tagIncest/TabooThen Suddenly, Last Summer

Then Suddenly, Last Summer


Jennifer could barely contain her excitement. Her boyfriend of eight months was taking her to meet his family. To a southern girl like her this means an engagement ring is soon to follow. She glanced over at Dylan behind the wheel of his car as they cruised down the two lane road through glades of summertime oak and pine trees. Four years her senior, Dylan Hoff is the best looking guy she's ever dated. Blue eyes, unruly brown hair, athletically built from his love of kayaking and mountain biking, Jennifer's heart nearly burst from her chest from the sight of him. He could be a bit domineering for a simple girl like her, but it was all a part of his aloof nature which separated him from the frat boys she'd dated in college. Sophisticated, mature and oh so cool, she finds him utterly appealing. And though she's a country girl from South Carolina, she loves Dylan and his home state of Michigan and is ready to settle up here and be his wife.

"You're going to like my family," he said. "Mimi is pretty cool."


"My mom. Step mom really. My mom died a year after Kelly and I were born. Dad remarried when we were two. She's the only mom I've known."

"That was good of her to take you two on and raise you two as her own."

"Yeah, she put us in the best boarding schools and got the best nannies dad's money could buy. And they were not good looking. Couldn't have competition around you know."

Jennifer went quiet, not knowing if Dylan was grateful for his step-mother or resentful of her parenting skills. Maybe he doesn't like her at all which concerned Jennifer. A good indicator of what kind of man you have is how he treats his mom. She prayed she wasn't stepping into some simmering family situation. Think positively. Everything will go smoothly on this long holiday weekend.

The car glided down the country road to the Hoff's lake house. They left the main road for a single asphalt lane carved through the wooded thicket. And after a minute or so, the house came into view. She was expecting a cabin, not a beautiful multi-level mountain house overlooking a huge sparkling teal hued lake spreading to the horizon.

"This is so nice," she said.

He pulled the car to a stop outside the front door. Jennifer looked in the mirror one last time to finger comb her wavy dark honey blonde hair. She slid off her sunglasses to check for smudged mascara. Her grey eyes looked good with taupe eyeshadow and she put on a smack of raspberry lip gloss before feeling ready to meet his mom. She stepped out of the car to smooth down her pretty blue sundress. They were unloading their luggage from his car when the front door opened. Out stepped a well-kept blonde woman in skinny jeans and a white linen shirt. She looked to be in her late forties. Her skin was worn from decades of sun but she was trim and looked to be in good shape. With her hair pulled back into thick ash blonde ponytail showing off her fresh facial, she had a serious stance about her, like a female lawyer with a stern face and crimson lips that decides one's fate.

Mrs. Hoff smiled and said, "Dylan. So good to see you."

The two hugged before parting.

Dylan said, "Mimi, this is Jennifer. Jennifer, my mom, Mimi."

"Nice to meet you, Mrs. Hoff."

"Please, call me Mimi."


As Dylan gathered their bags, Mrs. Hoff placed her hand behind her stepson's girlfriend's waist to gently guide her into the house saying, "Please come in. Are you guys hungry? I've got all kinds of food. Beef brisket, potato salad. You can grill hot dogs if you want."

The three entered the high ceiling modern rustic room of polished maple wood beams.

"Dylan, you stay in your room and Jennifer can take the blue guest room."

She turned to Jennifer and said, "In my house, until you have a ring on your finger, you sleep in separate rooms."

"Absolutely," Jennifer replied. "My mother is old school like that too."

She gave Jennifer the patient smile of a condescending elder before leading the young woman up the creaking wooden stairs. Down the hallway they walked to the last room; a pale blue room with a sliding door that opened onto a small deck overlooking the picturesque lake. After settling in, Jennifer joined Dylan and Mrs. Hoff on the back deck. They spent the afternoon, talking and watching the boats speed by. Jennifer laughed at the stories Mrs. Hoff told of Dylan growing up and the life they all had before Mr. Hoff died five years ago.

"Kelly's coming in tomorrow," said Mrs. Hoff.

"Good." Dylan turned to Jennifer and said, "You'll like Kelly. She's a graphic artist."

Jennifer had been told very little of his twin sister, Kelly. Other than she's his twin and lives a few hours away, she didn't know much about her.

Jennifer said, "I'm looking forward to meeting her."

Mrs. Hoff took a drag off her cigarette and gazed out over the lake.

