tagLoving WivesThen Something Happened Pt. 01

Then Something Happened Pt. 01


Part 1, Introducing Max.

(This grew from a stand-alone story about how Max meets the woman he marries. The story transitioned into the series, it is told as if he were writing an auto-biography. I am experimenting at writing a series so please let me know if it works for you.)

Chapter 1

Hi I am Max, this is not the name I was given by my parents for rather obvious reasons. This is in effect a resume or something I would give a lawyer. I lost my virginity in high school. The relationship did not last. I was 'Too Demanding' for my girlfriends' tastes. College was to follow the same rough road. Meet, get interested, sexual contact, then dumped. I was just starting my last year and the current girl who had lasted rather longer than any previous had just called off the plans for what we would do after college. Yes, she had said I was too demanding. Dumped yet again!

Then Something Happened.


I won the lottery, not a vast amount, but enough to keep me financially independent well into old age! I may have been indiscrete, or my changed monetary habits gave me away as all the ex-girlfriends began to be around and asking for a second chance or some such. I am not much of a man who gives people, especially young women a second chance, but I was prepared to make exceptions. On my terms of course. I always set the conditions for the date, neutral territory, a meal and nothing more, I was being a gentleman.

Then I told them that I was planning a weekend away in New York and if they wanted, they could accompany me there. I would pay the airfare and a stay in a five-star hotel. A shared room was implied, but never explained. Some declined, but five accepted.

I got to test their limits and explore my own desires. It seems I was still too demanding as none of the five followed through for another date let alone another weekend with me. The contacts with ex-girlfriends ceased after the fifth weekend away, it seemed my demanding reputation had been passed around.

I finished College and moved back home to middle America. I began searching for a place to live, I sent enquiries to real estate agents with rather specific requirements. I viewed a few properties. I refined my requirements and looked a little further afield. The photos that were provided by the real estate agent of a property several miles outside the state capital looked promising. I went and viewed the property. Twenty acres, a mansion just twenty years old. A large barn, a very private drive. The mansion was not visible from the black top road that wound its way into the foot-hills. I dickered and drove what I thought was a hard bargain, it was a deceased estate. The inheritors wanted the money!

I got the mansion. I moved into what was the guest wing and set about making changes. I paid top dollar and workmen were soon busy with my 'Improvements'. The Barn got quite the makeover. I moved into the main accommodation and some changes were made to the guest wing. The four-car garage and external doors were upgraded and made more secure. I had a covered walkway between Mansion and barn constructed. This involved two extra doorways be created. The mansion lost half a double bedroom.

It had been several months and winter was almost upon me. I went to Florida for sun and; well sex. I studied the local phone book. I studied the www and discovered that there was a BDSM conference starting in a few days' time. My curiosity bone perked up. I registered and got an admittance to rather more than just the conference. There was to be a private Dom's and Domes' meet and greet, the evening before the conference started. I hired a tux, took care with shaving and choice of aftershave and set off to the meet and greet. I showed my invite, I was given a large printed name tag which went in the top pocket. It gave my home state! I began to circulate. There were still people arriving, name tagged people from all over the US were soon circulating, over one hundred attendees.

Then Something Happened.


There was a tap on my shoulder.

"Hi there, I was told there was a Dominant guy here that I should find. And as you seem to be the last one that I have not checked out, it must be you."

I turned around and recognition dawned on both our faces!

"You bought that Mansion."

"You sold me the Mansion."

"Strange place to meet!"

"I was thinking that." I laughed.

"Let's find a drink and somewhere to chat." She said.

And so, I learned her name. Alexis and I began to explain the paths our lives had taken that had led us to be at a BDSM conference in Florida. I invited her back to my Hotel. She invited me back to hers. We were having a whale of a time. I tossed a coin, I lost, we left the meet and greet rather early and went to her hotel. She had hardly got the door closed when: -

"I think you should strip now!" Alexis commanded.

I laughed and said, "I think you should be doing the stripping, get out that dress!" We had a fine game removing each other's clothes. The sex was fantastic. By the morning we were an 'Item'.

We married seven weeks later.

We started our BDSM club, I set up a web-site. The Barn became our dungeon and soon a trickle of visitors became a regular membership. We have been running BDSM sessions every other Saturday for just over a year now. We have met several other Dom's and Domes. We hosted sessions for others and we even hosted a couple of lesbian only events.

