tagLesbian SexThen, She Kissed Me

Then, She Kissed Me


She's an aggressive kisser. I'm not sure I was expecting tongue, but it was there right away. Her hands roamed, also, right to my waist and lower back. She turned to me and started to put a leg up over mine, but decided not to. After a minute or so, we stopped, giggling like school girls. She told me how much she loved my boobs, and how hot she thought I was, and how she wanted so badly to make out during my birthday but didn't know if I was "that kind" of girl. We sat on the couch for a little bit¸ talking about how we each secretly wanted to share a bed when she slept over during RUSH. Before long, we had decided it was time to go to bed. She asked if she could sleep in her underwear, and of course I agreed, and changed into cheer shorts and a sports bra myself.

We climbed into bed and she lay on her side facing me. I don't quite remember the small talk, but soon she mentioned that her bra was uncomfortable and asked if she could sleep without it. I agreed. She inched closer, and I turned toward her as well as we continued our talking. Finally, she said, "You're so hot." I was beyond positive then of what was going to happen. I told her how hot it was that she was in my bed in just her panties, and she asked me to join her. I did, and soon I told her that I wanted to make out some more. And so we did.

She started to run her hand down my side and around to my back, tracing the top edge of my panties. I reached around and dug my fingertips into her back, pulling her into me. It was an interesting feeling, having her breasts pressed against mine, but a great one. She's got a hot little body. I grabbed her thigh and pulled her against me as her hands roamed over me. After a few sexy moments of this, she gently pushed my top leg backward and began to slide her hand toward the front of my panties. Whispering, she asked me if I was wet before sliding her fingers down to my pussy. I was. She began to stroke me as we continued to kiss. I loved the feeling. She knew what she was doing, and was very gentle as she focused on my clit. During our game of Never Have I Ever, it was revealed that I didn't orgasm during sex alone, and she had paid attention. She circled her finger around me and played with me as I squirmed against her. A few minutes later, she again whispered in my ear, "Can I eat it?" Of course, I said yes.

She continued sliding her finger up and down my pussy as she repositioned herself between my legs. Kneeling there, she looked so sexy. Her long hair fell down around her shoulders and her curves were outlined perfectly in the little moonlight that had gotten into the room. She pulled my panties down off of me, tossed them to the side, and lowered her lips to my clit. Focusing her tongue on my clit, she swirled it in circles, up and down, side to side. She was quite gentle, and she ran her hands across my body as she ate me out. I grabbed a handful of her thick hair and pulled her head a little harder into me. She slid her hand down my right thigh and pushed her finger inside of me as she continued to work me with her tongue. Before long she had hit the perfect spot, and I let her know it. She continued for minutes as I squirmed underneath her, until I came to her tongue. I kept the noise down a bit, but I still let her know it was great. She sat back a moment before she brought her tongue back to my pussy, ready to try again. But I had other plans.

I pulled her up to me, and she tried to wipe her mouth, but I brought her in to kiss my juices off of her lips. She was on top of me, but I flipped her over so that I was leaning against her and she was on her back. I ran my hands across her, down her chest, over her stomach, to her ass. I grabbed her hips right where her legs join her waist and pushed her leg backward to allow space for my hand. I slid my hand into her panties, and her pussy was so wet. I fingered her like I do myself, sliding my whole finger from her center until my fingertip leaves her clit, and then back the other way. She squirmed and her breathing was heavy, so I continued.

I teased her clit for a few moments before plunging my finger inside of her. She arched her back and her mouth dropped open in a gasp. I enjoyed watching; I almost didn't want to go down, because I didn't want to miss it. I felt her for a little while longer, sliding my finger in and out, up and down her wet pussy, watching her face and feeling her body move against me.

Finally, I moved down to between her legs, and rubbed down her thighs. As I pulled her panties off of her, she arched her back and thrust her hips up for me. I dropped them beside the bed and lowered by lips to her. She tasted great, she smelled vaguely sweet. I dragged my tongue from her hole to her clit, playing with her for a few seconds before repeating. She squirmed hard as my tongue played with her tiny clit, and I grabbed her hips as I ate her out. It wasn't long before her body was pulsing hard while she moaned in orgasm. I did my best to see it through, and only moments after she calmed down I felt her building again before she came once more to my tongue. The taste was amazing. She grabbed my hair and pulled to bring me back up to her. We made out for a few more minutes, giggling the whole time, before I fell down onto the bed next to her.

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