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There Is Someone for Everyone


Brenda was a pretty girl but, after seeing before and after photos of the makeovers of some of her husband's patients, she believed she was not pretty enough. With the reluctant encouragement of her husband, Dr. Robert Nolan, a board certified and renowned plastic surgeon, she augmented plastic surgery with diet and exercise to help improve her appearance.

Before Brenda started changing her natural appearance, on the scale of beauty, she was any man's perfect nine but was looking for that elusive and non-existent 10. When you think about it, one man's 10 may be another man's 5 and vice versa. When surgeons picked up their scalpels and began where God left off, whatever happened to "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" was no longer part of the equation. Perfection became the factor. Yet, one surgery encouraged another.

First, she had her nose done and the improvement to her face was dramatic. She was very pretty before, but now she was gorgeous. Second, along with regular Botox injections, she had a chin and cheek implants and a mini-face lift. With her chin and cheeks more defined and the skin along her jaw line, eyes, and forehead slightly pulled back, she looked different but still was an even more beautiful woman. Third, she had breast implants going from a small, sagging B cup to a full, firm C cup. She had wanted a D cup but her husband convinced her that a C cup would fit her symmetrically and would appear much more natural. Her boob job was magnificent; they looked and felt real. Fourth, she had liposuction to her stomach and thighs, and ass implants that gave her a naturally rounded and molded behind. Stuffed within a pair of tight jeans, she had the most perfect ass. Now, she had the figure of a twenty-year-old Olympic gymnast, only taller and with bigger tits. Next, she got a lover, Julio, a much younger man than her husband by a dozen years. Finally, she got a divorce.

Her husband was livid; he was beside himself with hurt and anger. He loved her, he really loved her. After spending years giving his wife whatever she wanted, the big house, expensive cars, jewelry, luxury vacations, and now creating her to the image of her dreams, she cheated on him when he was working and divorced him when he was vulnerable and feeling his age at 50. He had hoped to retire early with her at his side within a year or two and to spend his retirement traveling the world with his beautiful wife. He had accumulated plenty of money but he could not give Brenda the things that she required to arouse and sustain her sexually, a big, hard cock and the body that came with youth. Sadly, it was not to be.

It was time for Brenda to make her move. She dreaded the thought of spending another day with her husband, never mind an eternity in retirement with him. She was too young and too beautiful, she felt, to tie herself to a quickly approaching senior citizen or so she imagined. Ten years from now when he was 60 and she, with more plastic surgeries, still looked 39, she cringed at the thought of getting old. Youth was her eternal goal and plastic surgery was her way to get it, hold onto it, and save it forever.

Approaching her 40th birthday, she did not want to look her age and was desperate to look even younger. Her desperation abounded when Julio, her young lover, dumped her for a woman his age. Then, her desperation was reinforced when her, now, ex-husband, Dr. Bob, fell in love with the wife of one of his patients, Susan, a 35-year-old realtor who was 5 years younger than Brenda and was as naturally beautiful as Brenda was surgically altered. Susan's vindictive husband, Peter Morris, a divorce attorney, who was seeing Dr. Nolan for Botox injections was bent on revenge. Legally and quickly, in a devastating divorce settlement, he took everything that Susan had worked so hard for throughout their 10-year marriage.

After a bitter divorce from Dr. Nolan, orchestrated again by Susan's ex-husband, the famed divorce attorney, Peter Morris, who was still Hell bent on revenge to screw Dr. Nolan, as he had screwed his wife, Susan, Brenda received a large divorce settlement from her husband, even though she was the one who was cheating on him. So, there they were Susan penniless after walking away from a 10-year marriage with nothing and Dr. Bob in debt for the first time in his career to satisfy his wife and her attorney's demands that were decreed by the court.

Happy for a new beginning, now that she was rid of her ex-husband but in receipt of half of his wealth, Brenda was ready for another makeover. She wanted to renew the surgeries that she had done several years before hoping that a new and fresher more youthful look would give her the confidence she needed in her appearance for her to move on with her life by finding another man, a younger man. As luck would have it, the ex-husband of another satisfied customer of Peter Morris's divorce skills, punched him in the face and broke his nose. Now, Peter needed a plastic surgeon to correct the mess that the emergency room attending physician made of his nose.

