tagMind ControlTherapy Ch. 03

Therapy Ch. 03


He sat staring at the clock on the wall in his house. The second hand moved ever so slowly as he fought the urges he felt welling up inside of him. The desire to pick up the phone and call Her office to explain why he was not there. A need he felt to rush out to his car and drive over and see Her pulled at his insides. Yet he sat on his couch watching the last seconds of his scheduled appointment time tick away.

The week had started just as the last had, he was following Her instructions. He submitted his fantasies daily and listened to the recording that helped him with his breathing exercises. It seemed most days his fantasies were simply reliving the fantasy She had created in his mind as he laid on the leather white couch.

That fantasy always caused a stirring in him that made his cock hard and his thoughts would get fuzzy in the bliss. He would start rubbing his cock wanting so badly to live out the thoughts he was having. Driven by insane lust he would bring himself to the edge of orgasm and then stop just as She had asked him to do, but two days prior he had failed to stop. He took himself over the edge and once the orgasm began he could not stop it.

So now he found himself sitting on his couch caught between guilt and fear. Guilt from failing to do as Dr. Rivers had asked him to do. The fear came from actually having any guilt from disappointing Her. What had always been an escape, a fantasy kept only in the recesses of his mind was now becoming reality. He had let down his guard and She had moved right in.

His thoughts were running in circles and suddenly his doorbell rang. In the back of his mind he knew he should not answer it. He struggled between the desire for it to be Her and the feeling to run as far away from Her as he could get. Was he being ridiculous? She had said it was part of his therapy. He had sought out Her counsel after all.

Debating things in his mind he made his way to the front door and pulled it open. As he saw Her standing there in a bright red, form fitting dress he found himself taking a moment to catch his breath, "I'm...I'm sorry," he found himself saying.

She tilted Her head slightly as Her eyes seemed to be looking through him, "you know it's too late for that don't you?" She said walking into his house brushing lightly against him as She moved past him. "I know the struggle going on inside you right now," She kept talking as he followed Her making Her way into his living room. "The fear we are uncovering has to be dealt with, but we need to find a catalyst to overcome it," She stopped walking and turned to face him.

He could find no words as he looked at Her. Her bright red lips curled up into a half smile as She returned his look, "You want Me to break you down right now, but you are scared of what might happen after. The fantasy has always been safe for you. This," She said sliding Her hands suggestively down the sides of Her dress, "is reality and it frightens you. Are you scared I might make you My slave? Or excited?" She giggled softly as Her gaze moved down to his crotch where his shorts had started to tent outwards.

"Oh I think I would like having you as My slave John," She slowly started to move towards him. "You see I think you might be beyond treatment," his stood stock still as Her body neared his, "after all I would never do this to one of My patients." He felt Her hand start rubbing over the front of his shorts.

As Her hands moved his breath started to get ragged, "I liked the fantasy you sent this week of taking Me roughly John," Her body pressed up against him, "but so many times society tells you how wrong it is to take a woman like that. You want to be good but your desires are soooo bad," his zipper was pulled down and he felt Her fingers pull his cock out of his shorts. Pulling him by his cock She led him over to his couch and helped him seat himself with Her next to him. As he laid his head back She began stroking him slowly.

"Yes John, better to just give in and let Me take care of everything," he felt heavy, with a lethargic lust. "No need to fight Me John. So much better to let Me seduce and enslave you through your hard cock isn't it? I can't be your doctor and do this for you though John. I can do this and be your Domina. I can really make you my slave John. I can rub My little pet's cock like this as you go so deep for Me. I am going to keep training you until you can't fight Me anymore John. You'll keep falling again and again as I break you down like this over and over until there is no resistance left. When all resistance is gone for good then you will be a slave. My personal pet and plaything."

As She spoke waves of lust moved through him. He did not want this to stop. Did not want Her to take Her hand away from his cock. "You always feel Me pulling on your cock like this when you are in My presence, when you hear My voice, even when you think about Me. The pull on your cock makes you weak and defenseless and you love it. Don't you love it pet?"

"Yes," was the word that touched his ears. Spoken by his voice. His hoarse and desperate sounding voice.

"Oh yes you do My pet. This will not be the last time I have to break you pet. I am going to break you down like this every day. I am going to make you feel so natural being weak before Me. Make you love adoring and worshipping Me pet. Make you soooo weak whenever you are around Me pet." Her hand moved up and down ever so slowly on his cock. He felt the need to orgasm, but Her strokes were just slow enough to keep him at bay.

"I will drive out the need you feel to take Me as you wrote about. I will replace it with the need to worship Me on your knees, your cock hard in adoration of your new Domina. I am going to make you feel weak and helpless like this because you love it. You need it. I am your goddess pet. I am the drug you can never get enough of."

The orgasm suddenly started to find traction as it started to build. "I am going to show you how it feels to always be hard and horny craving only the satisfaction you can get from Me, your new Domina." He felt the cum start to travel up from his balls and Her hand came off his cock. He felt the cum shoot out, but the normal rush of ejaculation was not there. He did not feel the euphoric bliss. It was almost an empty feeling that followed as his balls emptied out.

"Oh pet," Her voice took on a condescending tone, "did you think I would not make you pay for disobeying me? I know you orgasmed without My permission. Now, no more sessions for you. We need to work on your real training now..."

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by thekeenreader12/04/18

So sensuoua

The dialogue here as she hypnotises hum is sensational. So gentle but so authoritative. Brilliant writing

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