"Doesn't everybody desire sexual pleasure?"

This was the best opening I could muster in my first meeting with the counselor. Dr. Timothy was selected by my wife, Lou (short for Louise), of seventeen years.

"To some degree everyone desires sexual pleasure, Richard. Tell me why do you desire pleasure?"

Lou had arranged the meeting after determining I needed help. In an intimate moment, I suggested we expand our sex life by adding a little spice—such as another woman. Lou didn't react right away, but the next evening when I came home from work, she told me she made an appointment with a specialist for me.

Lou was a school psychologist and felt therapy was the answer to everything. She had a plan all worked out. All I had to do was follow the therapy guidelines laid out by the doctor and things would work out.

I was a bit surprised because Lou and I have an active sex life. Granted after seventeen years, we are in a bit of a sexual rut; she knows what I like and I know what she likes. But we still enjoy sex even if the frequency and magic has lessened somewhat.

"This may sound trite doctor, but I crave sexual pleasure. Is there something wrong with that?"

"Not inherently. What makes something wrong is in the mind's eye of the beholder. Your wife, Louise, feels you need help. How do you feel about that, Richard?"

I mulled the question over for a few seconds before I answered.

There was something alluring about Dr. Timothy--Dr. Helen Timothy. She was a striking woman with flowing auburn hair, deep brown eyes, and the darker complexion indicative of Hispanic, Mediterranean or Middle Easterner descent. I guessed her age to be about mine--early forties; maybe a few years older. Her make-up was subtle but I couldn't help noticing her crimson lips and beautiful teeth.

She had a professional, although provocative, look about her. Dr. Timothy was wearing a sleeveless deep blue blouse with a closed ruffled collar which extended into her tight black skirt---ending about six inches above her knees. Sheer black stockings kissed the pair of shapely legs flowing into black four inch heels. The ruffles disguised what appeared to be well formed "C" cup breasts.

Her nails matched her lips and her eye make-up was a light bronze with just a hint of blue. What caught my attention however was her bra. I could see it when she lifted her arm. It was the same color as her blouse. The lace border told me it was expensive and probably part of a matching set. My mind wondered if the matching panties were French cut, boy cut, thong, or ....all of these thoughts simply from seeing the band of Dr. Timothy's bra.

Her look was different than Lou's, which added to the attraction. Lou had a great figure even after giving birth to our two children. Her blonde hair, blue eyes, and smooth white skin were accented with a youthful smile, ample B cups, super sensitive nipples, and legs running up to an ass that I adored.

Lou loved it when I tongued her ass and having something in it drove her wild. She also loved it when I cleaned her ass and pussy after my orgasm. We also loved snowballing. Add to this Lou's screaming, pissing wet, squirting orgasms, and this whole therapy thing seemed surreal.

I've always lusted after other women and I got the impression on more than one occasion, Lou had a Bi streak in her. However it wasn't something I ever brought up until a few days ago. And now, in a matter of days, I am sitting across from a therapist having a discussion about my sexual interests. Lucky for me she was very appealing.

"Dr. Timothy, I don't know the objective of our meeting. Am I supposed to be sick or is Lou just gathering information for a divorce?"

She smiled and shifted in her seat; crossing her legs and placing her notepad on her lap. Great legs! The more I studied her, the sexier she became. I wondered if the doctor was attracted to me as much as I was to her.

I am still in good shape, six feet tall, salt and pepper hair, hazel eyes, good smile, and considered handsome. My personality is outgoing and I well educated without being snobby. I am quick to smile and can detect the 'click' in someone's eyes when we meet.

This is why I wondered about Dr. Timothy. When our eyes met there was an instant 'click.' Perhaps it was just her professional persona, but experience told me it was more.

"Actually, Richard, Louise doesn't think you are sick. Rather she feels you need help. She wants to understand why you wish to bring another person into your union."

It was a good question; one Lou never asked. My mind raced between the thoughts which started popping into it. Amazing how quickly the brain can sort things out.

"I wouldn't call it bringing someone into our union. I viewed it as adding another dimension to our sex life. Frankly, I am very surprised Lou reacted this way."

The next question was expected, "Why?"

"It's hard to describe; but I always thought Lou had Bi tendencies."

Dr. Timothy raised her eyebrows slightly and repositioned herself again. There was a slight flash of open legs and a push of her chest as she moved. My subliminal mind went to work sending the thought of crawling under her skirt and licking her pussy to my conscious mind. I felt a stir.

"On more than one occasion, I saw Lou give a lingering touch, a look, and even a sweet kiss to her friends. Each time, they exchanged glances which, to me, sent a message of desire. Maybe it was just me wishing Lou was Bi."

