tagIncest/TabooTherapy Interrupted #02

Therapy Interrupted #02


Originally Published: 05/17/17 (I think)

Warning: This story contains fantasy drug use: Cocaine, Ecstasy, Xanax, Valium, and Weed. There are no life-breaking side effects in this story. It's 'party time' in this writing. If that bothers you, please wait for one of my less illicit stories.

There is a lot of sex in this story. A lot. That is the point of this story. I was asked, and so I delivered. You may need to take a break between scenes, I did between writing them. That much sex taxes the mind.

The following is pure fiction, unless you're lucky.

*  *  *  *  *

Holly's Return

"Alex, when is Holly getting back?" Mom asked. Our shower had refreshed her, but she still looked tired.

We had fucked in the shower, under the splashing water, with me pounding her pussy from behind before she twisted free and dropped to her knees. She jerked me off while licking and sucking the head of my prick and she drank every last sticky drop of cum I fed to her. I had to brace my hands against the wall to keep my knees from buckling. Mom was a beast—a perfect fuck buddy for Holly.

We now sat in the living room. I could see desire behind Mom's eyes, and worry. Holly would be home soon. I wore a pair of basketball shorts and plain black shirt. Mom had on silky boyshorts and a faded blue top that squeezed her breasts tightly. Under her shirt was a thin lacy bra that couldn't hide her excited nipples.

"Alex?" Mom asked.

"Soon," I answered. "She texted that she'd be back soon."

"We can't tell her." Mom's face creased with worry. "I love her, but we can't."

I tried to reassure her with a smile. "Holly will understand."

"Please," Mom said, begged. Panic sent a tremor through her voice. I nearly offered her a Xanax. "I know how you two live, but I'm your mother. It's not a good idea."

"Okay." I nodded. "Holly's been sleeping all day. She's going to want to smoke, drink and drop. She's going to want to fuck."

"I'll wait out here and watch TV," Mom said. She couldn't stop playing with her fingers.



"Everything will be fine," I said. Holly had wanted me to sleep with Mom. Holly would love to play with us, but I couldn't admit that at the moment.

"Okay," Mom said. "Do you think we have time for another? My pussy gets wetter every time I look at you." I think she was going insane.

"We'd have to shower again." I pretended to think about it. "If you can wait, I'll find you tonight and give you a quick pounding. I'll let Holly suck your cum off my dick."

Mom blushed and let out a loud shock of laughter. "I never imagined we'd be talking to each other like this."

I shrugged. "A lot of things are possible when you give them a chance."

"I want to talk about Lani and Regan," Mom said. She looked away. "But I don't know if I should."

My phone went off. I checked the text. News about my siblings would have to wait.

"Holly's back," I said, pretending to be surprised. Holly had begged me to bend Mom over our dining room table, facing the door so that she could catch us in the act. Mom was too nervous for that, and I didn't want to put her through that kind of stress.

"Holly wants a drink waiting for her. Joining us?" I went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of whiskey and poured three shots.

"God yes," Mom said.

Mom entered the kitchen as I poured the last shot. She gave me a passionate kiss, our tongues dancing as we tasted each other's forbidden mouths in a manner forbidden to mothers and their sons.

"I can't help myself," Mom whispered. "I don't want to."

"Then don't," I said. "Holly wouldn't."

"No," Mom pleaded.

I put my hands on Mom's ass and pulled her close for another embrace. I pressed my palms into her butt and curled my fingers into the crack of her ass. Our kiss was rough. I lowered my fingers below the leg band of her silky shorts and under the material, clutching her bare cheek. Mom hadn't bothered with her panties. I reached lower between her legs, sliding my fingertips through her warm slit and ended the kiss.

There is something powerful about being able to touch my mom however I wanted, whenever I wanted and knowing that I could.

Mom's face flushed. I could see she didn't want to walk away. I didn't want her to. We needed more of each other, but Holly was on Mom's mind. Holly was on my mind too. I was stiffening with thoughts of her and her hot little pussy. Holly had texted me she was wet and that she had bought a new strap-on to use on my mother. My dick loved the idea.

Mom grabbed a shot and downed it. She gestured for me to refill the glass. I had never seen her as nervous as she was now. I unlocked the door moments before Holly burst into the apartment, dropping a black bag onto the floor.

"Hello," Holly said, doing her best Seinfeld impression. She looked at the table, eyes lingering on the empty space where I should have been deep-dicking Mom from behind. The perfect setup for sexual adventure—ruined, because I wanted to ease Mom into it: how selfish of me. "La-la-la," Holly sang.

