tagIncest/TabooTherapy Interrupted #01

Therapy Interrupted #01


Originally Published: 01/27/17

Warning: This story contains fantasy drug use: Cocaine, Ecstasy, Xanax, Valium, and Weed. There are no life-breaking side effects in this story. It's 'party time' in this writing. If that bothers you, please wait for one of my less illicit stories.

The following is pure fiction, unless you're lucky.

*  *  *  *  *

Our Private Therapy

It was two and a half hours into the New Year when I pulled into our parking garage. I had no resolutions yet, but I had already broken a personal promise: I drove while fucked up. I was drunk, rolling on E, and my solution to the problem was to do a bump of coke and drive home as fast as possible while pretending I was sober. I was going to be angry with myself later, but that could wait.

Regrets and new rules to cover our asses during our Christmas therapy were far from my mind. Right now we were in the final hours of letting go, and there was no time but the present.

The other half of we is my girlfriend, Holly Sun. She's beautiful, but I'm biased. You'll have to take my word for it. If I could get a statement from the men who admired her with wary discretion as we walked past them, then you could take their word for it too.

Holly was in the passenger seat with her back to the door, her purse and heels tossed somewhere behind us. Her small, clinging black dress was as dark as the leather interior of my car. Her left leg was on the seat, her right hanging off. A smile crested her crimson lips. Her tilted blue eyes burned with lust. Holly is a mix of Korean and Swedish, but all American and entirely exotic with the fluid blending of her dual ethnicities swimming in her features.

I'd be lying if I said it was "love at first sight." I lust for and love Holly; both emotions have combined within me and becoming unrecognizable from each other. Is that true love? It is for me.

Holly was staring at me, pupils transformed into dime-sized portals of pleasure as the ecstasy she had taken earlier spiraled through her. Her dance-toned legs were open; her short dress lifted to her waist and the sheer black panties she wore matched the set of thigh-high stockings encasing her graceful limbs.

"Can you wait until we get upstairs?" Holly asked, teasing me with a playful shifting of her knees that hid her panties for a moment and revealed them a second later.

Licking a finger, she lowered it down her leg with care, stopping where her thigh met her panty's edge. She kept her fingertip swaying back and forth like a pendulum, brushing her panties away from her left thigh with each pass, giving my eyes a taste of her outer labia as her finger continued to reveal more and more of her smooth skin.

"I don't know if you can," Holly teased. Her finger moved from the lacey edge of her panties, drifting to the sheer center, where she tapped the prominent curve of her mound where it flowed into her clit.

My mind raced alongside my heart. I was high on drugs and lust. Our lust was a year-round event, but our drug-fueled therapy occurred only during our Christmas break. It could make us do things we could not take back if caught.

"I can't wait," I said, licking my lips and capturing her left ankle, the smooth nylon stocking sending a shiver through my sensitive palm.

"You couldn't wait earlier, either," Holly said. She whispered with a devil's smile, "They almost caught us."

The memory was fresh. We were dancing in the middle of a stadium floor. It was dark, but lights from the stage flashed a hypnotic strobe of colored beams above us. Holly was grinding against me, her little butt aligned to my crotch with the aid of her high heels. The thin shoulder straps of her skimpy dress had fallen down her arms, the tops of her small breasts bared, often followed by her dark nipples before her arm movements raised her dress enough to cover the rock-hard pebbles.

With Holly against me and her small tits showing, I reached down with my left hand and lifted her skirt, cupping her pink pussy. She lifted onto her toes, swaying side to side against me, her ass sliding over my hungry cock. My middle finger explored her slit through her panties, pushing her wet lips inward. Holly rubbed her softness against my hand. She turned her head to the side, whispering, "I'm coming."

A security guard's flashlight shined on us. I turned Holly into the crowd, and we disappeared in a sea of twisting bodies, parting and finding different partners to explore, yet never losing eye contact with each other.

When we left our new partners, the woman I was dancing with kissed me. She shouted something, but I didn't hear her words. I watched Holly over the lady's shoulder. Holly was gracing the mouth of an unknown woman with a long, passionate taste of her tongue.

"No one can stop us," I said, back in the present. A moment had elapsed, but it felt as if I had relived the entire sequence to the second. I could still hear electronic music playing like a distant wind within my mind.