Life is very good.


(Dear reader, introducing Markus and Juliette, they are major characters in the 'Then Something Happened' Series. Brenda and Bob are minor players. Markus and Juliette, a happily married mid-twenties couple go to a pool party, the first of the summer. There is some Exhibitionist and Voyeur behavior.)

Chapter 2.

Markus and Juliette, Jealousy.

Hi I am Markus. My wife Juliette and I were in the kitchen, I had just finished putting away the crookery after my darling wife had got them out the dish-washer and given them a close inspection and wipe down. She had the last items still to go and was industrially polishing the first of the expensive cut glass goblets, a wedding present, we liked to drink our wine from.

Juliette was on the opposite side of the island bench, fully focused on her task. The kitchen/dining area door was right behind me, I knew this could get awkward and with Juliette's bright red hair there came a serious temper. I was fairly sure Juliette would not throw the expensive goblet at me!

I plucked up the courage to ask her a rather delicate question!

"Jules, Darling". She did not look away from her polishing. "Do you still have that white bathing suit, the one that goes transparent when wet"?

I saw the signs, instant cessation of polishing. A raised eyebrow, a slow flush. The goblet being very carefully placed on the bench top. I got ready to run.

"Yes; Why do you ask?" Juliette's tone was cool to say the least, I saw all the signs of a rising temper.

'Well I had survived first contact, best get it over with,' I said to myself. "We are going to that barbeque and pool party on Saturday at Brenda and Bobs," I continued in a rush of words, "Well I want you to wear it!"

The signs were un-mistakeable. Lips a straight line, a muscle in the side of her face twitched. No sign of color, she was working up to a major explosion. I was in trouble, but had planned my get way and beat a hasty retreat. Carefully closing the kitchen door behind me, then rushing, no running down the hall and up the stairs and into the bathroom. I did not slam the bathroom door, but made sure Juliette would know where I was. I undressed.

It seemed that my hasty retreat had worked. I had not heard Juliette follow me out the kitchen. I took my time in the bathroom, carefully placing my discarded underwear in the laundry hamper. Juliette always complained if I just left them on the chair, or even worse on the bathroom floor.

A full 15 minutes later and still no sign of Juliette. We had a sort of signaling system. If I went for an early shower it was an indicator that I would like company in our generous shower space. I was still alone and breathing, so I took a cold shower. I dried off. I went to our bedroom, it was empty. I got into bed and found my Kindle and began, well, tried to read. Still no sound, or sign of Juliette, this was seriously bad!

I used the dimmer switch, turned the bedroom lights right down. I managed to find where I was in the sexy thriller I was reading. I had scrolled down a couple of pages when I became aware of soft foot-steps and restrained breathing.

"Oh, you're still awake!" Juliette was standing in the bedroom doorway.

I shut the Kindle down, I did not dare say a word.

"Care to explain why you want me to wear that damn swim suit after the trouble I got into wearing it on our cruise last year?"

I felt relief, but did not dare show that just yet, as there were a few hurdles to cross before I was home safe.

"Thank you, Jules, it's like this." Juliette sat on the end of the bed, made no move to undress. "Brenda is always coming on to me, especially if you are out of sight. She flaunts those big boobs, fondles herself. She has only ever touched my arm or cheek, but the message is quite clear, 'I am a cock tease want to see more of me?' sort of activity." I paused, Juliette made no comment.

"Well I want you to take a dip when Brenda is not in the immediate vicinity and Bob is on that recliner he always claims as his own, the one by the pool steps." I paused, this was the critical bit.

"Then when you see Brenda returning to the pool area, you climb out the pool and attract Bobs attention, which won't be difficult. Brenda will get extremely jealous. I come to the steps and hand you your towel. Brenda will get the message that I am taken and stop coming on to me and find another victim."

Juliette snatched a pillow and began beating me about the head, I feared for my life!

After a few serious blows to the head, I heard laughter. "I'll do it!" shouted my darling wife.

I don't think she ever got undressed so quickly before, but our lovemaking was fierce and fast. I had survived, Brenda would get the message and leave me alone.


The Saturday afternoon came and not having laid any plans, we had not even discussed it, we set off for Brenda and Bob's. We had left it rather late to arrive, indeed we were that last of the ten couples to arrive, so the only loungers left were in the back and at the deep end of the pool.

Juliette looked me in the eye, "You better be ready with that towel!"

