tagIncest/TabooTherapy Interrupted #03

Therapy Interrupted #03


Warning: This story contains drug use, specifically Weed & Cocaine in milder doses than my usually aggressive style.

Synopsis: Alex and Holly attempt to seduce members of her family into their taboo lifestyle.

The following is pure fiction; unless you're lucky.

*  *  *  *  *

Dressing Up

"Baby, aren't you going to join me? I'm getting lonely."

I was lying in bed, naked and relaxed after Holly had soothed my day at work with a long and loving blowjob. I'm not praising Holly on her cock-sucking skills because I love her, but every time she swallows my big dick, I swear she's learned something new. I don't know if it's the warmth of her mouth or the way she concentrates her breath across my flesh, or the angle of her tongue, or the speed of her lips, or the—the everything, but my life is always better after she's bathed my cock with her adoration.

"Coming," I said, loud enough to be heard over the running water.

"Good, because someone needs to shave my pussy bare," Holly said, using her princess pout whenever she wanted to see her uncle.

My cock jumped at the sound. Since Mom had gone back home, Holly's desire for the taboo of family-to-family fun has gone wild. She's almost uncontrollable. We have sex, and then we have family sex. Uncle and niece, brother and sister, father and daughter—her favorite—cousin and cousin and she likes to slip in some mom-play every couple of weeks. Her desire for incest was driving me crazy, in the best of ways, and I wanted Holly to experience the real thing, as I had.

I looked through our bedroom windows. The sun was setting, but we faced east, forcing me to imagine the sunset. It wouldn't have mattered, the high-rises surrounding our buildings made the final descent of the day's light impossible to see. The sky had turned a deep pink with brushes of purple across its canvas, and tendrils of blackness were sweeping in around the edges. I turned my head from the oncoming darkness and into the direction of the light of my life.

I rose from the bed and pulled on my basketball shorts and a shirt. Her uncle wouldn't walk in on her naked—at least not tonight he wouldn't. Tonight's game would be a little more consensual. I stopped to examine our toy box, deciding against going inside. It held only two kinds of toys for us at the moment: sex toys, most of the type that I could push into Holly's body, and weed. Weed wasn't a drug—not really—and compared to our therapy week, we barely smoked it. Still, we had it for when we needed a mellow night after a stressful day of big-city business.

I stopped at the threshold to the bathroom and looked inside. The shower was on, the warm water splashing quietly against the marble floor. Holly sat on the toilet seat, in a plain white shirt and nothing else. She had parted her slender legs, and she was looking between them, holding a safety-razor in her left hand. She held the front of her shirt against her stomach with her right hand, giving her a clear view of her mound.

I admired my girl for a moment. She's grown her black hair out since Mom's departure, but not much. It was long enough to pull into a pair of short, hay-bundle ponytails that she was wearing right now. The ends pointed at her shoulders, giving her the appearance of a sexy, half-Korean Wendy of fast food fame.

"Hello, Holly," I said.

"Uncle Alex," Holly said, breathless and surprised. The razor fell from her fingers onto the floor. She held her right hand to her chest, the shirt never leaving her grasp, so now the smooth profile of her stomach, hip and dancer's thigh were naked to my eyes. "What—what are you doing in my bathroom?"

Holly should have been an actress. I've said that before.

"It's late," I said. "Your parents are out, and your mother called me and asked for me to check on you." I smiled fondly at my niece. "So here I am."

"You didn't have to. I'm old enough—"

"I know, but I like coming to see you," I said. I pushed myself from the door frame. "The best part of my week is seeing you. It always has been."

Holly managed to look flattered, uncomfortable and curious at the same time, eyeing me sidelong with her angled, mysterious blue eyes. "Well, you've checked on me, now you can go." She raised her shirt over her abdomen, stopping right below her small breasts. "You can see that I'm busy."

"Doing what?"

Holly rolled her eyes. "Women things."

"Can I help?"

Holly narrowed her eyes and pulled her head back. She widened her smile and pursed her lips together, her expression telling me how absurd my suggestion was.

"I can pick your razor up for you," I said. "So you don't have to get up."

"O-okay," she said, her voice soft, her tone unsure. "If it gets you out of here." She said those words in a whisper, as if realizing I had no intention of leaving the bathroom no matter what she said.