Holly rubbed her finger over the front of her panties, pushing the silk into the center groove between her legs. She lifted her left foot, her ankle still in my hand and she pushed forward until her toes touched my lips.

"You should kiss me," Holly said, arching her back.

I closed my eyes as I caressed Holly's foot with my cheek; the nylon against my flesh was electric. The E hit me again. I could see it rolling through her in a wave, creating a rise of pleasure, peaking at bliss before falling away. It left us bathed in an afterglow of stunning tranquility.

I kissed Holly's toes and ankles, massaging her foot with both hands. Moans poured from her lips, her body flowing like a wave from her butt to her raven-black hair. I kissed and caressed her calf, pressing my fingers into her muscles and soothing her aches. I lifted her leg to suckle the back of her knee. Holly shivered. My hands traveled down her thigh, followed by my lips. When I passed the welt of her nylon, I settled my tongue against her damp flesh, feeling the heat of her upper thigh.

"Kiss me," Holly demanded, her voice a coupling of desperation and need. "Fucking kiss me, please, you sexy motherfucker."

I kissed the inside of her thigh, smelling her excitement as it drifted from her core. She planted her right foot on the dashboard, spreading her legs. I devoured her softer inner flesh with soft nibbles as I worked my way down to the valley between her outstretched limbs.

For one hesitant moment, I hovered above her panty-clad pussy, savoring the sight. Holly lifted her hips, whimpering when her horny sex connected with my mouth. I tasted how wet her panties were when my tongue pressed against the silk between the lips of her yummy trench.

"Ah," Holly hissed.

My tongue would have echoed her words if my mouth wasn't snacking on her slippery pussy. With one hand on her firm butt, I used my other to pull the gusset of her panties aside, baring her smoothness. I plunged my tongue deep into her, licking her warm cunny as if I had discovered Heaven between her thighs.

I slipped my fingers into the shallow crack of her ass and thumbed her shiny pearl with my free hand. I licked and sucked her pussy lips before fucking her pink hole with short tongue jabs. I tasted her slit from top to bottom, lower, circling her asshole and testing its resistance until Holly was purring like a kitty.

Holly bucked, trying to hook her right leg over my shoulder, but then she uttered a high-pitched whimper and threw me from between her legs. She was coming, planting her feet anywhere she could as her butt jerked up and down. Her hands found her tits, shoving her dress down so she could play with her small nipples.

I fell back against my door, watching. My hand found my cock through my pants, and I jerked off as best I could. I eye-fucked Holly, letting my eyes linger on her cum-soaked pussy lips.

I came quickly, stroking fast and when my balls started to empty, I gripped the base of my cock and squeezed, shooting sticky sperm through my briefs and into my pants.

"Fuck," I groaned, breathing heavy.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Holly teased, laughing between each word. She gave her pussy a light series of spankings and promised, "You're going to fill this pussy full of cum tonight."

During the elevator ride to our apartment, I grabbed Holly by her hers hips and made her face the wall. She planted her hands on the mirrored surface I as I lifted her dress. I freed my cock, sliding it through her butt cheeks and between her legs, appreciating the softness of her skin. Pulling her panties to the side, I tried to enter her, but Holly circled her hips away. She gave me a false pout every time I missed my target, eyeing with soft, begging eyes.

We reached our floor. Holly spun out of my grasp. She kissed me, crushing her lips against mine. She eased the pressure and opened her mouth for my tongue. Her hand stroked my cock with the doors open as we kissed for an unknown amount of time. Guiding me by my erection, she escorted me to our apartment as if I'd never been there before.

"What do we have left?" Holly asked me when we were home. She poured half a glass of wine for both of us.

I reached into my pocket and withdrew a short metal straw and a small plastic bag with a few lines of coke sitting at its bottom. We sighed.

"What a waste," Holly said, sipping her wine. "But waste it we will."

"Waste it we will." I walked to the sink. We never were heavy drug users, but after living together, we changed our now and then moments to a once year therapy. Our therapy began on Christmas Eve and ended when the clock struck twelve announcing the New Year.

The ecstasy we dropped earlier would be hitting us for hours, but officially our Christmas therapy was over. I opened the coke baggy and turned on the faucet, letting the water run into it. Dumping the cloudy mixture, I watched it disappear down the drain. When the bag was clean, I burned it with a Zippo, the plastic dissolving away from the devouring flame until it ceased to exist.

