tagBDSMTheir Special Evening

Their Special Evening


This story has been on another website but I'd thought I share it with a wider audience at Literotica. I wrote it a while ago and it might show signs of immaturity but I can't be bothered to rewrite it! Hope you enjoy it anyway.

It's softly S/M with some bondage.

* * * * *

He'd announced that tonight was to be "a special evening" just as she was leaving for work. She knows what that means, he's dreamt up an erotic feast for them to enjoy. She never knew what would occur, (other than a highly charged sexual experience), that's part of the fun, but she was never disappointed with his efforts. Like a special night out to a concert, these are occasional treats, lest they become too ordinary; they never are, the last one was about three months ago, they'd have 5 or 6 of these treats a year, maybe on a birthday but not every time, that would be predictable.

They enjoy a regular sex life, fully satisfying, these evenings are extra special, usually including something new to surprise and delectate. Sometimes they repeat one they particularly enjoy; sometimes its her that arranges one, but she prefers to be the recipient of his gift of erotic imagination.

They both knew the effect his breakfast-time announcement would have on her, she'd have the evening's entertainment in her thoughts all day as she tried to do her work. Wondering what he had in mind for her, would he want her to be passive or active for instance. The last few occasions replayed in her mind, keeping her moist and sexually agitated all day in anticipation, as he knew she would be, that's part of the specialness of the evening; its power.

When she arrived home she'd already eaten and toileted as she knew the evening started as soon as she came through the door.

As he heard the front door close he called from upstairs for her to enter the bedroom naked. This was unusual, getting undressed or dressing up was usually part of the event.

She enters the bedroom, naked as ordered, to see him by the bed, also naked, his cock semi-erect with the exciting knowledge of the evening ahead.

She sees him holding four lengths of soft rope.

He commands her onto the bed so he can tie the ropes through the corner posts of the bed, around her wrists and ankles so her body forms an X. She can move her arms and legs as much as the slack dictates but can't reach any part of her body with her hands. Biting her lower lip, she watches him tie her up, giggling in nervous excitement and breathing deeply.

This was novel, never had he tied her up before. She trusted him without question, and he knew what she'd accept or not. She thrilled in a way she'd never been before, his preparation exciting her imagination.

He'll not converse with her as normal, asking her: does this feel good darling?: what do you want next?: that sort of thing; he's going to bestow -inflict- pleasure on her, a variety of pleasure, from the barest tickle to the other extreme, only after he's certain she's totally and utterly satisfied -more than satisfied- will he think of his needs.

"You just have to lie there and enjoy, nothing else"

She smiles widely at him, "can I talk? moan? writhe?" she asks.

"You won't be able not to" he said in a matter of fact tone.

She utters a gasp at his promise and her eyes seem to sparkle as she begins to wriggle on the bed, panting louder, her mind confident of the pleasure her body anticipates.

"What are you going to do to me?" she enquires in a soft breathy voice she deliberately made to sound girly. He doesn't reply, nor look into her eyes to reassure her, he wants her guessing, on an edge, wondering at his behaviour, adding something new to her experience. He's confident of the success of his endeavour, he knows her that well, this knowledge causes his cock to grow to full erection.

He gets onto the bed and straddles her, his low hanging balls rest on her waist. The touch of his yielding scrotum sends a tingle through her skin. His phallus soars up above his balls, tantalisingly within reach of her mouth, the bloated bulb peeling back its foreskin as it grows even fuller.

She licks the air to beckon it toward her, he ignores her tempting and places his hands on her waist. Doesn't he intend to make her lick it, she wonders, playfully force her to take his swollen organ in her mouth? She thought of what he said: "just lie there and enjoy": he doesn't want her to do anything?!

His hands begin to move over her waist, up to her chest and shoulders, along her arms as far as he can reach and back again, very gently, barely touching her skin, shunning her breasts, back and forth, giving her the slightest of pleasure but sensual pleasure nonetheless.

Eventually he moves up to her face. Her mouth opens, breathing gently at his touch, she feels every stroke, craving every soft sensation because that's all there is to feel. Her clitoris begins to ache for more serious caress, but her increasingly sensitised pinkness has no choice but to wait.

