tagNonHumanTheo, Prequel Ch. 01

Theo, Prequel Ch. 01



This story is a prequel to Theo, from the story "Theo: The Blood Angel of Lescatie" - https://www.literotica.com/s/theo-the-blood-angel-of-lescatie


1 year before Theo's killing

He has killed the old Demon Lord who maintained monsters of both species, and was freely eating, murdering and enslaving people. Yet his successor, his wife, has softer, kinder plans for humanity. Still, the coup is freshly done, and wounds of the past won't heal easily.


All his life, he ran, like he had any other choice.

Now he was on the run, swiping any resistance like gnats, the strange godsblood in him roaring to action every time he swung a blade or cast a spell. Hundreds died when they surrounded him. Finally, the Lescatian army who wanted him re-captured after using him as a tool broke pursuit, and tended to its own fallen.

He kept running like an animal.

His stamina running low, he kept running until his nose bled, his breath was foamy and pink... running further and further, he disappeared, leaving the din of battle and diving into the forest...

The last thing he saw was that everything went black. His legs aching, he felt like sleeping...forever.

He crumbled just shy of a few hundred yards of a few lights...


The small enclave, nearly hidden from any observer save for a few lights, was a tightly packed community of northern forest folk, monster girl and men having run away from both sides.

The (mostly) underground buildings had one or two-story above ground, and several below, courtesy of ant-girls, adorable young women with partly-chitinous body parts and a love for quiet, hardworking men.

Same men now rewarded for loving attention in their homes by love-thirsty monster girls, and even maternal substitution to boys and girls losing everything in the war.

From their peaceful dwellings, two happy monster girls, A Holstaurus, and a dark elf sauntered forth, wearing dresses similar to the north-western island of Albion. They chattered happily to each other as a pair of bovine hooves and dainty black feet walked side by side.

They stopped short when they found an unconscious boy with ragged dresses, a tattoo, and weapons.

"Go and tell the elder!" The Holstaurus told the dark elf, her face worried.


Back on the hill of Megiddo, the war was over.

It was over. Maou, the 20-foot tall monstrosity had died, torn by spells and blade by Theo when he launched himself like a human missile towards him. Screaming, the Dai Oni had crumbled, and died, signaling the death of the Old Monsterkin. The human army had massacred each and everyone. His revenge was almost complete.

The monsters had enslaved people and finally started exterminating them the last few decades which had absolutely no reason other than the Demon Lord going insane.

Humans had enough, and they had banded together as a huge Empire to stop the madness. Theo himself, "rescued" into the human military and drilled as a warrior, and finally allowed to use the vile blood magic to annihilate the Monsterkin, had gladly let himself be herded to war.

But now, it was over. Of course, the New Monsterkin, all female, did not occur without a reason...


The multi-colored gigantic palace of the Reikhold dominated the city, overlooking the town from a hill. The city was at first the hub of human slave trade, and finally, a dour hellhole where humans were publicly murdered to have their life essence filled into phylacteries to instill the male Monster birth rate. The city had become a horrid death camp, even its monster citizens uneasy with the atrocities and sometimes openly went rogue, leaving the Reik...

Of course, as Maou the Great Oni took its armies, change was already apparent... His stay-behind wife, Agrat, was a massive Succubus queen taking over the management. Her acts were clandestine, yet effective. No human was murdered for a hare-brained attempt she herself had engineered, all were adopted and taken to serve her in secret. Seeing Maou treat humans as little more than rats with no regard to their dignity, seeing monsterkin destroy humanity and torture, women and children, she conceived a plan.

Her plan was to turn all future monsters female. Finally, a world united through love would be her handiwork.

The human slaves would love their new owners and would want to stay, she had determined.

Now, she was sitting in her own private chambers, dressed in her majestic, blue fur dress that hugged her curves like a massive curtain, sipping her wine in her room as the clash of cutlery and plates signaled the arrival of her massive dinner celebration, announced as "subjugation of humanity". Of course, her secret servants had other plans...

When she returned from daily business to her quarters, she passed several rooms.

Such as...

