tagNonHumanTheo Sequel: Otep's Last Case Ch. 01

Theo Sequel: Otep's Last Case Ch. 01


We are Anubis. We are justicars, sentinels and judges of the monster girls: especially when rule of law set after the monster tyrant Maou died.

And we now look like human girls with thick paws, jackal ears, and a fluffy tail. Humans love our new appearance.

One of us became a legend when she apprehended Theo, the bloody terrorist with a just cause using empathy and a clever trick, then saved the world, again. AGAIN. TWICE.

Anubis Detective Otep.

The living legend.

She just did her last case which will probably engrave her into eternity. And got me promoted so high I am set for life!

I don't even know how to put it. So I'm writing this big, long memory in case someone reads it.

I'm Saakali. Anubis Head of Reikspolizei, and every day, lots of cases and commissions pass under my paws thanks to Otep. Because of her final case, which we name "The Case" in public, but with far less polite names in privacy.

I can lay with any human I like, and have a staff of human men and women to massage my paws, my head brush my tail and make love to me and each other while I bathe in a bath of milk and eat icy almonds or stick them up my ass for all I care. I am that rich.

Because I helped crack a case.

The case that got me more men under, and on top of me, got me full of man-essence, money, and promotions to rise and shine above the Reikspolizei, especially with competition from fresh, educated, newly liberated human citizens as peace set and populations got denser. No more were jobs easy, peace and population booms made everything peaceful, but harder.

That's when I was an Anubis puppy, paws still chalky, body petite and curvaceous, a young silly jackal-were girl with Reikspolizei's Anubis-issue Kemet clothes, a fake-gold Ma'at staff from Pharaohs' Necessities Shop, and my small arsenal of spells. I still couldn't get Detect Truth right, MUCH LESS cast it secretly.

And by sheer chance, I was recruited to follow a private case. From private donors, on both sides of the world. I was a dead-weight, a paper pusher, and a secretary and I knew it. Anything I'd learn would be for experience with a handful...(pawful?) of coins for shit money.

I was an Anubis Detective, and I felt like fucking some men in a bar and arresting them after finding they were criminals or something, sighing a moment because TRUE LOVE was beyond me...gods, these Lescatian novels got to me around that time!

I got old fast. Sometimes wish I didn't.

Here's how it started...


The newly built human bar was a tacky establishment. Retro-style, built from red bricks in the fashion of the old Frankish and Ulmic "kneipe" or "pubs" rather than the new liquid stone named "konkret" filling that filled human cities with ugly fast. Cute tails, ears and appendages wagged from every happy monster girl that got to visit it in Temirburg, the Eternal Neutral City-State where no racial distinction was apparent, not now, not ever.

City-state was co-ruled by two archons, one mamono, and one human, always. For now, they were Vierna's daughters, one human, one dark elf, but that would change upon their retirement.

That city's outermost ring now had a new human population boom and a long street engulfing a quarter of the city's outer walls.

Rue des Ivrognes.

Street of drunks.

And where money, drugs, and booze flowed, the information did too: a treasure trove for Anubises, though cocaine was a serious problem. Harvested from an exotic leaf, it was a powerful stimulant, and expensive. Needless to say, it was a problem.

Not for Otep.

The Anubis was 62 years old now, still extremely beautiful and graceful, monster girl blood granting its youth: her kind got old around 800 years, eight hundred incredible summers even before aging. However, at the young age of 60, her paws showed greying, as did her hair from her time with a blood magic wielding terrorist. Her form was covered with a large trenchcoat, a wide-brimmed hat with ear-holes for her cute, twitching ears to hear everything, and her massive, enchanted (to keep the golden scale from bending) Ma'at staff next to her.

She hated the whiskey served before her, but kept drinking. After all, she was an Anubis, and going undercover was out of the question for her cute form. But being drunk on this shitty booze had an advantage to her.

She could scan people's hearts thanks to the little modification to the whiskey's still, indigo seed grounds melting in the drink, and providing her the heart of every man visiting for days.

She didn't like what she detected. Most of it. Some of it was good.

That young man could not stop looking at her form and think of amorous thoughts about her. Some visions made Anubis blush, squirming as she was hit by his dreams of making love to her.

"I'm old enough to be her grandma and the things he thinks..." She sighed wistfully, afraid to lose focus on her mission of justice. The boy's thoughts were naive and cute: scenarios where he was scolded and consoled with dominant sex, in a desert setting where he was spanked and made love to...