Holly had whisked away to our bedroom, taking the glasses and the bottle of wine with her. Except for the valium to help us sleep and the Xanax during our therapy comedown week—if needed—our therapeutic drug use was over for the year. That didn't mean the night was over. We had plenty of drug-fueled fucking left before ending our vacation from the world.

Tomorrow we could face the future, but I wasn't going to waste my final hours of therapy on the unwanted stresses of life. I undressed as I walked to the bedroom, dropping my briefs as I reached the door. My cock bobbed as I crossed the threshold of the room.

Even high, my cock was still rock hard for my sensual Holly. My dealer had gifted us Viagra. It's something worth trying at least once, but I decided to save the last one for Holly's birthday, as a special gift to her.

The lights to the bedroom were low, the glow reminiscent of firelight piercing amber-bodied bourbon. Electronic music was our background sound, hitting my ears with a beat meant for fucking. Holly was in front of our floor-to-ceiling windows, wearing a silk pajama top of black that left her yoga-taut butt exposed. Our curtains were open. She was dancing, her hips swaying side to side, low, up and down. She held a glass of wine in each hand.

Holly's transparent reflection glimmered in the window. She hadn't bothered to button her top and any voyeur with a telescope could perv on her small, dark-nippled tits, her toned stomach, dancer's legs, her precious hairless mound and her lust-swollen pussy below.

I walked to her, sliding my right arm around her waist and resting my palm on the warm skin of her stomach. I took the offered wine in my left hand, tapping her raised glass and sharing a drink with my love.

My body danced with Holly's, guided by her hips. My cock was trapped between us, pressing against her lower back and my balls rested in the warm caress of her ass. The silk of her pajamas created delicate friction against the head of my cock, and chills vibrated through my body. I could come like this.

"What are you seeing?" I asked, sipping my wine.

Outside our bedroom was a world of darkened apartment buildings and the occasional light, like glowing portals into lives we would never know. There were nights when we would drink and dance and make love against the glass, telling stories of what we imagined in the buildings around us, hoping people were watching us. It was our fantasy world during the year, the one we stole away to when we didn't want to face the stresses of life. Our Christmas therapy was not an option during these times.

"I'm not opening my eyes," Holly said. "I'm waiting for you touch me. Just a massage, like you promised the first time we were together."

What I had promised and what I did proved me to be a liar.

I guided Holly to our bed, dancing behind her. I took her wine glass and set it with mine on the nightstand. She lay on the bed, tossing her pajama top and falling onto her tummy, offering me the perfect view of her beautiful behind.

My cock twitched at the sight. Each crescent a small hill curving in perfect ascending degrees from her lower back and then descending in matching harmony to the backs of her thighs. They had just enough meat for a tremor to run through them when she skipped, or I gave them a spanking, playful or punishing. Holly loved both and everything in-between.

I walked to our toy box and retrieved the body oil; a soothing lotion for softening and warming her skin when applied. The scent was floral with a touch of vanilla, reminding me of licking ice-cream from a cone during a Sunday sunset.

I straddled Holly's thighs, letting the stiff length of my dick rest in the cradle of her ass. Holly's breath caught, as much from the touch of my prick as the waves of E induced pleasure rolling through her. I poured the oil over my shaft, spilling it onto her ass like water from a fall. I poured more onto her back, creating a single-colored palette of scented sensuality for me to brush over the silkiness of her skin.

"It's just a massage," I said.

Holly moaned as my glistening cock slid through her smooth cheeks. I dipped my fingers into the oil and brushed outwards, creating sunrays over her back. With every sweep of my fingers, I rocked my hips against Holly's thighs, fucking her golden hills with my member.

I spread the oil along her spine, up to her neck and then sweeping the length of her shoulders. I caressed the wiry muscles of her arms and Holly uttered small cries of pleasure at my touch. I stroked down her arms until I covered her small hands with mine.

"For when you jerk me off," I whispered in her ear.

Holly laughed. "Your dick is going to be slippery enough after you're inside me. That's all the oil we'll need to make you come."