"Why do you wish for Lou to be Bi?" Dr. Timothy knew how to steer a conversation.

"I find women so attractive and sensual; the thought of two women making love arouses me. I love Lou and I can feel her love for me, but I would have not object sharing her with another woman. It's a bit selfish because it turns me on so much."

Dr. Timothy studied me. Her next question was a bit different. "What about Louise enjoying another man. Does this arouse you also?"

My answer was a slow, "Yeeesss."

"Do you have Bi interests, Richard?"

"Uhhh," I hesitated but answered truthfully, "the thought has entered my mind a couple of times."

Dr. Timothy was scribbling notes as she asked the next question. Her eyes never lifted from the pad. "Have you ever had sex with another woman or man since you've been married?"

"Yes," was my one word answer.

"Man, woman, or both?" shot back; eyes never lifting; pen scribbling.

Again, a one word answer was my reply, "Both."

"Interesting," was Dr. Timothy's response. She finished scribbling and closed her note book. She sat upright in her chair with a deliberate position of sexuality.

"Describe for me the type of woman you find attractive." Her question was out of bounds and she knew it. Her eyes bored into me while she waited for my reply.

I decided to take a bold approach.

"It is hard to describe. It starts with the way a woman dresses. What a woman wears says so much about her. For example her outer appearance is the image she wants to portray to the world. Being well groomed with nice hose and shoes along with nice nails and make-up is provocative."

Dr. Timothy adjusted her position again. Her movements accented her nails, hose and shoes. The glimpse she provided of her inner thigh was more deliberate than before. I started to think of the possibilities.

"However, what I find more enticing it what a woman doesn't show to the outside world. It is her hidden persona. It's how she truly feels about herself. This is found in her intimates."

There was a noticeable grind of Dr. Timothy's hips. I had the feeling I was beginning to push her buttons. I pressed on.

"It is very erotic when a woman wears a matching bra and panty set. I am not talking about the spanky white kind. I am talking about higher end lingerie: intimates of color; specialty styles; intimates which speak of a woman's inner desires and her willingness to share those feelings with the right person."

Dr. Timothy uncrossed her legs and sat back a bit more in her chair. Her arms draped along those of the chair, while her legs parted ever so slightly. It was the lick of her lips with her eyes still locked on mine that started my cock to react.

"In reality, it all boils down to the instant communication found only in the eyes. One glance and you know it. When the look 'clicks,' you found the right person."

Our eyes did indeed 'click." Dr. Timothy's body language was screaming for me to make a move. My cock was getting hard and was caught in the wrong position. I didn't bother being subtle about straightening it out. Dr. Timothy's mouth open as if on cue. She wanted my cock in her mouth.

"Once this happens all it takes is for one person to say yes to the other. It doesn't need to be verbal. It can be as subtle as a movement in their body."

Dr. Timothy opened her legs. I saw the panel of her matching panties and I knew she just said yes. I stood and walked slowly towards her. Our eyes never parted, but her legs did even more.

Kneeling beside her on one knee, I brought my lips very close to her ear. With warm breath I began to speak slowly, deliberately, and sensuously into it.

"For example, you and I right now. Your panties are probably soaked."

I used one hand to softly caress her auburn locks, while I gently outlined her lips with a finger from my other hand.

"How erotic," I continued. "The doctor selected by my wife to help me is moments away from making love with her patient."

Dr. Timothy was breathing heavier and her eyes began to close. Turning her head towards me, she offered me her mouth. My lips gently touched hers and backed off slightly. I kissed her again; this time with open lips which closed around hers and then pulled away. One my next kiss she offered me her tongue which I accepted by slowly sucking it into my mouth.

My hand dropped to her blouse and unbuttoned it as we kissed. Dr. Timothy started undoing the clasps of her skirt. In a smooth motion she slipped her skirt to the floor as I removed her blouse. Her panties were a perfect match: French cut bikinis.

I stood and moved in front of her. Dr. Timothy opened her legs and began to caress her breasts and mound through her intimates. She licked her lips as I removed my clothing; even my underwear. I stroked myself a few times which brought a whimper from the good doctor along with a growing wet spot on her panties.

My love for pussy had me on my knees between her legs instantly. Covering her panty clad pussy with my mouth I began to suck on it through the panel. I was in heaven and Dr. Timothy was beginning to moan.

What I didn't expect was to see Lou standing naked to us.

"Well, Richard, I see Helen has found a way to help you. Allow me to introduce. Richard, this is Dr. Helen Timothy, my lover for the past two years. I am so happy you suggested we add another woman in our sex life. We are going to have the time of our lives."

Helen stood and gave Lou a deep, passionate kiss. They then looked at me and smiled.

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