tagMind ControlTherapy Week 02.5

Therapy Week 02.5


Roni walked absentmindedly across the parking lot, she was numb and dismayed at what had just happened. Her dismay was for how wanton she had become. She couldn't believe she had wanted his sex so bad, she had gotten on her knees and pleased him. She couldn't deny it had made her hotter than she had ever been and her orgasm was far better than any she had ever experienced, but to just let loose and do what ever he wished her to do, was... well, hot. That was the only word she could use, hot, from the moment he put his arm on her shoulder till he lead her to the door, had been hot. Here she was walking across a public parking lot, wearing a pair of jeans soaked in her own juices, It was surreal, but it felt naughty and hot at the same time.

Roni, clicked her keys and opened her car door, then glancing around to see if any body was close grabbed the paper towels she kept in the door and tore off a bunch of them and placed them on the seat, she really didn't want to explain that kind of stain down at the station. Gingerly slipping behind the wheel she pulled out and headed home.

Who would have thought she could have such an experience with of all people, her therapist, Sean Howard. Sean was a nice guy, not handsome in the way you see on TV or anything but he was charming, considerate and easy to talk to. Someone nice to be with. He was almost 30 years her senior, not someone she would have considered as a lover. Especially when she considering his history. Fairdale being a relative small town, it was hard to keep a secret. What had happened to Sean was widely known. Sean had been a happily married man until 15 years ago, when a freak automobile accident took his wife and two teenage children. He had taken six months off to mourn, then had returned to his therapy practice. He was well respected by the community and was known as a honest, good man. She couldn't deny she always felt content and at ease around him. He had a presence, a something that attracted her.

That was what scared her, after the disastrous marriage she had endure with Jake and the other men she had been attracted to. She didn't need that kind of stuff anymore. Jake had been a domineering asshole. At first all she had seen was the domineering part, he had practically forced her to marry him, like always, she had not known how to say no. He stayed out late almost every night and came home reeking of alcohol and took her, there was no love, no consideration, no concern for her at all. He would take her, any way he wished, in any hole, he would twist and mash her breast and nipples and pinch and twist her arms till she cried and he would laugh. She hated him, yet at the same time, desired him. The hurtful truth was, she probably would still be with him if he hadn't run off with some woman he had met at the bar. But he had. She was determined to change herself into the woman she knew she could be. She had enrolled into a Forensic Science program and gotten her bachelors degree, moved away from her home town and accepted a job here with the Fairdale Police Department. Now this, but it had been so hot, it was different, there was none of the pain and hurt her previous dominant partners seemed to revel in. Damn it, he was even considerate when he dominated her.

Arriving home at her modest 2 bedroom ranch she had bought when she came to town two and half years ago, she pulled into the drive way. Oh no, Mrs. McCarty her next door neighbor and resident gossip was watering her flowers. Thinking quickly she backed the car into the drive way to put herself on the opposite side of the car and popped her trunk like she was going to load something from the garage. "Hi, Mrs. McCarty, how are you doing today."

"I'm fine, dear," replied Mrs. McCarty, "You're back late. Is your therapy sessions, taking longer?"

Roni cringed inside, but replied in an even voice, even though she knew a slow flush was spreading up her chest. "Yes, Dr. Howard has changed my therapy and the first few will take a little longer." Unlocking the garage door she grabbed a box of aluminum cans she had been meaning to recycle and put them in the trunk. "Gotta go, the cats will be wanting fed and I need to eat too."

As she started closing the garage door, she heard Mrs. McCarty chuckle and say "If I were having "Therapy" with Sean Howard, I wouldn't mind staying late and maybe inviting him to share my couch." The chuckling faded as the door rolled shut.

Roni froze, her body refused to move, as her mind fast forwarded thru her day, starting from opening this very door, to this moment in time. Her whirlwind thoughts, slowed and dwelt with crystal precision on each exquisite detail of her time with Sean, just thinking his name caused a surge of... Desire, Fear, Want? An impossible to name emotion that started low in her womb and spread upward like a blush, setting nipples and sex to reverberate with their own tingles of sympathy. Did he cause that, did he make her feel this way, just thinking his name. But she knew it wasn't a command he had given her, she knew he had given her some, "commands", but this wasn't one of them. This was her feelings, all on her own. Shaking her head, she decided after the cats were fed, She would take a long hot bath. She had to get out of these clothes. She'd run the water while she took care of the cats, then a glass of wine and a bath with lots of frothy soap. She'd clean her body of the evidence of the day and maybe her mind would see answers, instead of questions. Turning the light out, she opened the door and entered the kitchen.