I pulled Holly into my arms for a hug and a kiss. Her blue eyes sparkled. Her left palm cupped my balls as I released the hug, the angle making the motion invisible to Mom.

"Holly," Mom said, hugging her. "Welcome back. How is your adorable niece?"

"Beautiful." Holly spun. "She's a little darling. They let me hold her. I sent pictures."

"We saw," I said and held out the shot of whiskey.

"For me?" Holly said as her eyes looked down at the bulge in my shorts. "You shouldn't have."

We took our shots as Holly talked to Mom about the new addition to her—our—family. Holly had learned the intricacies of swaddling during her visit. She had also tried to name her niece, but they vetoed her, declaring: she isn't your baby! There was no blaming the ecstasy on that. Holly would have tried to name her niece while sober.

An hour flew by before the conversation was over. "I've got more pictures on my phone." Holly pulled out her phone and swished the screen to her photo albums. "Angela, do you want to look at these while I borrow Alex for one minute."

"Take your time," Mom said, taking the phone.

"Do you want to smoke in a bit?" Holly asked.

"I wouldn't mind," Mom said.

"Alex," Holly said, grabbing me by the front of my shirt. "I have something to show you." She pulled me to the kitchen to collect her black bag before heading to our bedroom.

We were kissing before the door closed, the bag dropped to the floor, forgotten. We stopped our kiss long enough to remove Holly's hoodie. Our tongues were wet and slick as they glided together. Holly pushed my shorts down, wasting no time in getting her hands around my cock. She wouldn't let go, so I grasped her white shirt by the collar and tore, ripping it down the center and baring her little tits.

"I've missed your dick," Holly said. "I dreamt about this big, pussy-pounding fuck-stick all damn morning."

Holly was panting while trying to talk with a mouthful of my tongue. I pushed her pajama-like sweatpants and black thong down her hips. She shuffled her toned legs, and they fell around her ankles. She was still wearing her white tennis shoes when she kicked her clothes aside.

"Take your shirt off," Holly said.

I was naked by the next heartbeat. Holly played with my prick while her free hand roamed her body, pinching her nipples and she cupping her pussy. She fingered herself while sliding her hand up and down my shaft.

"You fucked your mom," Holly hissed, pushing two of her fingers into her smooth cunny. "In our bed, without me—you naughty fuck."

I moaned.

"Did you make her come?"


"Enough to drench your balls?"


"And you promise she's into girls?" Holly asked. "She finds me sexy?"

"That's what Mom said when we were cuddling last night."

"I couldn't stop thinking about it." Holly pouted. "I wanted to be here so fucking bad." She pulled her fingers from between her wet lips and massaged her swollen clit. "I couldn't go back to sleep this morning until I made a sticky mess inside of my panties."

I groaned, imagining her fingering herself in her sister's guestroom.

Holly fell to her knees, taking my erect cock into her mouth in the same motion. She licked my spongy head like a lollipop, swirling her tongue in circles before bobbing her head up and down my shaft, bathing my member in saliva. She lowered her mouth, not stopping until my prick slipped into the tightness of her throat.

Holly gagged, and her spit bathed my shaft.

"Yeah, baby." I moaned as she struggled. I ran my fingers through her black hair, not guiding her—Holly knew how to suck cock.

Holly slurped on my dick as spit ran from the corners of her lips and then she pulled off, gasping for air. She backed away to the bed, sitting her bare butt down and lifting her legs upward, her shoelaces dangling in loops of white string. He pussy bulged between her thighs as she held her legs together.

"Daddy," Holly begged. She reached around her thighs and pulled her pussy lips open. "Fuck your little girl like you do mommy."

I nearly came.

I licked Holly from her asshole to her clit and made the return trip, my tongue tasting her slick warmth and tender holes. Holly pulled her knees to her small tits, folding her body in half. I stood and ran my cock through her pussy lips, grabbing the head and spreading her pink opening while wetting my big dick.

"Daddy," Holly whined. "Don't tease me."

"No more teasing, princess," I said and pushed my prick into her warm hole. Holly's hot cunny was a snug fit, and I let my weight sink my member into the sweet meat of her juicy twat until my balls were pressing against her ass.

Holly moaned from deep within her chest, sounding as if she had taken more dick than her pussy could handle. I knew my Holly, and I knew her moan meant she was feeling the pleasure of being stretched and filled to her limits.

"Fuck me," Holly gasped, her eyes closed and teeth clenched. "Hard, Daddy."