After a messy divorce from Dr. Nolan, unable now to use her ex-husband's plastic surgery services, ever again, Brenda called his office for the recommendation of another board certified plastic surgeon. After screwing over Dr. Nolan in the divorce settlement of his wife, Brenda, unable to use his plastic surgery services, ever again, Peter called his office for the recommendation of another board certified plastic surgeon. Of course, his staff checks with the good doctor Nolan before recommending anyone. In both cases, Dr. Nolan instructed his staff to give his wife, Brenda, and her divorce attorney, Peter; the name of Dr. Simon Bale another board certified plastic surgeon with impeccable credentials.

Only, unbeknownst to Brenda and Peter, Dr. Bale had recently had some bad luck at the Las Vegas casinos and owed the underworld syndicate big time. In exchange for wiping out his huge debt, the mob suggested that Dr. Bale work off his debt by altering the appearance of their associates who did not want to be recognized and/or identified. Dr. Bale, with no other alternative, jumped at the chance to get himself out of this financial situation that suddenly weighed him down emotionally.

Unfortunately, there is no quitting once you are in bed with the devil. After having changed the appearance of a dozen mob associates, Dr. Bale's services, the only man alive that could identify how the mobsters looked before and how they look now, were no longer required. A contract was put out on his head and an assassin agreed to do the hit, but missed his chance when, while hiding in the back seat of his car and jumping up in surprise, his gun jammed. Dr. Bale, an avid runner, made good his escape yelling as he was running to get the attention of anyone in the garage.

Now, it was Dr. Bale who required the services of a plastic surgeon to change his appearance. He sought the services of his close friend and respected colleague, Dr. Robert Nolan. Bob, as he was known to his friends, agreed to help his friend, Dr. Bale, Simon, as he is known to his friends, by altering his appearance and forgoing the substantial fee, as a professional courtesy, so long as he did him one, actually, two favors.

"Anything, Bob, I'll do anything, so long as you help me to disappear from sight and from the grip of the mob. As soon as the surgery heals and I can obtain new identification, I am leaving the country and not returning for 20 years."

"Susan needs her procedures updated, along with, I am sure, some new ones, too. It would mean much to me if you could help give her the look that she deserves."

"Of course, Bob, whatever she needs, I will take care of her."

"Also, her divorce attorney, Peter Morris had an unfortunate accident with the fist of a client's ex-husband who he had financially ruined in a divorce case. He also requires a special procedure to better enhance and reveal his true identity."

"Yes, of course, Bob, no problem. As you wish, I will help make him look like the man that he is."

Before Bob surgically altered Simon's face and fingerprints enough so that his own mother would not recognize him, Simon did Bob's bidding by performing the surgeries on Brenda and Peter.

As expected, Susan awoke from the surgery sore and bruised. It would be some weeks before the bandages were removed and longer for the scars to heal. She could not wait. Only, she thought it odd that, per the doctor's orders that she remain in bed on either of her sides and not on her stomach or back. Unquestioned, she followed the doctor's orders figuring that it was part of the required procedure to heal her breast implants.

As expected, Peter awoke from the surgery sore and bruised. It would be some weeks before the bandages were removed and longer for the scars to heal. He could not wait. Only, he thought it odd that, per the doctor's orders that he remain in bed on his back and never on his side or stomach. Unquestioned, he followed the doctor's orders figuring that it had was part of the required procedure to heal his nose job.

When it was time for her schedule visit, Brenda returned to Dr. Simon Bale's office to find it empty and him gone. When it was time for his schedule visit, Peter returned to Dr. Simon Bale's office to find it empty and him gone. By design, both of their appointments were set for the same time on the same day.

"Hi," said Brenda, "what are you doing here?"

"I have an appointment with Dr. Bale. He was to remove the bandages today."

"Yeah, me too, but his office is empty." She stepped to the locked door and peered through the glass. Then, she looked at Peter with his nose covered with a huge bandage. "I don't understand."

"I smell foul play," he said. "What do you say about going to your place and removing one another's bandages ourselves?"

"Okay, it will be like a coming out party."

Brenda and Peter drove in his red Mercedes, which was once owned by his ex-wife Susan, to Brenda's lavish mansion, which was once owned by her husband, Dr. Robert Nolan. Brenda poured them both a drink and finished it before removing her blouse. Peter took one look at Brenda, stood, went to the bar, and poured her another drink and himself one, too.

"Here," he said handing her the drink. "I have a funny feeling you are going to need this."