She sighed in relaxation when he left, his eyes now on a passing Anubis tourist.

"Boy has an Anubis fetish, huh?" She mumbled, focusing on a couple: a human male and female. Their hearts showed something strange. Visions of a mountain cracking. It surely couldn't be that easy...right?

Or she had grown too powerful to learn all that she wanted at once? But an Anubis was nothing if vigilant, and she would not jump the gun.

Otep's case was...


Last week, she was approached, after being retired, by Vierna herself, the Dark Elf general that took the neutral city and shaped it to her desires...side by side with the Human Ambassador of Lescatie, and the Ambassador of Mamono-Reik herself! The moment they approached her, sitting with her daughters in her home and reading a nice adventure book about crime to her grandchildren, she was shocked.

Waving the girls off and listening to them, Otep learned horrifying news:

Either someone didn't like the peace enchantment that kept Dunia from horrors, or massive earthquakes were underway. It was most definitely the former: peaceful ant-girls reported that all mine shafts were safe.

Someone or something was damaging the World Seal, the giant ruby island covered with soft, sacred soil. An Island that appeared when Theo sacrificed himself and ten thousand volunteers in a desperate, childish, idealistic wish for peace, and an end to horrors that plagued the innocents when the Demon King Maou refused to die. In an atavistic retaliation, Maou had brought portals forth to shatter the world and summon horrific mamono, from orcs to "drow", a stranger sub-breed of Dark Elves from other realms that ate and enslaved everything.

And Theo killed himself, and over ten thousand willing souls to cleanse the world from a hateful demon king who had lived for too long.

Idealistic, but it worked, sealing Dunia in a global enchantment that did prevent extraplanar invasions and altered the probability laws concerning harm to persons, especially minors.

Anyone trying to weaken this would be the worst terrorist this world could hold.

So Otep dusted her Kemet weapons and dress, bid her daughters and her granddaughters, Anubis pups with fluffy paws, to stay put.

"I'll be back before the year. Surya, no bringing boys to home. Get it? Amunet, that counts for you too! What if our neighbors think bad of us? No boys home without a ring on his fingers, no female without her consent, and DEFINITELY no mummified slaves unless they earned a commute on their death penalty. Get it?"

"Yes, Grandma Otep." Both Anubis girls sighed and rolled their eyes. Otep's human wife and husband, Karin and Thomas, laughed and promised to take care of kids. Both were quite old now, though spry due to mamono energy, once rescued from Human Holocaust, they had been through much with Otep. They had their own human kids and grandkids who spread around the world and kept writing to them save for Karl, who lived next door and owning his own watermill, marrying a water spirit.

"If anything happens, Karl will be here in a jiffy!" They both assured her.

Otep's heart was heavy: She had married them both, and as human blood grows older, they felt like grandparents, both wife and husband.

So, our monster girl of justice, a cute, mature Anubis, set off to find out what the hell was wrong with the world. But she needed a young Anubis puppy deputy, a girl to take care of details. She had to focus.

So she found me, Saakali, looking for an assignment. (and an excuse to "teach justice" to men. The only way to have sex for traditional Anubises out of wedlock.)


...so that was Otep's case. And today, a rainy evening, she decided to march towards one of the seediest bars, sneak in, imbue the stills with indigo dust and scan the suspects, past the Red Light District where men, women and monster girls of all ages and shapes waited patiently in red-lit windows and waited for people eager to buy some sex...

Only the whiskey distillery was possible. Good enough for her. Drunk on indigo herself, she now was forming all the lines between people's emotions, sex, love and many others. And her foremost suspicions were the human couple, followed by an old, one-eyed Werewolf girl who just hung back with her coat and nursed a bottle of malt liquor, a plate of chicken, menthol cigarettes, and some watermelon.

The couple left, paying their bill. When Otep decided to stand, a chuckle was heard from the exact table where the werewolf girl was sitting.

"Too obvious, sandpup."

Between two sexy monster girls, a few moments of hostile eye contact flared.

Ten seconds later, Anubis Otep glared at her for the last moment before tossing the coins and leaving. This had to be fast.


