tagIncest/TabooTherapy Interrupted #04

Therapy Interrupted #04


Warning: This story contains drug use, specifically Weed & Cocaine.

Synopsis: The story picks up right where
Therapy Interrupted #03 left off. Alex and Holly are in their room, Julian has left, and Tokyo is all by her lonesome, wondering what to do while her cousin is getting fucked.

The following is pure fiction; unless you're lucky.

*  *  *  *  *


Tokyo was no longer in the room. Holly lay on the bed, half-dressed, her panties halfway down her thighs and I had thought she had earned herself a spanking.

Punishing Holly

"You've been a bad girl," I said. I pulled my buttoned up shirt over my head and kicked off the rest of my clothing before falling on top of Holly. She brought her knees up, pulling her panties back up her legs, and she rubbed the backs of my thighs with her heels. "Daddy needs to punish you."

"But Daddy," Holly said. "I'm doing it for you."

I kissed her lips, slowly slipping my tongue into her mouth, our soft, rubbery lingual muscles slid wetly together. Holly purred into my mouth, and she rolled her hips, rubbing her stomach against my cock. My prick strained against her as I allowed my pent-up excitement to rush through my shaft and swell my member.

"What did you do with your brother while I was alone with your cousin?" I asked, kissing my way down her chin, across her neck and taking one of her small tits into my mouth through her shirt and bra.

"I told him how much I missed him," Holly moaned.

I grabbed the center of her pink shirt and ripped a crooked line down to her hem and up to her collar, having to tear her shirt in two forcefully to bare her peach-colored bra and small breasts. Pulling the bra under her pretty little titties, I sucked her left one into my mouth, licking my tongue over her beaded nipple.

"I hugged him," Holly whispered, breathing heavy. She slid her fingers through my hair, gripping my black locks hard and guided me to her other breast. "I held him close, he hugged me back, harder than he did in front of you."

I smiled against her tit and moved lower, licking her stomach and swirling the tip of my tongue over the smooth dip of her bellybutton. "Do I always make him nervous?"

"Yes," Holly hissed when I nibbled on her right hip.


"Because"—Holly shimmied her legs and kicked off her shorts—"you're the man who's been fucking his older sister since he was a teen."

I traced Holly's panties with my tongue, licking her skin where it dipped beneath the elastic bands circling her body. I kissed her mound through the lace, breathing in her luscious pussy-scent, the thick smell of her arousal watering my tongue and leaving her panties damp with more than just her pussy juices.

"I tried to kiss my brother," Holly said. "I told Julian that I loved him and I tried to kiss him." She moaned. "He moved his mouth, but I caught the corner of his lips." I pushed my tongue between the soft hills of her bulging cleft and closed my mouth, my teeth brushing her pussy folds through her panties. I gently slid my mouth shut, grazing her labia as I did. "Julian left his lips against mine, but he didn't return my kiss."

"You rushed it," I said, whispering against her clit.

"Maybe." Holly humped her pussy up to my mouth. "Maybe not. I said I was drunk. He said he understood. He pulled me tighter to him.

I licked Holly's inner thigh, where the tendons pushed against her skin and connected her leg to her outer folds. Hooking my fingers under the gusset of her panties, I pulled the silk to the left and bared her hairless opening to my mouth and kissed her lips.

"Daddy," Holly sighed. She rocked her butt from the bed, teasing me with slow, circular motions of her pussy. "I told him that if he weren't my brother, I'd have been the best babysitter that he'd ever had."

I groaned and slipped my tongue between Holly's dewy lips. She moaned, and my fingers followed, finding her inner softness hot and wet, her heat warming my flesh red. I ate my little girl's pussy, while she fed me her horny twat with lewd, wide-legged humping motions that lifted her butt high off the bed.

With my fingers fucking into her soft cunny, I kissed the pink jewel above her slotted opening. "Oh fuck," Holly cried, her voice swimming with whiskey and breaking with emotion. "Oh Daddy, oh Daddy . . . Daddy."

When Holly came, her juices flooded my fingers and bathed my palm in her exotic oils. I lowered my tongue, lapping her cream into my mouth without pause, letting her ride my face throughout her orgasm. I stood, looking down on her half-aware eyes as she allowed her cum-drunk feelings to blend with the languid, subdued caresses of the liquor traveling through her veins.

"I need to punish my daughter," I said.

"Yes Daddy, you do," Holly said, rolling over onto her tummy and pushing her butt into the air.

"Stay that way," I said, admiring the meaty swell of her pussy lips crushed between her closed thighs.