I walked across the marble floor, stopping in front of her. She looked up at me. I looked down at her, my eyes falling on the little wisps of black hair covering her mound. Holly is almost hairless from her eyes down. I don't know if that's a Korean trait or not, but it's natural for her. She rarely had to shave her body, but we were going out tonight, and the landing strip she was attempting to grow was on its way out. Patience was a virtue that Holly had closed the door on long ago.

I kneeled in front of her. "You're beautiful, Holly, I've always thought so," I said. She tried to close her legs, but I raised my hands, catching her at the knees. Her breath caught. I opened her legs wide, fighting some resistance and exposing her little pink pussy to my gaze.


"Here," I said. I lifted the pink razor from the floor. "What were you going to do with this?"

"What do you think?"

"Your legs are smooth," I said, running my hands up her thighs. She shivered. I stopped my hands where her thighs curved into hips. Her warm skin felt good under my palms and touching Holly's body caused my cock to swell. I tilted my head and examined her cheeks. "You're not growing a beard."

Holly laughed, releasing some of her anxiety.

I touched her cheek with my left forefinger, brushing her skin. "I guess that only leaves one more place for you to shave."

Holly blushed, was it acting or natural? It was hard to tell, but the heat of her flesh under my fingers continued to grow. I looked between her legs again, watching as the color pink infused her labia, causing her inner lips to swell and open like rose petals in bloom.

"Uncle Alex," Holly said, whispering. "Why are you in here?"

"Do you want me to leave?" I asked. "Because I will, but only if you want me to."

Holly didn't answer. She tried to meet my eyes, looked away, tried again and dropped her head. "You can stay." She bit her lower lip and finally raised her eyes level with mine. "I've seen you watching me before."


"When I"—she swallowed—"wear a bikini to swim in your pool. You know, in my tiny swimsuits."

"They are very tiny," I said. "Some slip right between your cute little butt cheeks."

"Thongs," Holly said in a soft voice. "That's what I wear when I visit you."

"I've seen you in smaller." I rubbed Holly's thigh with my right thumb, dipping down the curve of her inner thigh and brushing the edge of her mound. "What are those called?"

"G-strings," Holly said. She smiled, self-conscious. "I wear them for . . . you."

I groaned, and my cock jerked. It tented my shorts, my shaft thickening and lengthening as Holly's performance sent blood pumping in a torrent throughout my entire body. My knob strained to break through my clothing, eager to see its slippery friend hiding between Holly's thighs.

"That's why I'm shaving my pussy tonight," Holly said. "So I can wear one of my G-strings for you tomorrow when I use your pool. Would you"—she took a deep breath—"shave me smooth for you?" She licked her lips. "No one has to know."

I leaned forward, kissing Holly's lips. She whimpered a small, puppyish nose and then she moaned against my lips. She settled her hands around my neck and darted her tongue into my mouth, brushing and stroking mine and tasting my saliva.

"You're a bad girl," I said when our kiss broke. I was breathing heavy, Holly more so. Her eyes were alight with mischief.

"I used to tease my uncles," Holly said, laughing. "Bunch of big white guys who like Asian girls, just like you." She laughed again. "Not like this though. God, they'd have a heart attack if I tried this with them."

"One day," I said.

"Really?" Holly asked. "You'll never share me. You say you will, but you never do."

Little did she know what desires her new appetite for incest had sparked in me. "With the right person," I said, "I can share my niece with anyone."

"Well," Holly said, opening her legs wider for me and lowering her butt on the seat, angling her body backward. "Is my uncle going to give me a new hairstyle or not?"

On the edge of the sink sat a bottle of cream made for the sensitive skin of a woman's mound. Holly hadn't shaved in three weeks, and only wisps of black hair had grown in. I rubbed the lotion on my fingers and smoothed it over Holly's skin, touching her tenderly with soft, teasing strokes.

"Oh, Uncle Alex," Holly said, her breath catching. "That feels good."

"I'll make you feel even better very soon, sweetie," I said. "I promise."

I took the razor and placed the blade at the top of Holly's mound. With her legs spread and her dewy lips parted, I could see the wet trail of love glistening pink between her small folds. I lowered the razor to her skin, barely touching her and I cut away the first line of hair. She shivered. I rinsed the blade in the sink and slid the steel across her flesh again, slicing hair from her mound until I had created a smooth pathway leading to her clitoral hood.

"Careful, Uncle," Holly whispered. "A niece's pussy is a precious gift, don't hurt it."

"Naughty," I whispered. I lowered my head, kissing Holly's right thigh and breathing in her fresh scent until it filled my lungs. "I'll give your pussy a pounding, but I'll never hurt it."