"Of Course, Jules, you know I always do what I say I will do."

We made our way to the loungers and as there was no changing room took off our out-door clothes and put them in the sports bag I had carried. Juliette got admiring looks from men and women, her red hair and pale skin against the stark white bathing suit really stood out. I fished in our sports bag and found the 30plus sun-block and applied it to that tender pale skin. I am sure that Juliette hammed it up, making a production of turning over making sure I had not missed a bit.

Bob came over, a drink in both hands, a Chablis for Juliette and Coors beer for me. His eyes never left ogling at the white swim suit he had heard about, but never seen. I had told him of Juliette's accidental exposure on that cruise.

Brenda came over a short time later and complimented Juliette on the bathing suit. "That's new darling, but the effect would probably be better if it were black."

Juliette smiled and a short conversation ensued, Brenda all bitchy and Juliette, sweet as apple pie. 'Meow, I thought'.

After Bob and Brenda had returned to the shallow end pool side, Juliette beckoned me and whispered in my ear. "Don't be too close when I get out the pool, give me at least ten seconds, just enough time to give Bob a mild heart attack!"

What had I created, this could lead to world war three!

"Jules you want every man and woman beside the pool see you effectively naked for ten seconds, before I bring you your towel?"

"Well I will be doing rather more than stand there. Just get that towel; the small one, to me before Brenda gets to me, or there could be a cat fight!"

The plan unfolded perfectly. Brenda went to the house to get the food. Juliette put on her swimming cap and dived into the pool and did a few laps. She then swam to the shallow end and was seen adjusting her cap, it seemed her hair was getting wet. Lots of men and a few women had noticed Juliette, so she was the center of attention, though she seemed not to have noticed. I had always said she was a good actress.

I was half watching Juliette and at the same time looking for Brenda to return with the food tray. I did not have long to wait.

Juliette got to the pool steps and climbed out of the water. Bob certainly noticed that Juliette was, to all intents and purposes a naked redhead emerging from his Pool. Juliette, now out the water and just feet from Bobs recliner reached up and removed the swim cap, adjusted the now transparent swimming costume. This of course bought her splendid breasts up and on show. Juliette was checking to see that all her womanly bits were covered, pretending not to know that every adjustment she made to the costume just displayed more and more flesh.

I knew I was going to be late getting to Juliette's side. I grabbed her towel and made my way to the steps, but a furious Brenda had got there before me and had begun to scream at Juliette. I was just two steps away and could see and hear everything.

Then Something Happened.


The towel was snatched from my hand!

I frantically turned and snatched it back, but this took a while as the lady who held it had resisted.

"You slut, in a transparent when wet swimming costume with everything on display!" screamed Brenda at an all innocent, 'butter would not melt in my mouth', Juliette.

"Oops, I forgot about that when I put it on. Where is Markus, he should have been here with my towel...?"

Brenda threw Juliette a towel from Bobs recliner. "Cover your-self!"

As Juliette held the towel Brenda had given her to her chest. I handed Juliette the small towel. She took the it from me and draped it round her shoulders. She grabbed my arm and we turned to retreat to the loungers. This of course gave poor Bob and Brenda a perfect view of Juliette's nakedly displayed buttocks.

Juliette dried off as best she could and put on her outdoor clothes. We went to get food.

Brenda scowled. Bob winked.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/22/19


This is just bad writing!

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by UltimateHomeBody04/18/19


What happened?
Agree about the too demanding as being undefined.
Agree about why exes came back, and what the new york thing tried to accomplish.
Why did he buy the mansion? That came out of nowhere.

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by sbrooks103x04/17/19

Couldn't Read

HDK was kind.

In any case, if there is more to the story, why isn't it here? We CAN read, 2, 3, even 4 pages at a time! Even if there are logical "breaks," you had no trouble indicating ch 1 and continuingmore...

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by Whackdoodle04/17/19

What is “too demanding”? What does it mean?

Did he demand anal on the first date? Did he demand they pass a DNA test to ensure viable offspring? Why would every teenager and college woman dump him for being “ too demanding”?

Also, if he wonmore...

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by Anonymous04/17/19

Was Quite OK.

Yep there were some flaws, but very minor in terms of the whole 'something happened' concept.
Flowed well for a succession of flash stories.
And Yes, More in this vein will be appreciated.

HDK's pointsmore...

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