His hands caress her features with the same soft brushing he used on her skin. Her eyes closed, her lips pouting at the finger tracing their outline. He allows her to kiss his finger, sucking it, trying to get him to respond with more profound caresses but to no avail. Her wrists tighten the slack of her restraints as her hands try to reach her body to answer its plea for caress. He knew she'd try to stroke herself, her breasts, nipples, clit, to feel the wetness of her cunt, but his tether forbids it; he's the one going to dictate her arousal, her pleasure, he knows her capacities; he aims to enhance them.

She moans and writhes softly on the bed as he continues to caress just her face, she feels it as if a finger was wriggling in her cunt, her nipples hard as his cock.

He loiters; caresses her skin, feeds her need for deeper touch, lulls her with gentle sensual touch, but he has a surprise for her.

After ensuring her eyes are closed, his hands, in a split-second fly from her face and roughly pinch a nipple each between thumb and finger.

Her body jumps as she squeals in pain and pleasure. Her eyes open as she stares open-mouthed at him. He stares back at her as he twists her nipples. The hurt is swamped by the pleasure, her eyes narrow as the intensity makes itself known. Her shriek turns to gasping groans, her vagina seeping cream to accompany her clit's throb. He knows so well how sensitive her nipples are, having previously brought her to orgasm by them; by a more gentle route.

As the evening progressed he watched her responses, the tone and volume of her moaning, the expressions of her face, the writhing of her body. Not only because he likes them so much, but to judge her state. If her crescendo grew too loud he slowed or stopped his manipulations no matter her protesting.

"Oh yes! keep doing THAT! oooogh mmmmmmm YESSS!... don't stop you bastard!!...???... you can play with my cunt now its READY!... rub my clit, PLEASE! or lick it, you know how you love to lick my cream... how I love it!... just a finger then?... do something to my cunt... its lovely and creamy... mmmmmmmmm... then untie me so I can do it myself!"

"No" he states softly but firmly as he starts a gentle thumbing of her teats, deliciously tender after his rough handling. He thumbs and fingers her nipples until she moans excitedly at the nearness of orgasm at which point he gets off the bed and departs the room.

"OOOOOHHHH!!" she yells, frustrated, yanking at her ropes. "Where have you gone?" she shouts at the door.

He returns clenching something hidden from view in his hand, part of the plan for this evening's play. He wants to try something new, see her reaction to it.

He kneels by the bed and places the two objects on the floor where she can't see them; leans to the breast nearest to kiss its reddened tip while reaching over to kiss the other with a finger. He beckons moans from them, his lips on one, three fingers and a thumb on the other. He makes them as hard as they could be; she duly writhes and moans again to his teasing play.

His feels them grow to their fullest with tongue and fingers and pauses, picks up his devices with one hand and slithers his other into her molten fissure, heightening her arousal so she won't be prepared for what happens next.

He barely moves within her sticky warmth, probing gently, wiggling, pushing, sliding about but without conviction, enough to simmer but not to boil.

He prepares his surprise in his idle hand and watches again that her eyes are closed with pleasure as he aims for the pointing nipple.

He clamps the clothes-peg onto its centre multiplying the nipple's length in an instant as it bends with the added weight.

She sits up as far as she can, screaming open-mouthed in astonishment as he places the other peg in position. Both her nipples are now inches long and in exquisite torment. She stares wide-eyed at him, tugging her restraints, speechless, but panting deeply at the painfully pleasurable sensation. He increases his movement within her cunt and she groans at the mixture of sensations assailing her as she lays back on the bed watching his every movement as her body releases endorphins in reaction to the smarting clamps on her delicate sensitive nipples.

He brings his spare hand to her breast near its clamp, he forms his thumb and finger to a flick and looks at her expression as she gasps deeply at his threat. She knows its coming but not when. He waits... then releases his finger at speed onto her wooden nipple, the force slapping it against her breast, waving as it returns to position. She squeals her response, the aching of her nipple dominated by the pleasure, endorphins making her aching nipples feel peculiarly strong pleasure. He repeats on her other nipple; varying the interval, then one immediately after the other, all the while his other hand is playing with her cunt. When she shows signs of over-excitement he pauses, ignoring her pleas to make her come.

"Make me come... I want an orgasm, now, please... my clit is bursting, and I'm SO wet... I'm soooo aroused, please make me come... why won't you make me come?"