They languished away the afternoon talking, Mrs. Hoff drinking white wine, Dylan beer, but Jennifer stuck to club soda and lime, being five months shy of her twenty first birthday. Dinner was eaten at the kitchen table as the mosquitoes had driven them into the house. They spent the evening watching a movie on the big screen TV before everyone retiring to their bedrooms. In the hall halfway between their rooms, Dylan kissed Jennifer goodnight.

He said, "See you in the morning. We'll go jet skiing."

"Sounds like fun," she said, suddenly feeling very chaste.

He leaned into her as she stood on tiptoe to kiss him before they parted ways to walk opposite ways down the hall.

She shut the door and washed in the small bathroom before dressing in a sleep shirt. She crawled into the bed and laid there staring at the ceiling. It was only 11:30. She wasn't sleepy at all. She missed Dylan's body in her bed. He has a high libido. He has to have sex every day. And she was accustomed to it now as a sleeping aid. She giggled at the thought. Maybe a drink will help put her to sleep. She cracked open the door to the quiet house and tiptoed down the dimly lit hallway and down the stairs to the kitchen. A row of dimmed pot lights lit the kitchen. Jennifer pulled a plastic cup from a stack and filled it with white wine. She had just corked it and returned it to the fridge when she heard a creak door open. Panicked, she grabbed her drink and ducked behind a couch in the adjacent family room. She couldn't let Mimi catch her skulking around the house in the dark with a drink. She peeked around the corner of the couch to see Mrs. Hoff shuffle into the kitchen dressed in a leopard print satin robe. She pulled out the wine and emptied it into a wine glass before popping a pill and washing it down with the wine. The stairs squeaked from approaching footsteps. Dylan rounded the corner dressed in a pair of grey cotton briefs.

"Hey," he said, opening the fridge door to grab a bottle of beer.


She drew close behind him, very close. So close that his body brushed against her robe when he turned around. Her hand went for his crotch. She stroked it, staring into his eyes, waiting a reaction. He popped open the beer and took a swig. He didn't even try to remove her hand from his crotch. He let her stroke him until a bulge strained for release from his briefs.

She crooned, "Did you miss me?"

"No," he replied, "You put Jenny in the guest room to have me all to yourself, didn't you?"

"I don't care where she sleeps. Does your little southern belle do this?"

She freed his stiffy from its cotton constraint. It poked between her thighs. She wiggled towards him until it was nuzzled firmly between her thighs. She looked wantonly into his eyes. He said nothing. He sipped his beer. They never once broke eye contact.

Jennifer's mind was a whir of confusion and disbelief. What's happening?

Mrs. Hoff purred to Dylan, asking, "You want this?"

He murmured, "You know what I want."

She gave him a silly grin before getting down on her knees. He chugged his beer as he waited for her to take him. With her manicured fingers, she took his cock into her mouth. Jennifer remained still, in absolute shock at the sight of a step mom blowing her son in the kitchen

She withdrew her mouth from him to say, "I love sucking your cock."

He placed my hands on top of her silky haired head to force her back onto his hard-on. Her mouth pounced upon his groin once more to take him balls deep inside her little mouth. He set his beer on the counter. His face was full of lust as he enjoyed her mouth slurping on his dick. Her head began to bob again, her lips furiously sliding over his rock hard cock as she sucked him with an eager mouth and tongue. His fingers clutched her head in place and he groaned as his balls tightened beneath him to empty a load of hot jizz into her mouth. Mrs. Hoff placed her hands upon his thighs as she eagerly swallowed his hot, sticky cum without gagging. His body jerked a bit and shuddered before slowly releasing his grip on her hair. She looked up at him with mischievous eyes and smiled while licking her greedy lips. He rubbed his dick on her face before she finally rose from her knees and wiped her face with a dish towel.

She tossed the towel aside and asked, "Does your girl give blow jobs like me"

"You're better."

"Good night, Dylan," she whispered.

"Good night."

And with that, she left the kitchen. Dylan swigged at his beer once more before taking it upstairs. Five minutes later, Jennifer emerged from her hiding spot to quickly tip toe back to her room. Safely behind the closed bedroom door, she gulped at the wine. She felt as though her whole world had been turned upside down. Dylan and his step-mother?! Was it only blow jobs? Have they had intercourse? She sat on the bed to take another gulp of wine and stared into the night.

Jennifer sat at the breakfast table. Her eyes felt puffy from lack of sleep. She nursed her coffee trying to shake off the images and sounds and all of the questions from last night. Were they having an affair when his father was alive? Do they do this whenever they get together? And he said his mom gives better blow jobs than her. Jennifer sighed. She's only given blow jobs to two men in her life. She can't help it that she's not that good at it. She doesn't like to give blow jobs any ways. How can she marry a guy like this?