I pulled my cock out of her drenched cleft and dropped back into her hole. She grunted. I started fucking her little slot, using my weight to pound my prick into her cunny. Holly's moan lit a fire in me. I grabbed her by the hips, pulling her body toward me and slapping my balls against her butt. I let go of her left hip and stroked her clit, loving how her closed thighs puffed out her pussy lips. I humped my hips faster, pushing in as deep as I could as I bounced her body against the bed.

"Imagine if you were my daddy," Holly moaned, her nostrils flaring. "We could fuck your mom—uh—like a happy family."

Holly's words caused my balls to tingle, and I started slamming my prick into her snatch. Holly yelped and whimpered. Every deep plunge into her little body forced air from Holly's flaring nostrils. I caressed her juicy clit, using small circles that made her spasm and then I pushed in deep, flexing my ass and grinding my cock against the back of her creamy cunt.

"Yeah, Daddy," Holly managed to grunt. "A little more. A little—fuck." Holly came with a loud yell as her pussy clung to my cock. I ground my hips against Holly's crotch throughout her orgasm, and she left us glistening with her juices.

"Daddy's not done with you, little girl," I said.

I spread Holly's legs and wrapped them around my waist as I pushed her to the center of the bed. I made love to her with gentle rocking motions of my hips, slipping easily into her pink box as I enjoyed the comfort of her body against mine. We came together. Holly pulled my lips to hers for a kiss that left me breathless.

"I need a shower," Holly said when we finished. "Not you. I love it when you smell like sex. Your mom will too, I know it."

"You think so?" I laughed. "She's nervous that you're going to find out."

"I'm fixing that problem right now," Holly said, a playful note in her words.

"What did you do?" I asked.

"Do you think your mom will snoop around my phone if given a chance?"


"I unlocked our private albums." Holly smiled. "Do you think she's getting wet to pictures of your hard cock inside of me? Of the videos where I masturbate while calling you, 'Uncle Alex' and wondering why you'd want to take pictures of your young, helpless niece?"

"Devious." I smiled. "I need to play your uncle again."

"Yes you do," Holly teased. "Shower time." She rolled off the bed and tossed her ruined shirt to the floor. "Grab some joints. I'll bring the E when I finish, and then we'll show your mom what therapy really means to us."

When Holly bent over to untie her shoes, I jumped off the bed and grabbed her by her slender hips. I tongued her asshole while I fingered her slick pussy to a mini orgasm. She didn't come until I pushed my tongue past the narrow ring of her backdoor, forcing a low grunt from lungs.

"You're a dirty man," Holly said, "fucking my ass with your tongue like that."

"That's why you love me," I said.

"One of the reasons," Holly said. She skipped to the restroom to take her shower.

I toweled myself with Holly's ripped shirt and got dressed. Tearing and ripping clothing from Holly's body never failed to make me hard, or get her fucked. I took the humidor from our toy box, glanced at the coke and went to the living room.

Holly & Mom's First Kiss

Mom didn't notice me behind her; she was too engrossed with sliding Holly's pictures across the phone's touchscreen. Mom turned her head when she felt me watching, her eyes widening. She fumbled with the touch screen on Holly's phone, the screen went black, and she tossed it on the end of the sofa.

Silent laughter bounced around my skull. Holly knew how to set a trap.

"A little relaxation," I told Mom, showing her the humidor. "Herb calms the nerves better than whiskey."

Mom glanced at the phone and then at me. "What were you two doing?" She was excited.

"A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell." I walked into the living room, placing the humidor on the coffee table and pushed myself over my mother, flattening her warm body against the couch. "But I'm no gentleman."

I kissed Mom's lips and slowly worked my tongue against hers. I rubbed her left leg, eventually palming the inside of her thigh and cupping her soft pussy through her silk shorts. Mom sighed and tilted her twat against my hand.

"Do we have time?" Mom asked.

"Only if you want Holly to catch us." I pressed my middle fingers between her pouty lips, petting her pussy with the softest of touches. Maybe edging her would help her give into to the idea of telling Holly. A sex-wanton woman is capable of crazy things. "Do you want to taste Holly on me?"

I stood, pulling my cock out of my shorts, giving it a few shakes to tempt Mom. She sat straight, her fingers wrapping around my prick and stroking. She took my hardening meat between her lips and swallowed me into her wet warmth. Mom sucked my cock tightly, pulling her head back and stretching my thickening shaft between us.

"Holly takes quick showers," I moaned. I brought my hands to the sides of her head, gently holding her in place.