Returning to the center of her back, I dug my fingers into her flesh and pushed outward, digging in and forcing each invisible strand of tightness from her muscles. Holly was moaning, at times grunting when I loosened a tight knot with my thumbs. She rewarded me with a grateful hump of her butt against the underside of my pre-cum dripping dick.

I slid my fingers over her ribs, pushing under her body until I was touching the bottom swells of her small breasts. She lifted herself onto her elbows, head hanging low as I fondled her tits and pinched her nipples, strumming them like the golden strings of a harp.

I gripped the throbbing buds between my fingers and pulled down on the dark, beaded tips. Holly groaned, humping her ass loudly against my thrusting cock. She was breathing heavy. I bent my head and nibbled her neck, making her whimper.

"Fuck," she moaned and began fucking her butt harder against the underside of my cock. "Don't come," she told me. "Moan for me."

I moaned, louder than when the head of my cock had slid between her ass cheeks, sending shivers from my dick to my toes.

"No more," Holly breathed, wiggling her ass to dislodge my cock. The oil mingling with her sweat created a sex-infused storm of perfumes that was urging me to fuck her. "Finish my massage before you come on my butt. You're not wasting your cream outside of me."

I took her butt in my hands and kissed each cheek, licking the tight mounds while sinking my fingers into them. Holly whimpered naughty fuck sounds as she squirmed beneath me. Her hands pulled clumps of our bread spread into her fists, and she bit her forearm when I spread her butt wide and licked the puckered hole of her helpless backdoor.

"I love how you lick my ass," Holly whimpered as I rimmed her.

I licked the inside of one thigh, then the other, while moving my hand between her warm legs, palming her hot mound from behind and digging the heel of my hand against her engorged clit. I licked her under her ass, everywhere I could, tasting her twat and breathing in the rich fragrance of her honey-slick pussy.

I ate Holly's asshole, tracing the forbidden ring and bathing it with saliva. I licked her perineum and the bottom of her pussy, continuing downward as her lips parted under the pressure of my tongue. Dipping between the soft folds of her pussy, I tasted her hidden pink meat, which was hot and tender and dripping with her horny juices.

I rubbed my palm against Holly's clit. She shook her ass in my face. I probed her slit with my left fingers, playing with her lips, pushing them aside as I opened her cunny. I entered her with one finger. Holly sighed. I fucked my finger into her and pushed in a second, rubbing and massaging her inner walls. I turned my fingers down, caressing the underside of her mound and her pussy muscles clenched around my massaging invaders.

"Lick my asshole," Holly whimpered, her hands reaching back to spread her cheeks for me.

I did as I was told, flicking the tight orifice with up and down strokes of my tongue. Holly shook, her hands trying to pull her ass cheeks further apart and I began to push my tongue into her little pucker. As her muscles gave way, she came, mashing her clit against my palm and crying out against the pillows.

"Oh my fuck," Holly moaned. "You ass-eating motherfucker."

I rested my face against her ass, feeling her insides spasm around my fingers as her tremors faded away.

"Are you ready for me?" I asked when she calmed.

"I can never say no to your dick," Holly sighed. "Or your fingers. Or your tongue. Or to you."

I turned Holly over, lamenting the lost sight of her ass. I had neglected her front, so I lowered my lips to her right nipple, nibbling the bud as I caressed the other. My hand swallowed her round breast, and I squeezed, soft at first, then harder, until Holly was moaning from the back of her throat.

"You going to fuck me yet?" Holly asked. She scooted back until she could prop her head and shoulders on the pillows, eyes never leaving my dick. "With that big thing you call a dick? Do you think it will fit inside of me?" she teased, shifting her hips back and forth on the bed.

"All good things. . . ." I said, swallowing as much of her tit as I could. I caught her nipple with my teeth, pulling away until it snapped back to her chest with a tight bounce of her flesh.

"Ah," Holly gasped. "Fucker," she whispered as if upset by what I had done, but her smile said otherwise.

Her hands were on the back of my head, guiding me across her breasts. "If you don't fuck your cock into my cunt soon, I'm going to suck it until you're emptying your balls down my throat."

I settled on my knees and moved closer to her pussy. Holding my cock below the tip, I pressed it against her lips, but she squirmed away. I smiled and tried again, touching the wet folds of her cunny, but she shifted away once more.

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