To avoid the couple, she quickly took left, two streets center-ward, and bounded over a fruit-cart, ignoring the rain and the curses spoken behind her. A few melons were out-of-justice today, and Otep tried to focus, her jackal ears trying to pick up the sound of humanity from the ever-lessening mamono voices under the harsh Autumn rain save for slime girls.

The indigo lines and sounds showed that the couple disappeared in a warehouse marked "The Eminent Eagle Transport Co." And the warehouse showed several shadows, one even unloading a very large sack that wriggled into the warehouse. Otep growled with savage abandon. Not this trafficking shit again.

Ever vigilant, Otep took a deep breath, and using her strong paws, climbed to a decaying, adjacent building, leaping over broken scaffolding and timbers, to slowly leap to the roof of the building. A thunder in the distance gave her the perfect moment to land on the warehouse's roof with a soft thud on her fluffy paws.

Her super-heavy Ma'at staff (unlike the one she broke in resignation) and a new weapon was her arsenal. A pump action crossbow, which used compressed phlogiston, a strange burning element that worked in an incredible force to cock a powerful crossbow bolt that could not be pulled by manual means to a powerful adamantine bow mounted on the device, firing a red-hot harpoon. People still debated how to name it: Shot-dragon, Pullbow, and Pump-action-harpoon.

Otep just named it Doctor Cure-All, or shotbow.

Her landing spot overlooked a few run-down dormitories, pubs and pleasure districts from the roof.

To the window next to her, a couple, new student from a student transfer lay in bed, giggling and kissing. A mamono, Lamia, and a human boy had shacked up in the dinghy dormitory room, and from the looks of it less time was taken to study than sex. The Lamia was naked, trying to dance awkwardly to the music coming from the dorm's student cafe one story down.

The boy hugged her, rubbing his chest on the lamia's bare, small-breasted body as they kissed, giggling, while Lamia's tongue danced across his face awkwardly as the lamia girl tried to undo her skirt...

It was the college all over again. Otep had to focus!

Gulping, she sighed, leaping down from an open hatch, and into a cool, dank room. The smell of mildew and sweat made her gag. If this was a front for human trafficking, the possibilities were worse than anything she'd imagined.

Monstergirls' Reik didn't buy kidnapped slaves anymore, carefully tending to her subject humans, gladly accepting emigrating humans with one year of mandatory slavery (or four hundred gold coins) and punishing illegal slavers heavily.

Lescatie would hang slavers with a short drop, keep the humans and deport the monster girls behind The Border Wall, an infamous series of walls and fortifications maintained even during war.

Independent Duchy of Temirburg would confiscate the slaves, and send back those that did want back, making the slavers "indentured servants for life.", much more humiliating when they'd serve the slaves they abused not so long ago.

So who?

Paws sweaty, knees weak and arms heavy, Otep quietly snuck into the room, trying to determine if there was a source of light, and a way to disrupt the gathering of the villains present. Her ears twitched; she heard muffled moanings under gags.

Shit. Footsteps.

She quietly snuck with her equipment into a cubbyhole which did already have discarded clothing smelling like wet dogs, cursing her own jackal nose for the smell.

"Thought I smelled someone." A husky, serpentine voice echoed quietly across the corridor which the door led to. "Ted, ditch the fucking trash BEFORE it rains next time, eh?" The strange draconic voice disappeared along with footsteps. A dragon-girl...

A dragon-girl cooperating with monstrous human traffickers. Otep had to know what this is.

Whew. That was close. Otep had to thank her lucky stars as she got out, shook herself clean and started sneaking to determine what the hell these people did.

But before that...

Otep removed the golden top of her Ma'at staff, removing a tiny clay figurine hidden inside the scale's central beam. It was a tiny pigeon figurine, which now glowed with arcane powers. Otep blew on the figurine and mumbled a sentence.

"Ma'at bless this bird. Headquarters." Then the Anubis girl focused, her eyes glowing icy blue as her image of the warehouse was burned inside the tiny clay bird.

She threw the bird high in the air like a signal flare and watched with satisfaction as the figurine beamed upwards, mixing as an insignificant sigh into the air.

The backup would be soon here. Time to sneak and peek.

Otep snuck quietly, keeping to the shadows, her Ma'at scale's chains quietened, strapped behind her as she snuck aiming the shotbow at anything that looked suspicious. She tip-pawed quietly, sliding in and of shadows as she kept looking for captives and information.