She wants her orgasm so much, but not yet he decides.

"You'll come when I make you come" he said in a calm, commanding voice that surprised her.

Her whole body is primed for orgasm. If a hand was free she'd come in seconds, but she won't untie herself, she could do so, but she's curious to know what's next.

He's also very aroused, his phallus solid and delicate. Seeing and hearing her so aroused excited him so much. He controls his urges so he can fulfil the scenario he's planned, as much for his pleasure as hers.

He removes his tacky fingers from their steaming pocket, listening to her groan at the departure. One clean hand, the other sticky and vaporous grab a clothes-peg apiece as she watches him. He unclamps her and sensation rushes into her dented nipples.

Panting deeply, pleasure-pain swirls around her tender teats.

He holds the pegs, turned 90 degrees, above her nipples and offers them again with a questioning look.

They eye each other; an unspoken bond exists between them, more than words can express, the only sound is her panting with exhilaration. In those few seconds they discover a new excitement in their love-life.

Breathing heavily, her lower torso writhing, she accepts his threat with a single nod. He lowers them both and slowly releases pressure on them as they nip her delicate buds again. She fists the bed and utters wails as her delicious torment returns, her nipples ache in severe pleasure, her cunt responds in parting to ooze cream, as orgasm wells up.

He judges her ripe for her first orgasm.

He holds her clips near the base and draws a small circle with them, dragging her nipples with them. He squeezes his fingers onto the wood and pulls the pegs up as far as they will go without releasing their grip on her. Her nipples stretch to their fullest extent tugging her breasts behind them. She groans and squeals as her limbs flail about. Her abused sensitive nipples the centre of her gratification, her clitoris untouched but throbbing in harmony. She feels her clitoris as if alight, burning in union with it's vexed sisters.

She hears two clicks and yelps as he pulls the pinching wood off her nipples freeing them for him to toy with. Her raw red peaks smart exquisitely. The pleasure nerves within them throb as never before.

His fingers replace the pegs, he twists pleasure into her. She feels excessive sensation from her buds, pleasure super-charged with the distress inflicted on them. As she nears orgasm he pauses to let her simmer as he straddles her, so as to better manipulate her. He looks at his woman as he mounts, she's high in planet pleasure.

He waggles his phallus in front of her face, feels her panting breath on it. Her eyes devours his display of arousal, it twitches in time to his pulse, as hard as it can be, she wants it so much, in her mouth, in her cunt; he refuses her, he torments her with his organ's condition, showing her what she can't have, his cock, super-hard, powerful, he teases her with his excitement, denies her his pleasure to lengthen hers.

His hands cup the flesh of her breasts to squeeze them together bringing her two sore tips as close together as he can. He lays his hands directly on her breasts for the first time this special evening, their hug making her squirm in delight. He wishes he had two mouths, one for each nipple, but he'll make do very well with one.

Sitting on her writhing body he sucks, licks and gently bites her breasts' tips. Slowly he builds her up, despite bringing her to the edge so often. Gentle, delicate, delicious caresses on her nipples gradually gathers enough feeling to take her over the edge.

Although untouched, her clitoris reacts to his every caress on her breast's tips, throbbing with pleasure until his patient mouth builds enough arousal to ignite her long awaited orgasm. Simultaneously she feels it go off in her breasts clit and mind; her cunt contracts powerfully as her clit pulses in ecstasy.

His fingers replaces mouth at her nipples as he watches her in orgasm. Her face contorts, her hands grip tightly on her ropes as she sways, the erotic music of her sounds: "O-ugh" she repeats as she comes. He moves back to see her cunt: it's gaping and bloated. A dark patch stains the duvet below it. He feels his organ prime to add its fluids to hers, but he doesn't want his yet; so he tightens its muscle to ease the excitement as he rises off the bed. Her joy is long lasting, the effect of his teasing play. He stands by the bed watching her in orgasm and then fading away; allowing both their exhilaration to subside.

He has one more climax for her; no clothespegs, no surprises, just enduring arousal; smouldering, flaring, dampened only to burn again. He's going to torture her with pleasure.

He waits for his cock to soften before he restarts. He's tingling in excitement at the passions he induced from his woman, her sight and sounds arousing him as much as if he was caressed by her.