Slowly, Peter unwrapped Brenda's bandages that were tightly wrapped around her breasts like a mummy. Like opening a precious birthday gift, Peter was excited that he was about to see his client's new breasts and Brenda was as equally excited that not only will she see her new breasts but also that she was about to show them off to a man that she suddenly had become attracted to, a man she suddenly discovered she had so much in common. Finally, he removed the last of her bandages.

"Oh, my God!"

Brenda looked down and cupped her breasts running her palms across perfect pink nipples. She stood to see herself in the mirror.

"They are magnificent," said Brenda. "Dr. Bale did two of the best boob jobs that I have ever seen."

"Correction," said Peter.

"Correction? What do you mean? Correction?" she said turning to him.

"Dr. Bale did four of the best boob jobs that I have ever seen."

With that, she turned to see that there was another set of boobs, the D cup that she so longed to have but, on her back. Dr. Bale, per the order of her husband, Dr. Robert Nolan, had not only renewed the breast implants on her chest but also had given her another set of boobs on her back. She now had four tits.

Lying on the carpet within the bandages was a note.

"Brenda, you are such a boob that I gave you two extra boobs so that everyone can see the boob that you are."

"Oh, my God! Oh, my God!" Brenda ran about the room screaming hysterically with her four boobs bouncing in four directions at a feverish pace. Peter, witnessing a woman with four spectacular boobs, was getting quite the erection.

"Hold on, Brenda, let's not be so rash." He stood and hugged her and in doing so caressed her huge boobs that hung from her back. Do you feel it when I finger your nipples?"

"Yes," she said, "only, instead of feeling it in my vagina, I feel it in my asshole."

"This would be great slow dancing," said Peter swaying with Brenda in his arms. "I could slow dance with you forever. I love feeling your boobs on your back. It almost feels like your head is on backwards and I am humping you as we dance.

"Oh, Peter, no, I'm hideous. I'm a monster. Look what that vindictive bastard has done to me."

"Actually, Brenda, I find you quite sensuous and sexual. You make my cock hard." With that, he embraced her in a deep kiss. She returned his kiss and they started making out. Peter did not know where to put his hands. Anywhere he put his hand; he was caressing a bare breast. A breast man, he was in tit Heaven.

"Do you? Do you really?" She said pulling away from his embrace twisting to and fro while looking in the mirror. "Do you really like my tits? All four of them?" She spun around the room showing Peter her tits from the front and from the back.

"Brenda, I love your tits, all of them, all four of them."

"How will I ever wear double bras with double straps? I'll have to have them custom made. And how will I find clothes to fit?" She half said to herself. "Bikinis are going to be a real issue. I'll have to buy two of them and discard one of the bottoms."

"Well, I think you may start a new crave in Hollywood, once they get a load of your quad tits and double cleavage. You give new meaning to over the shoulder bolder holders with over the shoulder double bolder holders."

Suddenly, Peter was aware of the bandages on his nose.

"Oh, no!"

"What, Peter?"

"My nose, do you think he altered my nose in such a way to make me look monstrous?"

"What could he have possibly done to a nose?"

"Michael Jackson and Cyrano de Bergerac suddenly come to mind," said Peter, "And Miss Piggy. And Pinocchio," he said feeling the bandage that covered his nose. "Oh, God! Oh, God! I'm so afraid to look."

"Allow me, Peter." Brenda began the slow process of peeling off the bandages.

"Peter!" She said standing back in horror. "Peter!" She repeated this time there was a soft sexuality to her voice. "Pete, I think that I like it," she said in a husky voice full of lustful desire. "Oh, Pete."

Peter closed his eyes, stood, and walked to the mirror. Afraid to open his eyes, he paused, took a breath, turned, downed his drink, and opened his eyes.

"Oh, no! Fucking motherfucker! I'll kill him! Oh, no! I'll sue him first and then I'll kill him. Oh, no! That dirty no good bastard! He'll never practice medicine again when I finish with him. Then, I'll kill him!"

He leaned down to pick up the note that was folded within the bandages removed from his nose. "I believe this altercation to your nose is more becoming to your whore profession. Much like the scarlet letter, think of it as a Peter pecker."

Brenda walked up to Peter, put her arms around him while pressing her front tits against him while Peter put his arms around her feeling her back tits with his hands. Suddenly, she started sucking his nose.

"Oh, Pete, oh, Pete," she cooed. "I really like this. I love sucking your nose."

"Really? You don't think having a cock for a nose makes me look like a dickhead?"

"No, Sweetie, you will always be my Peter pecker face."

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