tagLoving WivesThere Came a Knock on the Door

There Came a Knock on the Door


{Once in awhile I just have to write a true one. Well, it's almost true, anyway.}


"You should stay home more often." My brother Marty told me the minute I walked in the door of the Gas Station we owned together.


"I came up the driveway and Sandy was knocking on your door!"

He grinned at me.

"Sandy? Why would Sandy be knocking on my door?"

Marty laughed and went back to trying to figure out why the Old Chrysler sitting in the service bays wouldn't pass DEQ, I just shrugged and headed for the islands to peddle some fuel.

I can't say I thought too much about that, I had known Sandy for nearly 5 years. She married a guy from the circle of friends that we ran with, there was a bunch of us. Cary, Sandy's husband was a bit of a hell raiser. We hid anything that could be broken when he was going to be at one of our parties. He loved to ride motorcycles, I saw some trophies he had and some newspaper reports, he was a State off-road champion when he was younger.

Of course, he was the only guy I ever knew who would go flat out wide open down hills so steep that the rest would put on their brakes. Hell I have even seen him do wheelstands going downhill, crazy stuff.

Cary was also a little bit on the kinky side. That showed up a lot at parties. He got a kick out of undoing one of the girl's tops, and a few times he was quick enough to actually get the whole thing and run.

That always got everybody laughing while some poor gal chased him yelling at the tops of her lungs with her titties swinging freely. But hell, they knew he would do it and wore those little handkerchief things anyway.

Cary got slapped a lot, he didn't seem to mind though. He was always goosing some poor gal when he got a chance.

I ran the local party house, I kept a well stocked wet bar, music, bean bag chairs everywhere in the old Farmhouse my brother and I owned out in the country.

Lots of free booze meant nearly very night was party night, someone would show up. We were all young and single back then, although some members of our group did get married and drift away from the scene.

Sandy was a girlfriend of Linda, the gal I was seeing at the time. There was another girl making it a trio, Sylvia. The three of them went nearly everywhere together.

My Linda was a bit on the chubby side but she made up for that with antics in the bedroom I am not sure I can completely describe. One night we all got drunk and Sylvia piled on top in my bedroom, that is pretty much an accurate description. I was on my back hosing Linda when a pair of legs came over the top and here I was looking straight up into the prettiest dark hairy pussy I ever saw. There was enough light I could see that she was all wet and shiny. Sylvia dropped it right down on my mouth, Linda just giggled as Sylvia's bare butt bounced off the top of her head, so I obliged.

Morning found Sylvia still in bed with us so I rolled over on top of her and hosed her silly while Linda leaned on one elbow and watched. Jon, one of the guys who usually got a bit too lit and stayed over sat out in the living room and watched us get it on through the open door. I didn't care and neither did Sylvia. Afterwards she got up naked as a Jaybird and walked through the living room to my bathroom to take a shower.

Nearly everybody fucked Sylvia at one time or another, me included. Sometimes she would pop by, I would pour her a couple of drinks and that is all it took, she always got horny as hell when she drank.

There was a few other incidents similar with some of the other gals that showed up at the parties, too. Our group pretty much passed everybody around to everybody.

But not Sandy. She partied but stayed untouched, she dated, kissed and went home. Her Red hair was usually tied back, she wore slacks and sweaters, sometime blouses but always with a bra. Even the times we went to the beach her suits would make three of any of the rest of the girls.

Hell, I never even tried, she just became one of the girls around, always welcome but I never even thought of jumping on her if that makes sense. The closest I ever came was one night Jon showed up with some gal I hadn't seen before, he ended up screwing her on the beanbag chair in my living room in front of everybody. I noticed Sandy sat and watched, that night I tried giving her some comeon smiles but she just ignored them.

Then she and Cary hooked up, he was good looking, a good provider, worked hard. He had some money tucked away, quite a bit of it considering he always drove the latest hot car and always had a fancy new boat. Just what Sandy was looking for. Then another couple hooked up, and another, the parties faded. The old gang dropped down to a half dozen of us once a week, then once a month or so.

I was still playing the field so I would go home and wash up, then head for the bars. Hell, if I could find the right gal, I got laid. Then I would leave them at the house for a day while I went to work, and come home to the laundry done, the place spiffed up. Even the fucking dead flies on the windowsills would be gone. During that period I guess I became a bit of a predator. But then the women were, too, they were looking for guys with money in their jeans, I had some myself. I was in my twenties, in shape, had long natural blonde hair and drove a pretty little Chevy hotrod, so I did OK.

I would guess I averaged a score about 50% of the time, maybe a bit better than that. Sometimes there were repeats, too, in those cases I picked the ones who would actually do some housework.

(Yea, I know, asshole. But I sure got laid a lot.)

I had ran into Cary and Sandy up at Marty's house a couple of months earlier, we had built Marty a home on the back side of the 10 acre place we bought together out in the country. After that, Marty started having his own parties.

I remember that night, because it was a costume masked thing Marty liked to do. I shaved off my moustache, shaved my legs, and wore this slinky soft blue evening gown and a huge Farrah type black wig. Except for being 6 feet tall, I made a yummy looking female. With the mask over my eyes, nobody knew who I was, including my brother.