Mom was too lost to stop. It was the perfect time to get caught, but I couldn't let that happen. Shock? Embarrassment? Tears? I needed to let Holly handle this with her sensuous, succubus style. I pulled my prick from Mom's mouth.

"Mm," she said, looking up at me as she ran a finger across her lips. "Holly's cum taste yummy on your cock."

We were smoking when Holly joined us in the living room. She was wearing gray cotton shorts a size too small and a gray shirt that barely covered her tiny tits. Her little nipples poked against the top, hard and excited and Mom gave me a look that I answered with a shrug.

"Dreaming is free . . ." Holly sang, letting the song by Blondie fade from her lips as she sat on the couch. "I've got goodies." She placed six pills of ecstasy on the table. "Who wants to dream?"

I grabbed water and whiskey from the kitchen and Holly collected the shot glasses. Holly dropped a pill in each shot glass and covered them in whiskey. "To therapy," Holly said, her smile glowing.

We echoed her and downed our whiskey and E. Mom passed the joint to Holly as Holly fell into the cushion next to Mom. I took the smaller couch. We relaxed as I searched the music channels for something relaxing to listen to. I settled on the EDM, and let the beat flow through me.

I lit another joint to share. Holly moved closer to Mom until she could lay her head on Mom's shoulder. Mom didn't mind, and her nervousness appeared to have melted away.

"I wanted to be a mother as soon as I saw my niece," Holly said, smiling.

I choked on the smoke in my lungs.

Mom laughed and patted Holly's exposed thigh. "It's a common thought when you're around newborns. They're lovely."

"Yeah," I said. I poured myself a shot and took it. "Then you bring them home, then they cry and throw up, and then you have to change their diapers. Feed them." I don't know how feeding a baby made a point, but I sure as hell made it sound like it did.

Holly giggled. She turned to my mom, mumbling, "I didn't say right now. I said 'then.' Alex can be paranoid. Soon he's going to think I'm poking holes in our condoms."

"We don't use condoms," I said, frowning. "Maybe we should."

They laughed at me, together, and as they did their heads came together, cheeks touching and Holly's hand landed on Mom's thigh, stroking lightly. Mom didn't appear to notice. Holly's hand didn't leave her leg when their laughter ended.

"You—" but my thoughts were forgotten as the ecstasy kicked in. It was like floating on the wind, and someone had thrown a bucket of fresh, misty pleasure on me.

Holly and Mom were in the same situation. Small moans left their throats, and wondrous curiosity masked their faces. They both looked at me. There was no denying what they wanted. I doubt Mom knew how clear her eyes made her desire known, but Holly noticed and smiled sideways at me.

"Therapy," I said, sinking low on the couch.

Holly left her couch for mine. She wasn't shy about kissing me. She kissed my cheek and whispered into my ear, "Dance with your mom. Warm her up for me."

"You got it," I said, glancing at Mom's curious eyes.

"We need to dance," Holly said. She grabbed the remote, flipping through the channels until she hit the sounds of ballroom dancing. "I want to see a waltz. Alex tried to teach me, but the steps didn't take."

"I don't know," Mom said, trying to wave off the suggestion.

"Help me move the coffee table," Holly urged, ignoring Mom.

We—and I mean I—moved the table to the far wall. Holly was a whirlwind as she supervised me, poured three more shots and lit another joint that she held to my lips and passed to Mom. There was more than enough room for dancing in our living room.

"Hold her close," Holly whispered to me as she held a joint to my lips.

"I plan to."

I offered my hand to Mom. She laughed but took it. I bowed in the center of the room, and she performed a small curtsy. Holly lay on the couch to watch, the smallness of her shorts making her legs appear longer. She was on her right side, bottom leg out, upper leg bent; head in her hand while holding a joint to her lips. Sweet smoke fell from her nostrils in thick clouds when she exhaled.

Mom and I did the simple routing of: one-two-three, one-two-three, and got a little fancier with a behind the back whisk that left us stumbling. Alcohol and drugs were costing us our coordination. Holly laughed. Mom giggled and blushed, and we danced the simple steps again. When Mom's back was to Holly, Holly would lift her shirt and play with her dark nipples while blowing smoke over her tits.

I pulled Mom closer to me in small increments as we danced. She didn't resist. Her green eyes told me she wanted to be pressed right against me. When Mom faced away from Holly for an extended amount of time, Holly lowered her shorts and rubbed her beautifully smooth, raised mound. I pulled Mom against me until her nipples were spearing my chest.

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