Having had an orgasm she can expect stronger caresses, but he'll be careful, looking and listening to her signs, heeding them, using them, when she nears orgasm she will betray herself so he will ease off, deny her release, to make her deliriously aroused.

"Are your wrists and ankles comfortable?" he enquires as if he was a waiter.

"Yes thank you, but will you untie me now, I want to hold and kiss you, can we make love now?"

"No, to both"

"You don't want to fuck me after that? Has someone cut them off?!"

"This is your treat. I only want to watch you squirm".

She trusts him but hasn't a clue what he has planned, deep down she's very excited by the uncertainty. Her subconscious is certain, her mind feels a flicker of apprehension, this captivates her. Her body responds to the excitement, she breaths deeply, tingles, her senses heighten, as he imagined they would.

She makes herself believe her tethers are inescapable, she suspects she is in for glorious sexual torment, she wants and dreads it. A contradiction applies itself to her imagination that thrills her.

Enough time passes for him to soften so he can recommence her exquisite torment. He has one more thing to do before he recommences, he holds his organ; a gleam graces its tip. He runs a finger along its underside to gather his love juice on to his waiting fingers. He carries the small pool and smears her lips and nose so she can smell his lust and be fired by it. He listens to her groan as her lips lick and her nose sniffs his familiar essence.

He gets on the bed to pull her down so her knees are bent and arms straight. Lying on top of her, he kisses her lips, around her face, spending time enjoying her features, rearousing her again. Down to her neck, lingering, to her chest, eventually her breasts, caressing lovingly, kneading, squeezing to deeper arousal, her cunt responding.

Apologising to her nipples with his gentle kisses, sucking them better, tonging the soreness away. As she moans her appreciation up her body he goes, kissing all the way. Again to her mouth, tongues linking, tasting saliva, urging desire. His erection pressing hot on her thigh, her cunt trickling.

Her moans gather, her arms try to bring her hands to play, her legs sway, her hips jerk, her torso writhes. Back down her body his lips travel, kissing and licking pleasure into her body. He plays with her breasts as she likes them played with, lingering on them, he listens to verbal confirmation of her pleasure, then further down to her navel, probing with his tongue, licking a circle around it then down even further to her heaving abdomen, sniffing her pubes.

He examines the centre of her need.

Smoothly shaven below, her pink clit protrudes from its hood, seeming to shine, its hooded cape hangs down, opening to ooze its cream over its wide flaps, dribbling downward, a river of her desire.

Her perfume assails him, makes his cock jolt. He blows on the wet crack, places a kiss on each thigh, to tempt more oozing, then gets off the bed.

"No!" she cries, "finish me off!"

"NNOOOO!!" she screams as she tries to squeeze an orgasm in her cunt, but she's unable to trigger one, only add to his stimulation. Her whole body surges erotic energy, needing to be released in orgasm but he isn't done, she's going to have to endure more stimulation or faint with her need to explode in pleasure.

He presents his twitching organ for her to examine.

"Would you like it thrust deep inside you?" he asks.

"Oh YESSS! thank you! at last, you bastard! fuck me silly, I'm ready, I've never been so ready, fuck me! fuck me! fuck me!"; she thrusts up as she says it.

"No" he calmly responds. "It's my erection and you're not having it"

Her eyes fires anger at him, she shakes the bed trying to dislodge herself.

"If that's how you feel I think I'll go for a walk"

"NO! NO! please don't leave me, I just want my passion doused. I'm on fire I need to orgasm! I really need to come I'm bursting. Untie me and you can watch me masturbate, you know how you love to see me masturbate" she pleads.

"I'm the one giving orgasms tonight, you need another do you?"


"You want an o-r-g-a-s-m" he says deliberately.

"Yes, yes pleeeaassse!"

"A big one, the best you've ever had?"

"Oooh-yessss!" she said, her voice suddenly faint.

"Then I'll apply my best endeavour" he announces, sounding like a chef in a cooking contest.

He gazes upon her wanton body, writhing continuously since her first orgasm, unsatisfied by it, it seems. He will put that right, along the way he will learn about her capacity for stimulation, tune it, expand it, deeply enjoying giving pleasure to her.

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