I walked to our toy box. I felt Holly's hungry eyes on me as I searched through our playthings. I grabbed a pair of dark brown leather and steel cuffs, with slide-bolt connectors to keep her wrists close together. I grabbed a matching, silicone ball gag that would force her to breathe through her nose. It had a strap that wrapped around the back of her skull. Licking my lips, I selected her black leather paddle, with the words Daddy's on one side and Slut on the other, written in pink lettering.

"Oh god," Holly whimpered when I turned around and walked back to the bed, my big dick pointing straight at her. "Daddy?"

"Yes, baby?"

"I love you."

I smiled and swung the paddle in a crossways arc, stinging Holly's right butt cheek.

"Oh," Holly gasped. "I love you lots."

I brought it back, slapping her other cheek.


I couldn't see the color of Holly's flesh in the darkness, but I knew how hard I had swung the leather. The blush across them was pink at best.

"Stretch out your arms," I ordered her, tossing our toys onto the bed next to her head.

Holly slid her arms forward. I leaned over her prone body, the thick shaft of my cock settling between her warm buns. I pressed my weight into her, crushing her to the bed and humping my cock through the valley of her ass.

"Mm," Holly sighed.

I slid the leather cuffs over her wrists and tightened the bands through their steel buckles. Holly's breathing deepened. Grabbing the leather connector from the bed, I clipped their hooks through the metal hasps connected to the cuffs, giving Holly three inches of space between her hands.

I continued fucking my shaft through her upturned ass, pulling my hips back until I could tickle her little asshole with the crown of my cock. Holly was panting now. I picked up the ball gag. "Open your mouth, little girl," I told her. She did, and I slipped the ball between her lips, forcing her to bite down on the silicone. I tightened the strap behind her as much as I could.

"Is my little girl comfortable?" I asked.

"Uh-huh," Holly mumbled, her words already wet with saliva.

I raised my upper body, straddling the backs of her thighs. Reaching around her stomach, I pulled the halves of her shirt apart and flipped the cotton up her back and over her head. I grabbed the paddle and ran the edge down her spine, starting below her bra and not stopping until the leather had settled between her buns.

"Are you sorry for trying to seduce your brother?" I asked.

"No," Holly tried to say, but the sound was a jumble of noise behind the gag.

I lifted the paddle and spanked her left butt cheek. Holly yelped. I spanked her right. She yelped again. I massaged her cheeks with my left hand, listening to her rough breathing and the flaring of her nostrils. Opening my mouth, I let my saliva fall onto her cheeks, my drool slipping into her narrow divide. I brushed my spit through her crack, tickling her asshole while she squirmed beneath me.

"Are you going to fuck your brother?"

"Mm-hmm," Holly mumbled.

I smacked her right butt cheek, forcing a whimper from her mouth. Bending over her back caused my knob to poke her perineum, and I swiveled my hips, sliding my cock through the heart-shaped gap below her fluffy pussy lips.

"Does your pussy get hot thinking about younger brother's cock?" I whispered in Holly's ear.

"Mm, mmph, mm," Holly said. I cupped her chin, her flesh wet from where her spit drooled over her lips.

"You're never going to learn your lesson if I only spank your ass," I said and licked her earlobe. "I think your pussy needs attention, don't you?"

Holly whimpered and struggled to shake me from her butt.

"I like it when you fight," I said. I started to rise, and then I heard a gentle tapping, like someone rapping, at my bedroom door. I laughed and tossed the paddle aside. "I hope she's not sick." I raised my voice. "Just a second."

Holly unhooked one side of the cuff's connecting strap, and I unclasped her ball gag. She crawled up the bed and pulled aside the comforter, then sat on her butt and said, "Get under, but don't get dressed." She jumped from the bed, and I slid under the covers. She adjusted the sheet around my waist as I leaned on a pillow, facing the door, my upper body exposed to the start of my trimmed pubic hairs.

"Yummy," Holly said. "Stay like that." She adjusted her ball gag, so it hung like a collar around her neck. Slipping out of her peach panties, she opened the bottom drawer on her nightstand and pulled out one of our after-sex towels, wrapping the thin cloth around her waist like a mini-skirt. "I'll let our visitor in." Holly palmed my cock through the bed's silk sheets. "Stay hard for me, Daddy."

Holly slipped her small tits back into the cups of her bra as she walked to the door. She wore tennis shoes, a towel-skirt, a torn open shirt, a ball gag, and handcuffs, yet she opened the door as if she was ready to go out on the town. Wondering how Tokyo would respond to Holly's attire sent a single pulse of pre-cum through my cock and into my sheet.