"You better," Holly said, tilting her pelvis upward. "Finish so that you can soothe my skin with kisses."

A few more careful strokes of the blade and Holly was as bare as her teenage years. I stroked her mound, her skin cotton-soft. Her clitoris stood on end, poking up from her short hood and begging me for a kiss. I obliged, pressing my tongue against her slick jewel and licking upward over its hood, and then back down until the tip of my wet appendage was dipping between her lips and into her dripping pussy.

"Mm, Uncle, yeah," Holly moaned. "Kiss my little pussy."

I licked upward through her slit and back down, my tongue parting her silky folds and touching the rubbery ring leading deeper into her soft canal. Holly fucked her hips at me, her butt humping off the toilet as she fed me her honey-wet muff. She tasted sweet, her dripping snatch pouring liquid-love over my tongue. I had to share the taste with her.

I lifted my mouth from her twat and kissed her, staining her lips with her own flavor. She drank her juices from me, using her tongue to lick my lips and swallow her cream. Holly wrapped her legs around my back, crossing her heels over my ass and locking me in place.

"Incest is best," Holly whispered, licking my lips with vertical strokes of her tongue. "I know in past life we were brother and sister." She licked me again. "And will be again."

"Fuck," I whispered. I pushed my shorts off my hips so they pooled at my knees. My cock sprung up, and I had to move my ass backward to let my long shaft between Holly's thighs. The tip touched her pussy lips as if guided by a laser.

"Uncle," Holly said, gasping, "be gentle. You're poking me with a big dick, and my pussy has always been small, like me."

We kissed again, our breathing desperate and ragged. I grabbed my cock below the knob and rubbed it around Holly's hole, pushing her lips to the side and nudging her tender folds open. She groaned as my crown stretched her opening and slid into her body.

"Oh," Holly moaned, adding "uh—uh," with a heavy sigh as my tip tunneled its way into her pussy.

"Oh, baby," I said, sighing. "I've dreamt about fucking your young pussy."

"You have, Uncle?" Holly asked. She pulled me into her body using her legs, her heels acting as an anchor against my lower back, her thighs flexing as she tried to get as much of my dick into her as possible.

"Yeah," I said, fucking my prick into her hole. Holly's slick walls stretched around my shaft while fighting to stay closed, gripping me in a oiled glove made of velvet and heat. "Your pussy's so fucking hot."

"That's what my uncle does to me," Holly said. "You make my pussy all wet and creamy. Fuck me—mm—Uncle Alex, show your niece how special she is."

I grunted and slid my cock through Holly's parted lips to rub the back of her eager beaver. She moaned and gasped as I lifted her by her ass, squeezing her firm butt and pulling her from the toilet seat. I turned, and bounced her on my cock, humping my hips upward to feed her my dick in a series of deep fuck-strokes.

"Uncle, oh god, I'm fucking my uncle," Holly said, whimpering and moaning with every thrust into her tiny twat. "Give it to me. Oh! Make me come before my parents come home."

I grunted and surged to my feet, my cock buried balls deep inside of Holly's soaked hole. I kicked my shorts away and turned toward the shower, sliding the door open and stepping inside. The warm water hit us, soaking our white shirts and letting Holly's dark nipples show through the cotton.

"Fuck," Holly grunted, and grunted again when I hammered her body against the shower wall. "Fuck me, Uncle, fuck me good."

I braced Holly against the wall and tore her shirt over her body, getting her naked and wet in my arms. I lifted her, swallowing her left tit and sucking the small mound as far as I could into my mouth. Her nipple brushed my tongue, and I nipped at her with my teeth.

"Oh, yeah," Holly crooned into my ear. "Mark me, Uncle Alex, mark your fucking niece. I'll show my daddy that I belong to you."

"God damn," I said, panting. I set Holly down, turning her around and pulling her by the hips and arching her back. I tossed my shirt, gripped my cock and found her pink valley in one push. My cock spread her lips open, sliding all the way home to the back of her snatch.

"Oh god," Holly said, lifting onto her toes as I pumped her pussy full of prick. Our bodies slapped together, her butt muscles rippling and her thighs straining as she struggled to take my dick into her juicy little love-oven. "Uncle, I'm going to come if you keep fucking me like this."

I was close and getting closer. My balls tingled and tightened, the tip of my prick bursting with unreleased pleasure. I cupped Holly's pussy from the front, finding her clit and rubbing her swollen pearl with side-to-side motions.