So much so that my Cousin Danny started putting the moves on me. I even danced with him once, that was funny. Then later he put his hand on my leg and I told him in my normal voice that if he didn't get his hands off me I would bust his ass!

Let's just say he left me alone after that, I think he pissed his pants.

Yes, we were all a bunch of crazy bastards, always raising hell or doing something.

Anyway, once I was outed everyone had a good laugh. I was sure getting patted on the ass a lot by the girls. I ended up dancing with Sandy and she snuggled in nice and tight. She felt so good in my arms that I got a boner. Of course she noticed that, and made a wisecrack about how she had never met a woman with something that size.

Then she honest to god blushed. I felt like kicking myself for not making a move earlier, too late now since she and Cary were married.

We exchanged several glances that night, I looked her up and down. It really was quite a difference, before she always wore slacks and a sweater or blouse. Add in the glasses and her hair in a bun and you get the picture.

That night she had on a soft multicolored yellow and green blouse that hugged her breasts, obviously bare underneath from the way they shifted and jiggled when she moved. The light green shorts were tight and there were no lines I could see. Her natural red hair was long and flowing, even her ever-present round wire framed glasses did nothing to detract from her beauty.

Yea, quite a difference.

But married, so off limits since Cary was a friend. Of course Cary was running around copping feels off all the girls like always, just the way he was.

I pretty much forgot about Sandy coming over while I was gone, then one evening I was kicked back reading the paper, a shot of whiskey mixed with some soda sitting by my side.

The phone rang, it was Sandy.

"Are you going to be home?"

"Yea, I am just sitting around."

"Are you alone?"


"Can I come over, I want to talk to you."

"Sure, what about?"

"I will tell you when I get there." Then she hung up.

"Odd." I thought. Then I looked down at my gas station uniform, realized it was dirty and I was sweaty from my day's work so I hustled into the shower and cleaned up, even taking the time to shave.

I pulled on a tank top and some clean shorts and slacks, barely in time because I was brushing my teeth when I heard her car in the driveway.

I answered the knock at the door and about fell over.

Sandy stood there with a little half smile on her face. She had on one of those multi-colored blouses that you can see right through in the light but almost cover everything, it was unbuttoned to what could best be described as a dangerous level.

The skirt she was wearing was low on her hips and still shorter than the style of the day, in fact, she looked just plain nasty.

I stood there with my mouth hanging open, then managed to cleverly say, "Wow!"

Sandy beamed, and just stood there. Finally she asked, "May I come in?"

I almost broke a leg getting the door wide open and out of her way. I showed her into my living room, she plopped down in one of my beanbag chairs like she normally did. Except this time she was wearing that skirt instead of slacks, the thing rose to record heights as I stood there with my IQ dropping another 40 points.

I finally managed to get my brain hooked back up to my mouth, offered her a glass of wine. I knew she liked a light sweet Rose and I always kept a bottle in my bar just because of it from when we had all those parties.


I poured the glass, handed it to her, and sat on the beanbag across from her. I know, married and all of that but that skirt was so high it was all but exposing everything and her nipples were obvious beneath the cloth of her blouse. Add in that a good chunk of cleavage was showing, I didn't mind enjoying the view.

"So what's up?" I asked her as I took a sip of my drink.

I saw her struggle a bit, almost like she was mustering up some courage.

"I wanted...I was hoping..will you make love to me?" She blushed as she said it.

I just about choked on my drink. That was to the point. I had already figured out that she was probably wanting to see what I would do, something along those lines, but right out in front blatant like that was unexpected. I had already been trying to think of some way to tell her no when all of my ideas were suddenly shot down.

"I..uhhh...Sandy, you are married!" I blurted out.

"Cary sent me over here." she looked me right in the eyes.

"Cary?... I don't understand."

"Cary has been asking me to do it with another guy, the idea gets him all excited." She blushed again. "He is pretty insistant."

"Why me? hell, anybody would love to..." My voice trailed off.

"I told Cary that I would but I would pick who and when!"

I just looked at her, I had no idea what to say.

"I picked you."

"But...Cary? Are you sure? I don't..we are friends." I was struggling with an answer, I didn't want to hurt her feelings but I also didn't want to upset a friendship.

"I told him you might feel that way, let me call him."

I just sat there as she got up and reached for my phone.

"Hi, Honey."

"Yes, I am here."

"Yes, just like we thought."

Sandy handed me the phone.

"What's up?" I said, not really knowing what to say.

I listened as he explained. He told me it was all right, he was hoping I would be the one to help him out.

Help him out?

Still somewhat confused, I hung up the phone, sat back down.

"Look, Sandy, if you don't want to...."

"I thought about it, I would stay faithful to Cary but since he insists, well...besides, ever since the party..."

"We could just tell him we did...?"

"No, I want to!"

She got up, stepped over to me, slid down onto the beanbag chair by my side. My arm went around her instinctively but stopped there. I was somehow just unable to make any kind of move, the whole situation seemed unreal as hell to me.