Individual rooms which had happy giggles, speech, laughter, fun, and lust as a microcosm of love. A werewolf girl, fluffy and furry, patted her playmate, a young human reclining in her muscled lap, with her meaty paws. Her golden eyes twinkled when the young werewolf, after a long day of rest and chitchat, winked at the passing Succubus Queen and slowly closed the door, already taking off her bra. Agrat saw the human youth's eyes SNAP OPEN, in utter shock realizing the werewolf who fed, hugged and consoled him, now was going to go MUCH further.

Agrat laughed, sipping her wine with every step, peeking at a few cubbyholes and rooms with curtains.

Some had scenes of mercy, makeshift infirmaries where old or young humans were healed.

Some isolated rooms had human and mamono couples, for every gender and orientation. Agrat smiled at a sleeping couple, a young human peasant girl with a neck still scarred from her slave collar, now cleaned and dressed, sleep in the arms of a thick-bodied mamono, a cyclops woman who was the shy royal blacksmith, now dressed in thick sleeping robes, cradling the traumatized woman whose breath was low, and steady...

Small, timid steps echoed, human boys and girls walking her halls in scared steps, afraid to make their presence known... Poor, young, ragged wretches who knew nothing of abuse, only to end up in a slave market displayed like beasts, fearful of rumors of sacrifice, scared to the bone...

Agrat had adopted a great deal, using the treasury and her influence to buy them on the sly as servants hidden from murderous monster humanoids; today she stretched herself, admiring her curves on the mirror, before ringing a small bell, summoning a young couple, a boy and a girl who desperately clung to each other, and instructed them to comb her hair.

"Stay indoors. I will signal when. And try to smile..." She spoke kindly. "Things change. Who knows you might find your families..."


They were dragged in chains to monster cities by foul monsters, separating families screaming in anguish as they were sold away for labor or death.

They had lost all hope in dirty cages with price tags, sold like animals Yet fortune was fickle.

Then they heard a Frankish voice and a large woman before them filling the light of their horrid cages. A massive woman, no, a succubus dressed in finery started softly speaking, and then the poor wretches remember being grabbed and thrust to her bosom by the vile, male monster slavers...

"Poor things. Feed these and have them dressed. They work in my kitchens, see to it."

And with a flash, the massive monster woman before them, a 10-foot tall succubus who exuded a royal aura, her black hair shiny and silky, eyes full of blue, sapphire mercy shining from them, led the malnourished wretches to her palace.

Fed and clothed, the poor humans were to be her servants. She listened to each, their pains, and swore never to let something like this be repeated again.

Who knows, some could intermarry and provide her servants for future...


Theo's head was spinning, even when he woke up.

He was on a bed, cleaned and dressed in some threadbare brown shirt and trousers. So he was alive, and somehow, taken in. Looking around, he noticed that it was a fresh, bright morning.


It was a mamono-human town. All humans outside were friendly with monster girls, going about their business. Strangely, buildings were concealed, and it looked as if the village was secret. Outside, Lamia, Dark Elf, and even centaurs worked together, laughing and flirting with their human friends.

"So, is this when people die they wake up some sort of utopia?" He mused loudly, watching the monster girls cuddle and work friendly. It was a heavy thing for him to watch: do what he dreamed to do...and yet never received. His eyes watched a Lamia and her apparent mate, a human man, carry farm produce home, from harvest brought in: mushrooms and beets, as a Harpy girl flew with her caught fish to the marketplace as human children laughed and cheered at the "Harpy Big Sis".

Mamono and human lived side by side. His eyes felt teary, tired, his soul felt anguish at what he was denied for so long.

"Have I died and gone to Hell where I'm denied what I wanted?"


"No. Welcome to Nidavellir." A friendly voice chimed behind him when a doop opened. "Good, you're up. I never thought a human could survive a bardiche wound across his whole chest... and every last wound you had seems...closed. Gods, I saw your heart throb from that wound even as it closed by itself! By the way, my name is Ron."

Great. Talkative savior.

He turned to address the male voice, Ron. It was a tall, middle-aged, white-bearded man, with a low forehead, deep-set blue eyes, a large mouth and an imposing jaw. He would be a better warrior than a sage figure.

"Seriously, how many crossbow bolts I dug out of your legs, I forgot to count. Yet not one drop of blood I see, and your torn ear seems to have regenerated. Magic?"

Theo looked at the man with a mix of distrust and wariness.

"And if it is?" His hands looked for something to hold. The man's face softened.

"It has to be, like that tattoo on your arm. You're one of the escaped ones pressed in blood magic, are you?"