With a sigh, Roni relaxed into the oversized sunken bathtub. This was one of the reasons she had liked this house, an opulent bathroom with a high-tech tub that had numerous jacuzzi and spa setting, but tonight she set the temperature to hot but bearable and just relaxed. She lay back with her eyes closed and went over the afternoons events. She wasn't concentrating on actions but on feelings, her feelings. She had spent the last 6 and a half years trying to get rid of her desires, her wants, her needs and in one brazen, lustful, slutty afternoon, everything she had tried to bury and kill had come back in a rush of orgasmic pleasure.

Sean had been hinting for the last six months, that she was never going to be able to leave that part of her psych alone. She was never going to be able to cage it permanently. The best she would ever be able to do, was to use it to her advantage, to channel it and her feelings, into a set of behaviors that would allow her to be happy and productive at the same time.

Roni thought back to her childhood, her father had left, when she was five, she could remember the feelings, seeing other kids with their dads and how happy they seemed. She only saw him once or twice a year and she wanted so much for him to love her, she tried everything she could think of but over the years the visits had dwindled till a Christmas card when she was twelve was the last she had heard from him.

Roni remembered vividly when it all changed. She had stayed all night with her girlfriend Stacy. They had changed into pajamas's and were watching TV in the basement family room. When Rod, Stacy's brother, had walked in and flopped down on the love seat across from the couch where they where sitting. Rod was 20 and would be a college sophomore in the fall. He was tall and muscular, one of the star athletes at the University. She'd had a crush on him forever.

But tonight was different, the look he gave her was intent, almost hungry. For the first time she was self conscious about what she was wearing. Roni had been sitting cross legged with a foot under each knee, on the couch next to Stacy, her thin, white with pink trim, baby doll pajama, had ridden up and she was giving Rod a perfect view of her pink panty's. Beginning to blush, Roni pulled her pajamas down and sat up. Rod gave her a grin that was more of a smirk and winked at her. She blushed even deeper, and became even more conscious of how short her pajamas were. Recently she'd began to fill out, widening across the hips and getting larger on top and what should have been a mid thigh length pajama was now only inches from her panty's. When she sat or stood straight there was a smooth flow from the tip of her breast down, the pajama never got closer than two inches of her stomach until it flowed over her hips. Rod sat and stared at her, his eyes tracking from her feet up to her head, pausing at her thighs and breasts. Completing a circuit he would immediately start over.

Roni had never felt anything like she was feeling now. She had been attracted to boys and had vague feelings of wanting something, but now she felt like her skin was burning hot and a million needles were stabbing her at once. It was both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. Her breathing was speeding up and she could feel her nipples pushing her pajama even farther out. Glancing over at Stacy she could see she was still engrossed in the teen romance movie they had been watching and hadn't noticed Rod and Roni at all.

Roni could feel a tingling itch and the beginnings of moisture in her panties. Rod's scrutiny and her own unfamiliar feelings were translated into a squirming wiggle, as she experienced sensations in her body that were completely new. Her movements caused her knees to part about an inch, she saw Rod focus on that inch. looking her directly in the eyes, he smiled and nodded immediately returning his attention to the dark space between her thighs. She closed her knees. Rod fixed her with a stare and a frown and slowly shook his head no. Roni felt a surge of fear and panic wash over her. She wanted him to like her. She opened her knees back open an inch, he looked at her and smiled, then raised his eyebrow in expectation. She couldn't believe the rush of pleasure she felt in his obvious approval as she opened her legs another inch, The look he gave her was the start of another flow of pleasure.