Dylan was eating his scrambled eggs as though he hadn't eaten for days. She glanced over at Mrs. Hoff nibbling on a bagel. The older woman looked at her.

She asked, "Did you sleep well?"

"Uh, yeah, thanks," Jennifer replied, unable to look the woman in the eye.

Mrs. Hoff's phone rang. She answered it and left the table to cheerfully chat with the person on the other end. She walked inside the house, sliding the door shut before sitting on a couch. Jennifer looked at Dylan who was working on his second piece of toast.

She said, "Dylan, I want to go home."

"What? Why? What's wrong? We just got here."

"I don't...I just feel-"

The roar of a motorcycle pierced the serenity. Jennifer went silent. From the deck on the side of the house, they looked towards the front to see a Ninja motorcycle pull to a stop. A slim person got off and removed their helmet to reveal a thatch of short black hair and an impossibly beautiful face. Dylan broke out into a smile.


He got up as the tall slim woman walked around the side to join them on the porch. She had a heart shape face with high cheekbones and big Caribbean blue eyes, slender shoulders and the body of a skinny teenage boy. The two hugged before parting. They were such a good looking pair. There was a definite resemblance. Same color eyes, same skin tone and height. Kelly was the feminine version of him.

Dylan proudly said, "Kelly, this is Jennifer. Jennifer, Kelly."

Jennifer shook her hand, absolutely smitten by her beauty.

"Nice to meet you," said Jennifer.

"Same," Kelly said, eyeing Jennifer with curious eyes.

Dylan said, "Jennifer was saying she wanted to leave."

Kelly turned to Jennifer and said, "Oh, why?"

"I uh, don't want to intrude on your family reunion."

"Don't be silly," said, Kelly. "The more the merrier. Where's mom?"

Dylan replied, "Inside on the phone. We're about to go jet skiing. Jenny, go put your bathing suit on."

There was no way of getting out of this. There is no going home, not now. Jennifer turned and went to her room to change into a bikini and shorts before returning to the back deck. Dylan was uncovering the Jet Ski down at the water's edge. Kelly stood beside him. They talked and laughed as siblings fond of each other do. Kelly had also changed into a pair of shorts. Her legs were so toned and perfect without an ounce of fat on her thighs. Jennifer made her way down the wooden stairs to the rocky lake shore. Dylan and Kelly slid the watercraft into the water where Dylan immediately hopped on to start the motor. It sputtered to a start and he revved it a couple of times as it began to float away.

He turned to Jennifer and said, "Climb on."

She clambered onto the Jet Ski behind Dylan and held onto him as they zoomed off. Maybe it was the spray of the water, the rush of the air whipping in her hair or his damp tanned skin under his muscles, but she fell in love with him all over again. After all, Mrs. Hoff wasn't really his mom. They sped across the lake and around the bend to a gas pump on a dock beside a convenience store. He filled up the watercraft while she bought herself a drink and chips and they sat there watching the tourists come as she drank her iced tea.

He asked, "You still want to go?"

"No," she said, not wanting to be rude.

He smiled and patted her knee. "Good," he said. "Come on, let's go home."

They climbed back onto the Jet Ski and slowly maneuvered around the other boats until they hit open water and zoomed away.

Since Dylan is the man of the house, he took charge of the bar-b-que. He cooked hamburger patties, hot dogs, and a steak for Mrs. Hoff who busied herself inside making salads. Jennifer offered to help but she said no.

"I've got this," she said. "Go sit on the deck and enjoy the sunset."

Banished from the kitchen, Jennifer stepped outside. Some alternative rock music played from her phone jacked into speakers. Sunglasses hid Kelly's pretty eyes as she sat on a lounge chair with a bottle of beer in her hand looking out over the lake at the setting sun. She looked up to see Jennifer and smiled.

"Mind if I join you?" Jennifer said pulling up a seat.

"Not at all."

Jennifer took a seat and said, "So Dylan says you're a graphic artist."

"Artist, bartender, gym attendant; whatever pays the bills. So you and Dylan; are you two serious?"

"I really like him."

"Do you love him?"


She swigged from her beer.

Kelly gazed out over the lake and said, "I didn't like the last two girls Dylan brought home. One messed with her hair too much and the other wouldn't look me in the eye."

"I find that people who can't look you in the eye are being dishonest like they're hiding something."


Kelly gave an easy grin. "You I like."

Jennifer gave her a weak smile.