Bullseye. Theo was never a good one for hiding facts. Maybe the whipping and beating had broken him back in the slave mines.

"Mhm..." He grunted, glancing at the centaur farmer girl carrying her mate on her back, his legs embracing her round, thick body as she blushed and trotted home. They held hands...

"This is, rather was a light elven city, namely it was the last one when dark elves started mass-enslaving light ones for sex and labor. With the Reik predating them, even after slaves were well treated, many escaped and banded here. Now with escapees from the Reik and the Empire...we are something that grows." He spoke at length, explaining how this place ran.

"Rebels and pioneers huh? So far in the North?" He stretched, wincing when a muscle stretched a bit too far. "Ow."

"Careful." The man smiled, a mid-40's male, with slightly graying hair and dressed in a court wizard's voluminous robes, towering over him with his jutting, bearded jaw. "My wife, Regina will be here soon. She is a human like us. It's not just monster-human paradise here you know...Why don't you follow me so I tour you the place and sit down for lunch?"

It was a good offer, Theo simply nodded and followed him.

As they left, the man explained him at length what drove them to the deepest Northern Forests:

"Lescatie's on the war footing and "heretics", people who just don't agree with all the edicts ran here too." He kept explaining. "Now we are a good community, building underground with the help of ant-girls and such. It's going steady. Now. Tell me. What's with you running from the south? They tried to kill you?"

Before answering, Theo kept walking, seeing cute moments and beauties and things he couldn't see before. A harpy girl swinging with her claws from a tree branch had screaming, laughing children clinging to her legs.

Most interesting was a mature, tall dark elf matron was mixing several potions to serve the sick, mostly children, in a makeshift healer's tent, wearing a white robe, her hair cut short at one side, her scalp bearing a white (white ink was the only thing that showed at dark elven skin) Caduceus symbol. Theo never heard of a dark elf healer taught in a human college...

Behind an alley, a young monster couple was busy kissing, drawing a roll of eyes from Theo's strange host. He just kept staring at the scenes of love, fun, romance and diligence. His eyes felt teary; slowly turning his head around to the man that saved him.

"You heard of anything down south?"

That made the man's face adopt a posture of wariness.

"Is there something I should be aware of before Regina takes us to lunch?"

Theo's mouth curled into a grim smile. "Maou's dead, slain in battle against the humans." His satisfaction rose when he saw the man's incredulous gaze transform into a hopeful glow.

"I killed him."


They kept talking excitedly after that, the large man almost dragging him by the arm as they talked in excitement.

The man, almost twice as big as Theo, was shocked. His blue eyes opened as big as plates, ignoring all sorts of monster girls greeting them.

"Wait, how!?"

"I drank his soul, Ron. It's now mine." Speaking of this made him feel tired and sleepy as if he had confessed to some sin.

The man looked deep in thought. After some time, his face lit up, signaling Theo to follow him.

"I'll tell the others. Looks like we have a savior in our midst! This calls for celebration!"

For the first time in years, Theo smiled until he realized he was laughing. Ron smiled brightly:

"Look, you rest. I'm going to talk to the elders. This calls for something you richly deserve!"

When the man left, Theo sighed, stretched, and looked up.

"Maybe now Maou dead, things will improve."


It was heavenly. The village, eager to hear the news, had gathered around them, with Ron, the giant of a man, spoke accolades about him at the massive feast table.

Cute ears, sexy monster girls, loving couples of humans and mamono, were around a feast table set up by the village.

Theo could see a toned, thick centaur with a human on her back, a dark elf peasant girl who was hand in hand with


Theo sighed, smiling, seeing even the Dark Elves cheered for him.

The three "hurrah"s ended with a silence. That was when Ron shouted, raising Theo's arm.


Theo saw the cutest assembly of girls, and nicest humans cheering for him.

"I could get used to that." One of the smaller, chubby goblin girls winked at him: he didn't notice, if he did, he didn't care.


Theo saw a grand feast, prepared by a group of smiling monster girls and humans...

Just for him.

His face, regarding this, was torn between joy and crying, Ron noted silently.

Tables of roast pork, chickens and vegetables were sat by, by monster girls of all types as music started and people started to eat.