She reached up and undid one button on her blouse, smiled, then undid another. I slid my hand inside the opening, cradling her left breast with my hand. She was soft and smooth as silk, I felt myself getting firm as my fingertips probed her rapidly firming nipple. Sandy slid her hand down and brushed her fingers across my groin, let out a little sigh.

"Yes, big, I thought so."

I leaned in and kissed her, her mouth was soft and moist and seemed to simply fit against mine, a waft of pleasure shot through me just from the kiss.

We spent a long time kissing.

Then her blouse was off, her breasts were round with a trace of sag. I looked closely, she had freckles everywhere, heavier in the darker "V" of her normal neckline, lighter elsewhere.

I leaned down and kissed her nipple, she let out a soft sigh. Then I took the very tip between my lips, letting my tongue reach out to flick back and forth sideways. I have to admit I was completely enjoying this, we had all the time in the world.

As I let my right hand drape over her knee, Sandy continued to stroke her hand up and down my erection through my shorts. I was as firm as I was ever going to get, no doubt about it at all.

Slowly I let my hand travel up her leg, it was bare. Finally I reached her hip, it was bare too, she wore nothing underneath. I deliberately took my time, enjoying the feel of her flesh, feeling the heat of her body as she then began to fumble at the catch of my shorts.

I leaned back slightly to give her more room, felt the top button give, felt her fingers find and then draw the zipper downwards. I let my hand slide across the front of her stomach just above her pubic hair. She parted her legs, letting my probing fingers find her wetness. She was unshaven, I stroked her gently and her upper body gave a little shudder.

Then she had my shorts loosened, she reached inside my jockey shorts, found me and grasped. A moan escaped her lips.

I stood up, letting my shorts fall to the floor as she watched me through slitted eyes. I pulled my tanktop over my head, standing there fully nude except for my socks. She glanced down at my erection, jutting straight out from my body. I squatted down facing her, knees apart, slipped off my socks and stood back up, completely naked.

Sandy lay back, her skirt bunched high above her groin. My eyes dropped to her crotch, she saw that and opened her legs some, exposing the bushy red pubic hair, a perfect match for the hair on her head. It was thick enough that it almost but not quite hid her slit, her outer lips were darker and folded outwards on one side and slightly inward on the other.

I reached down and picked her up, carried her into my bedroom, laying her down on my big California King. She scooted sideways to make room for me. She was so beautiful lying there bare breasted, wearing just the tiny skirt.

I reached down and took ahold of the skirt, she lifted her hips to allow me to slide it down. Then leaning back, she lifted her feet, I removed the skirt and set it aside.

I stood there for several seconds, just looking at her. She had freckles on her stomach, too, even on her hips and across her upper thighs.

As I watched, she smiled and opened her legs even more, knowing how much I was enjoying just looking at her. She was doing the same to me.

Then I lay on the bed beside her, she rolled onto her side and pressed her full length against me, molding her nakedness tightly to me. I was struggling to keep from simply blowing my seed all over her, the whole thing was entirely erotic.

I thought about going down on her but now her hips were moving in readiness, so I pressed myself forward, letting my penis slip beween her legs as she lifted the left one to allow it. She reached down with one hand and grasped me, pushing her hips forward at the same time. I felt the end of my erection find her and pushed, sliding in slightly. She pushed down with her body, taking more of me with a sigh.

Then we were thrusting at each other. It was awkward lying on our sides, I pressed myself up and on top, we stayed joined. Now I was on position, I pushed and felt her body open and I slid in all the way, getting what sounded like a groan of pain.

I stopped and waited, her hands reached around and grasped my fanny and pulled, so I thrust again.

We kept that up for a solid 10 minutes, slowly, ever so slowly. It was like we had a matching rythmm. We built up to a certain point, paused, then started again. Sandy's eyes were tightly shut, her face screwed up in an expression as old as time.

There finally was no holding back, her body began to spasm and I simply could not stop, I exploded with a power that almost took the top of my head off.

We lay basking until I realized she was feeling the weight of my body so I rolled to my side. She rolled right with me, keeping us joined until finally my softening caused me to slide out.

Later, we showered together, she soaped and rinsed me clean, then got down on her knees and sucked me to another orgasm nearly as strong as the first. I carried her back to my bedroom and returned that favor, licking her slit from top to bottom with the flat of my tongue as she let out little squeaks and moans.

Then we went and sat in my huge country style kitchen, not really talking much. I sipped my drink, and she sipped her wine, casting smiles at me from time to time.

Something had happened, I don't think either one of us expected it.

As she prepared to leave, I looked at the clock, she had been at my house for over 7 hours, it was nearly 3 in the morning.

I held her in my arms and kissed her again, another of those long and delicious kisses that just seemed to fit.

I wondered if we would ever get to do that again as she started her car and drove down my driveway, waving as she went out of sight.

I started staying home in the evenings.

Three days later my phone rang. It was Sandy.

"Hi. Want some company?"

"You bet!"

I grinned to myself. Poor Cary. But if it was all right with him, by golly it was all right with me.

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