tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThen Something Happened Pt. 02

Then Something Happened Pt. 02


Markus and Juliette. Voyeurs.

Part 2 of the, 'Then something happened' Series

(Mild BDSM and some sex with a watching Audience.)

Chapter 3.

I had a work-related client who I knew was rather kinky as there was an almost pornographic photo of a woman, who he said was his wife prominently displayed on his desk. The job fixing a problem with his subscription web-site, had taken quite a while and it was late before it was complete. I just needed to test the several alterations I had made.

"These changes need to be tested, do you have a dummy account we can use?"

Max, the client replied, "Er, no why don't you apply for the temporary membership. We offer that one-month membership option to out-of-state people. I will reimburse the cost to your payment for fixing my mess."

I got out my smart phone, connected to the web-site and went through the questions and answer and applied for temporary membership.

"Don't forget to tick the non-recurring box." Said max.

I checked the front page everything now worked. The web-site was very discrete, pictures of Max and his wife's faces and vague hints as to what membership delivered and of course membership options and a 'Contact us' tab. There was a 'Coming Events' tab that led to a screen declaring 'No scheduled events.' My fixes had worked. Max was reading the nonsense data I had entered. Max showed his appreciation by inviting me and partner to a special BDSM party as spectators the following weekend.

I explained that I would have to ask Juliette if she would like go, before I could accept. I agreed to e-mail Max the following morning. That evening I told Juliette of the invite and being in the audience. Juliette wanted to know what BDSM involved.

"I will try find out more about it." I went to my home office and closed the door. I checked out some other web-sites and decided I better be very careful before showing Juliette what I had found. I sent an e-mail to Max asking for some help. Max responded almost immediately. Max told me that the temporary membership gave me full access to his website.

I cursed myself and connected using the password that had been in the e-mail sitting un-read in my in-box. The web site showed what was mild BDSM. It showed sessions where the girls agreed to submit and were then tortured to orgasm on an 'X' frame or some other equipment.

I recognized Max and what he had claimed was his wife as the torturers. Max was a Dominant male; his wife was a Dominatrix, they had videos of sessions with several different girls. I chose the mildest video to show Juliette. I had down-loaded and then truncated it and two others at what I thought to be an appropriate point.

I opened my office door, "Jules, come see what I have found."

Juliette knew that to see my computer display with something other than the desktop was unusual. I played the first video.

Juliette was sort of shocked, then wanted to see more of what I had found. Each video started with a fully dressed young woman who was introduced, interviewed then invited to strip, with Max and his wife already in Dom and Dominatrix costume.

I had the full videos of course. What I had shown Juliette were the truncated versions, to just after the naked girl was secured to the equipment. I had two other videos, of two different girls, but not truncated. I only showed Juliette the trailers of other more explicit BDSM videos I had found on Max's site.

"The party it would seem is at the venue shown in these videos."

Juliette agreed to go to the party.


It was quite a long drive across the city to Max's dungeon, a free-standing barn like structure in the grounds of their mansion. We were rather late getting there. A near naked woman greeted us at the door.

"You must be Markus and Juliette, you almost missed the start of the show. I'm Alexis, Max's wife" She was already in her dominatrix costume, Tits and Pussy on display.

Juliette almost freaked out and clutched my hand in a fierce grip. Alexis showed us to back row seats. A smartly dressed older man was staring at Juliette, undressing her at every step. I took an instant dislike to him. The beautiful young woman sat next to him drew my scrutiny in equal measure. Juliette sat next to the young woman and I sat next to the aisle.

"Victor, and my wife Victoria, "he said offering an outstretched hand to Juliette and then me.

I mumbled "Marcus and Juliette."

Alexis was back and on the stage as the main house lights dimmed. The stage was very crude, bare walls, a door at the rear. The walls had all sorts of fixtures and there were some items of equipment that I recognized pushed to the sides. There was an 'X' frame center stage.

The show started and a very pretty, buxom young woman who had been in the front row of seats stood, walked up the steps and on to the stage. She was demurely dressed.

Max came from out the door at the back of the stage and his costume was even more revealing than his wife's, his flaccid cock clearly on view.

The young woman seemingly un-flustered, was interviewed by Max and then by Alexis, was told to speak up so all could hear that she was willing to be tortured while naked, in front of an audience. She was asked for her safe word.

She declared her word to be, "Daffodil." The audience laughed.

"Ok Bethany strip for us" Max instructed the young woman.

Bethany stripped quite slowly, revealing a shaved pussy and rather large breasts. Alexis supervised her being restrained on the 'X' frame, center stage. Max and Alexis then proceed to abuse Bethany. Breasts were stroked, lifted and her pussy probed. The action becoming more and more explicit. Max was soon fully erect. Alexis touched his cock whenever she got a chance.

Dildos were produced and pushed into Bethany, each dildo bigger than the last. As each was removed from her vagina Bethany had to suck her juices off it. A double ended dildo was produced. Max inserted one end into Bethany's vagina. Alexis inserted the other end into Bethany's anus. Max and Alexis then took turns to work it back and forth each slapping Bethany's tits as they changed places.

Bethany was obviously in constant orgasm. She was short of breath. Max became rather brutal with his slaps. Alexis was much crueler pulling Bethany's nipples to be extended well past what looked to be normal limits.

Bethany screamed, "Daffodil!"

Alexis and Max were obviously disappointed, but stopped their abuse.

Then Something Happened.


Alexis stood, turned her back towards Max, she was now side on to the audience. She bent over at the waist and invited Max to fuck her. She took Max into her wet vagina and they had sex, right there in front of the audience.

When they were done, they released Bethany, who hastily got dressed, and left in a hurry

The party was over.


When Juliette and I got home; I had broken several speed limits getting there, we had sex. Sex that evening was pure lust. Still love, but very fast and furious.

(Watch out for more of Markus and Juliette's adventures coming here soon.

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