They sipped their drinks bathed in the sunset's orange glow. Mrs. Hoff brought out a large salad to place on the table. Kelly was smart enough to have brought citronella candles and she lit them to keep the mosquitoes at bay on this pleasant evening. Still, Jennifer thought about Kelly's remark about the last two girls Dylan brought home. It made her feel a whole lot less special.

By dinnertime, Jennifer felt unnerved by the family dynamics. Mrs. Hoff was kind of uptight, scowling at Jennifer if she did some improper like not using a coaster for her drink. Kelly kept gazing at her like she were a cookie. Those eyes, those high cheekbones, she wanted to look butch with short spiky black hair but she was so beautiful. Still, Jennifer knew the look of lesbian lust. She'd lived in a sorority. She'd had girl crushes in her younger years, but being a good Christian girl, she'd never indulge her girl-on-girl fantasies. Still, she'd felt the mutual pull towards another girl's lips, a vibe of subtle seduction. And Kelly was giving it in abundance. Her coquettish glances over the table. That stare that a wolf gives, like he can see your soul. Jennifer kept averting her eyes, speaking only when addressed.

Dylan seemed at ease, but his comments were full of jabs towards Mrs. Hoff.

Kelly pointed to Mrs. Hoff's hand and asked, "Is that a new ring?"

Mrs. Hoff proudly displayed the huge diamond encrusted ring on her finger and proudly replied, "Yes it is."

Dylan said, "I don't think dad would've wanted you to spend his money like that."

"Your dad wanted me to be happy. I'm happy," she bitterly said before taking a sip of wine.

Again, after dinner, the four watched a movie together with Mrs. Hoff excusing herself before the movie end to go to bed. When the movie ended, the three cleaned up and turned off lights before going to their beds. Kelly was walking to the guest bedroom on the main floor when she looked up the stairs to see Jennifer and Dylan kiss at the top of the stairs to go their separate ways.

Jennifer had just crawled under the sheet when she jumped from soft rapping on her door.

With a hush in her voice, she said, "Come in."

Kelly walked in, dressed in tank top and loose pajama bottoms. She had a bottle of tequila and a plate with lime wedges, two shot glasses and a salt shaker in her hands.

Kelly asked, "Are you asleep?"


With a bump of her hip, she closed the door and said, "Have a drink with me."

Jennifer looked at the bottle in her hand. It was the good stuff.


She sat on the edge of the Jennifer's bed. Setting the plate upon her blanket, she popped open bottle and poured two shots. Jennifer sprinkled salt on her fist before Kelly handed her a shot. The two women clinked full shot glasses. Jennifer took a lick of salt before tossing back the fiery liquor and swallowed before sucking on a lime wedge. Kelly laughed at the way her face scrunched up as the tequila slid down her throat.

She said, "You're cute when you do that."

Kelly downed her drink with lime or salt. She poured a second round.

Jennifer asked, "So who came out first. You or Dylan?"

"You know Dylan did clawed his way out first. I was a distant second. I stayed in the hospital a little longer than him. He kicked the shit out of me."

They laughed and talk until shot four. Jennifer set the empty shot glass on the tray as Kelly eyed her.

Kelly said, "Tell me something. Is he good in bed?"

Jennifer gave a silly smile. "He's the best."

Kelly leaned in and kissed her lips. They were pillowy soft. She kissed her again before Jennifer turned her head. But Kelly remained in her space. Jennifer's heart was beating so fast. Kelly took Jennifer's chin with the crook of her finger and angled it to face her.

Kelly said, "You want me. I can see it your eyes."

Her lips brushed against Jennifer's as she purred, "You want me. You know you want me. I want you. I want you so bad."

Jennifer mutely sat there dumbfounded, as though she were in a trance as Kelly set the plate on the nightstand. She leaned over Jennifer, kissing her lips as they reclined onto the bed. When Jennifer was laid out upon the bed, Kelly pushed up her nightshirt to expose Jennifer's tits. She bent and licked Jennifer's pale nipples that hardened into nubs. Jennifer moaned as Kelly kisses began to travel south on her milky skin. Kelly strong fingers spread open her thighs until her slit was completely exposed. Jennifer held her breath until Kelly's tongue brushed over her clit and she sighed in contentment as her fingers plunged into Kelly's soft hair. Kelly licked and sucked at her pussy for minutes, sending Jennifer into the stratosphere. She raised her head to stick one finger into her gushy cunt. Jennifer writhed. She wanted a big fat dick inside her but was teased by this Kelly's long finger. Kelly shoved her finger in and out before replacing them with two fingers which she plunged in and out until her whole cunt was juicy. She withdrew her fingers and licked them before placing her mouth on Jennifer again and licking with a wriggling tongue.

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