Preston who was busy pinching my nipples.

Duncan slid a second finger inside me and I felt how tight I war around his fingers. He kept rubbing my nub. Then he leaned forward and wrapped his lips around my engorged clit and I cried out loud with delight. This was better than anything I'd ever imagined. Soon he managed to squeeze a third finger inside me. He was finger fucking me fast and furious whilst licking and sucking my clit. Preston was now manhandling my tits like crazy. I loved all the sensations. Then I couldn't take it anymore and I exploded. I cried out as my body convulsed with the most powerful orgasm I'd ever felt. Duncan pulled his fingers out of my cunt and placed them on my lips. I started licking them when Preston moved forward and started kissing me and licking my juices off Duncan's fingers. Preston's tongue was down my throat when I felt Duncan get up. He got undressed while Preston and I continued kissing and Preston's hand caressed my wet pussy.

"I think it's time our little sis got a taste of cock," Duncan said and I looked over to where he was standing, stroking his semi-erect member. "Let's take this to mom and dad's bedroom."

Mom and dad's bedroom had the only double bed in the house. Duncan and me got in and started kissing and soon I felt Preston's naked body behind me, rubbing his hard cock against my ass and feeling my tits with his hands.

"Mouth or cunt?" Preston asked Duncan.

"I don't mind which of my little sister's sweet holes I try first as I'm intending to do them both before the end of the night."

"Well, I can't wait to feel her cunt around my cock so I guess you get her mouth to begin with."

Duncan leaned against the headboard and parted his legs so that I could kneel between them. He grabbed my head and pushed it toward his cock. "Suck me, babe."

At the same time I felt Preston behind me, licking the length of my slit. I could feel myself getting wet and his finger inside me confirmed it to him as well. He got on his knees behind me and pushed his cockhead against my opening. I gasped when he entered me and thought I'd burst. In the meantime I started licking Duncan's shaft. It was about 6 inches in length and so thick I struggled to get it into my mouth. He kept stroking my hair and my cheek in encouragement.

Having never fucked before, I struggled to focus on Duncan's cock when Preston was slowly penetrating me for the first time. Soon he was balls deep and he grabbed hold of my hips as he stayed there. I started focusing on sucking Duncan's cock, rubbing part of it with my hand and teasing the part in my mouth with my tongue. His moans told me that I wasn't doing a bad job.

Then Preston pulled out of me almost completely, making me feel empty inside. Shortly afterwards he thrust back in, faster this time. He pulled out again and slammed inside again. He was soon fucking me with long and hard strokes, going faster all the time, letting his balls slam into my clit. I was in heaven. I'd dreamt about being fucked for so long and now I was performing the most depraved act on both my brothers at the same time. I felt like such a naughty girl and I loved it.

I came and cried out around Duncan's meat in my mouth, but my brothers didn't relent. I was their fuck toy now. My body was there for their pleasure. They kept slamming into me, owning my holes with their hard cocks. It didn't take me long to be on fire again. I sucked Duncan hard and moved my hips to meet Preston's thrusts. Then something wonderful happened. I reached yet another orgasm and as my cunt convulsed around Preston's cock he slammed inside me as hard as he could and groaned out loud as he pumped his semen into me. Then Duncan moaned and my mouth was filled with his salty cum. I swallowed it and Duncan pulled me up to him to kiss and share his cum. Preston's cock slipped out of my dripping cunt and his cum ran down my thighs. We all lay together.

"Have you ever shared a girl before?" I asked as I'd regained my breath. Duncan was playing with my pussy and Preston was sucking on my nipple.

"A couple of times," Duncan admitted. "They were real sluts."

"Sluts like me?"

"No, you're our virgin baby sister. I won't have anyone calling you a slut," Preston smiled at me and smacked my bum. "Now I need you to finish what you started and lick your juices off my cock."

"Straddle me, baby," Duncan said as he was stroking his hardening cock. I did as he said and soon felt him grow to his full size inside my cunt that already had Preston's cum to lubricate it.

Preston stood next to the bed and I leaned across to suck him. He tasted different from Duncan. I recognised the flavour of my pussy and relished the chance to suck myself off him. Duncan started moving my hips and soon I picked up on how to ride him. It was the best feeling ever. My brothers' cocks felt so right in my holes. I sucked and fucked and came twice more before they filled me with their cum again. I licked my cunt off Duncan and then we fell asleep together in mom and dad's bed.

Neither Duncan nor Preston went out for the rest of our parents' trip. They got plenty of action at home. I learnt so much about fucking. Once mom and dad returned it got a bit harder for us to fuck. Harder, but not impossible. Mom and dad's busy social calendar meant that they often left me at home with one or the other brother in charge. Naturally, as soon as they pulled out of the drive we were in a bedroom, fucking our brains out. On two more occasions I got to fuck them both at the same time. We even re-enacted the slutty school girl fuck scene from their DVD, complete with my school uniform.

In the autumn I went off to finishing school and Duncan went back to university. When we came home for holidays, the three of us tried to fit in as much fucking as possible. A week after I graduated from finishing school and Duncan graduated from university Preston got married. I was a bridesmaid to his virgin bride. We'd had a farewell fuck the night before as neither of us wanted him to be unfaithful. Shortly afterwards Duncan met a girl and I stopped fucking him after his wedding. I was still horny though. I consulted my brothers and they recommended one of their friends as suitable husband material. They put us together in a lot of situations and I played the shy virgin I wasn't. Eric is a really great guy. He's got a wonderful sense of humour and we get along great. I was over the moon when he came to speak to my dad and then asked me to be his wife. Tomorrow's our wedding. My pussy is throbbing in anticipation of our wedding night.

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Too short!

While the concept was amazing, I could have had more. More...more...more!

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