"Come in," Holly said and flipped on the lights to our room. "Everything okay?"

Tokyo Can't Sleep

"Everything is fi—" The words died in Tokyo's throat. Her eyes widened as she looked at Holly, but that didn't stop her from stepping into the room. Her eyes slipped past her cousin and landed on me, and she looked back to Holly as a pink blush bloomed across her cheeks.

"Did you drink too much?" Holly asked. She cupped Tokyo's cheeks, holding her head still so she could look into her eyes.

"No," Tokyo said. "Maybe, but, I'm sorry." She muttered a noise. "What happened to your shirt?" She looked confused. "Am I bothering you guys?" She brushed Holly's ball gag with her fingertips. "What is that?"

"Nothing," I said. "Here, sit down."

Tokyo uttered a strange noise, a kind of moan-hum from the back of her throat. Holly guided her to the bed. Her steps were heavy with booze, not reluctance, though her eyes never left the floor, even after she sat.

"I called my dad," Tokyo said. "He said it was fine, but he knew I was drunk."

"I wonder how?" I asked, smiling. "I doubt it was your voice."

"Shut up," Tokyo said, slapping my thigh. Her hand pulled my cover down to the base of my cock, exposing my hairs, but not my shaft. "Oh." Tokyo covered her eyes with her left hand. "Sorry."

"Relax," Holly said. "It's not like you saw his cock."

"I need something to sleep in." Tokyo avoided looking at me. Her cheeks were no longer pink; they were crimson.

"I have shorts and shirts that will fit you," Holly said. "I should have offered earlier, but I got carried away." Holly rubbed Tokyo's thigh. "You saw."

Tokyo nodded.

Holly found some clothes for her cousin, and they walked to the master bathroom together. Holly entered first, Tokyo following, but she turned her head to look at me before disappearing behind the door. They were in there for five minutes, maybe more, and Holly was in the lead when they exited, her smile alight with mischief.

"What?" I asked.

"Tokyo can't sleep," Holly said. "She wants to smoke."

"Yeah, why not," I said. I slid to the center of the bed, turning onto my butt and for the briefest moment my erection tented my sheets, but I raised my left knee to hide my goods. I didn't miss Tokyo's startled expression at the outline of my knob, or the lingering drift of her eyes on the ghost of my cock when it was no longer visible.

Tokyo sat down on the bed, beyond my feet and out of my reach. I smiled. She wore one of Holly's silk and satin pajama sets; booty-shorts and a shoulder strap top, her tummy bare and the silk clinging to her tanned skin. Her nipples pushed hard against the thin, silvery material and when she sat cross-legged on the bed, the loose leg holes opened, giving me a view of her inner, upper thighs.

I said nothing, not looking, but looking, wishing Tokyo would move and give me an idea of what color her panties were. She looked at me, smiled, embarrassed maybe, but not afraid.

Holly opened our toy box carefully, not giving her cousin time to see our collection of naughty playthings. It was enough that Holly had yet to change, and if Tokyo thought this was strange, she said nothing to me about it, but what would she say about dildos big enough break her cunny in two?

"Here we go," Holly said, spinning from our closet of secrets with both arms raised, a joint in each hand. Her top hung open like a vest, and her bright, peach colored bra drew my eyes. Her dark nipples shone through the lace of her cups, as did the glint of our gold Zippo.

"Do you like Holly's outfit?" I asked Tokyo. "I can make you one if you want."


"Alex," Holly said, laughing. "Don't hit on my cousin." Holly sat next to me, handing me one of our joints and giving the other to Tokyo. "Sorry, but Alex gets frisky—maybe too frisky—when he doesn't get to come."

Tokyo laughed. She looked at me with her head tilted forward, eyes straining to look up. She smiled, a subtle invitation to something unsure. I could feel her excitement and curiosity, and if I could, so I could Holly.

Holly lit our joints, and we smoked, with each person getting a break as the other two sucked in, held and blew out wisps of whitish-gray vapor. The sweet smell of the sticky permeated the room, clinging to our clothes and dancing about our bodies. My drunken buzz turned into a thick, mellow haze and that didn't help my erection go down. I lowered my left foot by inches, a little here, a little there, watching as Tokyo's eyes searched for the impending hint of my cock through the sheets.

"So, Tokyo," Holly said when our joints were nearly gone, and our small-talk topics had come to an end. "Uncle Brandon makes it sound like you're some wild, teenaged, sex-crazed and out of control libertine, but. . . ."

Tokyo laughed. She fell onto her back, bringing her knees up and hugged them to her chest. When her giggles stopped, she lay on her side, facing us. "But what?" she finally asked, with hints of laughter in her voice. "Daddy is overprotective."