"Oh fuck, I'm coming," Holly cried. "Coming on my uncle's dick."

She came, flooding my cock with her cum and squeezing her pussy walls around my shaft. I pumped my pole hard into her cunny one last time, jerking her entire body and I came, filling my niece with a hot load of sticky cum and then another, my sperm racing through my urethra and leaving me shaking as it shot from the tip of my dick and into her womb.

"Oh god," I said, moaning, my thighs tightening and my balls spasming with pleasure. "Fuck Holly, we're supposed to save my cum for Brad's party." I laughed, kissing her hair.

"You better be able to come again tonight," Holly said, "or someone else is going to have to fill my pussy up."

Holly giggled and shook her tight ass against me, twerking what meat she had for all she was worth. I hissed and slid out of her twat, my breath trembling from my lungs as she clutched at my cock with her inner muscles.

I smiled at her. I wanted someone else to fill her up, but who would she choose? One of her brothers or her father?

Storytelling Party

"What?" Holly asked.

"Just admiring the view," I said.

We were in the elevator leading up to Brad's apartment. Brad was our old college friend and our current drug-supplier—not drug dealer—his words. It didn't matter as long as he kept his supply coming and the quality high.

Holly was wearing a cropped, double-breasted trench coat, pink in color with the black belt cinched at her waist. The hem dropped just below her crotch. She couldn't bend over in the jacket, but that wouldn't have stopped Holly under the right conditions. White thigh-high stockings encased her legs, their welts capped by dainty pink bows and her black stiletto heels added four playful inches to her height.

"What view?" Holly asked. She peeled back the right flap of her coat, giving me a peep of her sheer pink panties. "This view?"

"Now I am." I was wearing a gray suit, a matching waistcoat, and a white shirt underneath. I had rolled my sleeves halfway up my forearms and I my jacket was still in my car. I wouldn't need it; I wouldn't be wearing my clothes for long once Brad's party got underway. I carried a brown leather executive bag in my right hand, filled with Holly's sex toys, cleaned and ready for use.

"Have you thought of a story we could share?" Holly asked. Her pouty pussy lips bulged against her panties. She rubbed her panties between her cunny lips, watching me and waiting for my answer.

"I thought we'd share one about Mom," I said.

Holly smiled, but she raised one eyebrow, asking a silent question.

"We'd change her name and some details," I said. "I thought I'd tell the story where we pretended to be brother and sister for her."

"Oh, that's a good one." Holly let her coat drop back into place. "You tell the story, I'll only give it away. I get too excited when I think about you and your mother fucking . . . your mother-fucking cock. I'm a dork."

"Yeah, but you're my dork."

The elevator stopped, the bell rang, and the doors slid open. We stepped into the white hallway, turning left and walked to Brad's door. I knocked three times, nothing special, no code, though Brad had wanted to create one for his sex parties.

"Friends," Brad said as the door opened. "Come in, come in. You're the last to arrive." He wore a suit too, no jacket, something similar to mine, but in a light navy blue.

We stepped inside. Holly gave him a half-hug and kissed him on the cheek. She walked past him, and he wrapped me in a full-on bear hug and kissed me on the cheek as he always did in his playful style. His stainless steel, black and white home greeted us with all the warmth of a surgical theater. A bright red bouquet of roses sat on his dining room table. It was the only color in the room, and there was only one person who brought flowers like that to Brad's: Jackie.

Part of the fun of Brad's storytelling parties was that he invited the couples. No one else would know who they were going to watch fuck until they arrived. The only thing we knew was that everyone trusted everyone. We were a great big swinging family who respected boundaries, and that's the way we wanted it to stay.

Waiting in the living and sitting on Brad's white couches were two other couples and Jackie, the Christmas bunny mom had met. She was short and thick, with a round ass and big breasts. She would never be slender, but only a fool would pass up fucking her compact body. She wore a strapless dark red evening dress, slit down the left side and the cups pushed her breasts together in an obscene manner.

Jenya and Rae were partners, though Jenya craved the cock as much as the cunt. She was from India, and her musical accent had a way of sending chills through my spine. She was tall and willowy, with heavy breasts that were rounded at the bottoms and tipped by small, dark nipples. She wore a bright yellow and orange sari and a ghagra choli that left her stomach exposed. Hoop rings pierced her ears, and golden bracelets decorated her forearms. Rae wore her hair in a dozen long braids, and fresh lotion glistened over her ebony skin. Her black cocktail dress was about a size too small for her lean body, but only a fool would complain.

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