Music was played by a feathery monster girl with Bharati features, plucking a sitar. The exotic tune was joined by a werewolf girl with fluffy grey feathers, patting a wide, large drum named Def with metal bangles attached around it, and the central melody played by a Shirohebi playing a flute made from exotic reeds.

Theo found it calming as they tucked in voraciously.

"So, you killed the King Asshat?"

Next to him, he felt a short, green-skinned, pointy-eared monster girl eating a chicken wing. A "shortstack" Goblin girl, it seemed. She wore shorts engulfing her bubble butt and a tanktop showing cleavage of her huge breasts characteristic of her race, with faint stains of grease. She extended a small, delicate hand, with some chicken fat.


"Theo." He shook back, the hand feeling warm, ticklish and soft, making Maura giggle.

"Goblin, huh?"

The goblin girl giggled, a set of extra pillows on her seat to keep her high enough.

"Yup! Color gave me away?"

"Nah, name starting with "G." That made the Goblin giggle. "And the appearance, of course."

"You mean the shortstack me." She tore into a drumstick, washing it with beer. "Shortstack" was a term for squat and curvy girls, made as a mildly derogative term by humans who appreciated goblin ass bouncing on their laps. Ironically, the most zealous soldiers loved goblins the best, probably for reasons not decent to be repeated in polite company. Besides, it made dwarf girls and last remaining males allowed to live in Lescatian territory designated as an "abhuman", a human sub-species. Wrong, but it worked for the right reason; to tolerate life.

Dwarven men were the last respected blacksmiths of epic proportions.


He woke up from his daydream. "Sorry." Only too see a candied cherry in front of his lips, the goblin cutie winking at him.

That woke up some warm feelings denied by years. Extending his mouth, he took the cherry between his lips and sucked on, pulling it with his tongue and eating it. The goblin giggled, her boobs jiggling.

"Glad you didn't turn zealot like the poor buggers."


They talked as they ate, Ron respectfully smiling and leaving his side and keeping distance. His wise wizard sight, uncharacteristic with his huge size and jutting jaw showed a sad, sad portent.

Theo's aura shone in the shape of a bloodied, weeping angel...

... with bloody tears falling from his eyes, body engulfed by barbed chains, mouth open in a soundless, agonizing scream spreading his wings over the night sky, across innocent, love-hungry auras of monster girls showing an animal-shaped aura corresponding to each... For example, the rowdy minotaur farmer girl showing a raging bull in comparison to a Holstaurus eating a vegetable stew who showed a docile cow.

"Let him be happy here if he can." He mumbled with sorrow. He already suspected Theo would not be here, not for long.


"The buggers are dead." Theo sighed, though disliking the talk of death at a feast.

Luckily, his new conversation partner just smiled, holding his hand. "'s ok sport. You can talk."

His lips trembling, Theo emptied his heart. His "friends", same criminals or mere desperate men and women, boys and girls using the darkest magicks for the Human Empire that hated them, sacrificial lambs who were killed on the battlefield...


She hugged his arm, soft breasts squishing his elbow.

"They'll survive." Her joyful optimism overrode any pains. And he knew better to talk dark and chase off someone to melt her interest...Sex with a goblin girl.

Because why not?

Seeing his frown turn to an interested smile, she went on:

"So, you like the village?"

"Nidavellir? Gods, it's the prettiest thing I saw!"

The goblin girl raised an eyebrow and frowned a little.

"Next to you of course."

She threw her head back and exploded in laughter. "Smooth!" His apologetic smile didn't fade.

"Well, I'm not the person you know, uh, just wanting to get into a person's pants."

The goblin met his smile with a toothy, fanged grin and a wink. "I'm not wearing one anyway. Gets in my way of working my machines."

He held her hand, the goblin smiling and squeezing her hand back. "What do you work in?"

"Still. I brew the best, and make the best cider. Plus there's always the magic buzzers for the lonely goblins. Gods, I know how to make the best bondage stuff for the kinky." He rolled his eyes, earning a giggle. "I know you got the shakes on that stuff but please, some girls and boys like that. Nothin' wrong if people gave consent, hun." She smiled gently. "Enough talk, feelin' like dancing?"

"I never danced."

"There's always a cherry to pop!" The goblin cackled. "Follow me!"


"You turn like that." The goblin held his hands, turning around as she danced, rubbing her curvy shortstack frame on his.

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