One unlocked door which she opened quietly yielded a strange file and a whole rack of wriggling, captive women, gagged and bruised who looked at her in terror. The file had a single name:


Otep's blood felt like lava. Disjunction spells, young female captives, the implications were sheer horror. About to vomit, she gasped for air, thanking the lucky stars that people being alive meant that vile blood magic rituals did not start yet. Turning her head with rage, her luck saved her from certain doom.

A masked man with a crowbar was a foot away from her.

That moment defined Otep's final mission, and her life.

Otep, the Anubis girl of justice, was a fair, strong jackal-girl. Yet her blood boiled. Some crimes cannot be paid by jail. Within a split second, her paws holding the shotbow lunged, the tip of the harpoon lined under his jaw, and her paw pulled the crank in anger.

Plain luck saved our Anubis that moment as the roar of a thunder coincided with the shotbow's explosion, nailing the unfortunate slaver-cum-kidnapper's head to the ceiling with a look of disbelief in his eyes. Otep kicked away the severed body with a growl, ignoring the blood.

The captive women looked at her with a mix of awe and disbelief, as she cocked the cartridge with a "ka-clack" for another round, and kept marching with a grim look towards the end of the corridor where lights and people gathered under a dim lamp.

This would be a straightforward raid. The trouble was, the dragon-woman at the end of the corridor would eventually discover the smell and shout an alarm.

Thinking quick, she did the most sensible thing. She opened all the windows in the room she came from, in the room she found the captive women and killed the man.

For the rainstorm became a certainty as she pursued the scent of the hunt, raindrops ever larger pounding buildings and people escaping indoors. The winds would sweep the scent of death.

Unless the criminals-in-gathering complained about the wind. Otep carried the beheaded carcass quickly, dropping some soggy sheets from the trash to cover the blood and make it look like as if the decaying building's trash took over.

Praying inwardly, she snuck across the corridor and tried to enter rooms to outflank, and not take the direct route to the end of the corridor.

No dice. Otep cursed herself, not mastering Invisibility spell in her lifetime. And now, she had to decide fast. Rush, or wait for backup? Her ears perked, heart beating fast with adrenaline.


It had to be a rush. Focus...

The jackal ears lay flat.



Her ears howled with the concentration and its gift. She now felt the room before her in her bones. They were four criminals, waiting for instructions looking over the captives waiting in mute horror.

"Fold." A fat hand swollen with gout pushed the cards, belonging to an obese, once handsome, but now scarred man who played poker with the others. Otep's eyes fluttered.

Red nose- The man is an alcoholic. Punch the liver.

Curled left leg - He has a muscle spasm, attack the upper let leg to immobilize.

Her reverie was broken by a husky female voice.

"Where is Kain? He said he'd be back with the first sacrifice now."

Otep's heart leaped. They would start the blood ritual, cutting up innocent women for horrific rituals!

"The fuck I know? With the Reikspolizei sniffing, the last kidnapper charged double. Fucking Dark Elves..."

Otep's heart froze now. This was far too much. The Dark Elves!

Dark Elves. Sensual monster girls with a penchant for bondage and slavery on humans, albeit sexually and with a focus on making them happy.

HOW COULD SOME OF THEM fall into the same darkness that dominated the past... Her blood boiled, with a jackal's growl forming in her throat...Heads would roll once she got back!

The four criminals, two of them the couple from the bar, slowed down their game.



Otep growled as they called for the dead man.

"Kart. Look for him." They stopped playing, with the older dragon woman slowly standing up.

"Got it. Think it's an infiltrator?"

Time was running out. Praying to Ma'at and mother Isis, Otep concentrated, aimed, and fired. Best take one down before it starts.

In a silent eternity, her red-hot crossbow bolt glided across the room, and burying itself with a hiss inside the skull of the male who was sitting in the bar, who was now sitting at the poker table. Under the incredulous stare of the other three, his eyes popped from his skull from the sheer heat of the bolt, and crumpled on the table, his brains steaming from his ears. As the three stared dumbfounded, Otep rushed out from her cover, and stood before them with an angry growl.

"Private Investigator Otep, you are under arrest for Human Trafficking, kidnapping and Blood Magic! Surrender now, a raid is on its way even now as we speak!"

Her fangs chattered from anger and excitement, appraising the three before her.


"My, my..." The tall, mature dragon woman chuckled. "Jackal sniffed us out it seems."

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