Roni knew he wanted to see her panties again and she wanted to please him. She opened her legs about 6 inches apart and reaching down slowly slid the bottom of her baby doll up until she had given him a complete view of her panties. His wide smile and intense gaze set her on fire and she could feel her panty's getting even wetter. His knowing look and smirk of dominance at the sight was almost to much for her and she began a new series of squirms.

Roni's wiggling even disturbed Stacy, as she turned around and ask Roni, if she had ants in her pants, pausing the DVD she said "I'm going to make popcorn, want something to drink while I'm up there?"

With a quick glance at Rod, Roni answered, "Thanks Stacy that would be good."

As she bound up the stairs, Rod stood up and stretched, Roni could see a huge bulge in the front of his shorts, walking over, he stood looking down at her, he loomed over her dominant and commanding. Giving her one more look up and down, his hand swiftly darted down and He ran his finger up the front of her panties, feeling her wetness. "I think your ready, come to my room after Stacy falls asleep." He walked away sucking on the finger he had touched her with.

Roni knew this had been the real turning point, if she'd had stayed in Stacy's room, she would have went home the next day and having been sexually awakened would have given herself to another high school senior her own age and their awkward fumbling would have taught them mutual respect. But she didn't. When Stacy's breathing said she was asleep, she had gotten up and slipping quietly through the darkened house, made her way to Rod's bedroom. Opening the door, she had slipped inside.

Rod had taught her. Not the arts of love. But the pain and pleasure of giving her self to a man, with no thought of her pleasure, only of pleasing her man. Roni had been Rod's sex toy for five months before he'd tired of her and "gave" her to a buddy. The next two years was a succession of "Rod's" resulting with Jake forcing her to marry him when she was 20.

Thinking through her life to this point, Roni remembered the circus, she, Stacy and another friend, Pam had went to when she was nineteen. They had been walking down the midway when they came to a fortune tellers parlor. Pam and Stacy were excited to hear their fortunes, so they went in. The interior was everything to be expected from a fortune teller, an older woman, swarthy and stout, dressed up like you see gypsy's in the movies. She sat at a table, "Enter my dears, how may Madame Borsala help you?"

Pam, always the boldest said "We want you to tell our fortunes". After a short negotiation, Madame Borsala proceeded with a very dramatic searching of Pam's hand and the usual platitudes of long life, true love and beautiful kids. She did the same for Stacy.

"Come my child let us see what your future holds." She stretched out her hand to Roni. The second their hands touched, there was a shudder almost a shock running up her arm. Looking up at the older woman, Roni, saw a sharp almost regretful look in her eyes. "For those like us, the path is never easy, but you are who you are." sighing with a look of compassion, she continued "When your questions become answers, that turns into questions, then will you meet the one who will make you whole." slumping down in her chair, she closed her eyes and whispered "leave me I can tell you nothing more"

The fortune teller's words had been a topic of conversation between Roni and her friends up until she had married Jake, after that he hadn't allowed her to see them and they had drifted away.

Shaking her head, Roni, rose up out of her bath and stepping out, began to towel herself dry.

Roni awoke in the middle of the night, her nightgown was around her waist and sodden with sweat. Her left hand was jammed between her legs frantically pushing her panties up inside her. Her right hand was squeezing and pinching her nipples. She was in the middle of one of the best orgasm's she had ever had. As the tremors and jerks of her excitement subsided she remembered the dream. The dream had seemed so real. Thinking about it, even now, she could feel her nipples harden and new moisture flood her already abused sex.

She had watched a TV show before she went to bed. It had been about vampires. It had been set down south somewhere. Her dream must have used this as a starting point.

She had been shopping at the local supermarket. In the dream, she had been dressed in a short black leather miniskirt and black fishnet thigh high stockings with garter belt and a silky black thong. On top she wore a halter top that was designed to display and offer her breast more than cover them. 4" stiletto heels completed the ensemble. As is the manner of dreams, her outfit seemed perfectly natural to wear shopping.