Holly laughed and touched my chest. "Aw, another Daddy's girl."

"No," Tokyo said.

"It's okay," Holly said. "I have a Daddy fetish myself, don't I"—she looked at me—"Daddy?"

"Just a bit, little girl," I said and pulled Holly into my side.

Tokyo laughed, gently, quietly, the sound hanging in the air and creating a what if moment. To press or not to press?

"But," Holly went on, "you haven't asked me to change." She held up her wrists. "This doesn't bother you? You've been in this situation before?"

Tokyo shrugged and took the last of the joint into her lungs. She held it as we waited for her to speak. She held the smoke in until she needed to breathe again, and only then did she release a thick cloud into the air that crawled across our bed like a fog.

"I've arrested for public and underage drinking," Tokyo said. "Smoking weed in a friend's car. Truancy, but I'm not a whore."

"Are you calling me a whore?" Holly asked.

Everyone laughed.

"No," Tokyo said. "I'm a . . . tease."

"I'm a tease too," Holly said, "and then Alex showed me what happens to teases that tease too much."

"What happens to teases?" Tokyo asked, leaning forward with a cautious eagerness in her eyes.

"In my case, Alex gave me a massage that left me begging for more than just his fingers." Holly rubbed my chest and lower, over my abs and near my waistline. "Wait, are you a virgin?"

Tokyo coughed on air. "So, does it matter?"

"How?" Holly asked.

"I'm only eighteen," Tokyo said, lowering her eyes. "I don't have an Alex in my life."

I laughed.

"Have you done anything?" Holly asked.

Tokyo looked sideways, shaking her head.

"Nothing? You've kissed someone, right?" Holly was on her knees now, excitement coloring the tone of her words.

"Sort of, not really," Tokyo said. "Playing around with some of my friends, sure, but Dad makes it hard. I keep hearing his voice in my head whenever I'm close to a guy."

"Not even at parties?"

"What parties?" Tokyo asked. "Arrested for the last time at sixteen, and since then I've been stuck at home. I have a curfew."

Holly looked at me and bit her lower lip. She nodded her head with the slightest of movements. I answered her unspoken question with the same motions. Holly turned back to her cousin.

"I'm going to tell you a secret," Holly said, "but promise me that you'll keep this a secret."

My heartbeat rose, the after pulses of each contracting echoing throughout my chest.

Tokyo narrowed her eyes, but she said, "Okay. I promise."

My blood warmed.

Holly slid her tongue across her lips. "I like to watch Alex with other women."

A throb of excitement mixed with fear pulsed through my cock, causing it to jerk under the blankets.

Tokyo didn't speak, but her eyes flicked to me and then back to Holly. Her stomach rose and fell in quicker beats as she waited for Holly to continue.

"I see everything when it comes to Alex," Holly said. "Everything. I see how you look at him when you think I don't."


"Do you want to kiss him?" Holly asked. "I don't mind; we're family."

My balls tingled.

"I don't. . . ." Tokyo closed her mouth, opened it, closed it, and repeated this action several more times. "I don't know." She looked down at our bed like a girl afraid to tell her parents the truth.

"You know," Holly whispered, the words accusing and approving. She crawled forward on the bed. Tokyo's eyes never left Holly's, and Holly lowered her mouth, whispering something into Tokyo's ear. She said her next words aloud. "It's up to you."

Holly turned away from her cousin and crawled to me. There was no way her towel-skirt was hiding her goodies from Tokyo's sight. Holly crept up my body, staying on all fours, and lowered her mouth to mine. We kissed, our lips touching and breaking away, the sounds soft and wet in the quiet of the room.

"Mm, hmm," Holly moaned into my mouth. I cupped Holly's cheek with my left hand and reached up with my right, palming her left breast in the center of my hand. "Mm-mm." Holly's ran her hand over my stomach, pushing against the taut muscles of my abdomen.

"Okay," Tokyo said after a few minutes of watching. "I want to."

Holly pulled her lips from mine. "You want to what?" Holly asked Tokyo, but looked at me, smiling.

"I want to kiss Alex," Tokyo said.

"Come here," Holly said, moving to the side. "Be careful, Alex is a bit excited."

Tokyo walked to me on her knees. She waited by knees, looking at Holly, but Holly nodded her head at me. By now my legs were down, my erection up, and there was no way to avoid it if she kissed me from the front.

"Virgins," Holly laughed.

"Hey," Tokyo said, her word touched by liquor and mellowed by weed. "That's not funny."

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