She was walking through the produce department and she could feel the eyes on her, all the men looking, with eyes hot with lust and yearning, waiting for even the smallest glimpse of more. She could feel herself becoming aroused and the thoughts that with slightest bend forward from her waist she would show, not only the top of her thigh highs but the garter belt and with a bend a little deeper, even the strings of her thong running down the crack of her rear. If she was to bend all the way forward they would be able to see her plump sex and her thong already wet with her juices. Glancing around she saw a man standing in front of the salads, looking up to his face, she saw his eyes. She couldn't look away, it was as if he was controlling her with them. His identity seemed to keep shifting, one moment he was the handsome, hunky star of the TV show she had watched and the next moment she would be looking into Sean's eyes.

It was as if her body had a mind of its own and the real her was just a passenger, able to feel what her body felt but without any control over her actions. She walked down the vegetable aisle like it was a runway and she was a supermodel, each foot precisely in front of the other, her shapely ass undulating gently side to side. The edge of her skirt bobbing up and down with each step showing a momentary glimpse of her garters and a hint of black cloth. She stopped in front of the cucumbers and her hands picked one up. It was seven inches long and around 21/2 inches thick. Holding it in her left hand she began to rub her other hand up and down it like she was teasing a man, her eyes locked on the man across the aisle from her. He gave a little smile and with a twinkle of his eyes, like he had thought of something new, she felt an overwhelming desire to lick and suck on the cucumber. With the first touch of her tongue, her mind went into overdrive. It felt, smelled and tasted like a real cock, even to the slight taste of precum. She laved it with her tongue and even though she didn't have any control over herself, she couldn't deny the heat that flushed through her body.

Moving to the tip, she slide her lips over it, fluttering her tongue over the shaft. Slowly she took it deeper and deeper, tongue working every inch till her lips hit her fingers holding the end. For the next several minutes she stood, leaned back against the counter, sucking and tonguing the hard green shaft. No one except her controller noticed anything usual. Her mind anticipated what her body did next as she leaned farther back and with her left hand pulled her skirt up to her waist and slid her thong to the side.

Her mind reeled at the thought she was exposing herself in public, she knew the man was feasting his eyes on her neatly trimmed sex, framed by her stockings and garter belt. She slowly slid the shaft length ways between her legs, teasing her clit with the hard rough cucumber. Her heat built and she wanted to ram the hard green shaft up her sex, she wanted to fuck herself with a cucumber in the middle of the store. Her body was still under the control of someone else, as she continued to gently rub the vegetable back and forth between her lips. Looking into her controllers eyes she mouthed a single word. "Please!"

For the first time the man spoke, "You waltz into a store dressed like your going clubbing or maybe just going fucking. Every man who saw you has a boner and dreams of what he'd do if he had you alone for an hour. You strut up the aisle, grab a cucumber and proceed to show me what a good cocksucker you are. You show me what a wet, horny cunt you have by rubbing it with a vegetable and now you want me to allow you to ram it up your dripping slit?"

Still rubbing the shaft gently back and forth, again all she could say was "Please!"

Starting to unbuckle his belt he said "No, a slutty woman like you needs to earn her pleasure. Show me just how good a cocksucker you really are and maybe I'll let you cum." Unfastening his pants he let them fall to the floor. Without thought she found herself on her knees before him.

Reaching up she slid his bulging briefs over his hips and down with her left hand, her right still gently rubbing her flowing sex with the cucumber. The cock that sprang out was almost exactly the same size as the cucumber and she felt her whole body heat up even more looking at it. She began to kiss it, slow light sucking kisses, up and down the shaft. While still kissing, she began to use her tongue, slowly licking the shaft and ridge paying extra attention to the sensitive vein running up the bottom.

She heard a soft sigh. "damn you can suck cock, slut." Hearing the praise excited her even more and she sunk her lips over the tip, reveling in the taste of his juices and the pleasure she was giving. Sliding her lips down, she polished his head and shaft with her tongue while lightly sucking, when she felt his hair tickle her nose she slowly slide the hard cock out of her mouth continuing using her tongue to touch all the sensitive spots on his shaft. She soon worked up a rhythm, sucking the cock deep into her mouth till her lips could go no farther and slowly sucking in as she pulled back, while at the same time using her tongue. The whole time she continue rubbing her hot aching slit with the cucumber. She could feel her juices running down her legs and the cucumber was slick and hard to hold from the wetness. The man was breathing hard and suddenly push her back till she sat down.

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